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Direct action is happening RIGHT NOW. A Native man has locked down on oil equipment as an act of peaceful resistance against Dakota Access Pipeline. Natives on the front lines surrounded him to help protect and were being told by police they were not aloud to protest. Police are making things up as they go saying things like “you’re distrubing a government function”. They are on a power trip, this whole operation is a violation of sovereignty and civil rights.
Please go to¬if_t=live_video¬if_id=1472500173445396
and watch the most recent live feeds.
After that you can check out the ongoing livefeed on

Please send Standing Rock your support and spread the word about what is happening, because the media is trying to ignore this! The only way we will get the truth out to the people is through word of mouth.

The more that I think about the subject, the more that I realise that the phrase “regressive left” is a misnomer. There are regressive policies, regressive solutions, but I think that most people miss the bigger picture.

What I think that we’ve all overlooked on a grand scale, myself included, is how the far/”regressive” left doesn’t just have regressive solutions to problems.

I’m sure that most reasonable people will see that their starting points are good. Who could deny that it’s a terrible thing for a black person to be attacked or even murdered just for being black? Of course it’s terrible. It’s vile racism and we should stand together to speak out against it. If someone can’t speak out, then they can make sure that they’re not racist, that they treat a black individual as well as anyone else. 

The “SJW” left, though, their answer is regressive. A black person is the victim of vile racism? They’ve become pro-segregation. They support anti-white and other forms of racism, arguing that black people need to “vent their anger.” If someone questions a vile and racist statement from a black individual, then that someone is “racist” and “tone policing.” They become apologists for individual black criminals, they apologise for rioting, they apologise for murder, they apologise for violence. They give excuses for the worst of individual behaviour, citing that it’s only understandable for black people as a whole to act in that way. And this is where the bigger picture becomes much more horrifying than it even seems on the surface.

Decades ago, and even with the genuine anti-black racists that are alive today, their disgusting beliefs were, “Black people are lesser. Black people are violent. They’re criminals. They can’t see reason because they’re less intelligent. They’re animals. We need to be kept separate from black people. We shouldn’t date or have families with black people.” And every other reasonable and decent person, every victimised black individual, every person that cared about black people as individuals and as a group, they said, “No, black people are people. It’s just a different skin colour, a different appearance. We all bleed the same. We’re all human. There’s good and bad in every group, obviously, but those generalisations are evil, they’re racist and you’re sickening. How dare you.”

Those racist stereotypes were just racist stereotypes. Anyone with a shred of good inside them were disgusted by them. And now, what do we have? What do the “SJW” leftists argue?

“Black people that don’t use AAVE, even when writing, aren’t really black, they just want to be white. If you criticise violence and rioting by black people, that’s racist. If black people break the law, then it’s not their fault because they don’t have autonomy, they’re dependent on how white people have treated them. Black people should be segregated. Black people shouldn’t be in relationships with anyone other than another black person. Black people can’t be racist because they’re weak and powerless. Black people can’t get good educations or jobs unless they’re given to them specially just because they’re black.”

These “SJW” leftists aren’t “regressing” back to the standard and institutionalised racism of the past. The old (and some modern) racists made/make up the most horrible stereotypes to harm black people thanks to their ignorant and bigoted hatred. Those old lies and stereotypes aren’t facts. They’re just excuses to hate. They’re not true, and in the modern world, we know that they’re not true.

The “SJW” leftists have taken the old, widely-believed lies of bigoted stereotypes and are pushing them as modern facts.

And it isn’t “just” with racism. Look at their treatment of women.

Women have fought against the old sexist stereotypes that we’re supposedly weak, emotionally fragile, can’t do anything without the help of men, that we’re not worth the same as men, we can’t think rationally, that we need protecting just because we’re women, that women can’t do the same things that men can, that we’re vindictive and spiteful and manipulative.

The “SJW” leftist’s thoughts about women?

“Women can’t make any real decisions about their lives because of men and the patriarchy. Women need safe spaces away from men. Seeing any items that are pink are highly offensive. If women can’t see that women have already achieved something before, they can’t possibly believe that they can do it themselves. Wanting women in the army to fight is sexism. Women can’t hold their own in conversations with men because they’re intimidated. If a woman rapes or abuses a man, it’s not important because women are physically weaker. Women saying that they’d abort male foetuses, that they hate men, it’s just reaction to oppression and women can’t help it.”

Pure. Sexism.

Let’s look at homosexuality, after decades of the homophobic belief that homosexuals can just choose not to be gay, the belief that stokes those vile “conversion camps”:

“Being heterosexual is boring. You can choose to be homosexual. It’s an aesthetic.”

Their response to the homophobic “lesbians hate men” stereotype:

“Women shouldn’t be with men or find men attractive because they’re oppressive and evil. Heterosexual women should try being with another woman. Lesbianism is a political choice.”

Their ideas when it comes to the biphobic “bisexuality is just a phase”:

“Bisexual representation only matters when they’re in a same-sex relationship. Yes, that woman claims that she’s bisexual, but she’s with a man. It’s erasing homosexuality if you repeat that this celebrity has said they’re bisexual if they’ve only ever been with the same sex.”

Then we can look at their treatment of trans people, who have also been thrown into those evil “conversion camps,” where others say that it’s just a choice and they’re “confused,” or that they’re playing “dress up,” or that trans people asking others to use their correct pronouns is a “joke”:

“You don’t need gender dysphoria to be trans. Being cis is boring, but being trans is interesting. Gender is a social construct and you can choose to be trans. Nounself pronouns can be fun. Your gender can be based on space or an animal that you like. It’s a fun aesthetic.”

Or gender itself, where people have been working for decades to try and tell others that men and women can like “masculine” or “feminine” things and still be just as much as a man or woman as they always have been:

“Gender is based on gender stereotypes. If you’re a cis woman that likes masculine things, then you’re not entirely a woman, you have to be trans, and vice versa. If a fictional female character is strong and an amazing fighter, or not have a large chest, she must have been born male. If a fictional character is a man but is softly spoken and a little feminine, he must have been born female. If you don’t conform to gender stereotypes all the time, then you’re not a real man/woman.”


“Jews are privileged if they have a certain skin colour. Only dark-skinned Jews experience racism. Antisemitism isn’t anywhere near as important as other kinds of racism.”

Anti-Latino, Hispanic and Native/Indigenous etc racism, especially when it comes to others (both outside and inside their groups) that deny their races/ethnicities:

“If they aren’t dark-skinned enough, they don’t really understand racism. They’re probably not even that race/ethnicity anyway.”

It goes on and on and on, with plenty more examples than what I’ve given here.

In the past, societies were racist and bigoted because we didn’t know better, because we weren’t enlightened enough and we hadn’t gone through the same massive social changes. Now, though, we have. We can recognise what happened in the past, we’ve seen what those forms of bigotry and hatefulness can do, how they can destroy people’s lives. We have societies now that aren’t perfect, but have come a long way.

But instead of these people looking at the history and saying, “Okay, it’s better than it was, but there are still issues to address, so this is what we think should be done to improve society and improve the lives of minorities and others,” they’re saying, “All of the negative stereotypes that we once tried to dismiss are real, the old bigots were right, and if you don’t believe in this new wave of bigotry, you’re the bad person, not us.”

And when you sit and think about it, when you realise that’s the kind of poison being peddled on this site and elsewhere, even in the mainstream media, it’s a new breed of horror. It’s a brand new spin on old bigotry. If you don’t fit in the tiny boxes that they’ve created, you’re not “normal,” you’re a brand new “other.” 

They don’t want real social justice, real equality or real understanding that it’s fine and perfectly normal to be an individual with your own tastes, needs and wants.

They want a new kind of bigotry that encourages minorities and others to believe that every bigoted thing that we strove against is actually right.

For the record, Africans weren’t kidnapped by white people when they were taken from Africa.

     They were often sold by their own tribesmen, a different tribe, or by African entrepreneurs looking to make a buck for trading in slaves. There are two things the piss me off regarding all this bullshit. Firstly, any black person who bitches about whites being the only ones to participate in the African slave trades, who seem to be forgetting the fact that other races were involved. While the second issue that pisses me off about this is that they also seem to believe that only those with black skin can be slaves. I’m sure if you went back in history and polled the slave populations, you would find a metric ton more races than just black Africans. 

anonymous asked:

(1) "White Privilege" does not exist. It is a product of liberal social theory, specifically Social Marxism. Social Marxism is a reinterpretation of Marxism's class dynamics and applying it to social situations and societies. For example, in traditional Marxism, there is conflict between the bourgeoisie and the proletariat. In social Marxism, their is the oppressor and the oppressed. The oppressed is always at a disadvantage, so you must always side with them. That is why

(2) That is why liberals feel so comfortable criticizing white people for being sexist or homophobic, but not so comfortable criticizing Muslims who have committed similar crimes. The Muslim is the member of an oppressed group, and thus to side with them is to side with the oppressor. 

i don’t know why ya’ll are writing like you’re about to submit a social studies essay, but i refuse to stoop to that level

let me break it down for you

everyone has privilege. yes, everyone. it’s not some kind of switch that you either have or you don’t, and it doesn’t make you a bad person if you have privilege (because then everyone would be a bad person…. which might not be inaccurate actually but shhhh)

privilege just means that you don’t experience a certain kind of oppression

if you’re white? you don’t experience societal, systematic oppression based on your race. white privilege.

if you’re cis ? you don’t experience oppression based on your gender alignment. cis privilege.

if you’re a man? you don’t experience misogyny. male privilege.

if you’re rich? you don’t experience classism. class privilege.

and so on and so forth, because there’s a ridiculous amount of oppression in the world (which sucks)

so anyway, it’s not that you either have privilege or you don’t, because pretty much everyone does. it’s about identifying your privilege, thinking about it.

and btw if you think it’s ‘trendy’ to side with Muslims right now, you’re seeing the world through some really rose-tinted (cough i mean racist & islamophobic cough) glasses right now

The 49ers’ Colin Kaepernick stands up to racial injustice by sitting during the national anthem

For San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, this year’s NFL season isn’t going to be business as usual.

When “The Star-Spangled Banner” played to kick off the team’s third preseason game against the Green Bay Packers on Friday, Kaepernick took a stand against racial injustice by sitting down during the national anthem.

“I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color,” Kaepernick told the NFL after the game. “To me, this is bigger than football and it would be selfish on my part to look the other way. There are bodies in the street and people getting paid leave and getting away with murder.”

Kaepernick did not tell his team about his action before the game because he’s “not looking for approval.” But in an official statement, the 49ers said it respected his right to use the moment to take a political stance.
BBC News: Benefits nurse sacked in Facebook posts row

Benefits nurse sacked in Facebook posts row - this is the kind of people who are deciding if people should be given benefits or not. A quick Google will also tell you that the people who assess you, do frequently lie about people.

This is more common than you might think, just this one just got caught making public posts.

Black Lives Matter is held to such a ridiculously high standard. If anyone who is REMOTELY associated with BLM commits an act of violence, white people use it as an excuse to smear the name of the entire movement.

Cops can murder unarmed Black people and many white folks still jump to defend the police force.

This is racism. This is white supremacy culture.

US Politics Post

you know how i bug you to register to vote and then vote and it’s really super-annoying? well the republican party platform is rolling out and it includes a 100% ban on abortions and revocation of same-sex marriage and no background check for guns and oh yes also conversion therapy for LGBTQ+ people so yeah me bugging you is not going to change sorry not sorry please register to vote and then vote?


I don’t normally say that? but everyone is talking (shaming people) about how the Congressional elections are SO IMPORTANT - but nobody is educating folks on how to go about it.


Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:


What if you do your homework and find that all of your reps are terrible? what then?

Well? Run for office! Why the hell not? Because at the end of the day you - even without any political experience? you might just be overqualified.

Canada: No more Trophy Hunts for Polar Bears

Canada is the only nation in the world that allows Polar Bear hunting by non-natives and non-citizens.

Of the estimated 20,000-22,000 Polar Bears worldwide, 60% of them live in Canada.

Polar Bears are currently at a threatened status, with worldwide treaties in place for their protection. Even so, Canada still allows trophy hunters to pay for the opportunity to kill a Polar Bear.

Selling hunting licenses to trophy hunters creates a bloody business where hunters sell tours to Canada for the sole purpose of killing a Polar Bear. With a price tag of $49,950 US, one hunting lodge claims to have a “virtual 100% success rate” at killing a polar bear and you can have as many observers as you would like for an additional $9,950 each.

The sickening treatment of these majestic animals must stop.

Please join me in petitioning the Canadian Government in pohibiting non-native hunts of Polar Bears!

Sign this petition!

  • Tumblr's reaction to opposite-sex friendships:Assuming that a man and woman who are friends HAVE TO BE IN LOVE is REALLY shitty and heteronormative. It erases opportunities for diversity and representation in the media. PLATONIC RELATIONSHIPS ARE A THING. We need to teach society that a man and a woman can be regular friends without automatically assuming they're in love upon realizing their friendship.

I think the main problem with Tumblr social justice is that so little of it is done out of care and compassion. Mostly, people seem to call problematic stuff out due to of a desire to feel superior. 

The basic sentiment seems to be “You’re being problematic! I’m sure glad that I’m not as awful as you are.”


Hey guys, so something really shitty happened to me the other day and has caused me to lose faith in yet another notch of the internet. 

Basically, I was streaming on Twitch, Pokemon Blue, an old, not incredibly popular game by the site’s standards, and saw a rush of viewers out of the blue. In fact, more viewers than I’d ever had before (about 25). I thought it was cool and got nightbot working so people could make song requests, and then quickly realized what was going on. 

As racist songs began to play in the queue and chat started to become progressively aggressive and racially geared towards blacks it’s obvious that this was some kind of racist ambush. Allegedly a popular streamer sent her followers to come harass me. 

What’s worse is when I tried to ban them, they would just come back, they were at the point where they were overriding the mod tools and unbanning themselves. Even attempting to silence all typing in the chat failed completely. Finally, they began changing my stream title to LYNCH ALL N*GGERS and I realized I was helpless. 

I decided the best thing I could do was ignore them. And then it happened. After about 3 hours and continuing to try to stay strong and salvage my screen, it happened. TWITCH BANNED ME FOR VIOLATING THEIR GUIDELINES. END OF STORY.

24 hours. I was mad. I tweeted I redditted I sent a support email. But no waves shook. No one cared that people could just invite someone on Twitch, be completely racist, have the target punished, and these vultures would go feed on the next person unpenalized. 

After 24 hours I logged on and I thought things would subside, but no, almost IMMEDIATELY my chat once again was flooded with the same conduct, and I knew the inevitable would happen. Again I fought the good fight for a few hours, enduring emotes of black people being shot in the head, N BOMBS, and other various slurs. Having my stream title changed to horrific things like I DID THE FLORIDA MASSACRE, and I was banned.

PLEASE- I implore you friends, SPREAD THE WORD. I have a feeling this will just be attempted to be swept under the rug. This could be any of you. What good is a site that will allow racism to go unchecked and penalize its patrons. Please get Twitch’s attention, I’m pretty fucken devastated about all of this. Help me out. Please reblog.