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Chains of Love: Slave Couples in Antebellum South Carolina by Emily West

Historians have traditionally neglected relationships between slave men and women during the antebellum period. In Chains of Love, historian Emily West remedies this situation by investigating the social and cultural history of slave relationships in the very heart of the South. Focusing on South Carolina, West deals directly with the most intimate areas of the slave experience including courtship, love and affection between spouses, the abuse of slave women by white men, and the devastating consequences of forced separations.  [book link]

Where was Hank Summers in latter seasons of Buffy?

What in the world happened to Hank Summers between Season 2 and Season 5 that he would allow 20-year-old Buffy, his own daughter, to drop out of school, take up a minimum-wage job, become the full guardian of his other, teenage daughter (he wouldn’t have realized the true origin of Dawn, having had his memories modified by the monks, too), in order to afford the mortgage on the house their dead mother had bought, and not even come for his ex-wife’s funeral?

How could he have risked an investigation by Social Services that could’ve placed Dawn in foster care, and not intervened? Surely someone, somewhere — from Social Services to Dawn’s school, from the bank issuing the loan to insurance companies — must’ve had a way to contact Hank, to get child support from him on Dawn’s behalf.

The beginning of Season 6 suggested that he sometimes called the house. So…how exactly did he think Buffy was making a living and maintaining a household with Dawn? And it never occurred to him (or to anyone else to ask him) to help support his daughters financially?

(Still not over this after all this time.)

On 17 December, 1992, 15-year-old Jacob Ind went to school and told a friend that he had shot his mother and stepfather dead in the early hours of that morning. He intended to commit suicide after telling his friend about what he had done but never got the chance - his friend immediately went to the principle who called the police. The motivation behind the murders was suffering years of abuse by his parents, a story which Jacob’s brother, Charles, corroborated when called to testify during his trial. His brother had even contacted social services who never investigated his claims. He told how he and his brother had been sexually abused by their stepfather, Kermode, who would drag them into the bathroom and tie them to the toilet as he assaulted them. Their mother knew of the sexual abuse and added to it with emotional abuse - “That’s the one thing I wanted more than anything, was somehow to earn her love. I mean, there’s times she made it absolutely clear that she hated me, basically. And as a child, that is more hurtful than getting hit across the face or getting beaten,” Jacob later said. Jacob was convicted of two counts of first-degree murder but due to his young age, was not eligible for the death penalty. He received life without parole, a sentence that many believe to be far too harsh, and rightfully so.


The current campaign we’re playing is an evil campaign. Though we’ve played campaigns where some of the players have had evil-aligned characters, the goals were always your fairly usual save the world heroic business. This is the first campaign we’ve played where we’re terrible characters doing terrible thing.

The campaign is that we’re initiates into an assassins’ guild. It’s meant to be a mission-based episodic thing rather than an outright full-blown story (for now? Maybe the DMs have something planned for later). There’s definitely some Assassin’s Creed and Dishonored vibe to it, especially the latter, since it takes place more in a Renaissance-y setting rather than an outright Medieval one. Our missions are supposed to have an investigative, social and stealthy element to it as we scope out our targets rather than just charging in and killing. Which is fairly unusual for a fairly hack and slashy game.

Needless to say, we goofed up pretty bad on our first mission (we were trying to kill a mob moss). Not enough reconnaissance coupled with bad rolls (several 1s came up when making especially important sneak attacks and subsequent attempts to escape). Let’s hope the next one goes better.

Renata is an actress fallen on hard times. Maybe back in the day in some other city she was well-known, but her haughty attitude and desire to live the high life have left her a bit desperate for cash.   Renata is designed to be an infiltrator rather than an outright killer (she’s not going to get her hands and clothes bloody, ew), though still with a sociopathic bent. If assassins are going to kill someone, she may as well get in on the action. Sophisticated dinners and fancy clothes aren’t just gonna buy themselves.

I also wanted to make a vaguely bardy character without actually making a bard. I wanted to focus on magically influencing others through enchantments and fooling others with illusions. I ended up going for the Rakshasa bloodline for Sorcerer, for bonuses to Bluff and bonus mind-reading.

OH YEAH so when i was twelve years old i was obsessed with abigail breslin because she was - okay, well actually because my family and i had just joined this new church that met in a movie theatre every sunday which meant that i had a lot of time every sunday morning to roam around the lobby reading the reviews they posted and looking at the posters, and that year little miss sunshine was THE buzzworthy movie AND it starred a girl close to my age who was NOMINATED FOR AN OSCAR (!) just! the GLAMOUR of it all! 

anyway i loved and was obsessed with abigail breslin. i also loved and was obsessed with american girl dolls. and they had just started to make direct-to-tv movies about the american girl dolls. the samantha movie with annasophia robb, the felicity movie with shailene woodley, the molly movie with someone irrelevant but with molly ringwald as her mom. and my girl, of course, was kit kittredge, the proud social democrat/investigative reporter/budding butch lesbian. and i wanted a kit movie. and i wanted abigail breslin as kit.

so these were the days when wikipedia was still a novelty and anyone could edit any article to say anything with total impunity. so what did i do? waltzed right into the american girl wikipedia page and added a section about the upcoming kit kittredge movie starring abigail breslin. popped over to abigail breslin’s wikipedia page and added a few lines about how she’d been cast as kit in an upcoming kit movie. took a few screenshots and headed on over to the american girl fans hostboard and the american girl playthings proboard and was like, “omg, look what i found on wikipedia! abigail breslin as kit? i mean, i KNOW it’s wikipedia, so we should take it with a grain of salt, but… how cool would this be?” and the general consensus from these highly active american girl fan boards - like the ones populated by suburban moms who own forty dolls apiece and line up around the block at american girl place when new doll accessories are about to debut - was, “SO cool! the coolest! we are 100% down for a kit movie starring abigail breslin! i will see it fifty times!!”

a couple months later american girl drops a press release announcing they’re rolling out a kit kittredge movie TO THEATRES starring abigail fucking breslin

i am a god

Dear all,
I’m a passionate of photography based in Italy (Montebelluna). In my pictures I seek for make photography as a social investigation with particular attention to aesthetics. The development of society produces a lot of landscape views and attitudes in which we can note the absence of aesthetics as consequence of dynamics flattened by individualism.
We can define aesthetics the sense that’s universally communicable, hence we have to experience the idea of aesthetics by being involved into collective conscience making.
I feel the photographic research as one of the most approachable tool for the practice of aesthetics through its various fields, they are pure inspiration.

Houston cop who violently arrested Black social worker cleared after investigation.

Dreka White was pulled over by Metro PD Officer Gentian Luca back in March for swerving over the solid white line.  The officer’s attitude made her uncomfortable, so she called 911 to request additional officers.

Let.  That.  Marinate.

A 28-year-old Black woman was so uncomfortable that she requested additional police backup.  If a Black person is calling the cops, they are really at the end of their rope, OK?

Officer Luca allowed White to relay the situation to 911 dispatch, but once she was transferred to Metro PD to request an officer, he brought out the handcuffs and proceeded to wrestle her arms into arresting position with no provocation.  I’m not even exaggerating.  Watch the video.  At 3:50, White starts explaining her request to Metro PD and she’s not even facing the officer.  At 4:00 he’s decided he’s tired of waiting and pulls out his handcuffs to arrest her.

And the investigation says that after his testimony, all of his actions were within reason.  What can you possibly say to explain going from calm to violent arrest in 10 seconds when the “suspect” is on the phone, without a weapon, and not even talking to you?

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