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YouTube is demonetizing anti-sjw and anti-political correctness YouTube videos due to some companies throwing bitch fits whenever their ads play before a video starts and threatened to pull ads if YouTube doesn’t do something. I only have this to say…

Cunt, wank, spiz, spunk, wanker, nigger, faggot, cuck, poof, shit, kike, cracker, spic, wetback

These words deserve no power, so give them none.

Racist, homophobe, sexist, alt right, nazi, white supremacist, misogynist, xenophobe

These words have lost their meaning

First world society can only move as fast as its weakest members.

We must criticize bad ideas to move forward.

The weakest members (mainly political correctness, social justice warriors, identity politics, intersectional feminists, feminists, and ANTIFA) will band together to defend collectivism and try to silence through force when individuals who dare to question them.

I will never stop speaking and I will never hide my ideas.

I refuse to let myself be bullied into silence by intolerant weak people.

basically i decided to cut out most of the identity information from my about because i want to move away from identity politics and standpoint epistemology towards a way of talking about politics that doesn’t rely on people knowing every aspect of my identity and social position, if that makes sense

like sometimes disclosures are helpful to know where someone is coming from but i feel not right about disclosing stuff because I only felt socially obligated to do so and not because I actually wanted to share it

i’m still in the process of working out what I want to do about this dilemma so bear with me for the time being. also my about is a work in progress


Meet Raheem, a Facebook Messenger chat bot who wants your help to keep tabs on police

At any time of day, no matter what happens between you and a police officer, Raheem wants to know about it. Raheem never sleeps. Raheem is a Facebook Messenger chat bot that will gather and map out interactions with police across the country; it just entered beta testing and is looking for a few thousand helping hands. Raheem’s creator, Brandon Anderson, eventually wants to use reports from thousands of users to build a people’s map of police behavior. Using Raheem is super easy.

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things tumblr needs to stop thinking are good, cool or constructive

- looking for things to be offended by
- glorifying certain demographics
- vilifying other demographics
- throwing around words such as ableist, sexist, transphobic, etc like confetti to the point where they are becoming meaningless (much to the harm of victims of actual hatred)
- self victimization
- censorship
- policing people’s language
- throwing tantrums over fictional characters not representing demographics you like
- pretty much reducing people to small aspects of their identity
- doxxing and bullying people who disagree with you
- conflating gender with personality traits or clothing style
- pretending that obesity is not a bad thing
- prioritizing hurt feelings over everything else
- pretending that you strive for equality when really you strive for special treatment



French photographer duo Bruno Metra and Laurence Jeanson, collectively known as Metra-Jeanson, created a striking collection of photos that confront concepts of identity, beauty and otherness.

Experimenting with our visual perception, they apply cut outs of facial features from glossy magazines onto their model’s faces to create a new form of facial expression.

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Exoteric Description: Pioneer, discovering an identity, socially undeveloped, impulsive, spontaneous, childlike
Esoteric Description: Lower concrete mind becomes illuminated by soul, bridge from unconscious to conscious, a point of light in the mind of God

Exoteric Description: Romantic, material, creative, inflexible, traditional, grounded, desiring  
Esoteric Description: The eye of illumination, victorious, nurturer of light, aspiration, lover, visionary, intelligent desire 

Exoteric Description: Talkative, messenger, teacher, multiple, unstable, changeable, clever, dynamic, childish
Esoteric Description: Revered energy that lies behind every sign, resolution of opposites, dissolver of boundaries between consciousness 

Exoteric Description: Moody, unstable, hysterical, maternal, withdrawing, homely, comforting, fearful, dependent
Esoteric Description: Master of the emotional realm, magnetising soul into form, Mother of All Forms, sensitized to spirit 

Exoteric Description: Expressive, dramatic, theatrical, self indulgent, egoistical, childish, demanding, invalidated 
Esoteric Description: Soul quality, self realization, heart radiated leadership, God’s will, Festival of Heart and Soul

Exoteric Description:
Assisting, logical, nervous, mentally active, problem solver, critical, virtuous 
Esoteric Description: Womb of Time, nurturing mother of hidden reality, Guardian of the Christ Principle, Founder of Matriarch, synthesis of feminine aspects 

Exoteric Description: Lover, idealistic, dependent, social, charming, projecting, harmonizer, self conscious 
Esoteric Description: Pristine balance of matter and spirit, spiritual energy on lower levels, Sign of Intuitive Perception, ‘Super Mind’ the mind responsive to the voice of God

Exoteric Description:
Intense, confronting, compulsive, private, possessive, confrontational, moody, transformative, sign of death, desiring 
Esoteric Description: Magnetic energy, Divine Sacrifice, illumination of intellect through soul light, Dweller on the Threshold, transmutation of material desire into spiritual desire

Exoteric Description:
Adventurous, searching, spontaneous, reactive, active, intelligent, comedic, unpredictable, blunt, optimistic 
Esoteric Description: The Coming One, controls the negative dweller, early stages of soul consciousness, flies on the wings of the soul 

Exoteric Description:
Reticent, disciplined, workaholic, obsessive, unrelenting, committed, reliable, mature, old soul
Esoteric Description: Sign of mystery, "doorway into life of those who know not death.“, birth of individual Christ, an intuitive sign, soul consciousness in later stages

Exoteric Description:
Outlandish, shocking, intelligent, unstable, detached, humanitarian, isolated, misunderstood, charismatic 
Esoteric Description: Intuitive consciousness, sign of world service, lost in light supernal, Spiritual Soul

Exoteric Description:
Idealistic, imaginative, spiritual, frail, martyred, moody, vague, responsive, empathetic, artistic 
Esoteric Description: World Saviour, blending of soul and form, releaser of imprisoned life into the spirit, instrument of divine love

"Have fun" should not be a rule

A lot of summer camps, youth groups, and other activities have a “have fun” rule.

The implied message is usually: This is a fun place. If you’re not having fun, you’re doing something wrong. Fix your attitude and have fun doing the fun activities.

Sometimes “have fun” rules are explicit. Sometimes they’re more implicit, and come in forms like: making people sing a song every day about how much they love camp, announcements about “we’re all having so much fun!”, or whatever else.

The problem with this is: nothing is fun for everyone. People have the right to feel how they feel about things. It’s really degrading to tell an unhappy person that they should just feel some other way.

“Have fun” rules are especially problematic for many disabled people.

Because — most programs are not fully accessible, even when they think they are. Most of us expect to encounter activities that are inaccessible in ways that make participation impossible — or that make them no fun.

And often, initially fun activities are ruined when someone treats you in a degrading way or says something awful about disability.

Being left out when everyone else is having fun is bad enough. When there’s a “have fun” rule, it’s even worse. Not only are you hurt by the exclusion, you’re told that you’re violating the rules by being hurt and unhappy.

“Have fun” rules make it really hard to solve these problems, because they make it risky to admit that you’re not having a good time.

“Have fun” rules make problems harder to solve, even when the problem has a straightforward solution. All the more so when the problem is complicated. (Or only has a partial solution.)

“Have fun” rules actually make things a lot less fun.


Thank GOD I have friends smarter than mean that can explain the issues surrounding identity politics better than I can. There is a difference between civil rights/social justice and identity politics. 

If you have more questions or responses to this please feel free to ask us though.

“Identity politics” aims [to] convince us that the only real political issues are those of straight white folks. - Cameron Esposito

When ppl in power don’t reflect ur demo, they can deem basic needs as “special interest” needs. - Cameron Esposito


Fantasy as a genre is in desperate need of a shift beyond feudal political relations, when you really get down to it. An LGBTQ monarch is still a monarch, an all-powerful autocratic parasite upon the rest of society – like, intersectionality without a material class analysis is only going to take us so far. I’m all for enjoying media that happens to involve feudalism (Game of Thrones and the Fire Emblem series are “guilty pleasures” of mine, for example), but at the end of the day we shouldn’t celebrate a politics centered on identity to the detriment of class relationships. Daenerys may be cool for challenging gender norms and taking no shit from misogynists, but she’s still a domineering tyrant who seeks to centralize her top-down rule over an entire continent. Genuinely progressive fantasy can do better than this.

 While I will always see social justice as a completely necessary component of anti-capitalism, liberal identity politics (politics focused on identity to the detriment of class relationships to production and material power) is a dead-end that will only act as a legitimizer for hierarchy. In other words, a top-down society where 5% of the population controls 75% of the resources is considered a just society as long as that isolated 5% reflects the general population in terms of similar identity proportions. Brocialism without sufficient attention to patriarchy, white supremacy, heteronormativity, ableism, and other oppressive systems born of class society is unhelpful and callous; likewise, a lack of focus on class – the literal skeletal structure of a society – will keep us from getting to the roots. 

Seeing as fantasy is a genre that leaves the door open for so much imagination and possibility, it’s kind of unfortunate that the overwhelming majority of it is set in lands with kings and peasants. If class relationships inhibit the self-actualization of individuals in a society (and they do), then wouldn’t a setting liberated from the chains of concentrated power be a fascinating place to behold in a fantasy context? Common access to a pool of magic for all people by virtue of being human; valorous “knights” pledging loyalty to The People as a horizontal entity, not to unaccountable tyrants or to the maintenance of pyramid society for its own sake; diverse worlds where egalitarian community networks trade, debate, cooperate, and share. This doesn’t presuppose stories without conflict – hell, the door is wide open for plot lines involving interpersonal strife, inter-network turmoil, numerous natural disasters, resource shortages, and powerful villains who seek to reinstate top-down rule over the common inheritance. Maybe a series is focused on the establishment of such a society and the dethroning of tyranny in all its forms. This is potential for a genre with so much interesting conflict, never mind the stale, end-of-history, free-from-all-problems world that anti-socialists assume we push for. At no point will we ever reach a society where all matters of debate are peacefully and uniformly settled, where all environmental and resource-based problems disappear, where all selfish and malicious individuals cease to exist. Even so, horizontal socialist democracy is the best chance we have to deal with one another (and with conflict) as human beings in the truest sense possible, and it lays the groundwork for compelling lore and stories.