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📅🕯️Busy Witch Routine🕯️📅

Hello Witches,

Now, I know as much as we’d prefer to spend our days riding broomsticks and brewing our potions in the big ol’ cauldron.

We still have responsibilities * shudders*, some of us are mothers, students, workers, or just people with a hectic schedule.

These are ways to get some witchy practice without completely throwing off our daily routines.

                                  🌅 Waking Up 🌅

  • Do some Yoga poses for 2 minutes.
  • Brush your teeth counter-clockwise to banish negativity from your day.
  • Stir your Coffee/Tea in a clockwise motion to invoke positivity to you and your day.
  • On your way to work, whisper a silent greeting to the sun. Enjoy its warm rays on your commute.
  • If you’re willing, try to pack or purchase a healthy snack like fruit and veggie bowls.


  • Ditch the soda! Try rejuvenating yourself with water instead, maybe add some lemon, cucumbers, or even fruits to your water to detoxify your body.
  • Meditate for 2 minutes, but don’t forget to eat and energize your body again.
  • Carry crystals with healing and or corresponding energies pertaining to your work, school or plans for that day.


  • When cooking/ cleaning, take a moment to play some of your favorite music to invoke spiritual energy.
  • Take a few minutes to google something you’ like to know! Crystals? Candle colors? Moon phases? Research and learn something new!
  • Mediate! Even if it’s for another 2 minutes. Anything counts! Clear your mind and relax.
  • Whisper a “Goodnight” to the moon, enjoy its glow for a few seconds.

Hope this helps you in your journey! We actually do things on this list and it’s been easy to manage! 

~Kinara and Nessa

The ultimate masterpost

**This is a list of helpful sites pulled from multiple masterposts. I will be updating this as I find new things.** 


**If something doesn’t work let me know.** Thank you!

**If something belongs to you and you want credit let me know. I tried to make all the links go to a specific site. But I’m happy to give you credit if you see something that connect back to you.**


ACT Masterpost

AP’s Non-Specific 

For every high school student studying an AP test 
FREE MATERIAL (some SAT/ACt stuff too)
Study guides

AP’s Specific

Art History
Smarthistory: a multimedia web-book about art and art history
Barrons pdfs

AP Biology Exam Guide
Chapter Review
Giant Review Sheet
Crash Course 

Calculus AB & BC
Cheatsheet (AB & BC)
Stuff You MUST Know Cold for AP Calc (AB)
If you see that, do this (AB)

AP Chemistry Notes
Quick Review
Periodic Table

Comparative Government and Politics
Government Comparisons
Study Sheet (opens as word doc)

Computer Science
Review: Part 1

English Language
Rhetorical Strategies
AP Language Review

Environmental Science
Vocab to Know
APES Review

European History
Exam Review Sheets
Tom Richey 

French Language
Cram packet

Human Geography

Every Graph You Need To Know (YouTube)
Cram packet

Study guide

sparknotes study guide
hella good review sheets
ton of flashcards woah
mind map of social psych
rough outline of the year
psychologists to know
crash course ~ hank green
intro to psych post
free textbook resources
study playlists help u
bunch of review materials
very good cram packet
lots of notes from a post
outline of erikson’s theory
mind map of disorders
how to stay motivated!!

Physics B & C
Equations (C Mech)
Unit Notes ©
Unit Notes ©
Equations © 

Cram packet
Inference Procedures
AP Stats formulas

U.S. Government
Cheat Sheet
Review Materials
Tom Richey 

U.S. History
Cram Packet: part 1, part 2
The Giant AHAP Review
Unit study guides
Quizlet sets
The Comprehensive AP US History Study Guide
The man that saved me Part 1 Part 2

World History
Cram Packets and Review Sheets
Cram packets by era

General Subject’s

English Help
No Fear Shakespeare
How to Write a Essay (X) (X) (X) (X) (X) (X)
What makes a good Essay
How to Edit Yourself
Editing Checklist
Trouble Reading? Tips (X) (X) (X)
Writing Masterpost (X) (X) (X) (X) (X) (X) (X) (X)
Other things to help your Writing  (X) (X) (X) (X) (X) (X) (X) (X)

Achieving Proficiency

Math Help
Mathway (type in your problem and it solves it)
Square Root Calculator
Cube Root Calculator
Expression Simplifier
Helps you with Math
Easy unit converter
Any calculator you need
Algebra Solver
Scientific Calculator 
Cheat Sheet 

Science Help
All about space
Guides for more than 5,500 animal species
Improve you Geography knowledge
vast collection of historic images and videos
Symbols and their meanings
Comprehensive site for genetics and evolution
Lab Write Ups

Writing Help
Free Microsoft Word Equivalent
Writing Software Master post
Cant Remember A Word?
Bibliography Maker
Social Media Citation Guide
Earn A Cute Picture Of A Kitten For Writing
Writers Block?
Check Your Writing for Spelling and Grammatical Errors
Coffee Shop Sounds
Essay Structure Guide
Want To Know Who You Write Like?
Remember the Word
Alternatives to Said
Great Inspiration
Getting Inspired
Free Microsoft Word alternative
Dealing with writer’s block
Lay vs. lie
When to change paragraphs
Music for writing
Research and reading
How to write a kickass essay with ½ of the stress
How to write an essay
Guide to writing a basic essay
Essay writing: the basics
What makes a good essay?
How to google? (1) (2)
Writing tips
Harvard Writing Resources
Synonyms Masterpost
can’t find the right word?
Hemingway an online editor (It’s awesome)

Other Useful Stuff 

Son of Citation Machine
Owl Purdue
How to write Bibliography

College tips
make a to do+doing+done board (I just did this and it is very helpful)
print sources nicely (1) (2)
recipes based on ingredients - recipepuppy
popular new headlines -
speed read -
white noise -
plan sleep time -
google like a boss - png / jpg
Tips for college freshman
Know before college 
Preparing for a lecture

30/30 (app)
Essential productivity apps for any student*
Top 5 productivity apps for iOS (video)*
Top 5 productivity apps for Android (video)*
Time Warp
Self Control (mac) blocks websites
The science of productivity (video)
The science of procrastination and how to manage it (video)
7 brain hacks to improve your productivity (video)
The simple science of getting more done (in less time)
Productivity tips
About power naps
How to pull an all-nighter effectively

Studying (Currently long but I will sort through at a later point)
Answering multiple choice questions
Apps for students
Basics for Efficient Studying
BBC Bitesize
Check spelling and grammar
Coffitivity- sounds of a cafe
Convert Anything To Anything
Cornell note taking method
Coursera- Online courses for free.
Create flowcharts, network diagrams, ect.
Creating Effective Exam Cheat Sheets
Defeating Procrastination
Essay writing
Exam survival tips
Finals Help Guide
Finals survival guide
Free Flashcards Study Helper
Free online courses
Google books for research
Grammar Check
Guide on punctuation
Homework Help
How to answer exam questions
How to Read a Textbook
How to Review in Less Time
How to study
How to survive finals
How to take notes Masterpost
How to Underline/Highlight Effectively
How to write an essay
Inkflow Visual Notebook
Khan Academy- Learn anything.
Learning how to study
Making a good study guide
Memorizing dates
Momentum- Be motivated and organised.
Note taking like a pro
Notetaking Strategies
Online calculator
Online Ruler
open2study- Free online study for everyone.
Presentation Zen- A blog that helps you with your presentations.
Productive Study Break Tips
Pull an All Nighter & Do Well On Your Exam
Quizlet- Make flashcards and test yourself.
Reading Review, Highlighting, and Underlining
Research & Reading Tips
School survival guide
Science simplified
Simple and Not So Simple Proven Ways to Sharpen Memory
Solving Problems vs. Practicing Them 
StudyBlue- Make online flashcards.
Studying for an important exam
Study Playlist 
Superb Study Guides and Mini Moleskines
Taking Notes Effectively and Practically
Test-taking Strategies
Test your vocabulary
The Benefits of Active Notetaking
The “Secret” to Doing Well in School
Thinking & Memorizing Tips
Time management
Tips and trick to help you get good grades
Triaging Your Assignments
Useful websites
Website Blocker- Remove temptation.
What NOT To Do When Studying
Wolfram Alpha for research 
Youtube Crash Course
“Academic Disaster Insurance”
“Big Idea” Flashcards

Free textbooks
Text Book Nova
Medical Textbooks
Cookbooks to Text Books
Science/Math Textbooks
Business Textbooks
Tech Books
Greek and Roman Text in English
Art Books
Historical Fiction
History Books
Project Gutenberg
Free Ebooks
Classic Books
Classic Books
Classic Books
Classic Books
Classic books and Reference and study guides
Classic books
Free Textbook Download Masterpost
Textbook Guide

My Study Life - It’s a planner to help you remember when your homework is due and stuff like that
Free printable planner
To do list
How to make a study schedule
Class folder organization
“Study Cove” Organization
Making a Detailed Study Schedule
The Work-Progress Journal
Quick Tip for Flashcard Organization
Scheduling Organization
College Plan Spreadsheet Template
Organizing Your Notes
Getting Yourself Together in College with Mental Illness
How to Organize Your Workspace

Stress Reliefs/Relaxng
stress analyst - relaxonline
distract yourself
self-care tips
self-care for overstimulated nerves
softest legs
feel better
Thoughts Room
Panic & Anxiety Masterpost
Guided Relaxation
Stress Relievers
Chill Playlist
Cute Videos
The quiet place project
Feelings Masterpost

Useful Stuff
plan, budget, and manage daily finances
How to take a Standardized Test
How to Master Excel
Fact check politicians
Back to school Masterpost
What you didn’t learn in high school

IDK what to put these under but they're helpful too
Check The Safety Of Any Website
Download From 8tracks
Print Webpages Without the Clutter
Is This Website Down For Me Or Everyone?
Self Defense Tips
Chrome Extension Tells You Which Tab Is Playing Music
Prevent Hangovers
Bookmark Online Videos
1 Month Free of Amazon Prime
Netflix Recommendations
Becoming An Adult Masterpost
All The Audios You’ve Ever Reblogged
Stream/Watch Free TV/Movies
Never Hit A Dead End With A Broken Link
Downloadable PDF To-Do Lists
Watch Musicals
List Of Universities On Tumblr
Summer Studying
Back to School

Scholarship Masterpost

8/17/2015: Updated some parts. Alphabetized the study section and added in new links. If at any point you want something added in that isn’t here just send me an ask or submit it in the submit box.

6/1/2016: Currently working on the issue of the links disappearing. Hopefully I’ll have it fixed 

I was gone for five minutes...

So my very first long-term campaign was me (a LG tiefling cleric) and four other players of dubious allignments. It was always a real struggle keeping us from just being a bunch of horrible horrible people. At the same time, I (irl) was socializing a future guide dog puppy and took him out to pee after saying what my next turn would be in a combat against a band of orcs.

So there I was waiting patiently for this boy to pee (he did), and when I came back, every one of the orc corpses had been stacked into a pile and lit of fire. I turn to my druid friend who’s the closest thing to a good person in the group and go “I just went to use the bathroom, how could you have let this happen!” and he just says “I was a spider at the time.”

Building an encounter has three main ingredients

Have you ever come up with a general idea for an encounter, but aren’t sure how to flesh it out or weave it into the larger narrative? It’s been said time and time again that Dungeons and Dragons is built on three pillars of play: combat, social, and exploration. As long as you know the environment and how subjects might fight or socialize, you as the DM can improvise any encounter well enough to roll with the punches. 

Here is an example of my own DM notes for this weekend’s first encounter: It starts off explaining the environment and how it can be explored, and then my notes mention some monsters in the distance which can branch into a combat or social encounter (or a blend of the two). You don’t need to know the specifics of my campaign to understand my writing, but if you have questions - always feel free to ask!

The PCs are high up along the peaks of the Orc’s Crown. They follow wood-and-hemp bridges that connect plateaus of rock, and follow narrow trails up along cliff walls. Eventually, they’ll easily spot a large company of ogres wearing crude backpack mounts, carefully scaling a 120 ft. vertical rock surface. Currently the ogres about thirty feet high.

  • DC 10 Perception spots seven ogres in total, each carrying orcs on the mounts. They are all armed with primitive weapons.
  • DC 12 Insight reveals the company seems rushed and uninterested in observing their surroundings.


  • DC 12 Perception spots an old steel and hemp pulley system built into the rock wall. DC 14 INT check to learn how to use the machine; it requires a PC to stay at the floor to operate the controls. The elevator can fit up to two Medium sized targets and move 40 ft. per round, but moves faster with only one (60 ft./round)
  • PCs who climb the wall must pass a DC 10 STR check for every 20 ft. they climb. For every 10 ft. beyond the first, the DC increases by 1. Players can choose to try and beat a DC 13 CON check to increase their climb speed by 10 ft. for that turn. If they fail, they must pass a DC 15 DEX save to fall 10 ft., otherwise they fall to the floor and take 1d10 bludgeoning damage for each 10 ft. fallen.


The orc company will be uninterested in talking, but they also want to avoid a fight which would weaken their numbers and waste their time. If the party is hostile, the orc company will attack the group until they die. A DC 18 Persuasion check could later convince an orc to parlay and talk with the party; the DC drops to 10 if there is only one orc alive to parlay.

If the company isn’t already hostile, they could tell the group the following.

  • They will openly admit their allegiance to Rogmesh, their clan leader. They are meeting Rogmesh at Oogugboo Summit, an innately magical mountain, to later escort her to Curlamog’s Lair to confront Ergoth.
  • They’ve learned that Ergoth has sent a tanarruk to kill Rogmesh’s tribe and take her to Curlamog’s Lair. 


  • 2x Ogres
  • 4x Orcs

Sneaking up on the company would be fairly easy with a Passive Perception of 9. If the company is attacked, most of the group will attempt to continue their climb to the top of the rock wall. Two ogres and four orcs will descend 30 ft. to attack the party and bide time for the rest of their group to escape.

The orcs will not stop fighting until they die, often speaking in their own language to each other about martyring themselves to protect Rogmesh. The ogres will not retreat from battle, but will move onto a weaker opponent if they are challenged by their melee target.

My ‘environment’ challenges usually translate into skill challenges, and typically I try to include solutions that require a combination of two or more abilities like STR and INT. For this particular encounter, I permit beefier characters to use their Strength and Constitution to brave the rock wall, and squishier characters to use their Intelligence to create a simpler route for themselves and others to follow. 

My ‘social’ challenge here is totally optional, as is the ‘combat’ challenge. Whatever my players decide to do, I can refer to these notes and see how the orcs and ogres would respond. If the social encounter goes well, the PCs could learn more secrets about the big players in the story… otherwise they could simply have a straightforward brawl or a mix of combat and social. 

Has this guide been helpful? Would you do anything differently? Share with us here and add to the discussion!

Trans* Guide to (Socially) Navigating the Gym

This is a newcomer’s guide to the gym from a social perspective, focused on the trans* experience. This is not a workout program.

This guide draws upon my own FTM experiences, feel free to add your own experiences.

Disclaimer: I live in a diverse city and go to a left-leaning university. My circumstances could be drastically different from yours. Use your best judgement.

The Locker Room

  • Bring a friend (who you’re out to) along, they can affirm or stand up for your identity if anyone questions your presence.
  • Rarely is anyone looking at you while changing, especially in male locker rooms. Find a nice little corner and face the walls, or go to a stall to change. You’d be surprised at how many cis people do the same. I’ve changed tshirts in the locker room while wearing a binder tank after 4 months on T without any problems.
  • You can also try changing in a bathroom that has less traffic first, then walk to the gym. If the weather is cold, wear a hoodie or sweats on top, then take it off at the gym.
  • Avoid going at peak hours if you are uncomfortable, it is more likely that you’ll have to change in close proximity with others.
  • Avoid changing next to old people. They are very comfortable nude and will strike up conversations randomly.
  • I have never showered at the gym, but bring a towel to dry off my sweat, and deodorant to keep the scents fresh.
  • I find boxers to be easier than boxer briefs. If I’m wearing briefs, I either pack, or find a really good corner without people. Packing is personally uncomfortable after a especially hard session, due to shifting and sweating. Boxers sort of hide everything, and I feel comfortable standing in them for a bit to cool off.

The Gym (mostly the weight room)

  • You are NOT the only person who doesn’t know how every equipment works. You can:
    • Ask a staff for help
    • Watch YouTube before your workout. I sometimes pull up exercise videos during my workout to check how a machine works because I’m too introverted.
  • If you don’t like to talk to other people and want to avoid chit-chats:
    • Stare at the equipment as if you’re formulating your workout plan
    • Bring headphones.
  • If someone is at an equipment you want to use, you can ask them “how many sets do you have left”, which means how many more repeats of the exercise they will be doing. A common etiquette is to let you use the machine right after, if you’re hanging around. Be courteous and give the other person room to finish their workout.
  • Don’t walk between mirrors and the people training in front of it.
  • It’s ok to not like looking in your image in the mirror if it triggers dysphoria, but still try to make sure you are performing the exercises correctly by bringing a friend along to form check.


  • You are not weak. Everyone starts somewhere. The huge guy in the corner? He was once a lanky teenager. It takes immense dedication and discipline to reach the level you see in the media.
Field Guide to MRAs: Introduction

I have found, in my journeys through the wilds of the internet, that the population of MRAs is much more diverse and complex than some may realize. I therefore decided, on my last trip, that I would prepare a treatise for the edification of my fellow feminists, as well as modestly suggest some best practices for dealing with MRAs encountered on the world wide web, as well as for those encountered in real life. I hope this can in some small way contribute to the knowledge of all who seek to bring reason, justice, and equality to the world.

A Field Guide For the Identification of MRAs and Anti-Feminists, Including Level of Severity, Recommended Response Tactics, and Safety Tips

Disclaimer: Some higher level MRAs will initially present at lower levels, so proceed with caution and revise tactics or disengage if a higher level belief rears its head. Levels are also often cumulative—a level 4 may open with a level 2 argument and proceed to a level 3 argument. All recommended tactics are based on actual beliefs; beliefs stated by MRAs in the wild may not be accurate or complete.


For each classification I will provide:

Level of Severity and Name:Level number denotes how far the MRA has bought into sexist ideology. As shorthand I have also provided a colloquial species name.

Basic Beliefs: What it says on the tin. The general belief system and common arguments made by each level.

Recommended Tactics: The response or responses that seem to be most effective at either changing the MRA’s mind or discrediting their argument with others. This is based purely on what I’ve seen and heard and is not necessarily complete. Please reblog with suggested tactics of your own!

In addition, I will also sometimes provide the following:

Safety Tip: Tips for interacting with the MRA without risk to body or mind, as well as common pitfalls of arguing with the type.

Demographics: Any interesting trends in the type population.

Identification Aid: Insistent terminology, odd focuses, or little quirks of a type that can aid in swift identification.

Descriptions of each level to follow. 

mysaintsasinner  asked:

Hey, sorry to be a bother, just wondering if you could link me to some good ABO fics. Purely for research purposes, you know ;)

There is so much great ABO out there! I have done a lot of “research” myself on ABO. It tends to be easier to find on AO3 than tumblr. ABO lends itself really well to smut (and to getting to the smut quickly without feeling rushed), so most of these are x-rated. In general it seems to be much more popular in gay ships then straight reader inserts, though recently I have seen more. I’m a ship all the ships person, so I read a TON of gay ABO (98% destiel) but I know that’s not for everyone so we will start the list with reader inserts and OFCs.

Reader inserts:

It seems like 99% of the stuff out there is alpha!maleSPNcharacter x omega!femalereader though there are a few exceptions and to me they are always awesome.

If you are going to start reading ABO reader inserts on tumblr, then you need to start with the queen of ABO @kittenofdoomage. Her masterlist is well laid out, and labels all of her ABO, and she has way too many to link to all of them, but if Kitten wrote it, it’s great. Also most of her stuff is on AO3 too. I will link to my favorite Resonance, its Omega!Dean x Alpha!FemaleReader so that kinda always has a soft spot for me.

Another big writer on tumblr @ilostmyshoe-79 has recently started writing some ABO. Claimed Alpha!Dean x Omega!Reader, Seven Alpha!Dean x Omega!Reader, Heat Alpha!Dean x Omega!Reader, When You Least Expect It Alpha!Sam x Omega!Reader. And she has an Alpha!Sam, Beta!Dean, Omega!Reader series (I have linked to the last part so it has the links to the rest of it) Threes Company

The lovely @winchesterprincessbride has three great Alpha!Sam x Omega!Reader series (all linked to the last part) Doctor Doctor Can’t You See I’m Burning Up, Keep You Safe, and my personal favorite: None of Your Business

Sundae @leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid has my favorite ABO drabble, it’s very vague on who the alpha is, so you can imagine anyone. She is my Omega Alpha x Omega!Reader. She also has two other ABO one shots: Primum Tempus Alpha!Dean x Omega!Reader; Beta!Sam x Omega!Reader, and Pups for Mother’s Day Alpha!Dean x Omega!Reader

@divinitycas has a great series called A Study in Submission  Alpha!Reader x Omega!Cas, but she says that she is deleting her blog after New Years so read it fast! (Please don’t delete!)

Rachel @mysupernaturalfics has three Dreams Alpha!Michael x Omega!Reader, Cold As Ice Alpha!Lucifer x Omega!Reader, and Alpha and Omega Alpha!Dean x Omega!Reader

I can’t finish this section without giving a shoutout to myself. I have my ongoing series Alpha Looks Like an Omega that’s Omega!Dean x Alpha!FemaleReader. It still has a long way to go before it’s done, and unfortunately life has been super busy so I haven’t had as much time to work on it as I would like, but I’m hoping to be able to post the next chapter soonish. I also have three other ABOs in my WIPs so keep an eye out for them!


Hel, @helvonasche does OFCs. And they are super fucking hot. The Switch Alpha!Sam, Alpha!Dean, Alpha!Lucifer, and Reader is what she did for our joint “100 follower tell us what to write thingie” and because she is a beast and a much faster writer than myself, not only has she already posted hers (which I have not, but it’s almost done I swear!) but instead of doing a one shot as we planned she turned it into a series. I linked to the final part here, but you HAVE to read it in order. There is a little plot mixed in with the porn so don’t spoil it for yourself.

Hel also has an Alpha!Sam x Omega!OFC one shot too. Almost Too Late Alpha!Sam x Omega!OFC. Plus I know she is working on a bunch more ABO so you should totes follow her.


Destiel is my OTP so I have more destiel recs than anything else. Most of these are on AO3 and are long fics.

So not to reinvent the wheel @diminuel already has a fantastic fic rec list for only Alpha!Dean x Omega!Cas I have also read all of them and would recommend.  Like for real. When I was compiling fics on this list, a bunch of them were already on this list so I took them off.

If you don’t mind reading a WIP @ltleflrt has a fantastic long fic No Words  that she is working on. Every chapter has me at the edge of my seat, and this last one really just turned up the angst and plot. Its Alpha!Cas x Omega!Mute!Dean. I love everything that she writes, but this one is turning into one of my favorites.

I have recently discovered @omegadeanlovesalphacas who writes a bunch of Omega!Dean x Alpha!Cas one shots. They are all kinky as hell so always heed the tags.

Three Things by Paperann Alpha!EndVerse!Cas x Omega!Dean deals with a lot of drugs and the recovery from addiction. Of course they just can’t keep their hands off each other.

Into Your Hideaway by thepinupchemist  Alpha!Cas x Omega!Dean Dean is pregnant and was kidnapped and forced into prostitution. Doctor Cas saves him. It’s one of the highest rated ABO fics on AO3 for a reason, read it.

Grey by Valinde (Valyria) Alpha!Cas x Omega!Dean Official summary: “In a world where people don’t see in color until they find their true mate, the first thing Dean sees when he pulls himself out of his grave is the blue sky. When Castiel raised him from the Pit, he inadvertently claimed Dean as his mate.”

Real Slick Dean by trilliath Alpha!Cas x Omega!Dean Cas has been overdosed with a street drug the puts him into a Fuck or Die Rut. He has been buying Dean’s slick to help him thru his ruts and when he accidentally meets Dean for the first time when this rut hits, his body thinks Dean is his. Dean decides to be nice and help Cas out.

Cynophobia by destieljunkie Alpha!Dean x Omega!Cas. Cas has tried to minimize his contact with the world as much as possible, and only wants to be left alone. Protective Dean changes that.

Tor-Valen by Savaial Alpha!Cas x Omega!Dean Dean is a known troublemaker, Cas buys him anyways. Set in a weird timeline, where it’s the future, but most technology is lost. Like living on a plantation in the wild west with lots of Asian influences.

Typecast by mnwood Alpha!Cas x Omega!Dean they are cast in a movie as lovers, but play the opposite orientations.  Most people (even Cas) think that movie star Dean is actually an Alpha as he has been hiding his Omega status his entire career. 

Omega 451 by TheIttyBitty Alpha!Dean x Omega!Cas. Cas is super young in this fic at first (and nothing sexual happens until he gets older, but is still underage) and Dean is much older. Sam and Jess buy Cas from an Omega Training Center to help Dean clean the house and keep him company. Cas and Dean end up helping each other more than they realize.

Why do I go to extremes? by zation Alpha!Cas x Human!Dean. So this one goes with more of the werewolf origins of ABO. Cas is a were, Dean is human, sex between them is taboo; but Dean still has an Alpha kink. Dean saves Cas, Cas becomes possessive over Dean.

The Retraining of Dean Winchester by deanwithwings Alpha!Cas x Omega!Dean. In a world where Omegas have no rights, Dean was pretending to be an Alpha but when he gets caught he gets sent to a traditional Japanese style school (like for geishas) to learn how to be a “proper” omega.

Eucalyptus by xHaruka17x Alpha!Dean x Omega!Cas. Officer Winchester saves prostitute Cas and his baby. But plot twists and angst ahead. 

Unwritten by PorcupineGirl Alpha!Dean x Alpha!Cas. You don’t see to many Alpha x Alpha fics, and I love this one! They scent bond upon first meeting, but work gets in the way so they separate, and keep in contact and form a much deeper bond before meeting for a second time. 

Buying an Alpha by xHaruka17x Alpha!Dean x Omega!Cas. All Alphas serve in the military and Omegas register to “buy” them after their service is complete. Alphas are rare, and Cas’ brother signs him up to buy one.

Other Ships:

Luci @lucibae-is-dancing-in-hell writes some fantastic ABO. Check out Community Relations Alpha!Michael x Alpha!Lucifer x Alpha!Cas x Alpha!Gabriel x Omega!Sam, this orgy is hot as fuck.  Also check out her Strong and Independent Alpha!Sam x Omega!Lucifer series.

Actual Research:

If you want to do some actual research on ABO others have already done so.  Obviously if you want to know the basic “rules” (there really are no hard and fast rules per say as I have read many fics that do things differently) start with Kitten’s ABO Rules

There is also this great really funny tongue and cheek ABO Primer on AO3, and has some good definitions of terms as well as a little history about ABO.

Someone has also tried to “science” ABO: A/B/O: Adventures in Fake Science

Someone did a History of ABO: The nonnies made them do it!

And there’s also Sex and Gender: A Biological and Social Guide to the Omegaverse.

So yeah I might have gone a little overboard, but as you know ABO is my jam. Hope this helps with your research for writing your fic for my ABO Birthday Challenge! I’m very excited to see all the fics and I sure that they will all make this list if I were to make it again in 3 months!


this one’s for all the newbies out there that have lost their minds and decided to join tumblr. they say the best things in life are free, well it’s free to watch this video and subscribe so you’re welcome LOVE YOU, ENJOY

New Camren Shippers Guide

A social media guide for new shippers …

  • Instagram: If you are mature enough, this social network will allow you to see some pics of Camren and spend hours/days/months/years trying to decipher their captions. If you are immature, you will probably go to their Instagram just to be annoying and comment “Camren is real” to every fucking picture posted by them (or their friends, or their family, or their neighbors). 

  • Twitter: If you are mature enough, you will use this social network as an upgrade tool. Many accounts tweet all day the songs they both listen to on Spotify, pics they posted on Instagram, reblogs of Tumblr and everything they post on Snapchat (or anyone posting about/with them). If you are not mature enough, you will be attending this social network and will be very annoying to everyone, terrorizing the Camilizers, Laurenizers, Harmonizers, Camren Shippers, Fuckingnizers and etc … and if you do not have enough education, you will say horrible words to people you do not even know and buy endless fights.

  • Snapchat: Lauren does not use it much, Camila sometimes appears there. I would not say it’s a social network too much used by Camren.

  • Tumblr: Camren’s paradise! Here you are allowed to be delusional and meet other people just like you. On Tumblr, you’ll find the biggest (and craziest) Camren puzzle of the world. Events (and news) are debated civilly and the good thing is that mediators (blog owners) can choose to answer stupid questions or not. A place without big fights and with free space for you to be delusional as much as you want. Tumblr is Camren’s heart and soul.

  • Facebook: Camren does not know what Facebook is. (LOL)

How to socialize at your college’s pre-graduation party

  1. don’t
  2. drink free wine w your friend
  3. notice there are succulents in the centerpieces
  4. LIVE succulents
  5. (don’t make a succ joke)
  6. (don’t)
  7. giggle as you tipsily move from table to table, pilfering the succulents and hiding them in your bags, becoming more blatant as you go along
  8. (they’ll be thrown out at the end of the night if nobody takes them)
  10. eat a final pretzel and try not to laugh too much as you leave

tuition money well spent

“Finding Your Title” Compilation

As a conclusion to my “Finding Your Title” event, I’ve gathered all Part 1 responses from classpect blogs and attempted to summarize their information in a single post.

According to several classpect blogs, nearly all criteria in determining one’s class and aspect are encompassed by the following 8 questions.  Descriptions of how specific classpect blogs utilize these questions are included under each specific question, after the cut.

My end goal for this event was to guide fans with classpect interest but little expertise in determining their own titles.  At the very least, answering these questions may be useful information for any classpect blogs you ask for assistance in determining your title.  Blogs currently accepting classpect inquiries (as of January 2017) are listed at the bottom of this post.

I hope this helps you find your title!

Aspect questions:

  1. Which aspect(s) are you drawn to?
  2. What drives you? What motivates you?
  3. How do you view the world?
  4. Which aspect matches your personality?

Class questions:

  1. How do you relate to your aspect?
  2. What is your role / archetype / character arc?
  3. What do you struggle with?
  4. Which class matches your personality?

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Human Lessons with Destiel
  • Castiel: I don't understand humans.
  • Gabriel: He's not even joking.
  • Dean: Well, uh maybe he needs a little one on one lesson with Dean-O!
  • Sam: Or a social guide for dummies.
  • Dean: Yeah but um my lessons will include hands on experience.
  • Castiel: (leans closer) Like what?
  • Dean: (licks bottom lip and leans in) For starters, how to properly f-
  • Castiel: Forgiveness and remorse are very common with humans. That would be very resourceful. Thank you, Dean.
  • Dean: (straightens up and passes by Sam) You major cockblocking bitch.
  • Sam: Get laid after we save the world, selfish bastard. (hisses at Dean)