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I AM GOING TO CREATE A MASTERLIST OF IDEAS. The goal is to give non-profits ideas like you see below to help them make a difference. Plus developers can figure out how to build the social good component right into the game!


- Delivering groceries to the elderly and infirm

- Cleaning up the environment 

- Walking dogs - how awesome is this?



Giving Back with @sackclothxashes

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“In the summer of 2013, my beautiful mother became homeless. She has two college degrees, managed restaurants, raised my sister and me on her own, and worked so hard to move us from our apartment to a home. She is a woman that you would look at and never think she’d ever become homeless.” As Portland Instagrammer Bob Dalton (@bobxdalton) watched his mother struggle with depression and alcoholism in the wake of family tragedies, he initially felt that there was little he could do. “She called me randomly in June of 2013 and said, ‘Bobby, I’m doing it. I’m selling everything I have left and moving across the States to start my life over,’” he recalls. “From that point on she was homeless. Sleeping on the beaches and benches. She had nothing left in her. Her fight was gone.”

Unable to find her or support her during the time she was homeless, Bob began calling homeless shelters and asking what they needed. “They all said blankets.” With this in mind, Sackcloth & Ashes (@sackclothxashes) was born as a way to start conversations about homelessness and supply shelters with needed resources. For each blanket Bob sells, a warm fleece blanket is donated to the customer’s local homeless shelter. “That way, as a people, we are making a direct impact in the life of a person that’s down the street from our home.”



Seth Lane, who is from Northamptonshire in England, suffers from Severe Combined Immonudeficiency (SCID) — also known as “bubble boy” disease because the condition requires patients to live in sterile environments. This has caused Lane to spend large parts of his young life in a hospital.

Learn more about Seth’s story here.

We need your help.

We set out to try and put something on TV that felt and looked and smelled a little different. We wanted to make a TV show about joyfully making the world a brighter place. You can see the show on The Hub Network. We’re thankful for the opportunity, but we need people like you to help spread the word. Never did we imagine our little family project would ever spread this far. It’s only because of people like you who believe, like we do, that every voice matters. We’re working to make Kid President not just about one kid, but all kids. We want every kid and grown-up to realize they can make a difference. It’s why every episode begins with:

“This program is being broadcast at a special frequency. If you’re receiving this transmission: Congratulations, you are officially awesome.”

and every episode ends with a pep talk. We don’t want to make stuff that people just watch. We want you to take action and give the world a reason to dance.

It wasn’t easy to get our happy little show on the air, but thanks to people like you - we did. Let’s keep going. Tell your friends. Write about it. Spread the word. 

We’re excited about making more fun stories both for TV and for the web. Happy you’re part of this with us!

- Brad and Robby


You can watch the premiere episode in full here!


Serious Clowning with @chulatheclown

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It all started with a dream to become a trapeze artist. “Well, that didn’t go well. Every time I would come out, people would laugh and I would never be able to get on the trapeze,” says Gaby Munoz (@chulatheclown), who lives in Mexico City. “At first, it was frustrating, but then I understood the great feeling I had by making others laugh. It was contagious. My teachers told me that if I was a clown I could do whatever I wanted.”

Gaby feels she has now found her true calling as a professional clown. To her, clowns are actually very much like trapeze artists: “They will throw themselves to the abyss without wings, hoping to build them on the way down! They’ll tell you about whom you are, exploring the depth of human emotions. They create an invisible mirror where one can look at the clown and see their own reflection.”

Gaby’s profession is no surprise to her family. “I remember my father filming silent movies, co-staring my sister and I dressed in our mother’s clothes. He would write the script and then interview us. I was never able to say a word, just funny sounds that made my dad laugh,” she recalls. “I had my own interior universe of fantasy. I remember playing with mud, pretending to make little cakes and trying to sell them to kids in school, as well as inside trash cans, pretending they were supermarkets.” Her parents did have some words of wisdom as she embarked on her professional path, encouraging her to be what they deemed “a serious clown.”

Gaby took her parents’ advice to heart and is now involved with social clowning, giving workshops all over the world, from refugee camps in Syria, Lebanon and Jordan to theater schools and indigenous communities in Mexico, Colombia, Sweden, the US, Brazil, Tbilisi, India, the Philippines and Indonesia.

This is my niece, Otiona Gildon. Her basketball team (Gonzaga Prep) just won their second state championship in a row (undefeated after 50 matches)!!! If that wasn’t enough, she was then named the Best Player in Washington. And to end an awesome week, her basketball team has been invited to play in a national tournament at MADISON SQUARE GARDEN! Oti is a senior, so this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. No parent would want to miss seeing their child accomplish something so amazing, so my sister started a GoFundMe to try to help pay for the trip there, since she can’t really afford it on her own. If you can, please click her pic and donate to help her fly out to see her baby play. No amount is too small. As always if you can’t donate, please help me out by reblogging. Thank you.

When people exercise with headscarves, they can become soaked with sweat, just like the rest of our workout clothes. Besides perspiration, scarves need to withstand the elements, such as rain or heat. Veil Garments is the first line of performance-geared hijabs attempting to fill that void. The hijab replaces traditional fabrics like silks, chiffons and cottons and opts for nylon, which readily wicks away sweat and is almost fully waterproof.

“There are a billion Muslims around the world and the population is only getting bigger… I don’t know why no other sports brand has done this before." [via]

People who grew up with Reading Rainbow pitched in over 5 million dollars for the chance to have a new generation experience it. The success of Reading Rainbow’s Kickstarter campaign is amazing and it should be a reminder to all of us: 

When you do something for a kid - it sticks with them.

Anything you do for a kid -  be it a television show, a trip to the park or a simple encouraging word - becomes part of who they are. They remember it for years to come. They may not immediately thank you. They might seem too distracted to notice. They may disregard it, but years from now, they will have not forgotten. 

I grew up with Reading Rainbow and the memories of how much I loved it have all come flooding back. In the days since Levar Burton and team launched their campaign I’m reminded of all the shows that helped shape me. I’m also reminded of all the grown-ups throughout my childhood who took the time to let me know I mattered. I want to be that sort of person.

Do something today that will positively impact a child for good. It will stick with them.

- Brad

(the dude who makes the Kid President videos)

Eid Clothing donated to poor kids in Hebron

The PCRF Hebron office has teamed up with a local company - Adam Factory for Clothes - to help distribute to poor children new clothing for the Eid holiday. These are marginalized children from poor areas of Hebron and villages nearby, like Yatta and Dura. We thank Adam Factory owners for supporting this humanitarian initiative.

Learn more
One Pad for You, A Month's Supply for a Girl in Need

In some developing regions of the world, a girl having her period isn’t simply a monthly occurrence – it’s a barrier to accessing education.Because girls may not have sanitary pads and lack access to proper sanitation facilities in schools, they…

People who Menstruate: When You Buy Feminine Care Products From SHEVA, You’ll Give A Girl In Need A Month’s Supply

Hey Tumblr! 

There’s nothing better than a cute picture of a goat, right? Well, thanks to Curse Gaming and Coffee Stain Studios, from now until Nov 30th, when you post a picture of a goat on Twitter or Facebook with the hashtag #PostYourGoat you can help give goats to families in need through Heifer! 

Here’s how it works: 

  1. Find your favorite picture/video/drawing of a goat
  2. Tweet that goat to @CurseGamepedia with the hashtag #PostYourGoat and this link 
  3. Tag @heifer and @Coffee_Stain 
  4. Curse Gamepedia will donate one goat for every 500 uses of the #PostYourGoat hashtag!!!

How easy is that? And when you participate in #PostYourGoat, you are eligible to win awesome gear from Coffee Stain Studios (the creators of the world’s foremost goat simulator - that’s right, Goat Simulator). So, what’s the downside? Trick question! There is none. We can’t wait to see your goat posts!

The cognitive and sensory impairments associated with Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia often result in difficulty eating. 

Eatwell bowls are designed with slanted bottoms that help food collect to one side for easy scooping. The interior of the dining ware is also bright blue in color, an uncommon hue for food which helps users with dementia identify food in their bowls with ease. Spoons are intentionally designed to hug the side of the dinnerware, making collecting food easier and preventing spillage. Handles for drinking cups and utensils are made to allow for easy gripping and stability.

The result of all these intentional elements working together is a dining set that has been found to allow users with dementia to consume 24% more food and 84% more liquid.

Learn more about this Eatwell set here.


Photographer Alexander von Wiedenbeck wanted to make a contribution to social good with his camera skills. In partnership with the German charity Kinder In Not, he traveled to the Philippines to meet and photograph children struggling to survive — children living in garbage dumps and graveyards, who nonetheless were full of love, hope, and joy. With “Hope,” his photobook and exhibition, von Wiedenback wants to bring these children’s stories to the world and celebrate their strength and resilience.