social genome

Trying to address a smaller segment – an audience of one rather than many – actually increases data requirements. We have combined large sets of data to get to the origin of action, belief and motivation. If you’re really going to crack the code of individual marketing and engagement, you have to crack the social genome.

Bridget van Kralingen, IBM Global Business Services

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"Perks of recovery"

I’m still not quite sure why I’m sharing the following bits and pieces, but maybe, in some way, I can inspire someone to fight a bit harder, even if just a little.  

  • A few of my best friends went to this Secret Santa party with their other group of pals the past weekend, and someone mentioned how good my boobs look in my selfie, then this inCREDibly hot girl with an incredibly hot bod said that she thought I had a really nice body and she was jealous of it. Now, I’m not saying girls should be jealous of others’ bodies or anything but I feel pretty damn good. Other girls at the party chimed in and said they’d actually noticed my boobs and butt this year and how good I look. Hell yeah.
  • Today, I had my first free lunch in ages, so I took Adey out to lunch for cheap asian food (we both had a bowl of rice noodles and a tray of sushi for $7.50 each with taxes) and the moment we sat down, she said “did your hair get darker? it looks so good” then remarked on how much longer and thicker it has grown - “honestly, I think you look so much better this year,” she told me, “I see you in the halls and you look so good, you’re always glowing”
  • The girl of two years ago would take one peek into the future at the present me and laugh until she fainted: I am a full IB student; student council rep, committee head, and grade level executive; delegate for the mental health regional coalition in my city; concert choir and girls’ choir lover; environmental club, social justice club, rare genomics group, and Interact club member; nonprofit organization regional head… my life is different than anything I ever dreamed of. The hard work always pays off. 
  • I’m applying for Arctic expeditions and summer programs and art competitions and academic awards
  • I won a $7000 award to attend an engineering camp at University of Toronto this summer (whether or not I actually go)
  • I don’t know where this list is going or whether anyone interpreted anything the wrong way but choose recovery
  • Choose recovery again and again and again, every day of your life

Your Name: J.C. Crawford

Where You Live: San Francisco, CA

Institution: University of California, Berkeley

Your Job: Doctoral Candidate

Your Research In 5 Words: Comparative & population genomics, sociality

Your Breakfast In 5 Words: eggs Roquefort, milky oatmeal, tea!

Your Food Philosophy In 10 Words: Try everything once, some things twice. Less is often more.