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#PinkOut for Planned Parenthood TODAY! 

Anti-women’s health members of Congress haven’t given up their aim to “defund” Planned Parenthood health centers and block patients from accessing care. But we’re not letting them threaten Planned Parenthood patients’ health care, our rights, or our communities.

Today we’re showing the strength for our movement and showing up. 

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After seeing pictures upon pictures of Iceland flood my social feeds for years, I knew it was time to take a little tour for myself. Skógafoss is a waterfall situated on the Skógá River in the south of Iceland. According to legend, the first Viking settler in the area, Þrasi Þórólfsson, buried a treasure in a cave behind the waterfall. You may just have to go find it for yourself! Music by @jteveringham


Ethan Gach writes,

Internet cretins engaged in a harassment campaign against a woman who worked for Electronic Arts this weekend, flooding her social media and various internet profiles with vitriolic, often misogynistic messages. Her sin, it appears, was working on animations for the game Mass Effect: Andromeda.

Allie Rose-Marie Leost, who worked for EA’s motion-capture labs in Vancouver, saw vicious harassment on Twitter and other websites today, most often from people who blamed her for Andromeda’s awkward facial animations. The harassment appears to have been primarily triggered by a vile blog post at Ralph Retort, a right-wing, GamerGate-tied website, that claimed Leost was the lead facial animator on Andromeda. That website also accused her of performing sexual acts to get her job at EA.

A continuation of GamerGate.. the anti-female leading thought within the industry and fanbase…

[SFW] Baby Headcannons for Soldier/Genji/Road/Rein

Soldier 76

  • Assumes the role of Dad 76 after the first positive pee test
  • Goes out and buys every book in the parenting section
  • Plus a small collection of dad jokes
  • challengeaccepted.gif
  • You have to remind him not to tell everyone until the second trimester
  • But the socks’n’crocs give it away
  • He spends every spare moment at the hardware store
  • Not because he’s trying to build a crib by hand
  • But because he bought one from IKEA and it’s impossible to put together
  • Missing half the damn pieces
  • Fucking astrological chart for instructions and shit
  • He’s never discouraged though
  • Sometimes you catch him staring at you
  • And he’s like
  • You’re just so beautiful. I love you so much. I just… Need to appreciate you…
  • Wants to name the baby Jack Jr.
  • If it’s a girl you pick but supports Jaqueline or some variant
  • He just loves this baby so much
  • Like, if this little girl wants to wear a tutu to the grocery store, he’s going in one too
  • Peter Pan and Wendy every Halloween
  • Or Ash and Pikachu
  • Costume game on point yo
  • He video tapes the birth
  • Tries to narrate it like David Attenborough but you put a stop to that shit real quick
  • Cuts the cord while taking a selfie with the doctor
  • Cries like the baby he’s holding
  • Falls asleep that first night home with his hand in the crib

Genji Shimada

  • I hope you have room
  • For all the things
  • From every store
  • Because he is going to shower this baby with material things
  • Uncle Hanzo will be spending plenty of time at the house too
  • And he’s buying the finest clothes for the little dumpling
  • Genji rubs your feet every night
  • Becomes super over cautious
  • Kinda polices what you eat and drink and do
  • You have to tell him to back off a bit
  • Extra foot rubs that day
  • He does all the cutsey things with your big belly
  • Draws kitty faces on it
  • Sings to it
  • Takes progress pictures with you
  • He floods social media with all the updates
  • Spends afternoons wondering what kind of personality they will have
  • Secretly worries he’s not ready
  • Or that the kid will be ashamed of a cyborg father
  • Needs reassurance that everything is okay
  • He waits outside the delivery room
  • Tries to stay calm
  • Maybe meditates with Zenyatta
  • Absolutely loses his shit when the baby comes
  • Picks the first name he can think of after seeing your child for the first time
  • Worships the ground you walk on for bringing this beautiful life into the world
  • Stays up all night watching you and the baby sleep
  • Handles all overnight feeding and changing


  • Never wanted to be a father
  • Has a hard time accepting it
  • Uses his work as an escape
  • But then Jamison gets wind of it…
  • And holy shit
  • He shows Roadie the light
  • Hog cooks and cleans for you
  • Gives you money to get pampered like the queen you are
  • Thinks pregnancy is this huge unnatural burden
  • You roll along with it
  • Is super concerned with you and baby’s health
  • Wants desperately for everything to go smoothly
  • Praying for a little girl
  • Couldn’t handle another boy, you already have Junkrat
  • Wants to spend his days doing her hair and playing with makeup
  • But also teach her how to throw a tomahawk because that’s the kinda guy he is
  • Loves to meet up with the other dads for playdates
  • Him and Soldier fight over the grill master title
  • It’s him
  • Soldier burns the burgers every time
  • Is constantly pranked by Jamie and Toddler
  • With a little help from mom of course
  • But he loves it
  • Helps draw fake tattoos with magic marker
  • So she can look just like daddy
  • He’s so proud of her
  • The best days end with the family watching a movie together
  • Falling asleep on the couch
  • Then waking up late for midnight snacks


  • Words cannot express how excited he is to be a father
  • Would go door to door if you let him
  • Asks Lucio how to download the Tweeter and Facespace so he can share the good news
  • Takes charge or designing the baby’s room
  • Paints a mural right from all his favorite fairy tales
  • Builds everything from scratch
  • Has a new book to read every night for the next 3 years
  • He doesn’t quite care about the details
  • But loves the idea of being a father and making memories
  • Goes to every lamaze class with you
  • Breathes harder than all the other women there
  • Champion childbirther here
  • The big day finally comes
  • And he’s got like, 6 suitcases in the car
  • Ready for anything
  • One bag is just for books
  • Spends like an hour deciding what the first story should be
  • Seriously conflicted
  • You pick The Three Little Pigs
  • Coaches you through your labor
  • Wipes the sweat from your brow
  • Gets a little queasy when the baby pops out all slimed up
  • Stays strong for you
  • Hovers protectively over the doctors trying to see what they’re doing
  • Sheds a joyful tear when he holds his son for the first time

anonymous asked:

Oh , I see, trying to ignore the quote about the stalkers who ship Cash with his costar? Avoiding reality again?

Ok, I wasn’t going to reply to any haters, but since you obviously haven’t read the book and need to be educated

The question posed to Cash and his co-star, Amy was: “What is the fate of Peachfuzzle? And do you love Peachfuzzle as much as the Peachfuzzlers?”

Insert KLAINE for PEACHFUZZLE (the fictitious couple’s ship name on the show).

Cash asks “What’s a Peachfuzzler?”

Kylie: “The shippers who ship Dr. Peachtree and Dr. Bumfuzzle”

Insert KURT and BLAINE.

Amy says: “Cash and I couldn’t be more thrilled so many people care so deeply about the relationship between our characters”

“So will they be on and off next season?” Kylie asked.

This was a very tricky question, especially since Cash didn’t have an answer. The “shippers” were the most passionate group of the Wiz Kids fandom. If Cash said something they liked, his social media would be flooded with pictures, videos and gifs of Dr. Bumfuzzle and Dr. Peachtree kissing or looking lovingly at each other. If he responded with something they didn’t like, his social media would be bombarded with pictures, videos and gifs of decapitated animals, human feces, and militants destroying priceless artifacts.

“Well, they’ve been on and off since season 5, so since they were mostly off last season, I would assume they’d be back on next season.” Cash said.

He is absolutely, 100%, talking about the KLAINE FANDOM. He is not referring to RPF in any way whatsoever. Klaine fans are the most passionate group in the Glee fandom. That’s a fact. He’s said it before and that’s what he means here. It’s blatant.

Lemme refresh your memory:

“Back away from the Klaikin!”

But they love us anyway

A note (particularly for non-trans people) regarding a state senator calling Dr. Keo-Meier a pervert because he is transgender

I just watched a clip of a Texas state senator, believing her mic was off, calling my friend and incredibly respected colleague a pervert, DURING his powerful testimony against the anti-trans bill which ultimately cleared the Texas Senate.

He has a PhD in psychology, is currently working on his MD, led the first efforts to evaluate the impact of testosterone on trans men’s mental health, is regarded within the APA as an expert on trans mental health, has worked in both clinical and advocacy roles for trans folks and youth in particular, and was testifying largely as an expert on the impact the bill would have on trans people’s medical and mental health.

He had already given evidence-based testimony arguing that this bill would lead to the deaths of trans youth. He was there representing the scientific communities that know the harm these bills can have, and he was standing up for the most vulnerable in the community.

After listening to all this, while he was speaking about the misinformation associated with the “protection” arguments of anti-trans bathroom bills, this Senator said OUT LOUD (albeit under her breath), “you’re the pervert” solely, one must assume, because he is openly transgender.

She unsurprisingly voted in support of the bill, which as I mentioned, ultimately passed the Texas Senate along party lines.

This has me angry and hurt. It is also in some ways laughable that anyone could think of Colt Keo-Meier (or me for that matter) as a pervert. That *that* is what was taken away from his powerful testimony that she must have chosen not to listen to. But it’s a reminder that we are up against more than just ignorance. There is vitriolic hate and rage toward trans people that, while related to ignorance, is far more dangerous because it shuts off one’s ability to listen and learn.

A lot of trans people are seeing the headlines (from liberal or trans media only, of course) about Dr. Keo-Meier being called a pervert. Some of them have and will listen to it, like I did. I have enough people in my life who see me and respect me to protect me from most of the negative impact of this, but many folks aren’t so lucky.

For those of us in pockets of trans-positivity and acceptance, it can seem silly to have to say things like “TRANS PEOPLE AREN’T PERVERTS” and “TRANS PEOPLE ARE NORMAL” or “TRANS RIGHTS ARE HUMAN RIGHTS” but in all actuality, these are messages that need to be out there and loud.

Non-trans folks (aka cisgender people) need to examine what they think and feel about trans people. Have a real talking to yrself if the words freak, pervert, weirdo, or abnormal crop up. Expand yr understanding and divorce trans people from those biases in yr mind. Then get out and do it with the people around you. It isn’t always safe for us to challenge anti-trans biases or ignorance. We need yr help. And all the while, please flood yr social media and communities with messages of trans people’s worth and beauty. Volunteer in the community. Donate to trans orgs and trans people’s crowd funding. Look for art and writing and entertainment by trans people and support it and share it with non-trans folks.

Work harder to recognize, celebrate, and love us, because the people who hate us and think we are perverts are working very hard and getting pretty loud.

Thank you.

Au where Marinette was meeting Alya for a con after a shift at her parents’ bakery, forgot to take off her ladybug-patterned apron, and saves comic book legend Master Fu from a driver not paying attention, inspiring him to make one more comic series before retirement. He announces that at the con, but Marinette doesn’t see it because she had to leave to go back to work, and only later, when every social media outlet is flooded with the news, does she realize she is the one who saved Master Fu.

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What happened with Aida Rikako? why is she a betrayer?

In case you haven’t heard of it yet, this is in reference to what happened to Rikyako on Day 2 of Aqours’s First Live. Particularly, during the performance of Omoi yo Hitotsu ni Nare. I wasn’t there myself (I only attended Day 1 of the Live Viewing of my country), but I was watching LL Wikia’s twitter as they were live-tweeting Day 2 of the concert when it happened.

From LL Wikia’s live tweeting of the incident:

Here’s also a more detailed account of what happened (From the Wikia team’s review of Day 2):

As you can see, the pressure and everything else finally got to Rikyako, and during the segment where she was supposed to play the piano, she completely broke down. Anchan immediately went to comfort her with Ainya and Suwawa following. Everyone in the audience, however, immediately changed their penlights/kingblades to sakura pink and began cheering Rikyako’s name to give her their support. It was a moment packed with emotion and the fan’s unwavering feelings.

To explain the whole “betraying” thing, here are Rikyako’s thoughts post-live after the entire thing blew over (From Mod Ischy’s translation):

Rikyako basically feels that she’s no longer qualified to be a professional, that she’s a complete failure, and that she basically betrayed everyone who believed in her by screwing up the entire performance during that incident. I predicted that she’d beat herself up for this but I didn’t think it would be this bad. :(

Of course, I myself, as well as all the other fans think otherwise. A lot of social media sites are flooded with posts of fans showing their support for Rikyako and there’s a lot of fan art on Pixiv demonstrating how much everyone still loves her. That’s also the point of the post I made. We should continue displaying our support for Rikako and hope our thoughts will be able to reach her. I’m pretty sure the other members of Aqours feel the same way.

This reply ended up pretty long but I hope this was enough to enlighten you on what happened and why I posted the thing you saw. :)


This is not the time to complain that “we don’t want our precious bangtan to get involved in the messy western music industry”.

At this point in time, the boys want nothing more than to attend the BBMAs and get that award. This is what THEY want, so don’t let your personal bias against Hollywood music get in the way of the boys’ happiness. Don’t let what you want get in the way of their happiness. Not after all the hardships they went through for us and their career.

May 1 is in five days. I better see the twitter social media nominee tag flooded with nothing but bts.

blackout | prologue

Originally posted by mean-suga

chapter songmasterpost | next chapter

apocalyptic au - jimin x reader - angst | smut

word count : 1.4k

warnings : gore, violence, minor character death

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>Goes to check if one of my favourite blogs has updated >They did update, but they've been recieving hate for a ship that's been deemed homophobic and otherwise problematic >They got a message from a person who says she went from bisexual to homosexual due to trauma from abuse by a man >She also subscribes to the "fiction is reality" mentality >Once again wants cringy Superwholock back instead of toxic shit

You know, I’m pretty convinced that “SJW” culture came from “Fandoms are so cringe.”

First we had fandom blogs, aesthetic blogs, whatever blogs. And then fandoms became super passionate and had yes, okay, maybe a little cringey and annoying additions to posts to have some harmless fun.

And then people who found the fandoms annoying, or simply didn’t like them, decided that parts of the fandom were “problematic.” A ship was wrong here, a headcanon was wrong there, so if you were a fan of X, then you had to be a bad person – all because there were those that simply couldn’t handle other people having fun with things that they didn’t like.

So what happened next? Fans retaliating, but through their own politicisation. “This fandom is good because it gives representation.” “You can’t criticise me for liking this because I’m mentally ill.” And then it became bigger and bigger and bigger.

I genuinely think that the “SJW” rot started there, because a group of people decided that they simply couldn’t bear their personal opinions not being taken as gospel when it came to the pretend. Because to prove how “good” they were, fandom blogs then started becoming flooded with “social justice” posts, to prove that they, as fans, weren’t “problematic.” And then the fandoms splintered so that certain shippers, certain fans of specific characters, could fight over who was the “least problematic.”

I just wonder if part of this is karma for people deciding that it was “cringe” to like things. Well, nobody can like anything now, not unless it’s been deemed Perfect by Tumblr “SJW” standards.

Ripped Away - Lee Taeyong

I based this off of a song called “Ripped Away” by This Wild Life. I recommend listening to this song at some point, I absolutely love it. It’s my favorite song by This Wild Life. All the song lyrics I used are in bold. I hope you enjoy!

Genre: Angst

Words: 1785

All it took for you to confront him was two weeks. Two weeks full of ignored messages, cancelled plans, and excuse after excuse. These two weeks made you need answers.

It started small, a few cancellations here and there but what can you expect, your boyfriend is Lee Taeyong, the leader of SM’s newest super-group NCT. At only 20 years old, he has a lot of pressure to make sure his team does well. These cancellations weren’t anything new by any means. Almost all your plans were rescheduled only to be cancelled again around the time of his debut. Now as an idol, you’d at least expect some dates to go through.

But half way through the first week, you started becoming skeptical when his excuses started becoming… weird. Usually he just mentioned a new schedule change or a new unit debut he had to prepare for (it was rumored for NCT 127 to be coming back soon, so none of these seemed out of the ordinary). It was when he started saying that “I promised Chenle I’d take him out to ice cream” even when you already knew Chenle had different plans with Renjun or “my mother just surprised us and I can’t have you over” despite no inflection in his voice changing that made you question him. Sometimes, he’d skip the excuse completely and just stand you up.

That led to the most recent problem you’ve been experiencing, getting absolutely no response from him at all. One message quickly turned into five which turned into 10 and soon to 15; 15 messages left read but with no reply. After that, you simply gave up. If you wanted change, you’d go to him yourself.

Which leads you to where you are now, at the front door to Taeyong’s dorm. You rang the doorbell without much thought, you knew that if you continued to think about it, you wouldn’t be able to do it. Nothing could calm your heart at this point, and hearing the approaching footsteps didn’t help either. When the door opened, you weren’t met with Tae’s face, you were met with another man, Jaehyun.

“Oh! Hello, what are you doing here?” Jaehyun asked politely. The politeness, however, could not mask his widened eyes and his reddened face.

“I think you know why I’m here, Jae. Is he home?” You asked trying to peer into the dorm, it seemed quiet, no kids running around causing chaos. Dream must have a schedule, you thought.

Jaehyun peered into the house before turning back to you, shaking his head, “I’m not sure that’s a good idea.”

“Jaehyun…please. I need answers.” You could feel tears start to form as you basically pled to the man to let you in.

“Please, just believe me. It’ll be the best if you just leave, okay? You don’t know what’s hap…” He started to close the door, but before he could, a new voice cut him off.

“Jae, where are our extra tissues?” What was standing in front of you completely broke what was left of your heart. There, stumbling out of his room, was a frail and fragile Taeyong. His face was sporting under-eye bags as if he just returned from a shopping spree. His eyes themselves were blood shot, swollen, and wet as if he spent the days emptying the ocean out of his eyes. His hair stuck up in multiple directions and his clothes were just as tattered. To keep it short, he looked like a mess. While Jaehyun was distracted by the leader’s presence, you took the opportunity to enter the dorm.

“J-Jae, what are they doing here?” he asked quietly before disappearing back into his darkened room. You tried to race in and stop him but all you got was a door slammed into your face.

“Taeyong, please open this door, I need to talk to you. Please…” you couldn’t manage to conceal the tears. They soon poured swiftly over your cheeks.

“Just leave okay? Please.” His voice was weak and shaky, and you could barely hear it over the weight of his body being pressed against his creaky door.

“Just tell me what’s wrong. Did I do something wrong? Am I a bad partner? I need to know, so I can change and make you happy again. Just please tell me what I did to make you hate me. ” You rested your forehead against the cold door - hoping, just praying, that he would open it and let you come into his arms.

He took a large sigh before responding, “Honestly, if you think you’re the problem then you really need to leave before you get all your hopes crushed. Don’t you see what’s going on?”

“Tae - please don’t tell me you’re breaking up with me.” You didn’t want to believe it, and with every word, it triggered your cries to become louder and harsher. Jaehyun stood behind you, silent, and slowly decaying. “I honestly thought it’d be us against the world forever. You know I love you, and I know you love me, too. Why are you doing this to us?”

“Stop lying to yourself, I’m a horrible person and you know it. I’m a horrible boyfriend.”

“T-Tae, what are you talk-.”

“STOP. Don’t try to sugar coat it. You deserve so much better. You deserve someone who isn’t me. Someone who can actively make plans with you, someone that can make you feel loved, someone who has their future figured out and can support you - all things I wish I could’ve done for you. I’ve hurt you so much and yet you’re here, trying to convince me to continue. I can’t keep doing that. I’m turning into everything I hate and for some reason, you still want that in your life? You expect me to be this perfect boyfriend and I can’t do that. I can’t be anything you want me to be. Not now.” His sadness turned slowly into anger as he continued speaking. With every word, your heart shattered.

“What about me?”

“Don’t you see I’m doing this for you?! Chittaphon had the audacity to tell me to start caring for your feelings more. I wouldn’t be doing this if I didn’t care! I wouldn’t hurt myself in order to make you happy if I didn’t care. I can’t even look at you right now because I know that I’ll crumble into your touch. Even my eyes are swollen because I can’t have you around so if you tell me I don’t care, I think something else may be the problem.” Your head started to ache. This couldn’t be happening. How could the man you love so much think so lowly of himself? “I’m toxic, and I don’t want you to crumble with me when the inevitable happens. This way, the inevitable is less painful.”

By the time he finished, all your tears were gone and dried on your face. There was nothing left to come out at this point besides you weak and raw voice, “What does that mean for me, then?”

“It means find someone worthy of yourself but for now, just go. Just go…” His body lifted from the inside of his door and his footsteps became quieter as he walked towards his bed. There was no talking to him now.

“Hey…” Jaehyun slowly whispered. He was there the entire time, shedding a few tears of his own.

“Leave it, Jaehyun.” You said before rushing towards the front door. His arm reached out and grabbed your arm. You quickly shook it off with force and weakly addressing him, “I said leave it, Jaehyun.”

The last thing you remember about that night was walking home in the rain, which seemed to develop as you rid yourself of all your tears, and weeping yourself to a restless sleep.

~ 2 Months Later ~

The first month away from him was full of pain. It seemed as if you couldn’t avoid him. Social media was absolutely flooded with him, but what could you do, Taeyong was extremely talented and you always knew that.

The second month however, began to finally look up. It seemed as if you found someone else, despite him being an idol as well and in such close proximity to your first love. It was hard at first, but he made you remember what happiness and love felt like. You always had happiness and love from friends, but the love from a relationship is so much different and you missed the sensation after Taeyong’s departure.

After a long day out in the winter day, you craved to go home to a warm house. With you, you brought the mail in and set it on your counter. You skimmed through it and saw the usual; bills, spam letters from companies, newspapers, along with the occasional coupon packet. There was one item that caught your eye. You could recognize his handwriting from a mile away. You quickly ripped open the letter while trying to scan your brain for an explanation on why he would write you - nothing you could think of could be a valid reason. Inside, it wrote:

My Love,

I know you didn’t expect me to write you but there were a lot of things I left unsaid on that night. I don’t have the spine to go to your place to tell you in person, so this will have to do. Back then, I didn’t have the strength to just come clean, I was feeling weak and hurt. Now, I feel I have just enough strength to get this out without breaking down.

I hope you know I still love you (I did address you as “My Love” and all). I was reckless with your love, I know I never gave you enough. But what can I do? What can I say? Nothing I can do will ever win you back after all I pushed you away. If you ever forgive me now, it would be too soon. I know I wouldn’t forgive me. I let you slip away from me.

I should have never let you go. It’s all my fault but it feels like you were ripped away from me, and by one of my friends too. I hope he treats you well, that was my one wish from this after all.

I try not to regret much in life, but letting you go was my greatest mistake.


By the time you finished reading it, your new boyfriend came home and wrapped his arms around your waist, trying to warm up himself from the cold.

“Hey babe, what’s that?” He asked resting his head on your shoulder. You looked over it before crumpling in your hand and snuggling into your boyfriend’s touch.

“Oh…Just nothing, Jaehyun.”

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(This is the closest I got to a teary Taeyong rip) 

yall bitch about harry supporting emma watson’s feminist speech and say he’s “only here for white feminism” then when he doesn’t flood social media (abt anything) with tweets about stuff going on bc u bitched about it b4 and he doesn’t like to say things just to Say them esp if he’s not got enough info on the topic, u bitch bc he’s Not Active enough and then he makes this song that he talks Heavily about a lot of the bad shit going on in the world and ur still like this like…..what 

National Puppy Day

Even though I don’t have a puppy (aka all dogs regardless of age) and instead have the neediest cats, I have LOVED having all my social media flooded with adorable puppers. Day. Made. It’s been exactly what I needed to see today.

So, thank you all for sharing. And by all means, please please please keep posting them. 😍

Nothing hurts more than realizing he meant everything to you, but you meant nothing to him.

We can’t force anyone to return our feelings. This is the sad part of love that can’t be denied. A one-sided one is painful and something no one wants to experience. This experience could make you flood your social media with sad thoughts. Surely you have seen a lot of your friends taking their story online.

There’s no cure for this pain other than realizing that your feelings for the person who can’t love you back are pointless. Don’t avoid the pain but face it. By doing so, you’ll learn and slowly realize that you deserve something better. Don’t be dismayed just because your heart failed to receive a reply. We should always remember that love entails a lot of risks and challenges and being rejected is just another part of it. In the end, true love is only for those who are honest and fearless in expressing their feelings.

Pretty Bird Pt. 17 (Yoongi | Angst)

Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19 |


BTS members: Min Yoongi

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Words: 6.045

Summary: You are Big Hit’s newest trainee, and you have the luck to be tutored by BTS. But the thing is no one asked them before installing you in their dorm. They’re mad, but you’re stronger than you look.

N/A: SURPRISE!! (Come and yell at my ask…) Once again thank you @morninglightdreams for helping me :)

Originally posted by yoo-ngie


If there was a word that could describe the mental state that overtook you when your conversation with Yoongi finished, it was uttermost chaos. You had been dragged into a vertiginous emotional maelstrom. Its force incapacitated you completely, so whenever you tried to analyse what your wishes truly were your mind would go blank, thoughts swiped away by the continuous stream of insecurities and fears that attacked you in all your weak spots.

You couldn’t think or work, and if you were not able to function properly, how were you supposed to solve the problem you were in?

While you waited for Yoongi to arrive, your anxiousness grew to new heights by the minute. It was inconceivable how nervous he could make you feel, how he was fully responsible for the bundle of nerves in your stomach or your uncontrolled respiration. You tried to normalise your breathing, but you still felt that nerve-racking pressure in your chest, a physical sensation that now felt like an intrinsic part of yourself.

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