social experiment


Today I conducted a social experiment in regards to support for trans people in my city. I went to our local mall and held this sign up for an hour and a half. The outcome was phenomenal, I could only begin to describe how overwhelmed and excited about the results I had. There is so much support and love within the world, please never forget that❤️❤️❤️

Types when asked to choose between psychological torture or physical torture for revenge

INFP, ISFP, ESFJ - Neither. Revenge would not resolve my trauma, it would only give me momentary pleasure.

ISFJ, ISTP - I wouldn’t go after them if they aren’t a threat anymore as that would just be a waste of time. Past is past, not wasting any more time on them.

ESTP, ISTJ, ENTJ, ENFJ - Physical torture because psychological will take time to give results and it isn’t logical.

ENFP, INFJ, ESFP - None. What good would revenge do ? The damage has been done, the idea of revenge doesn’t fit into my value system.

ENTP - Physical torture. Psychological is too much work.

INTJ, INTP - I would inflict psychological torture via physical pain.

My parents were (are) rather prejudiced when it comes to anyone different from them. My mom’s racist attitude lessened (a bit) after she read Condoleezza Rice’s biography in order to help my brother with a school project. She’d even go out of her way to bring up great things about Rice out of the blue, whenever she remembered things. My dad was very anti gay marriage. That is, until he watched a Liberace documentary and heard something along the lines of “I wish I could have been a dad; I think I would’ve been a good dad”. Ever since then his stance has changed dramatically. 

People love learning about people they admire. My dad wasn’t sympathetic to the LGBT community but he loved Liberace and George Michael’s music, and it took sympathizing with one of them to open his mind.

My point is this: If you have prejudiced family members, find out which people (who are different from them) they actually admire (like Michael Jordan, Elton John, Ella Fitzgerald, etc) and sit down with them and watch their documentaries. Or give their biographies as gifts for holidays. Give them something they want to read/watch, that you know they’ll actually enjoy. Those who are the most judgmental tend to make exceptions to their rules because deep down their rules are wrong (but they don’t realize it). “I don’t like gays but Liberace is really cool” or “I don’t like Asian people but Jackie Chan is amazing!” or “I don’t respect women but Dolly Parton is my favorite musician”. 

When you find that weakness in their argument, in their prejudice, you must use it to everyone’s advantage and hit them with a biography! I’m serious. See what kind of sorcery this technique yields for you and let us know what happens. 

so when I was in high school vincent price was the background wallpaper on my phone. i like vincent price a bunch, but i’m by no means an expert. (i’ve still only seen around ten of his films) but i had the thought

“what if people began to recognize vincent price as my husband?”

the concept just seemed really funny to me at the time, this long-dead actor supposedly married to a 15-year-old girl, so i decided to try it out just to see what would happen. when friends asked who my wallpaper was, “my husband.” when i watched vincent price movies with my family, “look at my husband.” every time i saw him for the next year, “husband.”

it’s five years later, and i’ve been gifted limited edition vincent price bobbleheads, stuff signed by his daughter, movies, merch, and this baby hanging above my bed every night

and my favorite part of all of this is that people actually recognize him as “vincent price, veronica’s husband” and it’s just as entertaining as i hoped it would be

once in a while people will ask me how he’s doing. i say “still dead” and we all partake in a blissfully awkward ritual

Reblog if you’d date a person with tattoos

My dad is saying something along the lines of “I don’t think Lady Gaga looks good because she has tattoos” (which is super fucking shallow on its own) and I just wanna make sure I’m not the only one willing to date someone with tattoos