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The surface of the earth today is overlaid with an irregular, dense web of fibres, entirely fabricated by humans. In this web circulates the life-blood of the social. The transport of people, of commodities, of provisions; multiple transactions, orders to buy, orders to sell, facts to be believed, other, more intellectual or affective, exchanges…This incessant flux continues regardless of humanity, absorbed in the lifeless convulsions of its own activity. Meanwhile, where the fibres of the web are loosest, strange entities can be uncovered by the explorer ‘hungry for knowledge’. Wherever human activity is absent, wherever there is a blank space on the map, the old gods crouch, ready to retake their place… At the intersections of their channels of communication, men build giant ugly metropolises, where each, isolated in an anonymous apartment identical to all the rest, believes himself the centre of the world and the measure of all things. But, underneath the excavated earth with its burrowing insects, very ancient and very powerful creatures are waking slowly from their slumbers. They were there already during the carboniferous period, they were there during the Triassic and Permian; they have known the stirrings of the first mammal, and they will know the agonized cries of the last
—  Michel Houllebecq – “H.P.
Lovecraft – Against the World, Against Life” pg. 10

Hello everyone, it is friday and I would like to share this small section of a drawing that contains a friendly bee who is sunbathing

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The March for Science isn’t just for white lab geeks. It’s about social justice.

  • The March for Science on Saturday is set to be one of the largest interdisciplinary shows of force by biologists, chemists, mathematicians, medical doctors, climatologists and other scientists. 
  • If organizers have done their jobs right, it won’t just be white folks in lab coats.
  • The march will take place in more than 600 locations in the U.S. and around the world on Earth Day. Organizers said it will be “an unprecedented gathering of people standing together to acknowledge and voice the critical role that science plays in each of our lives,” according to an official website. 
  • No doubt, science is at the center of social and racial injustice issues that have sprung up in recent years. Read more. (4/22/17, 10:31 AM)
Common Animal Associations in Witchcraft

Ants - Patience, stamina, planning, perseverance, organization, self-discipline, teamwork, energy, and patience.

Bats - Rebirth, accessing past lives, new ideas, transition, initiation, changes for the better, moon magic, understanding grief, and the ability to observe unseen.

Bears - Introspection, healing and inner knowledge, wisdom, defense, revenge, change, death and rebirth, communication with spirit, solitude, power, mother cunning, healer, gentle strength, transformation, astral travel, strength, unconscious mind, grounding, inner energy of the soul, earth magic, and facing fears.

Beavers - Building, gathering, persistence, shaping, and structure.

Bees - Female warrior energy, reincarnation, communication with the dead, service, gathering, community, connection to the Goddess Diana, helping earth-bound spirits move on to their proper place, concentration, and prosperity.

Birds - Associated with death and transitions, unity, freedom, and individuality.

Butterflies/Caterpillars - Transformation, reincarnation, balance, grace.

Cats - Wholeness, guardians, independence, seeing the unseen, cleverness, a balancing of energies, moon magic, mystic powers, grace, understanding mystery, cleansing, and purification.

Chickens - Power of voice, language, seeking answers, sunrise magick, Protection of family and community, Hearing your inner voice.

Chipmunks - Gathering, mobility, frugal living, and the ability to see both light and shadow.

Cows - Economy, connection to the earth, wealth and prosperity, and patience.

Deer - Gentleness, body awareness, kindness, gracefulness, sensitivity, peace, unconditional love, alertness, recognition of outside influences, innocence and earth magic.

Dogs - Family, wisdom, loyalty, protection, companionship, faithfulness, warnings, and earth and moon magic.

Donkeys - Stubbornness, ability to make decisions, intuition.

Ducks - Water energy and logic.

Elks - Stamina, strength, pride, power, majesty, agility, freedom, and nobility.

Ferrets - Information, seeing truth behind the facade.

Fish - Abundance, fertility, children, harmony, regeneration, love, and mind/emotion balance.

Foxes - Elusiveness, cleverness, feminine courage, subtlety, discretion, agility, cunning, slyness, fire magic, and intelligence.

Frogs - Healing, transformation, cleansing, understanding emotions, and connection with water element.

Goats - Independence, confidence, tenacity, diligence, flexibility, healing and sun magic, abundance, and agility.

Horses - Power, stability and courage, Astral travel, protection, freedom, power, travel, and earth and moon magic.

Mice - Scrutiny, innocence, faith, trust, shyness, quietness, details, and earth magic.

Owls - Deception, wisdom, truth, patience, insight, darkness, and air magic.

Pigs - Truth, earth magick, past life knowledge, intelligence, and cunning.

Rabbits - Fear, faith, alertness, nurturing, conquering fear, safety, innocence, fertility, movement, sensitivity, luck, and moon magic.

Rats - Abundant reproduction, shrewdness, adaptability, success, social, restlessness, earth magic, stealth, and defense.

Sheep - Balance, confidence, fertility, courage, new beginnings, abundance, and assurance.

Snails - Perseverance and Determination.

Snakes - Transmutation, primitive or elemental energy, power, sexual potency. sensuality, shrewdness, and transformation.

Spiders - Shape-shifting, wisdom, creativity, divine inspiration, fate, illusion, feminine energy, and industry.

Squirrels - Discovery, change, trust, resourcefulness, balance in giving and receiving, awareness, sociability, playfulness, preparation, activity, energy, and earth magic.

Wolves - Wisdom, protection, shadow work, guidance, instinct, intelligence, success, perseverance, stability, loyalty, independence, spirit, freedom, guardianship, and earth and moon magic.

I feel like one of the first things Matt Holt does after being rescued by Team Voltron is get a selfie with his dad and Shiro and post it on every single social-media outlet on Earth, tagging the Garrison’s official accounts as he does so, with the caption “We lived b*tches”, because he’s a Meme Lord. Shiro is definitely in the background with his palm to his forehead.

His Needs/Her Needs: More long-winded Karamel analysis for 2.14

His Needs/Her Needs

In some of my previous meta, I contrasted the opening scene of 214 with the closing scene, saying that in the opening scene Mon-El was seeking to have his own needs met and in the closing scene, was meeting Kara’s. I’d like to expand on what I believe their needs to be at this point - what each of them are looking for in the relationship- and how the meeting of those needs are interconnected.

While I do believe that Mon El was focused on his own needs at the beginning of the episode, there is nothing inherently wrong with having those needs or seeking to have them met by his significant other- just as there was nothing wrong with Kara asking that her needs be met and respected as she did during the episode. The problem comes when one party is only considering their own needs and not the other person’s instead of having both be an equal priority. And as a brand new relationship, this interplay is something that these two are still figuring out.

When we see Mon El in the opening scene he is waking up and looking for Kara. He is immediately concerned that she left because the sex wasn’t good enough. When she returns, he tells her that he’d like her to wake up with him and also tries convince her to stay with him instead of going to work.

At first glance, it seems like the need that Mon-El is trying to get met is sex. That maybe maybe that he is trying to domesticate Kara for his own purposes or disregard the importance of her work responsibilities. But if you look a little deeper, I believe that what is is actually wanting and trying to ask for here is SECURITY. He wants to feel secure in their relationship. Kara has gone back and forth so many times about whether she wants to be with him or not he is good enough for her that he doesn’t feel confident that she wants him. He knows how he feels about her and has been very vocal about it, but she hasn’t expressed her feelings towards him to the same degree. This is why he asks to confirm that there is an “us” between them and then looks pleasantly surprised when she says yes. He wasn’t sure if she wanted an emotional relationship or just a physical one and he wasn’t sure if she’d changed her mind again since the night before. He is also afraid that if they go out of this safe space, into the real world, that he will mess it up and ruin the happiness and connection that he is feeling right now.

His fears come to pass almost immediately when Kara asks for time and privacy (her needs) and Mon El immediately announces their relationship to the world (his need.) There is honestly no way to fully understand his actions here except to say that I think the writers were trying to create an outrageous moment for comedic effect. Underlying his actions, though, might have been Mon El’s own excitement that this relationship is actually happening and his effort to make it real and permanent by putting it out there to others in a public space. So there’s that. It’s a weak motivation for violating her wishes in my opinion but maybe that’s where it was coming from.

Moving on to Jeremiah… Let’s talk about why Mon El’s need to protect Kara and have her safe is so strong. She can take care of herself and has asked him to let her, so why can he become so irrational when he sees a threat against her? We’ve seen him jump through a portal to a dangerous moon to follow her instead of calling for backup as she asked, and we’ve seen him leave the police officers unprotected to help her when she appeared to be helpless and losing a fight even though he was instructed not to. Now we see him completely unable to keep his thoughts in his head and act in a socially-acceptable-on-Earth-way at a family dinner when he sees Jeremiah as a potential threat to Kara and the DEO. What gives?

I think a lot of the motivation behind this comes down to him having lost everything and everyone that the cares about on his home planet. He came here and woke up alone, and Kara was the one who befriended him, believed in him, and ultimately inspired him. Now she is the thing that he cares most about on this planet and the person who is most valuable to her. He is her person… um, alien. He is terrified of losing her too. Also, most humans see Kara as invincible because of her powers, and she also sees herself that way because she is so strong compared to everyone else on Earth. But as a fellow alien, Mon El know that Kara does have some vulnerabilities. He’s seen her get hurt and it you can see in his face how much it kills him when it happens. And as someone who grew up to adulthood on corrupt planet, I think he’s seen some shit and that makes him more aware of intergalactic threats that could actually cause harm to her than she is. He also knew how ruthless Cadmus could be because he had watched them manipulate her into blowing out her powers and then hurt her, and they did it by using her concern for him against her. Now he sees Cadmus+someone Kara cares deeply for and it’s a huge red flag.

But this need is HIS need. If she needs his protection, she is unaware of it, and emotionally it’s not something she needs from a relationship. HER need in a professional context is for autonomy and true partnership. She wants him to respect her ability to take care of herself and to make the right strategic calls in the field. As the more experienced superhero, she needs him to follow her leadership so that she can depend on him and he doesn’t become a liability or leave others in harm’s way. In this moment, she needed him to put her need for a peaceful family gathering and celebration with Jeremiah above his need to protect her, but as hard as he tried, he was ultimately unable to do that. As a result, Kara tells him that it’s not going to work between them if he can’t learn to listen and respect her needs. This is fair, but also puts him on shaky ground again in regards to their relationship. Jeremiah also threatens his relationship with her by holding the truth about his identity over his head as a threat to back off. He chooses to push forward anyway and chooses the risk of losing his romantic relationship with Kara over the risk of losing Kara or another member of the team to Cadmus. Her safety comes first for him.

In the second half of the episode we see them starting to move towards each other slightly. Mon El goes to Winn for help - a much better and more respectful approach to keeping her safe- and they both go to Kara with evidence that Jeremiah broke into the DEO mainframe. While she’s initially angry at his persistence and going behind her back, the two of them together plus some hard evidence causes her to take the possibility of Jeremiah being a double agent seriously. She immediately confronts Jeremiah to ask for an explanation in a not-so-stealthy move. Jeremiah offers a plausible coverup that Alex buys hook line and sinker and everyone else seems to as well. Kara gets raked over the coals for this “betrayal” by her sister -which was extremely hurtful considering that she is adopted and struggles with loneliness and belonging to begin with- but Kara decides that Mon-El is right about needing to look at the situation from all sides and stands her ground. See that? She could have buried her head back in the sand like Alex did and believed what she desperately wanted to about Jeremiah and keep the peace with her sister, but she didn’t. She is starting to listen to Mon-El’s perspective, and take his view into account. This is a good move on her part and shows that she is respecting his need to protect her and hearing his voice. She doesn’t blindly accept his point of view but she does take it into consideration and this is a big step towards them becoming true partners and finding a balance between her need for autonomy and his need to protect.

In this situation, it wasn’t enough though. Kara and the team are led into the trap that Cadmus and Jeremiah have set for them, and Mon El is there with them to back her up. I see this as him supporting her and the DEO’s action plan even though he is wary of it. So this was a small step in her direction just as she made one towards him in hearing him out. He was right this time. She might be right the next time. But if they can work together they will have a better chance in the future of making the right calls and defeating the bad guys.

So let’s get to my favorite scene, shall we? Mon-El walks into Kara’s apartment ready to start the apology cycle again and when he sees her looking absolutely wrecked, it breaks his heart and he stops himself. He figures out that this time it’s not about his need to defend himself or be right or to apologize, it’s about comforting her in the moment. So he asks her what she needs and listen to what she says to him:

“To be here with me”

Hear that? She is saying she needs HIM. His presence, his emotional support.

And because of his insecurity, he doesn’t quite believe that it’s that’s simple, that he could be enough for her, or that his presence and support could be all she needs. So he asks again:

“Do you need anything ELSE, or???”

“To wake up with me”

She confirms that not only is he what she wants right now, but she also wants him there in the morning, in the future. And he gets a little smile on his face because in meeting her needs, his need for security in the relationship that he has been looking for is finally met also. She wants HIM. She needs HIM. She wants him to be there with her and that is enough. He doesn’t have to try so hard because he is already what she needs.

I believe that this is also what Kara has been chasing with Mon-El but couldn’t quite find. I think that way back when he kissed her the first time, he gave her a taste of something she had really been missing in her life. She was sad and feeling defeated by he Medusa virus that was killing him, and he offered her emotional support and companionship in that moment. He took some of that burden from her and saw the woman under the cape instead of just the invincible superhero. As she has said, the cape can get heavy sometimes, and she can feel very alone on this planet at the end of the day. Something about the way that he related to her in the moment got her to start second guessing her decision to choose being Supergirl instead of having a relationship and made be start wanting it all. She started seeing him in a new light and considering him as a romantic interest after that. She hadn’t been able to express it until this moment, but this is what she needed from him emotionally. This is why she’s persisted through the bumps in the road and some of his frustrating behavior to try to find that feeling again. In this moment, they both finally found what they were looking for in each other.

  • shoutout to all the food service/retail workers who had to go to work in dangerous weather conditions because they can’t afford to miss
  • shoutout to all the food service/retail workers who had to go to work in dangerous weather conditions because management demanded they do so
  • shoutout to all the food service/retail workers because y'all deal with some shit, seriously

Standing up to defend the only place we have as a home will depend on us by voting out corrupt politicians who represents the greedy class. All corrupt politicians need to be voted out. Regardless if it’s Republicans or Democrats.

Will it take an environmental disaster or a tragedy to vote out corrupt politicians? It seems that we’re heading in the direction to wake people up in which its no longer worth voting for the same corrupt parties who are going make our problems a lot worse. By the time all corrupt politicians are voted out of office then it maybe too late.

It’s up to us to avoid environmental catastrophe.

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How about TFP knockout and starscream reacting to being called red queen?

Knockout would be confused at first, but he vaguely remembers seeing something about it on earth social media? He checks it out. He doesn’t get it, (cuz he’s MUCH prettier than her) but he likes the idea of yelling “off with their head” at people.

Starscream doesn’t get the reference and is SO confused. Okay, he’s chill with being a monarch, but he’s not red??? He’d rather you call him “My Lord.” That’ll do.