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The reality of America is that White people are fundamentally good, and so when a white person commits a crime, it is a sign that they, as an individual, are bad. Their actions as a person are not indicative of any broader social construct. Even the fact that America has a growing number of violent hate groups, populated mostly by white men, and that nearly *all* serial killers are white men can not shadow the fundamental truth of white male goodness. In fact, we like White serial killers so much, we make mini-series about them.

White people are good as a whole, and only act badly as individuals.

People of color, especially Black people (but boy we can talk about “The Mexicans” in this community) are seen as fundamentally bad. There might be a good one — and we are always quick to point them out to our friends, show them off as our Academy Award for “Best Non-Racist in a White Role” — but when we see a bad one, it’s just proof that the rest are, as a rule, bad.

This, all of this, expectation, treatment, thought, the underlying social system that puts White in the position of Normal and good, and Black in the position of “other” and “bad,” all of this, is racism.
Some of y’all are Victims

A lot of black women play the victim card.  You instantly jump to conclusions. Which makes you weak in my eyes. 

While I can understand that some of you need to be consistently uplifted and told that your beautiful, I don’t.

I believe it and I know it even on my worst day.  I guess my psyche has never been that damaged by the white social construct. I already found my validation in life. 

However how many times do you need to be told your beautiful in order for you to believe it ?


Or get the fuck away from me with your weak ass.  And stop attacking other black women because she wants to breed to have beautiful children.

Do you know what my ideal of beauty was? Did I imply it was a eurocentric form of beauty? NO!

Not every black woman is a self hating piece of shit. 

Get the fuck off my back. Most importantly get the fuck away from me, with your weak ass victim mentality. That shit is contagious and I don’t need to be infected by you.

Weak ass cry baby.

Before you decide that only a certain set of genders/labels is allowed, consider that someone’s gender identity may not exist in your culture.

It’s really racist to assume that the social construct of gender is going to work exactly the same across entirely different cultures all over the world.  That’s as laughable as thinking that gender is binary and dictated by genitals.


Hair Ceremonies

This is for the ask from leheauxbeaux

From I understand, hair was, and is, a way of social construct. When one loses hair it can be meaning of giving your pride, life, strength, etc. to a deity. It could also be a new beginning. I know that you can braid herbs, ribbons, tokens, and other things in your hair with visualization and intent for spells.

The only spell I can offer that involves removing hair is a small one that I use. Here are the steps:

1.remove your hair, it on the altar or some other way to hold it,

3.tie it up with a green string of sorts for renewal. you can use whatever color you feel you must though like if you are giving something to a deity you could use the color red for strength and white for a dedication of spirit, its all up to you and depends on your intent.

4.state your intent whether vocal or not,

5.and then burn it.

I do forewarn however, hair stinks when burned.

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genderfluid!Annabeth >>>>>>>>>>>>>> everything

RIGHT?!?! The fandom has so many LGBT+ headcanons for the boys, I’ve never seen any for Annabeth, unless it’s that she’s hella gay for Piper (which she totally is lets be honest). So here:

  • Genderfluid!Annabeth waking up in the morning, and telling Percy whether they’re going to be his girlfriend/boyfriend/partner for the day.
  • Genderfluid!Annabeth finding binders extremely practical especially with all the fighting they do, but can’t help slipping into a pretty bra/panty set when they know they’re not training.
  • Genderfluid!Annabeth coming out to Chiron at the tender age of 11, and Chiron completely accepting them, asking a trans child of Aphrodite to help them with their clothing/hair choices, as well as emotional support.
  • Genderfluid!Annabeth not really caring what pronouns people call her, because they know gender is just a social construct after all. 
  • Genderfluid!Annabeth and Percy having a serious conversation about their bedroom activity, resulting in Percy tentatively agreeing to Annabeth getting a strap-on.
  • They both love it.
  • Genderfluid!Annabeth and Percy being pronounce ‘partners’ at their wedding, instead of husband and wife.

Race has arguably gone from being a social construct to an uncontrollable viral disease. The sheer disparities in origin and skin colour have proven to be more menacing, more dangerous than any physical weapon known to man. And that’s the thing, race has been weaponized as a tool for destruction; the rhetoric of one race selectively berates and negates the experiences of another. When the oppressed rise up and form rhetoric of their own, the oppressor learns to victimize themselves and make the oppressed look as though the oppressor. If it is a question of ends, it is doubtful whether anyone wins. Race will destroy us. In the end, the conflict will win, and we will have perished.

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Modern Davey totally has a playlist of girly pop songs that he, Race, and Crutchie jam out to. If anyone mentions it to them, Davey just makes this eloquent speech about how Hilary Duff and Carly Rae Jepsen are perfectly respectable artists.

also a speech about how music isn’t gender specific and then one about gender being a social construct and then they go back to dancing on top of furniture and singing along to kelly clarkson as loudly as they can

Instagram has banned the hashtag “goddess”.

“The photo sharing app decided to ban the hashtag #goddess. Meanwhile, #god remains securely in tact. ”

People are speculating about meaning of the matter how it corresponds to NSFW content, but there seems to be a deeper issue here.

It almost seems that the people in power, those who work behind the scenes to manipulate and steer the masses to their agendas, see women empowerment as a major threat to their social construct. This incident isn’t the first time IG took a hit at women empowerment after a similar incident where IG banned the hashtag “curvy” over NSFW content. It seems as though they are attempting to block out the influx of divine feminine energy coming into the energy fields of the collective.

I hardly believe that the majority of 19 million posts with the hashtag ‘goddess’ are all inappropriate adult content. Quite the contrary, the majority of what people post about the goddess are feminine empowering posts that accentuate the profound fulfillment of stepping into one’s divine feminine aspect, regardless of what gender they are.

It has not been publicly disclosed as to why the ban has been placed on #goddess which brings up more means of speculation.

Does Instagram have something against the empowerment of the divine feminine?

The Goddess is here to stay.
Thanks for bringing awareness to this matter. #bringbackthegoddess #goddess #divinefeminine

Like yes of fucking course gender is a social construct. The boy and girl binary is constructed. But me being gender fluid isn’t a part of a social construct and it feels like you’re dismissing this really important self-understanding simply for the sake of saying “but what is gender????” Like come on please

To anyone that hasn’t had their first kiss yet, or has never been asked out on a date, or asked anyone on a date, or hasn’t had a significant other yet: please don’t worry about reaching an age and not checking these things off. There’s nothing wrong with being 20 and not having been kissed. There’s nothing wrong with starting college never having had a boyfriend/girlfriend/romantic partner. You aren’t weird or an outcast because you haven’t been on a date by a socially constructed time frame.