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I’d probably be told “not to ask this question on tumblr”, but i sometimes jump across various blogs that pop up and look at their reblogs and posts.
I see that sjw and feminism is prevalent here, but there’s this thing I see repeated. Where people will have posts about gender being a social construct, yet they will reblog stuff about transgender people, and how it’s x-brain in y-body. 
How does the two work together? How can one have a gender specific brain at birth, while it’s also a social construct? 

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Can you help me understand gender? Some days, I might consider myself female, boy, or neither, & I'm aware this is considered genderfluid. But I'm confused. I've looked at a few things and it seems that gender is determined by feeling more masculine, feminine, ect. Those are just traits and their definitions to me (masc. referring to strength & courage, feminine referring to delicateness, ect). I feel like I'm overreacting about it, but on worse days I have dsyphoria and I can't understand why.

gender overall is a social construct (i kno, u might be sick of hearing this but hear me out) and the definitions we give to “boy” vs “girl” and “masculine” vs “feminine” are not actually indicative of one’s perceived gender given that any person of any origin can have these traits and more often than not have a mix of them.

while it is helpful for many people to self identify as he, she, fae, they, etc, the end result is that there is no “proper” way to be any of those things. a person who develops many “masculine” mannerisms may choose to remain being referred to as “he”, while another person with the same mannerisms may prefer to be referred to as “she”. neither of these people are wrong.

humans as a species do not have strong differences between “sexes” the way a far older species, such as beetles, may have. if it were to be presented as a venn diagram, the circles would be nearly indistinguishable, and even the idea of presenting it as only two circles is incorrect.

i’m of the personal belief that the stresses one may feel in regards to their body and their perceived gender is due to social conditioning and a culture that enforces the binary system. i feel that, were there not such a strong presence of “1 or 2”, there would be scarce to no gender and body related dysphoria. if people were not pressuring others to pick one or the other and then conform to the traits assigned to them, there would be no worry of having to match definitions that were made up with no regard to how people actually function.

so, like, my biggest suggestion is to simply find what you want to get out of a chosen gender, if anything, and what makes you feel the most comfortable with yourself, ignoring the made up attributes of being more “feminine” or “masculine” and instead emphasizing your own personal identity.

i myself prefer ambiguous and mixed pronouns and would rather not have myself referred to as solely “lady” or “man”. i think of myself as a person who has various activities i enjoy doing and some i don’t.

the good thing i guess today about the discussion of these things on social media is that there is now an extensive vocabulary to find something that just feels closer to right for you, and there’s always the option to simply abstain entirely from those labels! gender is made up and the rules don’t matter, tho having a handful of pronouns helps with social interactions.

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I used to identify as just FtM trans just to escape being called she and being referred to as a female. I really feel like I did and do still experience genuine dysphoria only the problem is there are still some feminine things i enjoy (wearing makeup, etc.) i dress more androgynous than strictly masculine because i cant really get male clothing but im not uncomfortable with the clothes i have as long as they're not tight to my breasts. does that mean im not 'trans enough'? im questioning-

Nope. It is 100% okay to be a gender non-conforming trans person. You can be the girliest, most feminine trans guy and still be trans. I’m a trans man and fully intend on wearing women’s clothes and make up once I start passing better. Gender roles are socially constructed, vary from culture to culture, and can be changed. What matters if whether or not you experience sex dysphoria.

If you need help on if you have dysphoria or not, check out my “What is dysphoria?” post: [Link] If it’s still unclear, I suggest that people experiment with gender expression in a safe way. Such as SAFE binding, packing, male contouring, make up facial hair, etc. See if you get euphoria or relief from it, because sometimes dysphoria can become our natural state and we don’t realize it’s there until it’s reduced.


gender being a social construct doesnt negate the existence of trans people and gender dysphoria and people being of a different gender than their assigned sex! also ime ppl who talk about gender being a social construct dont talk ‘x-brain in y-body"

What I gathered from the “social constuct” part, from what i read on here, was that men and women behave the way they do because they are taught it. Not because it is what is natural for them, or because they have a male brain or female brain.

However the transgender discussion is based on people being born with x-brain in y-body. 
So if what I gathered from the social construct thing is right, then transgender is a “taught” thing. Rather than a biological thing.
So.. How do they fit?

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But there's two genders?


“two genders” is a social construct made by racist and transphobic people. theres no wrong in someone not being in the “two genders” space, such as im nonbinary, people can be agender, genderless, demigender, whatever they wish

and the reason i say its racist is because many races have more than two. native americans saw gender as a spectrum and if i remember came up with nonbinary? but it was pushed away when americans fucking killed their way into taking their land

and, but JUST looking it up! i found out there are so many different genders across the world! isnt that neat? like lookie here!! isnt that neat?????? isnt it a shame that racist and transphobic views cloud our minds from actually looking things up for ourselves and learning new things? i didnt even know these terms!!

so, lemme ask you again

wheres your proof that there are only two genders, besides a transphobic society shoving it in your face?

-mod sherbet

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I don't really know how to feel about the idea of farmkid being a transboy but like honestly breaking stupidly dichotomous prophecies is sort of fun? Like the idea that farmkid is just accepted by everyone as a boy and therefor no one thinks of 'him' as spring maiden, so then being safer. Of course that also works with transgirl farmkid, just in reverse - But then that puts transphobia in the RWBY universe on the shoulders of the characters, which I could do without seeing.

While subverting prophecies can be good fun, it’s not fun if it goes out of its way to reinforce broken social constructs like biological gender. That’s the problem with trans boy!maiden. There’s nothing ‘safe’ about it if this magical power that’s supposed to only go to young women chooses a character that asserts that he’s a boy. That’s a disaster recipe for dysphoria that I could also do without seeing.

I get that you’re saying he would probably be harder to find since the baddies are all gonna be out looking for a cis girl, I guess. But… yikes.

And you know if it’s written right, transphobia doesn’t have to factor into this at all. I don’t know why everybody acts like LGBTQIA+ people don’t talk about our genders and sexualities? In fact, you know, it might do the rwby universe a little good if our heroes could make the mistake of assuming somebody’s gender, get corrected, and realize they shouldn’t do that anymore. It doesn’t need to be a big deal. If we could have one short scene where that happened, I would honestly be overjoyed. 

aladywholayswithmaidens said:it’s probably worth keeping in mind that things being *socialised* a certain way doesn’t make them so - people are socialised as straight from birth, but gay people still experience gayness. in the same way that women are socialised to be meek and passive and feminine, but many *aren’t*

Sexuality is now seen as a biological thing though, you’re born that way. Which is why I asked the question, because it sounded like that “social construct” side suggested transgender people aren’t.