social coma

Bent Life (feat. C-Rayz Walz)
Aesop Rock
Bent Life (feat. C-Rayz Walz)

I can be found in a social coma directly to your left
Engaged in a conversation, a marvel with my breath
Regarding how to document the shady baby steps
I bounce checks like a modern man
Sleep with one eye open while the other two drift
Together, specimens from the promised land
This for the thinkers
This for the urchins allergic to they own stingers
This for the absurd verdict linkers
This for that cat at my shows that’s always got prophetic opinions
But can’t remember where his drink is
I’m wallowing, shrugging, I’m plugging your corporation
‘Cause we alley cats addicted to the sickly warped sensation
Answer this: when all is said and done
Are you a memorable trooper or just a lab rat on the run?
Choose one

x412 WOLFPACKx Spring, ‘97. From left: Mike Sutfin, Jon Arends, Steve Parkes, me, Simon Czerwinskyj, & James DeJesus, 412 W Locust Street, Dekalb IL. This is the student ghetto house where we lived for a year. Along with THE KILLERS, SOCIAL COMA, DANGERMOUSE and LOS CRUDOS, CHARLES BRONSON practiced here and wrote the “Youth Attack” LP in the basement. Photo by Steve Parkes.