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Hotel Transylvania 2 fucked me up because it is literally a metaphor for racism against biracial couples and their children.
we have:

Dennis, the 5 year old child of a vampire and human couple who is constantly bullied through the whole movie to essentially pick a side, who feels like he needs to please the people around him and give in to who they want him to be.

The Wolf Family, who represent an ethnic minority family with the stereotype that they have a lot of children(300 to be exact).

Grandpa Vlad and his bats, who because of the beliefs of the previous generation, believe in the segregation of humans and monsters(i.e. whites and racial minorities)

The Parents of the Human, who spend the whole movie essentially mocking the monster culture, specifically holding a get together of biracial(monster/human) couples to make Mavis(vampire mother) feel inferior to humans.

and the resolution, which brings attention to the fact that race shouldn’t matter and “human, vampire, or unicorn, I’ll love him no matter what”

this is the type of movie children need to be seeing, because I am sick and tired of the racism that plagues the elder generation. way to go dreamworks, A+


Bangalore Days warm fuzzies 2/∞

Gatecrashing the first night for one last picture

(2 Years of Bangalore Days)


Just over this side of the work site was the kaiju’s immense skull.  Over the decade since it fell, as the radiation grew less intense and the XZ population more reckless, the locals had made the skull into a temple.  Candles, thousands of them, burned in and around it, flickering on the faces of the pilgrims who processed in and out of it in some kind of ritual.

“You know, some believe the kaiju are sent from heaven,” Chau said.  "They think the gods are displeased with our behavior.“