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nickname: Char (soft ch, like a sh? also my preferred name)

zodiac sign: Pieces

height: 5′7″ (I might be going through yet another growth spurt though. woohoo)

last thing i googled: letterman jacket average price (I think its too late to order them now though :c)

favorite music artist: I’ve been listening to Keane a lot lately

song stuck in my head: Surprisingly, nothing?? But Sovereign Light Cafe by Keane has been stuck in my head this week so I’ll put that

last movie i watched: I honestly can’t remember. I’ve been busy and tired lately. Was it.. Wreck it Ralph?? That was an entire month ago whOOPS

what i’m wearing right now: Totoro shirt, pale green cargo pants things (I think they’re utility pants for ladies) and a green and pink stone necklace. Earthy colors today

why did you choose your url: I can’t actually remember how I came up with this one. I was in ninth grade, getting tired of my old internet handle (it sounded really cringey and 13-year-old-ish) and wham! Jovialfire was somehow born!

do you have other blogs: Two others! My art blog, @jovialfiredraws and my newer Wings of Fire blog, @goldiedragon

what did your last relationship teach you: Pfft this ask meme assumes I’ve been in a relationship. Silly you!!

religious or spiritual: Religious

favorite color: Yellow (this is Sunny the SandWing’s fault)

average hours of sleep: 5-6 (very bad :c)

lucky number: ?? I don’t actually have one. I set a lot of my brush settings in Sai to 9, but I wouldn’t really consider that my lucky number

favourite characters: Sunny, Wheatley, Virgil, and Glory

how many blankets do you sleep with: 1-2

dream job: Illustration, for kids books probably c:

i tag: 20 blogs pshhhh Anyone who wants to do it!! You can just say you were tagged by me. Sorry I’m lame dx

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5sos use “run away” in songs too much


Strolling into the courtyard, James surveyed those that were already in attendance as he made his way up to the ice cream vendor. His flatmates were likely there, but considering he wasn’t big into football like his father was, he had found that he had little in common with them. Ordering a two scoop Couch Potato dish, James walked over to an empty spot on the grass near the tree, much preferring the shade. He gestured to the blonde girl that was already occupying the space. “You mind?”

The Social Grace of Tindering: Chapter 7

Fairy Tail College AU:
Lucy Heartfilia was finally convinced by her college housemates to get a Tinder since the last time she had a boy over was… never. Struck by the awkwardness and stupidity that some of these boys show, she finally seems to find a match that just might work. (NaLu, Gruvia, Jerza, Gale, and more)

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 |Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 | Chapter 6 | Chapter 7 | Chapter 8 | FFnet

Rated: M for mature themes (language, a little nsfw)
Word Count: 5,843 words

Chapter 7: Strike Back

They struck right after the hockey game ended on Saturday night. It wasn’t like Friday’s game where Natsu scored goal after goal. He was mainly there for support this game, and it was a great experience for Lucy to see him in both the offensive and assistance roles of the game. There was no question that the boys would win the series after the first half lead of three to zero, so there was no better time to strike than now. Erza told them that normally after winning a series, all the boys go back to the locker room for a team meeting, showers, and then out with their coach for a drink. The estimated time of arrival would be about an hour, if one of them decided to not go for a drink, so they had to act now if they were going to pull off the big strike they had planned out.

Erza, with the help of Mira, had this whole thing planned out to a T, and Lucy was scared of the way that their minds worked together. The plan was brilliant; the perfect way to get back at them for stealing all their underwear. It was the matter of pulling it off that Lucy was worried about. She also feared the reactions of the other boys who had no part in the war that Natsu and Gray started, but Mira assured her that the guys would just put more blame on Natsu and Gray - making their revenge even sweeter.

Getting into the house was no problem, seeing as Mira had a spare key since she basically lived there with Laxus. They moved eagerly into the house and started their strike back. Erza and Mira didn’t need any help it seemed in carrying out their part, and that terrified Lucy.

Turning towards Levy she whispered, “Remind me to never get on their bad side…”

“You and me both Lu-chan… Let’s get upstairs and carry out our part.” Lucy followed Levy up the stairs and entered Natsu’s room. She nearly screamed when she spotted a small blur run towards her, but she covered her mouth and breathed out a sigh of relief at seeing Happy meowing up at her.

Picking the blue fur ball up, she moved through his dark room, careful not to move anything too out of place in her search for a valuable of his. She stopped at his cluttered desk and found his cherished scarf thrown over the side of the couch. Grabbing it and wrapping it around her own neck, she breathed in his scent and sighed heavily to herself.

“Why does he have to smell this good? This boy of yours is a sin Happy.” Feeling Happy squirm in her arms, she let him on top of the desk. Batting at a pile of envelopes, Happy knocked over the large pile to the floor, “Ah! Happy no! He’s not supposed to know I was in here!”

Lucy bent over to pick them up, grabbing Happy while she was at it to set him back down on the floor and away from the large mess now made. As she was organizing them, she paused in her clean up to find a ripped open envelope that Happy batted at. Feeling curious and quite annoyed with the cat at this point, she pulled the letter out and sat down on the edge of his bed. Happy jumped up and rubbed at her arm, purring in response when she began to scratch his head. She pulled the letter out, noticing the crumbled up sides as if Natsu had grasped the paper too tightly.

She knew she wasn’t supposed to be doing this, but she was curious and it seemed that Happy wanted her to read it. She opened up the letter and began to scan the page, seeing the crumbled grip like marks and was appeared to be water stains all around the edges. Her eyes scanned the first few lines before the paper fell from her grasp. Gasping, her free hand flew to her mouth and her eyes widened as silent tears trailed down her cheeks. Hearing footsteps, she grabbed for the letter and stuffed it back into the envelope and threw them back on the desk. Turning around she spotted Levy in the doorway with Gajeel’s white, studded guitar.

“You ready Lu-chan? I think the other girls are all re- Are you alright!?” Levy rushed forward to look over Lucy’s red puffy eyes. “Why are you crying? Did Happy scratch you?” She scanned over Lucy’s form before Lucy’s hand came to rest on her shoulder, the other wiping away at her face.

“Levy I’m fine really. I just read something that Natsu wrote and it was pretty heartfelt, you know? I’m a sucker for some good writing as you know.” She let a fake smile appear on her face, hoping it would calm down the fidgeting girl in front of her.

“Ohh! Lu-chan where is it? I want to read it!” Levy seemed to look all around before Lucy pushed her towards the doorway.

“Levy we got to go before the boys get back. I’ll tell you about it later!” Lucy successfully got her out the door and waved goodbye to a meowing Happy who was curled up on Natsu’s bed. “By the way, is the guitar what you came up here for?”

“Oh this!” Levy held up the white, studded guitar and giggled. “I originally wanted to go for his white suit he always talks about, but then I saw this in the corner and thought this was a much better idea than some suit. What about you?”

“Yeah, I got what I came for.” She mentioned towards the scarf wrapped around her neck, pulling it a little tighter around her neck to let the scent of him fill her nose again.

“I’m surprised he didn’t take that to the game with him. He wears that religiously.” Levy giggled. “It wouldn’t shock me if he even tried to wear it during practice or to games sometimes.” Lucy nodded in return and her eyes drifted to the scarf. “I think he mentioned that his dad gave that scarf to him.” Lucy’s head snapped back up to look at Levy. Her mind was reeling with the information she had just read through the letter. It mentioned something about his father…

She needed to know more.

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