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someone sent me a very nice ask that i’m going to answer in a bit but a minorly relevant part of it involved pointing out something that many people have observed: the gradual reducing of ‘me and phil’ and ‘me and dan’ to ‘we’ and ‘our’ - and like, just.

imagine the conversation that must have led to that?

imagine dan and phil some time in mid to late 2016, trying to figure out how this would go: how do they tell us? how much do they tell us? how tightly do they guard it? how do they keep us out?

and imagine one of them just quietly suggesting: or we could not

because how exhausting must that have been, you know? and for them, at the time, probably less exhausting than the alternative for opening themselves up to a perception and pressure and invasive inquiry into their relationship that they weren’t ready to deal with; but still, something can be the lesser of two evils and still not feel very fun at all. 

how many years of taking selfies they didn’t post, of averting their eyes when they wanted to look, of fingers flexing to reach out and tease and tickle and poke and prod and then falling still at their sides?

they get that now, they get to have that. and i fully believe the conclusions drawn by minds more clever than mine in recent discussion on IDB: this is for them, this is not for us. this is not some prize we get for being good fans. this is themselves, taking some weight off their own shoulders. this does not mean they’re comfortable with us; it just means they’re done letting their discomfort rule their lives when it comes to all things on-camera and social media. 

we are the obstacle they had to work around, the way we take their memories and their life and twist it into our own, their aversion to that is the mountain they had to climb without really knowing what the top would look like - and they didn’t do it for us. they did it for themselves.

though i guess the look down the other side wasn’t as scary as they once thought it was because they seem to have taken quite well to this post-baking universe where they post selfies with soft, satisfied smiles and like each other’s tweets and reach out and touch in gentle, surface ways when the urge strikes them and move to a new house together with a smile and an understanding that the conclusions our greedy minds will jump - that where there is one there is the other, that they’ll move together, that it would be downright silly to think they wouldn’t - to are exactly the right ones

so yeah. we and our. that’s nice. 


Are these *aesthetic* enough to post??

Ceilings of a church in Brooklyn // 5.7.17


Dating Nate Maloley Would Involve -

- him spoiling you

- him trying to be better for you

- him constantly texting, calling, and facetiming you which annoys the boys at times

- him always talking about you to the boys

- dedicating his songs to you

- him being over protective and jealous often

- him using you as a pillow

- being competitive against basically everything

- him being a big baby when it comes to you

- late night runs to the grocery store

- late at night deep conversations with him when he’s high

- him taking care of you when you’re sick or sad and vice versa

- stealing his clothes from his closet

- him stealing his clothes back

- you sneaking it back into your closet

- always trying to wear matching clothes

- lots of sexual inside jokes

- him being shy around your family

- him constantly talking about you to his parents and siblings

- him teasing you

- making a secret handshake together

- matching tattoos together

- him always hacking your social media

- his camera roll is filled with pictures of you

- lots of inappropriate times of teasing each other sexually

- always trying new adventures and sexual things

- making weirdly cute nicknames for each other

- him calling you lil mama

- talking about your future together late at night

- cuddly, lazy, cozy days staying inside watching movies and ordering pizza

- buying things that the other would like

- your friends constantly threatening him not to hurt you

- his friends telling you how much he loves and talks about you

- being super close with his friends

thrivingamongthetrees  asked:

A request for you!! How would our mystical babes react if their s/o work elaborate makeup like gradient lipstick, hella winged eyeliner, perfect eyeshadow. Would they let their s/o kiss them when they were wearing oddly colored lipstick?

thank you for your request!!

yoosung kim

  • okay so like he’s always super entranced by the fact that he gets to see u put on make up like!!!
  • damn what a professional??? hes lokey jealous bc its like watching an artist at work??
  • and not only that but you get like 10x more beautiful he didn’t know that was POSSIBLE
  • and then you’ll stand up and he’s just got that #blessed face on 
  • and he’ll definitely let u kiss him all over, he loves having coloured lipstick peppered all over him??
  • sometimes he’ll record u and post u on his snapchat


  • he’s so jealous
  • he doesn’t even bother to hide it
  • he’ll sit in the corner and pout bc he didn’t know someone could be 10x as beautiful as him w/o make up on and then 100x more beautiful WITH it o
  • but he gets over himself quickly and asks u to help with him bc you do the makeup better than any makeup artist could tbh
  • he doesn’t let u kiss him tho bc he found out the hard way that your lipstick is VERY hard to take off

jaehee kang

  • she didn’t really get the appeal of makeup as she didn’t wear all too much
  • but like bam she saw u and arrow through the heart???
  • she loves it sm and suddenly everything clicks and she’s amazed by it
  • lokey wants to try it
  • will always make out with you whenever you have make up on ( 10x more likely ) cause then ur makeup is all over her
  • she loves all the vibrant colours cause its such a stark contrast to what she’s used to

jumin han

  • why r u takin so long in the bathroom we have a party to get tHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO BOIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII
  • he’s shook
  • he immediately wants you to model for him lokey
  • so he hooks you up with a job as a model for his company or smth among those lines u feel??
  • life is good
  • and as much as he loves kissing you, he doesn’t want you to get makeup on his suit bc….. then u have to redo ur make up and he has to throw the suit away nobody wins smh

saeyoung / 707

  • he’s seen photos of u with ur makeup on on ur social media 
  • but the camera doesn’t do u justice. at all
  • he loves ur makeup !!!!! and occasionally he’ll as you to do his makeup so you both slay the game together
  • like a lot
  • ( a l o t )
  • and he’ll ask you to teach him some of your techniques bc he actually sucks at applying makeup
  • and theres all the kisses. coloured kisses everywhere, saeran is disgusted, and wants to know why there’s neon purple and blue on the couch
  • ( you wore the purple and he wore the blue )

requests are open.

Camren, Lauis, Camaustin & Us (english version)

Many have asked for an analysis of events that have occurred between camila and lauren since their presentation in Puerto Rico and the considerable distance between them has been done.

Here is the link of our loved analyzing camren to know where it all began because it is not a secret that something is happening between camren since that trip. Before I start I must clarify that everything said in this post is a personal opinion that is  expressed for all of you IS NOT MY INTENTION YOU TO THINK LIKE I DO but if you share the same opinion, this post is for you.


I think we were all present at the time that Lauren opted to answer this silly question where their sexuality is questioned, its mentioned camren and his friendship with Camilla. It’s no secret that she doesn’t like to talk about these things in public  so it was unnecessary to send this ask (it’s bad That just for only one person all of us had to pay the Consequences) to what she refers in her reply about the earth, slavery and racism is that what people think and believe to be true at the end is wrong, it means that if the fandom assumes that she is gay, fine, but that over time you will realize that it’s not like that (according to her). That’s why she Mentioned These examples, in other words she is not lesbian. But sometimes it’s so hard to understand Lauren, simplest answer was not “Hey I’m not a lesbian” “camren is not real” for this to stop ¿?

But always ends up talking about other things (she knows why) She shouldn’t make these comments  because we are many harmonizers and each one have our own opinion and she can not claim that we all think the same way she wants. From the moment she began to be famous her life ended to be private. The lesson that leaves everything that happened that day is to leave everything for peace,  camren and lauren’s sexuality, if we believe in something, fine, but we have to keep it for us, you can’t force something that is not yet ready or prepared, think a little on the fic DIWK, it must be frustrating to be told all the time you leave the closet when You May not know what’s happening in your life, she’s a 17 years old girl let her live in her rhythm and timing.

There are annoying comments on social networks  where camren shippers are the responsible of what’s happening, most of fandom are CS, we know that but it´s wrong to blame only them

As I said in a comment on fb (where people are saying That the cs are separating the fandom)

What do you think?


It seems like evertything exploted in lauren that day, is it because her guy was on vacation in the Bahamas with his ex ¿? Like you know LF, Alexa, Mel and several friends were on vacaction last weekend

I’ve always wondered how this triangle is, mel is now friends with her ex boyfriend who is the boyfriend of one of her friends? There’s much friendship that apparently does not bother this kinds of travels to lauren

Although her ​​best friend has also gone, is still rare

All being in one house where there is a lot of alcohol, party, fun and lots of rumba.

There are two things about mel that caught my attention lately:

Camren shippers and Luis? Hmmm… I leave it to your judgment

But it´s their life, they know what they do, you wonder why I mention it, but if lauren could be upset or sad somehow could be for this, but you have to admit she’s a little bad since the tweet of indifference and not because LF, it’s for the girl with brown eyes I’m more than sure she asked her some kind of space or time since PR, we can know that for  their indirects and  if you want to see  their true personality, what  they are thinking or feeling just go to their tumblrs and you will realize.

They have changed a little since the x factor, it seems that the pressure is starting on them, lauren is  away from the others and camila has learned not to be vulnerable in front of people, maybe it’s true that it takes time for everything clicks into place, do not force things because nothing is achieved by force


Is Camaustin real?

I don’t think, they are just Friends, we can see it in the way they treat each other, or reactions when they are in person as in the ping pong video, it’s no secret that those who benefit from this friendship are their teams and their popularity is increasing both in austin to camila since they are “related” together, every time they get a selfie together or interact in any social media network the pappz and fans are behind them. Austin doesn’t seem a bad guy after all, he is young, with hormones and feelings so it’s normal to feel attracted to camila (Admit all have a crush on her) but both have made it clear several times that they are just friends, Why some fans don’t believe them? I can not comment much on austin because I am not his fan, but Why he hasn’t never stopped the hatred that mahomies give to camila? In some ways because it helps them popularity that we pay attention to them, but not everyone thinks the same…

Like it or not so are the things and you have to give them time, let’s wait for what will happen to C and A. Camaustin be much on the tour so preparence from now.

Try to understand camren and all around them it’s hard, we should just wait, cause we are just fans, no Friends or family from them. Nobody knows what really happens between them, we can only see what happens in cameras and social networks.

As my friend Pao says “Camren are two friends with attraction” and this is so true, it´s  something that can not be denied, you see it, I see it, even my younger brother who knows nothing of camren sees. We must continue supporting them, although the circumstances are hard, if you truly believe in camren you’ll support them until the end, both equally, because not only camila suffers (not to be nice all the time to tell you about a boyfriend who doesn’t exist or you can not be with your friend because all make a fuss) Lauren suffers also, and instead of judge or hate her like most does, we have to put ourselves in her place, she has only 17 years old , she’s not perfect.


  • No record label is interested to have gay musicians, when your audience is 6 year onwards
  • Parents of some fans would not allow their children to follow a band that have gays in it
  • The church would come over
  • They will not withstand the criticisms that would have, some people can become cruel
  • Not only are lauren and camila they are a group of 5 girls, a dream together and all this drama could have negative consequences
  • I don’t know, the list is long (if you want to add something just tell me)

I hope you like the way I think, I tell you again, if you have other opinions just tell me, just donn’t be bad lol  

Always present:


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anonymous asked:

"fujoshi" literally means "rotten woman" (also a pun on the word for married/respectable woman) and was coined by str8 homophobic otaku on 2chan about women that like anything they're grossed out by eg yaoi/bl or anything with bishounen in. tumblr got a hold of it recently and were fucking /delighted/ bc they now have a way to shit on women but still be ~progressive~ about it. despite the fact that it's been proven several times over that a lot of women into gay ships are often lgbt themselves

Yeah I asked Takoboto and you are indeed right. And thanks for the explanation! Disappointed but not surprised by someone on tw\ch\n coming up with that term.

It’s that exactly holier than thou attitude I dislike when calling someone a fujoshi that tumblr adopted lmao