social awkward teen

a shy, socially awkward teen desperately seeks to hide the fact that she can read people’s minds. Unknown to her, the most popular boy in her school has the same ability.

Level of awkwardness;

Teacher; ‘who wants to read’
Me; *shrinks into the chair and pretends like the table is the most interesting thing in the world*
Teacher; * points at me* 'would you read for me?’
Me; 'N-no’
Teacher; *gives the look*
Me; *starts reading and develops a stutter and loses the ability to follow lines or even form a sentence*

Let’s do this.

Chaos Avenir debuts as a socially awkward teen(?) who is a huge Choujin and pop idol fanboy. Mantaro encounters him at a kid’s choujin wrestling show and the two hit it off almost immediately after beating up Chaos’ rowdy coworkers. Mantaro, believing Chaos to be a truly great wrestler, The Savior of The Justice Rest, drafts Chaos into the tag tournament. Easily convincing Chaos by appealing to his fanboyism, Mantaro notices Chaos’ possession of the Kinnikuman Great mask and Chaos decides to enter the ULTIMATE TAG TOURNEY as Kinnikuman Great the Third.

Chaos and Mantaro causes quite a ruckus when they debut at the tournament. Mantaro himself for being a show-off and Chaos for dressing like Kinnikuman Great. This act alone infuriates both of The Machineguns, both of them seeing it as disgracing Kamehame. Terryman in particular seeing it as an insult because he felt pressured to match Kamehame’s skill and yet here is this random person just dressing like Kinnikuman Great. It doesn’t help that Chao-Great 3 acts like a huge fanboy by filming his own walk towards the rings, and is acting like a buffoon in general. It doesn’t help that the first chance he gets to show his skill he trips and lands on his head. Chao- Great 3 adds more fuel to the fire by creeping out and/or harassing many of the fellow tournament competitors by doing things ranging from giving them custom figures of themselves to slapping paper on their faces.

Chaos Avenir’s relationships with others is probably the most problematic thing about him in terms of writing. Whether it is the new or old generation he in general is quite rude to them when he isn’t blinded by his fanboy love for said individuals. To describe it for those who may be familiar with American comics, imagine if Kamala Khan gushed about a hero and then spent a whole issue getting upset at them, with some reasons including said heroes being themselves. To be fair, he holds no real personal grudge against the Nisei era heroes despite more than likely seeing the controversial scene of Mantaro (unintentionally) letting Alisa get stabbed by the Death Watch Branding. But that doesn’t mean he likes the New Generation, either.

Chaos’ relationship with most of the Time Warp Choujin varies from contempt to casual indifference to some degree of respect. He never got to interact with Checkmate, save for seeing how messed up Checkmate is after losing his face. Barrierfreeman and Iryuhin also don’t directly interact with him, but are inspired by his skill against Neptuneman to act for his sake. But he does feel sad when he listens to their “final farewell” so that’s something. But he also has a flashback that may or may not have amplified his feelings as opposed to feeling sad due to the severity of the situation, either is really possible. Chaos’ relationship with Terry the Kid varies from being a fanboy spectator to feeling sad when Terry is in pain. But he does seem to respect Terry for being his dad’s son. It’s weird, because whenever Terry is seen and Chaos is around, panels usually focus more on Mantaro reacting than Chaos. But it seems like Chaos doesn’t dislike Terry, unlike some other Time Warp Choujin.

Chaos’ attitude towards the Time Warp Choujin takes a turn for the worse when he sees the Super Trinities (Jade and Mars) fighting against the Hell Expansions (Neptuneman and Seiuchin). When Mars is tagged in while donning his Mask of Madness and begins single handedly dominating the other tag team, it makes Chaos disgusted. Mars’ tactics and Mars’ goal to get the trophy bulbs for himself leads to Chaos stating the New Generation sucks. He sticks with this belief for a bit, to the point he even lashes out at Mantaro. It takes Jade’s heroic nature to turn that belief around for him. But he never really seems to care about Mars after Mars demonstrates his heel-ish attitude. You could say Jade is one of the members of the Time Warp Choujin that Chaos cared about most. He did go out of his way to make sure Jade kept his precious photo. Chaos spends most of his time scared of Seiuchin, but he does follow suit with Mantaro’s speeches about how Seiuchin isn’t actually a bad guy. He also does protect Seiuchin’s folks. So it’s sort of a tossup between Jade and Seiuchin for who Chaos cares about most from the Nisei era other than Mantaro.

Chaos’ relationship with Mantaro is pretty interesting. It puts Mantaro in a mentor role, something he’s never been in before. Mantaro as a mentor coddles Chaos to the point he would take a severe beating for him. Despite the (unexplained) belief that Chaos is human, Mantaro still goes pretty above and beyond for Chaos. Chaos meanwhile, spends at least a good half of his appearance constantly wanting to give up or doing things like ditching Mantaro. It’s almost incredible how much tolerance Mantaro has for Chaos’ childish antics. As time goes on, Chaos shows that he cares a lot for Mantaro. I personally think Chaos helped Mantaro become more selfless. The sad thing is that the relationship is a balancing act between Mantaro shining as a mentor/leading man with Chaos growing from a meek fanboy to the “super powerful plz do not nerf oc do not steal” mad man that he is before his “death”. And when the balancing act isn’t, well, balanced… their relationship seems to get worse. When Chaos is in control, you could say he isn’t really treating Mantaro like a friend, which is depressing considering how much Mantaro has stuck his neck out for Chaos and how much Mantaro clearly enjoys Chaos’ company.

Chaos’ relationship with many of the classic characters, from the moment he was introduced to them, is rocky. He comes off as a bumbling idiot for a good chunk of the tourney, he’s dressed like Kinnikuman Great, and he’s tagged with that asshole that hurt Alisa. Then he makes everyone look bad by basically being a big baby. First impressions are everything, and most of the legends’ first impression of Chaos is he cries often, spends time making figurines in the ring, may get lucky once in a while, spends more time running than fighting, and that he is dressed like Kinnikuman Great. No, rather, he is sullying the Kinnikuman Great line. Chaos himself spends a lot of time being disenfranchised in a way with how his idols behave compared to how he believes they should behave. A key example being most of his fight with The Machineguns is about him being upset that they are behaving in a heel-ish way, something that does not meet his standards. Despite, if he is such a huge fan he should know this, Suguru Kinniku always behaving in ways that can best be described as cheating. For example, stuffing his tights with forks and hammers. But no, Suguru claiming he does things such as bending someone’s finger to get out of a move is too much for Chaos despite Suguru’s past history. That totally ruins Chaos’ reality and… he doesn’t respect his Legends anymore.

Once Chaos loses his meek personality, he doesn’t really show any respect towards those he once idolized. But at the same time, more of his idols grow to respect him due to his skills and nothing else, really. Save for Neptuneman. Neptuneman liked Chaos because Chaos saved him. It overall leaves you with this weird feeling as Suguru cries once Chaos dies, because it feels more like it’s an obligation writing-wise as opposed to Suguru actually liking Chaos. Ramenman also really likes Chaos, to the point he appears in Chaos’ fever dreams sort of like how Jade does for Mantaro and Ramenman communicated mind to mind with Suguru. Although to be fair, Chaos and Mantaro humble Suguru and Terryman (because they apparently needed to be humbled), and also helped save Suguru and Mantaro when they fell out of the mountain ring. So, Chaos does have his positive moments with the legends.

While I have listed some of Chaos’ positive interactions, it’s really tough to say he actually bonded with people. Overall, they sort of felt like “Well, he’s sort of a nice guy…” mentality. He spends a lot more time yelling at people, saying they aren’t great, or just looking shocked. He doesn’t even really get along with Mantaro that well, unless he’s upset. Even Suguru, as petty as he can be, still got along with Kamehame as Kinnikuman Great. Chaos is like Suguru and Mantaro without the charm.

You can argue Suguru and Mantaro behave towards others similar to Chaos. Refusing to cooperate, petty, and quick to hold grudges. But beneath that exterior are two choujin who love their friends and have a very powerful moral compass. You can argue which of the two between Suguru and Mantaro is more of a jerk, but that’s for another day. Suguru and Mantaro thrust themselves into their friend’s problems, sticking their noses in to help out. Their noble personality draws others around them, their empathy is one of the things that keeps people around. Chaos is, from start to finish, Suguru and Mantaro but without their empathy. He spends so much time in his own little bubble despite being right smack dab in the action and panels for people to cry about their friends. This series that focused so much on friendship power just took a screeching stop to introduce this guy who treats almost everyone like crap for a vast majority of the time, everyone who comes to like him likes him after they beat him up, and he doesn’t even have time to care about their problems.

That’s horrible to me. He doesn’t fit in this series, and it really stands out when he’s arguably the main protagonist of all the volumes he is in. He just feels so out of place in this series. I really wanted to defend him, I really did, but after rereading every volume he is in numerous times… I can’t. He can be a nice person, sure, but again: He’s just Mantaro and Suguru without their empathy.