Posiamo il telefono e iniziamo a dirci tutte le cose che ci passano per la testa, senza paura di guardarci negli occhi, senza timore di usare le parole.

Tipo oggi sai, mentre guardavo il tramonto volevo scattare una foto e mandartela ma poi ho pensato a quanto fosse stato bello guardarlo insieme.
Un giorno, magari, ti andrebbe un tramonto insieme?
Ne abbiamo persi così tanti che restiamo fino all'alba, se a te va.


Seriously, all the people I know from school or university or even familymembers NEVER like my stuff. I always like theirs but they are just too proud to do it. The ones who like my posts are mostly people I don’t know personally and hardly ever write with. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind. But come on, this is a fucked up society. Tumblr is much much more social than fb.

Nashville Pride Parade Represented Gay-Affirming Church This Week

If the God is about love and not about Bible, true Christians should not blame gays. Actually, none of us should judge anyone. Every wise man or wise concept will say the same thing – don’t judge. On the other hand there are not so many natural born homosexuals. I’m sure that gay-lobbyists and propaganda made a very positive image of homosexuality in the last decades. It’s the beginning of the end of the long epoch of human history. Today we consider gay couple as a family (though it’s just a sexual preference), tomorrow we will legalize pedophilia (because it’s based on love) and finally love will win after first marriages with home pets (or maybe, post-mortal weddings). It’s a question of time.


Me trying to avoid social situations be like

Me running away from responsibilities in life be like