Spock Imagine- Speaking in Tongues

Space is one of those places where it is entirely possible to feel completely lost but know exactly where you are. There is no fine line between day and night, one day into the next. That being said, there is also a special way of life in space. You adapt to life and find other ways to keep yourself occupied. You found solace in language, in books. Every spare moment you had, you would have your nose stuck in a book. Sometimes you would meet with Uhura who also knows many languages, but soon you passed her up. 

While your mother tongue is English, you have grown fond of reciting languages in your room or finding another crew mate who spoke another language. You are careful though, to not over use your talent. English is the accepted language on the ship, and you wanted to make sure everyone would be able to understand. 

Sitting at your station mindlessly watching the star pass in front of you, you let find yourself preoccupied with other thoughts. Today was just another normal day on the ship, nothing out of ordinary happened. Little did you know, someone was calling your name on the other side of the ship. 

“Lieutenant (Y/L/N)?” Chekov asks cocking an eyebrow at you. 

“Pen-nil-bek.” you waive him off.

Something about what you just said didn’t sound right, but why didn’t register. You look around the room, everyone looking at you with confuses expressions. Everyone except Spock that is. He’s looking at you with admiration. You swear you could see a faint smile pull on his lips, but you wouldn’t dare say so. A blush creeps on your cheeks as you realize that you let a Vulcan phrase slip out. 

“Did she just?” Kirk scrunches his nose out of disbelief. 

“Lieutenant (Y/L/N), I was not aware of your ability to speak the Vulcan language. T'nar pak sorat y'rani.” he bows slightly. 

“T’nar jaral Spock.” you smile. 

The crew watches as the two of you engage in a seemingly normal conversation. Nyota is able to pick up small words here and there, but not enough to understand the conversation. You return back to your work, a smile plastered to your cheeks. 

“Did they just flirt in Vulcan?” Sulu chuckles.

“I don’t know what that was sir.” Chekov shakes his head. 

As the day when on, you think about your conversation with Spock. He is the first person to appreciate your secret talent. When you get a moment of down time, you pull out the book you are reading on Vulcan history. 

“So you read it too.” 

“Veling.. er.. Of course. Sorry.” 

“Do not apologize for expressing an interest in my history. I find it fascinating that you have taken it upon yourself to learn the language.” 

“It really is a beautiful language, spoken and on paper. Very intricate.”

“I would agree. If you wish to engage in another conversation, I would find it pleasing. dif-tor heh smusma.” 

“sochya eh dif.” 

He turns and heads down the hallway, leaving you wanted to talk to him already. Something unexpected drives you to catch up to the handsome Commander. 

“Commander Spock, wait.” you call out. 

“Yes Lieutenant (Y/L/N)?” 

“Would now be an appropriate time to engage in a conversation? I have a few questions to ask you about pronunciations actually.” 

“Now seems to be an adequate time to talk. Do you play chess?” 

“Is that even a question?”

“Follow me.” 

You walk off with Spock, excited to pursue a new friendship with him. Captain Kirk and Bones stand off in the distance, flabbergasted at the sight. 

“How much you want to bet they will be dating by next month?” bones jokes. 

“Month? I give it a week.” 

“It’s like a weird match made in heaven.” 

“At least they found each other.”

It’s not fan art Friday, and I do not wish to bother you, but I just wanted to say; you bring us joy, hope, and belief. Hope and belief that the world is a better place than we might have thought. You are an inspiration, and you literally save lives all around the world. Sochya eh dif 🖖. Bless you :) @thatsthat24