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15, please.

15: What did you learn from writing this fic?

A lot. Most of it about figure skating. I also know a lot about how GAD is treated in the UK. And the stigma surrounding mental illness in Japan. And that the mascot for Sochi 2014 was really really fucking creepy. (They’re always creepy, though.) Also coach-student dynamics in Russia. Coach-student dynamics in America. That paroxetine causes erectile dysfunction in something like 70% of cases. (Thanks, AO3 commenter who pointed that out.)

But I think the other past of what I learned has been that the honest parts of this fic, the parts that are hard to read and hard to write – they don’t just connect to me. They connect to others as well. And honestly there’s not much that means more to me than when I get readers coming and telling me that what I wrote was important to them, too.

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Olympics: Sochi Mascots Reimagined by Hollywood’s Top Animation Talent

Olaf- Bill Schwab

Bunny & Bear- Chelsea Bayouth

Girl & Sabertooth Tiger- Chris Sanders

Bear Puppet- Jennifer Fournier, Lisa Penney & Lauren Sassen

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