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Olympics: Sochi Mascots Reimagined by Hollywood’s Top Animation Talent

Olaf- Bill Schwab

Bunny & Bear- Chelsea Bayouth

Girl & Sabertooth Tiger- Chris Sanders

Bear Puppet- Jennifer Fournier, Lisa Penney & Lauren Sassen

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Here’s a little something I did for the current issue of “The Hollywood Reporter.” Several animation studios were asked by the magazine to reinterpret Sochi’s Olympic mascots, and what could be better than a snowboarding snow leopard? Only a saber-toothed snow leopard.

In my prehistoric version of the Sochi mascot I added a couple long fangs and replaced the composite board with a wooden one. I did this drawing in low-tech pen and ink with a little watercolor.

We discovered that the Sochi 2014 mascots perfectly match the personalities of Team NPR Sochi. Sonari is the cool snow leopard, Robert is the friendly bear (aka #nightmarebear) and Tamara is the happy little rabbit. It’s possible we’ve been working in close quarters too long.