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Some ‘Yuuri plays video games’ headcanons
  • Nintendo trash
  • Can name at least fifty Pokemon on the spot
  • Made him and Viktor on the sims once for maybe ten minutes before getting embarrassed and uninstalling the game so no evidence was left behind
  • Incredibly skilled fingers thanks to button mashing
  • Team Mystic because he likes the colour blue
  • Had Nintendogs as a kid, all of which were named after his crushes at the time, probably
  • Absolute master at Cooking Mama
  • Also totally had (what’s called where I’m from) Imagine: Figure Skater, I hear in Japan it’s called KuruKuru Princess (you should really look it up this game was the bomb)
  • Got introduced to first person shooters in America, works incredibly well with Phichit
  • Upon moving in with Viktor, the only thing he ever insists on buying is a Wii 
  • There are countless times where Viktor has woken up at 3am to find Yuuri glued to the TV because someone broke his Mario Kart world record time on Rainbow Road 
  • They own Mario and Sonic at the 2014 Sochi Olympic Games and sometimes host game nights for the Russian skating team 
  • Yuuri and Viktor are great at the pair skating (even if Viktor gets too into the death spirals and runs cricles around Yuuri in their living room)
  • Viktor also owned the official Sochi video game (which doesnt exist in real life but) because he’s actually in it as a character, however Yuuri can kick his ass at it considering he’s not as skilled as you might think with a wii remote
  • Probably played The Last Of Us and cried 
  • Surprisingly un-phased by horror games such as Slender and FNAF etc.(whereas Viktor cant even be in the same room if he’s playing it) 

One time Yuuri thought Viktor was going to be out longer so he was playing Just Dance, and didn’t notice when Viktor arrived mid-way through Rasputin. I’m talking Yuuri giving this routine his total dedication, only noticing Viktor when the music dies down and the older man begins to clap. 

“But Yuuri~! I’m glad you’re appreciating Russian culture!”

Yuuri becomes somewhat less embarrassed until Viktor starts referring to him as ‘Russia’s Greatest Love Machine’
Kamil Stoch - Double Olympic Champion | Sochi 2014
NEW VIDEO: Dedicated to Polish Team in Soczi. It`s our THANK YOU for everyt...

You held me down but I got up (…)
‘Cause I am a champion
And you’re gonna hear ROOOOAAAR!

Guys! Today is the second anniversary of Kamil’s first Olympic Gold! It was the first Olympic Gold in ski jumping for Poland since 1972 when Wojciech Fortuna won. So, if any of you think that we’re overly emotional about it, then you should know how epic was that. Yes, it is a big deal.

And I believe that Kamil will stand up from his knees. World is trying to hold him down but he’s gonna get up. And all of his haters will be ashamed.

Kamil found out about our twitter action #twoyearsofGoldenStoch and this is what he posted:

Many people bring back an anniversary for me :) Thanks to MKOI for the cool vid!

Guys, I don’t think I can stand seeing him sad any longer. :( I wish he was as happy as he was back then in Sochi…