sochi 2014


Sochi 2014 SD SKY SPort

Video by Elena C.

[008] Hanyu, Y.

“I was very nervous out there. I’m so, so, sorry. The Olympics sure is something else.”

–Yuzuru HANYU, Sochi 2014, the very first words he uttered to the Japanese media after the flower ceremony

…you’d think the kid missed the podium by a mile, if you didn’t know the results and just tuned in.

He was interviewed by the Russian media before it was the Japanese one’s turn and they asked him something along the lines of whether he thinks he deserved to win. The video I saw cut straight to the Japanese media’s turn right before we get to hear his answer. I would’ve loved to know what he answered, since the question was a pretty interesting, albeit incredibly loaded, one.

Poor kid. I can’t imagine what it’s like to have put your heart and soul out there, only to be made to feel guilty about being rewarded for it. The Japanese media at least, were kind and understanding about it, so I guess at least there’s that. Ultimately though, that flawed FS performance was one of the biggest factors that contributed towards all his jaw-dropping achievements after. So, as far as I’m concerned, his Olympic win was one of the best ones ever, even if it’s the least of all his achievements, of which we are still counting.

People will generally come to see that he is a different breed of champion in hindsight, while his fans are the people who have come to realize that he is different breed of human altogether.


“We’re so proud of our team,” said defending Olympic champion ice dancer Tessa Virtue. “I think Canada really showed its true colours. It’s so special to be a part of this event.” 

Canada wins Silver in the first ever Olympic Team Figure Skating Event in Sochi 2014 || Mens SP, Pairs SP - February 6th | Ice Dance SD, Ladies SP, Pairs FP - February 8th | Mens FP, Ice Dance FD, Ladies FP - February 9th | Medal Ceremony - February 10th