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Okay so I don’t know if I’m just slow or what, but I JUST realized something about this scene that I never picked up before.

Yen Sid smiles here.

It’s really easy to miss, and I always thought Mickey was just smiling up at him here to be like “I’m cute, right? You can’t be mad at me, right?” But no, it’s like Yen Sid realizes and appreciates this Mickey is eager and curious, and him doing stupid stuff like this is like that of any growing child and having those traits is something to be valued. And yet he does give him a pop to the backside on the way out. So then this scene ends on both a note of “Yeah, we’re still cool,” and “Don’t. DO THAT. Again.”

It just means so much to me especially when you consider how Yen Sid was supposed to represent Walt and the studio’s been focusing on that so much more recently especially in the parks like in Mickey & the Magical Map and then you start seeing The Sorcerer’s Apprentice as one of Mickey’s misadventures growing up before Walt passed on the torch to him 26 years later and uuuuugh excuse me I gotta go cry now.