Amanda Rollins


Girlfriend is jealous of Sonny

Rollisi with Jesse

With a chubby girlfriend


Comforted by SO about the baby belly

Eddie Garcia


Falling in love with Rafael’s wife

Finding out that Eddie was accused of rape

With a shy SO

Uncle Eddie

Elliot Stabler


Elliot confesses his feelings for you

First date

First fight

First kiss

Jealous Elliot

SO gets hurt on a case

With a pregnant SO

John Munch


Being Munch’s daughter (and Barba’s girlfriend)

Protective of reader

Lucia Barba


Falling in love with a longtime friend

Telling Rafael she has a girlfriend

You tell Rafael you and Lucia are dating



Mike Dodds


Being Mike’s crush (and Liv’s sister)

Falling in love with a new detective

Fighting/making up with SO

Finding his SO in his clothes

Introducing his SO to his family

Nighttime routine with SO

Pillow talk

Snow day with SO

Taking care of drunk reader

Telling Mike (and Liv) that you’re pregnant

Wedding Anniversary with SO


Clean Shirt, New Shoes

Demolition Woman

Valentine’s Day

Used to the Cold

Nick Amaro


First week with a newborn

Pillow Talk

Showing his love for you


Comforting self-harming reader

Meeting (much younger) SO’s parents for the first time

Olivia Benson


Being Liv’s sister (and Mike’s crush)

Having a girlfriend for the first time

Introducing her SO to Noah

Realizing she’s in love with Barba

Telling Liv (and Mike) that you’re pregnant

Rafael Barba


As a cat owner

Being a momma’s boy

Being Barba’s girlfriend (and Munch’s daughter)

Being introduced to Lucia’s girlfriend

Being outsassed by a new detective

Caring for bedridden SO

Celebrating Mother’s Day with wife and daughter

Comforting daughter with a nightmare

Comforting daughter with a panic attack

Comforting SO with depression

Finding out Barba can sing

Finding out Lucia is dating you

First week with a newborn

Going against his crush in court

Going against his crush’s ex in court

In hospital with SO

Jealous Barba

Jealus Barba 2.0

Little Rafi

Meeting SO’s (non-US residing) parents for the first time

Moving into and decorating his place

Pillow Talk

Post op care for SO

Proposing to SO

Realizing he’s in love with Liv

Reminding him of his mother

Seeing Yelina kiss Alex with SO

Simple birthday celebration for SO

SO in hostage situation

SO is jealous of Yelina

SO suffers miscarriage

SO works with Alex Munoz

Taking care of bedridden reader

Taking care of drunk reader

Taking care of sick SO

Thinking he forgot your birthday

Watching Eddie’s son

Weird Headcanons

With introverted SO


“Are We Bad People?”

Comforting SO after fight with dad

Finding out his SO can sing

I’m Gonna Stick With You

Just Say You Won’t Let Go

Passing Notes In Secrecy

Stitch by Stitch

SO is jealous of Yelina

Valentine’s Day Gift Exchange

Sonny Carisi


Being comforted after an abusive relationship

Being protective of new partner

Big fight/making up with SO

Bisexual Sonny

Bringing a girlfriend home for the first time

Bringing home a European girlfriend to meet the family

Car accident with pregnant SO

Celebrating birthday with SO

Comforting asexual SO after fight with mom

Comforting crying SO

Comforting reader after they don’t get the job

Comforting reader on their birthday

Comforting reader post-op

Comforting self-harming reader

Comforting SO through the sophomore slump

Comforting SO with depression

Crush on shy classmate

Face masks with SO

Fight with SO

Finding wife and kids asleep together in bed

Grandparents reminisce about the “good ole days” in Europe

Introducing his SO to the squad

Preventing SO from scratching stitches

Proposing to SO

Proposing to SO on Valentine’s Day 

Pillow talk

Rollisi with Jesse

Running into SO’s ex with SO

Seeing his SO with kids

Seeing his SO with makeup

Shaving reader’s legs

Sonny doesn’t survive “Next Chapter”

Sonny’s not ready for sex

SO proposing to Sonny

SO taking care of him after “Next Chapter”

SO tells him they’re leaving SVU

SO wishes him dead

Taking care of sick SO

Talking with fiance the night before the wedding

Trying to sleep with an erection

Watching scary movie with SO

With an asexual SO

With a clingy SO

With a pregnant SO

With a pregnant SO expecting quadruplets

With an SO that loves to eat

With an SO that’s afraid of the dark

With an SO on their period

With an SVU detective SO not interested in sex


“Are We Bad People?”

Bad Things

“How Did We Become This?”

Waking Up


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yo so oBVIOUSLY the fight for queer justice ain’t over but like……..a very important part of any social movement is taking time to celebrate victories for the health and well-being of the movement so

celebrate!!! this is a Good Thing and we should treat it as a Good Thing!!! we can think critically about it and talk about it but at the end of the day, thousands and thousands of people have gotten just a little bit of justice and we should smile about that :)