Soccer Players

Many girls dream of having Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar Jr., James Rodriguez, or Javier Chicharito Hernandez as their hot soccer player boyfriend. Just because they’re hot, famous, rich & everyone knows them everywhere. But honestly being the girlfriend of a soccerplayer, is hard..talking from experience. You guys are hardly going to be together. You won’t go on lavish dates or be able to hangout when ever you want, because of his busy schedule, practices, tournaments, all the busy traveling state to state or country to country. It’s definitely a COMMITMENT!!! Sometimes you won’t even talk for days because he has to be in concentration mode, meaning he’s only supposed to be focused in the upcoming game & NOTHING ELSE. Or sometimes they’re will be no cell connection or change of plans. So it’s always a mystery when you’ll actually have him all for you! For me, it’s still getting some getting used to, but I know it’ll all pay off someday. All I can really do is be patient, committed,loyal, & supportive, because that’s his dream. And if you love him enough you will stick by his side no matter what.