Hush, Speak Softly. || Flex.

It was time. Alex knew, knew now that Flint knew about his mom, that he couldn’t keep everything a secret much longer. It was one thing to lie to Allie and Troy about mom, it was another to lie to Flint about, well, everything. The kids would be out with Nana and Papa tonight, seeing the Nutcracker and going to a tree lighting. His grandparents had promised to break the news about Mom to his younger siblings, so he wouldn’t have to. They wouldn’t be back until much later. Alex had the house all to himself to finally explain what had happened. He had a lot to explain really.

The drive there had been quiet - Flint had slept the whole time, the peaceful flurries of snow and John Mayer crooning on the radio enough to lull anybody into a coma. Alex was on his fifth cup of coffee, nervous as he thought and planned their impending conversation in his head, debating what was the best way to go about this. It was an intimate thing to discuss, his sex life with someone else, the impact it had on him. 

As Flint walked into the house and deposited their bags upstairs in Alex’s bedroom, the older male worked quickly to get the place heated up, bringing firewood in to stuff into the wood burning stove. In minutes, he had it roaring, before the blonde was on his feet again, going into the kitchen. They had picked up food on the way, so neither boy was hungry, but Alex poured two glasses of wine from an old chardonnay he found in the fridge. He tried to ignore how… sad he felt, being in his house. Troy and Allie were in boarding school, Mom was in the hospital, Dad was gone, Alex was at college. The place was empty. All the dusty shelves, the empty fridge, the eerie silence… a place that used to be so full of life was now so painfully abandoned. Swallowing the lump in his throat, Alex made his way to the couch just as Flint was coming down the stairs, forcing a soft smile at the younger boy as he held out a glass to his boyfriend, sinking down onto the couch with him, “So, we need to talk. Nothing bad. Just need to talk, you know, about everything. I miss talking. To you. Do you mind?” Alex’s voice was hesitant as he rambled, biting his lower lip as he kept his free hand busy by pulling a soft, velvety blanket across him and Flint, keeping his gaze down as he spoke. This was going to be a really hard talk, but it was now or never.

We Need to Talk. || Flex.

Alex wasn’t an idiot. Just because he was working all the time now, barely having time for classes and sleep, did not make him an idiot. He knew him always being busy was taking a toll on his relationship. It both pained him and angered him to see Flint reacting the way he was, slowly pulling away from him. The time they were able to spend together was mostly filled with awkward silences and quick make out sessions before hands started drifting south of the border, where Alex usually cut his boyfriend off with quick shake of his head. Maybe that was the problem, the blonde wasn’t putting out enough. The medical student sighed and shook his head as he looked both ways before darting across the road, making his way to Flint’s. That really couldn’t be the problem, he knew Flint knew he was uncomfortable with it, even if the older boy had never told him why. He was getting to it. Eventually. He was working on it. Running his own fingers through gelled blonde hair, Alex sighed and made his way into Thorton. He didn’t want his relationship to fall apart. Something about Flint was off though, something that had started so subtly, that Alex only really realized something was wrong until Flint was always snipping at him, and by then it felt like he was too late. Whatever he had done to piss Flint off, he just wanted to fix. The impending vacation was going to be such a relief - honestly, Alex needed some real alone time with his boyfriend, away from all the hustle and bustle of school and work. Without knocking, the blonde walked into Flint’s dorm and flopped on the couch, looking at the younger boy with raised eyebrows as Flint busied himself in the kitchen, Alex breaking the silence with a soft, “So? Are you going to tell me what’s been going on with you?”