soccer world cup

“For finishing in third place in the 2003 Women’s World Cup, each U.S. women’s national soccer team member was awarded $25,000. They would have received $58,000 if they had won the Cup. For reaching the quarterfinal of the World Cup in 2002, the U.S. men’s national soccer team members received $200,000 each.”

Let’s make this something that gets talked about more in the media.

“All 16 national federations for the teams that failed to get out of the group stage at the 2014 men’s World Cup received $8 million from FIFA. That was $6 million more than the winning national federation will receive at this year’s Women’s World Cup, and that is just the start of the disparity.”

Let’s not forget about this f*cking travesty. We must keep demanding more out of FIFA and their trash federation.


Watch President Obama call the U.S. Women’s National Team to congratulate them on becoming World Cup champions.

Sexism is: that the usmnt gets called “U.S. soccer” on every social media site, while uswnt has to make their own accounts that aren’t even verified.

Sexism is: uswnt getting paid less for winning the World Cup, than the men who lost in the round of 16.

Sexism is: women’s World Cup being broadcasted on secondary channels, when the men had games on regular channels that everyone has.

Sexism is: the women’s World Cup being played on turf when everyone knows damn well that the men would NEVER Have to play on turf.

Do not ever tell me that the women’s game is equal