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Please fire me. I’m a paediatric surgical assistant who had to repeatedly explain to a famous footballer that his child is going to have to wait for me to stitch up her finger. It is the middle of the night, there is nobody else available and I need to oversee a critically ill child going into surgery in order to stop them dying. The footballer in question then demanded to see my superior and my superior’s superior, all the while demanding “Do you know who I am?!” Yes sir, you’re a nasty man with an inflated ego whose kid has a boo-boo. 


Wag Wednesdays Presents

Paige Milian 💕

21 // Model

• Partner: Raheem Sterling

• Paige and Raheem have a baby boy named Thiago together.

• Paige works with clothing brands like Vita De Lusso.

• She was a subject of online racial abuse during 2015 when Raheem moved to Manchester City from Liverpool.

INSTRAGRAM: paigemilian

Lol 😆

Other women become wags either because they want money/fame or they just happen to fall in love with a man who plays football. Meanwhile I wanna beckme a wag so I can have free tickets and the latest kits/jerseys 😂😂😂

Things I don’t care about in womens sport:

  • how their hair looks
  • how sweaty they are
  • their make-up (or lack thereof)
  • how big their muscles are
  • whether or not they win
  • being able to see their bra straps
  • how ugly/cute their game face is

Things I DO care about in womens sport:

  • their sportsmanship 
  • the inspiration they give to other girls/women
  • their commitment to training/fitness
  • their passion