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Unakite for @gemsonaresources gem collab event! I’ll bold the stuff that was given to me to work with.  ^^

-Weapon: A spiked shield, good for defending and bashing if an enemy gets too close.
-Ability: Can calm the emotions of others to pacify fights, and drive cars.
-Pronouns: She/her, he/him, or they/them
-Personality: Very patient, very caring, and for the most part, very forgiving. She doesn’t like to conformation at all, so they can be a bit weak willed.
-Backstory/Biography: She was created on Earth and has lived there ever since she emerged, alone, from a section of the alpha kindergarten that wasn’t supposed to ever hold quartzes. She knew nothing about gems or Homeworld since she was born after the rebellion, so naturally she walked into the nearest town and integrated into human society.

-Extra Information: They saved and kinda accidentally adopted a human child, and is actually doing ok at the whole parenting thing. She also adopted the hair and fashion sense of suburban parents. Unfortuatively. Her other favorite outfit still incorporates a pastel polo shirt, but with a jacket tied over the shoulders. They got roped into becoming the coach for her child’s elementary school soccer team, and so far in their season they’re 3-1, so I’d say life is going alright.

one piece of trivia that has been haunting me for years now is the fact that samus aran was actually named after pelé. you know, the brazilian king of football. 

apparently, her character designer, hiroji kiyotake, is a big football fan, and wanted to pay homage to pelé through samus. only he remembered pelé’s real name, ‘edson arantes do nascimento’, wrong, thinking it was actually ‘samus arantes nascimento’. so he named her samus aran, for short, and the name stuck.

and every time i remember this, and the fact that if kiyotake had remembered pelé’s real name right, her name would be either ‘edson’ or something like it, i feel like i’ve entered the twilight zone

The gems as stereotypical moms
  • Pearl: Overprotective, but lovable, mom. Got the,"Mom of the month!" award from School Committee. Is jealous of Maya from the School Committee because Maya makes better lemon squares than her.
  • Amethyst: Cool mom every other kid wishes they had. Every mom on the School Committee hates her because she's that,"One mom." Picks kid up from school on a different vehicle every day.
  • Garnet: Silent mom every other kid is secretly afraid of. The School Committee loves her though. She makes the best orange squares.
  • Rose: Nerd mom that tries to act 'cool' around kid's friends. All the kids like her and she was hit on by a seven year old once. The moms absolutely ADORE her. ("Oh, Rose, did you make that cake?" "Rose, you have GOT to see this!" "Rose, did you hear what happened to Michelle's daughter earlier today?")
  • Jasper: Overenthusiastic soccer mom. Yelled at Cynthia from the School Committee and called her cookies,"Bland, tasteless, over glorified rice cakes." Absolutely hates School Committee meetings and does everything she can to get out of them.
  • Peridot: Forgetful mom. Doesn't remember they have basketball practice in ten minutes. Fell asleep at the monthly meeting of the School Committee and could only wake up when Jasper slapped her. (To be fair, it was lightly. And Rose, Pearl, and Lapis had already tried any alternatives and had given their consent to the practice.)
  • Lapis: Hot single mom. All the moms on the School Committee are super jelly of her, and all of their kids have crushes on her. Got flowers from an anonymous secret admirer a few times.
  • Ruby: Constantly worried mom. All the moms on the School Committee think it's scandalous she's in a relationship with Sapphire. Keeps up with the kids. Super good with them too.
  • Sapphire: Calm, keeps the peace mom. All the moms wonder how her kids never seem to fight and are constantly asking tips. They also think it's scandalous that she's in a relationship with Ruby. She's "That one mom" we all know.
Capitol Records | 1D (traducción al español) - análisis

Esta es la traducción que hice para los textos de los blogs que aparecerán abajo.

Sin más, los dejo con el post.


Ese supuesto encuentro con Capitol fue hace seis meses y un día, lo cual probablemente significa nada pero también coincidencias como esas parecen estar por todos lados. 


Dos días antes del encuentro con Capitol fue la entrevista con Seacrest que se perdieron…


Y MITAM fue lanzado una semana antes.

Y permítanme entrar en calor aquí, porque podría estar sobrepasando los límites pero…

Seis meses después de ese encuentro los cuatro miembros de One Direction tienen cosas por llegar/empezando pronto. Las grabaciones de Dunkirk empiezan mañana, Louis y Niall tienen el partido de Soccer Aid, Niall tiene su evento de golf, Liam tiene música de la cual nos siguen diciendo que está por llegar, y parece que hay un impulso en el babygate ya que se ha estancado otra vez en Marzo.

Así que una vez más, podría significar nada. Pero también estoy viendo de reojo a la sincronización de todo. 


Los tags de @lawyerlarrie: #six months after the release of MITAM could very well be the time they were obligated to Syco for promotion#will be interesting to see if and how things may change (#seis meses después del lanzamiento de MITAM podría muy bien ser el tiempo al que estaban obligados con Syco por promoción #va a ser interesante ver si y cómo las cosas tal vez cambien)

No estoy diciendo que este es definitivamente el caso aquí, pero casi todos los ciclos de promoción están planeados en una base de seis meses, sin embargo es usualmente por un año entero. El año industrial se divide en cuatrimestres - C1, 2, 3 y 4 - una campaña de un álbum típicamente dura entre dos o cuatro cuatrimestres. Sin un tour, es más probable que sean dos que cuatro.

Si ahora han sido seis meses desde que MITAM fue lanzado, es totalmente posible que el ciclo de promoción del álbum esté completo y por lo tanto su contrato haya expirado. Obviamente es sólo una conjetura, pero como todos arriba dijeron: la sincronización es interesante. 

También quiero decir además de todo lo de arriba, que es interesante que esté pasando todo esto justo ahora que estamos cerca de otro M25 (y que cae precisamente un miércoles).

Ayu, x