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Raven: “Clarke, look at me! I’m gonna kick her ass!”

Lexa: “Sure Raven…We’ll see…”

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Lexa Soccer Au manip:  

Clarke Raven and Octavia Soccer AU manip! 😎⚽🏆

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Playing Forward

Pairing: JB/Im Jaebum x Reader (female)

Word Count: 3,323

Rating: (F) for fluff

Summary: College!AU, Jock!AU. After a flying soccer ball knocks you over on your morning run, the player behind it aims for your heart as well.

Part of the GOT7 colors series of oneshots! 🌈 Color: Green.

Music pounds in your ears as you sprint around the track, furiously swinging your arms. Legs straining, you round the turn, approaching the invisible spot on the track you’d marked as your starting place. The smooth sounds of James Blake carry through the headphones you wear, so incongruous with the frantic motion of your body as you run.

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Examples of deductive reasoning 7 part 3/3

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What can shoes themself can tell about their owner?

White trainers: Careful, anxious, shy, modern

Cross trainers: Sporty or want to look alike

Ankle boots: Not venturesomely, quite secure

Ballarinas: Dynamic, uncomplicated, lazy

Sneakers: Dynamic, modern

Sailing shoes: Extroverted, likely to come from a well funded family/has money

Sandals: Lazy, simple, extroverted

Biker boots: rough, if worn with dress or shorts; sensible

High-heels: extroverted, direct, dominant, tires to be sexy

Patent shoes: extroverted, good financial status, office worker

Soccer shoes: plays soccer, sporty, if studs; plays for atleast a few years

Soccer shoes have different kinds of studs which can give clues where they (will) play-ed with them:

AG-Artificial Ground: used to play on artificial turf

FG-Firm Ground: used to play on natural turf

HG-Hard Ground: used on hard or cinder ground

IN-Indoor: the average sport shoe, used to play indoor

SG-Soft Ground: used to play natural turf and muddy, wet areas

TF-Turf or centipede: used to play on hard/cinder ground, but also on older, short artifacial turf

Preference #76: Frat Boy

A/N: Since I’m in my second year of college I have a new appreciation for the frat versions of the boys. :D

Harry: That damn red snapback… his unbuttoned polo shirt. The tiny brown ringlets that peeked out from under the sides of his hat. His confident self walked over to you, “Hey Y/N!!! You look fucking beautiful.” You could smell a hint of alcohol on his breath but you were so overtaken by how good he looked. “Thank you Harry.” He smiled at you, revealing his dimples, “Can I dance with you? Would that be alright?” His voice was deep and raspy, with every word he moved closer to you, eventually resting his fingertips under your chin. You nodded immediately in response and you knew this was going to be a great night.

Louis: Lou was the soccer stud at your college and he was probably the most popular guy as well. You saw him a lot when you would go out, but you knew that you didn’t have a chance with him, so you usually just admired from afar. But one night, tonight, he came up to you, his hair built high on top of his head, his lips the perfect shade of pink, “Ello, Y/N.” He said, and you were in such shock that he knew your name, “Hi Louis!” You said smiling at him, and he inched closer to you, “You look lovely…”

Liam: Everyone thought Liam was hot. Literally everyone. He had all the moves at the parties and he had the charm to go along with it. His dance moves attracted crowds of girls at parties, all hoping for the chance to dance with “Payno” as his frat brothers called him. You weren’t gonna lie to yourself, you knew that you thought Liam was the most attractive human being alive, but you didn’t want to get your hopes up… Until tonight when you caught his eye, “Hey Y/N… You look amazing.” he said walking in a circle around you, eyeing your entire body.

Niall: What words could be used to describe Niall? Funny, popular, hot… The list could go on and on. Niall had literally the perfect personality and everyone loved him. He was a jock, and he loved playing hard-to-get.You had a few encounters with him at some parties, and he had caught your eye, especially tonight. He kept looking at you with his piercing blue eyes, and finally he walked over to you, and bit his lower lip, “Wow… You look perfect tonight.” He put the tip of his nose on yours, teasing you to the extreme, “I can barely contain myself…”
1D's Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan prepare for Soccer Aid match
Louis, 24, and Niall, 22, have put their friendship aside, as the two singers took to the training field on Wednesday ahead of the weekend's star-studded Soccer Aid match.


PUBLISHED: 10:30 EST, 1 June 2016 | UPDATED: 11:03 EST, 1 June 2016

They’ve been firm friends ever since the inception of One Direction in 2010.

But Louis Tomlinson, 24, and Niall Horan, 22, have put their friendship aside, as the two singers took to the training field on Wednesday ahead of the weekend’s star-studded Soccer Aid match.

Clearly taking their loyalties to their respective teams, the two pop stars were wearing their colours loud and proud, as Louis sported the three lions of England and Niall the globe cress of the Rest Of The World.

Keen to keep their fitness and skill levels at a premium ahead of the charity match, which sees a team of English celebrities and pro-footballers take on their counterparts from across the globe.

And it seems that Niall and his team mates were the first ones out onto the pitch at the training facility, despite the grim weather, to work on their ball skills.

Clad in his blue and white tracksuit top and shorts, Niall - who is also assistant manager for his team - looked a formidable footballer; even for the one-time Doncaster Rovers player, Louis.

But if Niall’s 1D bandmate saw any threats from the ROTW team, he didn’t show it as he and his team mates arrived in time to catch the end of their opponents training session.

Striding into the facility alongside his team, which includes the likes of Robbie Williams, Jack Whitehall and Jonathan Wilkes - the No Control singer looked to be in high spirits.

Smiling as he chatted away to team captain, Robbie and Arsenal legend and goalkeeper David Seamen, the singer looked in fine form.

The group arrived along with other members of the England team, who looked to be equally non-plussed; with Jack Whitehall and Paddy McGuiness cracking jokes much to Mark wright’s amusement.

The annual event is the brainchild of Robbie Williams and Jonathan Wilkes, and is being broadcasted live on ITV as in previous years.

Jose Mourinho will manage the England team, and is assisted both Robbie and Sunderland manager Sam Allardyce, as well as TV’s Bradley Walsh.

The celebrities lining up for Three Lions alongside Louis are: Olly Murs, Damian Lewis, Mark Wright, Marvin Humes, Paddy McGuinness, Ben Shephard, Jack Whitehall, John Bishop, Danny Jones and Jamie Theakston.

And bringing the flair and professional zing to the team are: Robbie Fowler, Jamie Carragher, Phil Neville, Sol Campbell, David Seaman, Jermain Defoe, Danny Murphy and Kieron Dyer.

Meanwhile the rest of the world are being coached by Leicester FC boss Claudio Ranieri and Nial, while Michael Sheen is team captain.

The international footballing stars are: Ronaldinho, Cafu, Jaap Stam, Dimitar Berbatov, Edgar Davids, Samuel Eto'o, Fabio Cannavaro and Dida.

Gordon Ramsay has pulled out of the celeb line-up, but still playing are: Nicky Byrne, Kasabian guitarist Sergio Pizzorno, Matthew Morrison, Iwan Rheon, Shayne Ward, Rickie Haywood-Williams, Sean Fletcher, Sir AP McCoy, and Thom Evans.

UNICEF’s Soccer Aid will take place on Sunday June 5, and will see the two teams face-off at Manchester United’s iconic Theatre of Dreams, Old Trafford.

And as usual the teams are injecting some good-natured humour into the processing, with team England in particular rambunctious spirits.

Paddy McGuiness post a post training bath shot of him, John Bishop and Ben Shephard grinning as they soaked their weary bodies.

And newboy Louis Tomlinson was pranked by the whole team, when Paddy pretended to throw scalding hot tea over him.