soccer stud


Another Closet Door Opens!

Thomas Hitzlsperger, the German Midfielder, who retired from football four months ago, has revealed that he is gay

Hitzlsperger, “Der Hammer,” is “the most high-profile player” to come out in the world of football.

Danke Schoen, Herr Hitzlsperger! Du bist ein Held!

A True Sports Stud, Cowboy!

Preference #76: Frat Boy

A/N: Since I’m in my second year of college I have a new appreciation for the frat versions of the boys. :D

Harry: That damn red snapback… his unbuttoned polo shirt. The tiny brown ringlets that peeked out from under the sides of his hat. His confident self walked over to you, “Hey Y/N!!! You look fucking beautiful.” You could smell a hint of alcohol on his breath but you were so overtaken by how good he looked. “Thank you Harry.” He smiled at you, revealing his dimples, “Can I dance with you? Would that be alright?” His voice was deep and raspy, with every word he moved closer to you, eventually resting his fingertips under your chin. You nodded immediately in response and you knew this was going to be a great night.

Louis: Lou was the soccer stud at your college and he was probably the most popular guy as well. You saw him a lot when you would go out, but you knew that you didn’t have a chance with him, so you usually just admired from afar. But one night, tonight, he came up to you, his hair built high on top of his head, his lips the perfect shade of pink, “Ello, Y/N.” He said, and you were in such shock that he knew your name, “Hi Louis!” You said smiling at him, and he inched closer to you, “You look lovely…”

Liam: Everyone thought Liam was hot. Literally everyone. He had all the moves at the parties and he had the charm to go along with it. His dance moves attracted crowds of girls at parties, all hoping for the chance to dance with “Payno” as his frat brothers called him. You weren’t gonna lie to yourself, you knew that you thought Liam was the most attractive human being alive, but you didn’t want to get your hopes up… Until tonight when you caught his eye, “Hey Y/N… You look amazing.” he said walking in a circle around you, eyeing your entire body.

Niall: What words could be used to describe Niall? Funny, popular, hot… The list could go on and on. Niall had literally the perfect personality and everyone loved him. He was a jock, and he loved playing hard-to-get.You had a few encounters with him at some parties, and he had caught your eye, especially tonight. He kept looking at you with his piercing blue eyes, and finally he walked over to you, and bit his lower lip, “Wow… You look perfect tonight.” He put the tip of his nose on yours, teasing you to the extreme, “I can barely contain myself…”