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Okay so Lance...

This post sparked a headcanon in my head and I can’t stop imaging it now so I’m going to talk about it and develop it a bit more (feel free to add to it, share your opinion about it, talk to me about it, etc)

Considering its pretty much canon that Lance has a big family with the photo we saw in season one I can’t help but picture him with his siblings and cousins having soccer games whenever they’re together. Family gathering or not, I can totally see lance being a decent soccer player. 

Hear me out: 

- Lance plays soccer as a kid since his older sibling(s) did and his parents insisted he try some extracurriculars

- He sticks with it for quite a few years getting pretty good always enjoying it 

- But as he gets older his dreams of being a professional soccer player are replaced with piloting and the Garrison

- Everyone’s crushed when he quits because Lance had the potential to go pro and all his coaches said so

- He doesn’t think about it much and kind of just shrugs when people compliment his soccer skills, Lance doesn’t really believe he’s as great as everyone says he is because of his self-doubt and insecurities 

- Lets be real he’d totally look good in a soccer uniform and I bet he has all the merch of his favourite team including like three jerseys, two scarves, temporary tattoos, and a ball signed by his fave player (Keith sees Lance in a soccer jersey at some point and dies a little inside bc holy quiznak he looks so good??)

- On a particularly bad day when Lance is really missing home and his family Hunk catches on and suggests that they all play a quick game of soccer which totally brightens Lance’s mood

- After setting up two goals in the training room and briefing Allura and Coran about the rules and basic concept (Altea probs had the same sport just with a different name lets be real) they split into teams: Lance, Pidge, Shiro VS Keith, Hunk, Allura w/ Coran reffing 

- It starts off fun with everyone laughing and just trying their best but as soon as Lance and Keith butt heads it turns competitive and all hell breaks loose 

- Pidge being the dork she is doesn’t understand the hype over soccer and only continues to play because she’s enjoying spending time with the group (and she secretly wants to win lol for bragging rights) 

- Shiro is all “Keep it a fair game guys! You’re all doing great! Great pass Lance!” and is just happy to see everyone having fun and working together

- Keith is ride or die with any competition and is determined to take Lance down (while also trying to ignore how amazing Lance is bc I can’t get enough of pining Keith lol)

- Hunk is probably a soccer player too so he’s loving it, he’d be the best defence player omg

- Allura picks it up easily and is wicked good totally kicking everyone’s asses, she goes from ‘innocent team fun’ to ‘you’re all going down mfs eat my dust’ (Shiro is smitten af lol he keeps getting distracted by her flawlessness which makes Lance all “Dude! Get it together I am not losing to Keith!”)

- Coran is the best ref ever and is just cheering for everyone the entire time, he’d probably dress for the part too (omg imagine Coran with the black and white striped shirt, a black cap, and whistle lol

- It ends up a tie because the teams are equally good, also the game goes on for much longer than expected so they all get tired af and just finally give in satisfied with the game

- Coran brings out drinks and they all just chill together settling down; everyone’s sweaty and out of breath, they all have goofy grins 

- Lance quietly thanks Hunk for getting everyone involved and just sighs happily at his space family

- Just imagine it guys

- Also someone should totally draw this

- Just saying…

ikontrashimagines: MASTERLIST

tbh I don’t really like KNOW what a masterlist is but I KNOW what it is anyway if I did this wrong sue me- 

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iKON Reactions-

iKON Reaction to: You Sexting Them 

iKON Reaction to: Their Partner Being Able to Rap

iKON Reaction to: You Speaking Your First Language w/ A Family Member

iKON Reaction to: Getting in a Big Fight w/ Their Partner and Finding Out Their Pregnant Later On 

iKON Reaction to: Going Into A Haunted House w/ Them

iKON Reaction to: Speaking Your First Language When You’re Mad (specifically English by Request)

iKON Reaction to: You Continously Bringing Home a Pet w/o Telling Them

iKON Reaction to: You Having Tattoos

iKON Reaction to: The Two of You Play-Wrestling and a Member Walks in w/ You On Their Lap

iKON Reaction to: Seeing You in a Bikini/Swimsuit for the First Time

iKON Reaction to: You Waiting for Them to Finish Something & Falling Asleep

iKON Stories-

Jinhwan: Coming Home and Finding Him “Busy”

Pyromania w/ Hanbin- Pt. 1 (eventual smut, genre: fluff/comedy/romance/angst/drama)

Pyromania w/ Hanbin Pt. 2 

Pyromania w/ Hanbin Pt. 3

Junhoe SMUT: Trying to Get Ready for an Event but Junhoe Gets Handsy

Junhoe SMUT: Call Me (You’re an Idol and Nervous To Meet Him) -NSFW GIFS INCLUDED/ BEWARE OF THE VISUALS

Bobby FLUFF: Something to Say (Bobby Confesses in the Car After Seeing a Movie)

Jinhwan ANGST/SMUT: Liar Pt. 1 (His GF is Using Him and the Two Of You, Best Friends Since Birth, Get in a Huge Fight Over it) SMUT

Jinhwan Angst/Smut: Liar Pt. 2 

Jinhwan Angst/Smut: Liar Pt. 3

iKON Messages-

The Boys Teasing You Because of Your Crush on Bobby

You Getting in a Fight and Them Texting You

iKON Ships (Short Stories/ Ship Member x You)-

Yunhyeong Ship #1- Meeting Yunhyeong and Him Being Impressed at Your Soccer Skills, First Date, etc. 

Bobby Ship #1- Being His Best Friend and Him Confessing He Likes you, First Date, etc. 

Jinhwan Ship #1- Fluff, Running into Him (Literally), Coffee Shop Date, etc. 

Chanwoo Ship #1- Meeting Chanwoo at a Party, Confessing His Feelings for You In The Woods, etc. 

Yunhyeong Ship #2- Yunhyeong Making the Girl You’re Babysitting Cry, Him Making Up For It, Him Confessing After You Storm Out Jealous, First Date at The Aquarium

Junhoe Ship #1- Meeting Junhoe at One of Their Concerts as Jinhwan’s Cousin, Going to an Amusement Park and Him Helping You Get Over Your Acrophobia, Fight Scenario (requested)

Jinhwan Ship #2- Being Jinhwan’s Childhood BFF, Him Confessing His Feelings on a Balcony Late at Night, First Date at the Beach

Bobby Ship #2- Meeting Bobby in a Haunted House, Confessing His Feelings During Movie Night, First Date w/ You Asking Him To Be Yours at a Concert

Donghyuk Ship #1- Being an Artist and Having Donghyuk Compliment Your Work, Him Asking You Out the Next Time He Sees You, First Date On The Same Day as His Confession

Bobby Ship #3- Meeting Bobby at an iKONTACT, Him Asking Taking You to Meet His Family & His Confession

Jinhwan Ship #3- Him Being Your Best Friend’s Cousin, Staying at His House, Him Comforting Your Homesickness, Confession, and First Date at the Museum + Surprise Gift

Hanbin Ship #1- Hanbin Finding You in His Secret Stop, Him Confessing w/ Rose Petals in Said Secret Spot, First Date at an Inn


Big Bang:

Big Bang Stories-

Mine- G-Dragon (You Get Jealous of CL and G-Dragon Finds You w/ a Replacement Him) SMUT


Monsta X:

Monsta X Messages

The Boys Teasing You About Wonho’s Abs

Monsta X Reactions

Monsta X Reaction to: You Having Tattoos

Monsta X Reaction to: Seeing You in a Swimsuit/Bikini for the First Time

Monsta X Reaction to: Meeting Your Family at a BBQ (Easter Edition)


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