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Neighbours were a hit and miss lucky dip. You either got a really good neighbour or a neighbour that you were counting down the days until you could move out or they would fuck off. Luckily, Ellie had quite possibly the most polite and lovely neighbours possible: The Durm’s.

The Durm’s had lived next door for as long as Ellie could remember. Ellie had attended boarding school until the age of sixteen and hadn’t really had any contact with the Durm’s until she came back. The Durm’s were constantly coming over for dinner with her and her parents and bringing over stuff that Mrs Durm had cooked. As the neighbours aged Ellie found herself bringing them their mail, as their postman loved to leave it in Ellie and her parents mail box rather than post it through the Durm’s. How annoying. Ellie liked bringing them their mail, it gave her an excuse to have a cup of tea with them and for them to natter her ear off.

Their favourite subject was their son, Erik. They constantly talked about how he played for some football club and he was doing them proud. Ellie had seen pictures of him when he was young adorning their home and thought he was cute kid. Unfortunately, Ellie had never met him, he was at an academy since the age of 16 and rarely ever came home. Oh the life of a professional footballer. Ellie couldn’t help but think he might be a bit of an asshole if he can’t even make it home for his parents birthday or for Christmas but obviously his parents insisted they didn’t mind and he was just a busy boy. It seemed like Ellie was destined to never meet this Erik kid but she couldn’t say that it played on her mind.

As the end of the season drew nearer the Durm’s began gushing into overload about Erik and how he was coming home for summer. Ellie just smiled and expressed her happiness for them. They insisted that she come see them and meet him but she refused, saying she was on holiday in Miami for part of summer.

The summer of 2016 was busy for Ellie Rhode. Between Miami and visiting her grandparents in their luxurious villa in Spain she found that she had caught quite the tan. It was different, her once milk bottle white skin was now a natural tan and she was admittedly loving it. She found herself not wanting to return to Germany. When she did return to her homeland she spent a lot of time with her friends and very little time at home. It was only in the last two weeks of the summer that she actually spent time at her own house.

It was a regular Tuesday morning, mail day. Ellie had been up since 6am, going for a morning run and spending the rest of her time in the observatory reading a book. She heard the sound of the postman’s rattly old car engine and heaved herself up to go collect it from the mailbox. She quickly untied her hair and adjusted her shorts and crop top before grabbing the keys for the mailbox and slipping on her shoes. There was no better feeling than a gentle gentle breeze and a beaming sun on a humans face and Ellie was savouring that I feeling.

As she was unlocking the mail box and scanning through and organising what goes to who she felt her mind beginning to wander. She wondered if Erik was home, if she actually was the egotistical asshole he sounded like, if the Durm’s were already sick of him. What was she thinking, of course they weren’t sick of him. He was their pride and joy, their heart and soul. As she was scanning the mail she noticed three or four pieces addressed to the Durm’s and decided she should probably go give them their mail and go show her face since they hadn’t seen her for over a month.

The blonde haired German padded over to the house next to hers and knocked on the door. A shirtless boy answered the door. Correction: a hot shirtless boy answered the door.

“Erik who is it?” Ellie heard the familiar voice of Mrs Durm echoed through the hallways. Erik stood there expectantly.

“Uhm, I live next door, I always bring your mail around.” She explained. “I’m Ellie.” He smiled and the dimples in his cheeks were as deep as Ellie’s love for pizza.

“I’m Erik.” He stuck his hand out for a handshake. “My parents have praised you constantly since I got back, going on and on about how amazing you are.” He laughed and Ellie joined in. He had the kind of laugh that was so infectious that you wanted to record so you could hear it constantly.

“I could say the same. Every time I bring the mail round they go on about how perfect you are and how proud they are.” She smiled. Before Erik could reply his Mother bustled through and sidestepped her son to embrace her favourite neighbour.

“Ellie! How are you sweetheart?” She questioned, embracing her in a quick hug. “Has Erik been keeping you? I’m sorry for my son.” She teased and Erik just laughed and pressed a kiss to the top of her head. “Go put a shirt on boy, I’m sure Ellie doesn’t want to see that.” She pushed her son and he turned to walk up the stairs but winked at Ellie before going to put a shirt on his bare torso.

“Here’s your mail Mrs Durm.” She said, handing her their mail. She turned to walk out the door.

“Buh buh buh. Where do you think you’re going missy?” She lightly grabbed her arm and pulled her away from the door. “Don’t think I’m letting you go anywhere without you telling me about your holidays!” She ushered her through to their patio and sat her down. “Tell me everything.” And so Ellie did. From the luscious weather to the manic partying and scenery she’d taken in.

“It was lovely though, Miami especially. Just being away from all my work and responsibilities completely freed my mind up.” Ellie ended.

“Did you meet anyone special out there then?”

“I did not. A few guys approached me but they were all beauty and no brains y'know? Plus most of them were American and I am not into a long distance relationship with that much distance.” She smiled and Mrs Durm seemed pacified with her answer.

“Your parents told me you’d got into University, which one have you chosen?”

“I had a couple offers but I like Dortmund.” Mrs Durm’s face lit up.

“That’s where Erik lives! I’m sure he’d love to show you around, right Erik?” She spoke and when Ellie turned around she saw the aforementioned German heartthrob.

“I’d love to. Dortmund’s great, lots to do and not to mention it has the best burgers outside Signal Iduna Park on game day.” Erik took a seat on the arm of the armchair that Ellie was sitting on. She smiled up at him and nodded.

“I’d like that.” Erik smiled back at her. She looked at her watch and stood up. “I better get going, I said I’d pick up the shopping for Mum. Thank you for having me.” She beamed once again and began to walk out.

When she got to the door, a muscular arm stopped her from opening it. Erik.

“Can I get your number? For you know, when you move to Dortmund.” He said and added significantly quieter, “and if I wanna ask you out.” She nodded and got her phone out and gestured for him to put his number in. He did as she wished and she turned to go.

“It was lovely to meet you Erik, maybe I’ll see you before Dortmund.” She winked and he laughed, throwing his head back as he did so. 

“Maybe you will.”

She’d definitely hit the jackpot in the neighbour’s lucky dip.

Ellie completed her first season of Soccer Shots this fall! It’s an awesome soccer program that teaches very basic skills as well as things like “respect,” “teamwork,” etc. It takes place during daycare so it couldn’t be anymore convenient.

This video was taken on Parent’s Day, where each kid could show off their newly-acquired skills. To say Ellie was excited to score is an understatement.

Protective - Antoine Griezmann Imagine

Hey guys. It’s me again. As I already said I was on vacation and due to my wifi I wasn’t able to upload anything but I’m back now. Hope you enjoy this Antoine Imagine x You’ll find my Masterlist here by the way. 

You get hate 

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You were new into this whole scene. In this whole public thing. You never really cared about some famous people or anything, your boyfriend being apart of it was the way it all started somehow.

Currently you were laying in your bed, it was saturday, late saturday morning. Which meant you did not need to work today. Most day you enjoyed just laying in bed doing nothing, not today through.

You actually enjoyed working this week, it kept you busy and stopped your mind from going crazy. You were always the one to think to much, it always caused problems that weren’t really there or made them worse.

In this case too. You and your boyfriend Antoine had been together for a while now, since he was a well known famous football player and was super good looking he had quiet some fans, most of them female. Anyways you both decided to make it public with him conforming the numerous rumors that were going on about you two.

That was about one to two weeks ago, at first you didn’t really care or didn’t think much about peoples opinion in general because you loved him more than anything so you didn’t care what others were thinking it was just you two. But that changed when you walked home from work one day and came across a girl group who apparently were Atlético Madrid fans or more Antoine Griezmann fans and decided to confront you with their opinion of you. They said things about you that really weren’t that nice, they were awful to be honest. You never experienced something like this. You were always friendly to everyone never really did anything that people could hate you for. So that really shocked you. You didn’t know how to react so you just stayed quiet and turned around and left.

Since that day you haven’t walked that way anymore you changed your way which took you some minutes more but you didn’t mind you didn’t wanted to come across that girls ever again, even through it was stupid because they could come across your new way too but you didn’t care you were just too afraid.

You also didn’t tell Antoine you didn’t wanted him to worry cause he already had some hard time the past few weeks with him not scoring any goals and being criticized.

There was about 10 minutes left of your shift when the door opened and a happy Antoine walked in. His lips formed in a big smile as he walked over you.

“hey babe” he said as he approached you and leaned in and gave your lips a quick kiss.  

“hey” you said surprised seeing him.
“what are you doing here i thought you had training?” you asked.

“yes i did but we finished early so i thought i could pick you up” he said still smiling which made you smile too.

You looked around and since no customer were in anymore you decided you would finish up early.

“alright cmon let’s go. nobody’s here anyways”

As you were finished you were walking outside and started you way.

“uhm antoine i’m always walking the other way” you mumbled not looking up.

“why, that’s way longer” he said.

“uh i don’t know i like it more?” i mumbled it came out more than a question through.

“be serious with me” he said and you looked up at him.

you rolled your eyes. “okay. i was walking home the other days and i came across some girls who said not really nice things about me so i don’t wanna walk that way again” you said.

“wait what? why didn’t you tell me?” he said furrowing his eyebrows.

“i don’t know i didn’t wanted you to worry” i said.

“babe. i want to know those things” he said, his voice was serious and guilt was taking over me.  

“i’m sorry i just i don’t know. i didn’t know what to do”

“we could’ve talked about it”

“i know i’m really sorry”

“alright it’s okay. just please tell me when things happen”

“i will”

“but you know the things they said are not true right?” he asked his eyebrows were furrowing, he was always worrying so much.

“you don’t even know why they said”

“i don’t need to. i know you for a long time now other than those girls or most of the people out here i know you and i love you”

you looked up at him, tears were welling up in your eyes.

you were pulling your arms around his neck and pulling him close to you.

“i love you too” you said putting your lips onto his.

As you both pulled away he said “alright enough cheesy stuff for now i really wanna go home and cuddle.” he said as he started the way pulling you with him with your hands intertwined.

You both walked your normal way you always had for years now, you’ve always walked before those girls showed up.

You weren’t afraid with him by your side until you saw one of the girls sitting by a bench with a boy.

Her eyes locked with yours and you swallowed hard.

Antoine noticed something was wrong when he looked at you.

“what’s wrong?”

“one of the girls is sitting over their” you said nodding over her way. he immediately understood who you were talking about and made his way over their.

your eyes widened and you slowly walked after him still in shock, you really didn’t wanted him to say something afraid she would spread more hate about you.

“alright i know you told my girlfriend some awful things. and i’m not here to fight with you or anything. i just hope you know what you did was wrong and stop hating on people you don’t know. i love her more than anything and that won’t stop any time soon” he said looking directly into her eyes.

You saw her swallowing and trying to say something but she apparently didn’t really knew what.

He didn’t waited any longer and just took your hand and pulled you with him as you two were walking down the street.  

“thank you Antoine” you mumbled after the short time of silence you two shared.

he looked over and smiled.

“you’re welcome. i would do anything for you” he said pulling an arm around you pulling you closer to him.

“i didn’t know you could be this protective” i said a bit amused.  

“well i didn’t either” he said.

“i just love you so much” he stated.

you smiled and pressed a kiss to his check.

“and i love you so much” you said.  

alright so i hope u guys like this. not sure if i do, but there will be more than just two parts of the ‘dating antoine […] …’ series. i really enjoy writing those little ‘excerpts’ tbh lol 👻😁💘


Dating Antoine would include 

… Sleeping together. As much as you love having sex with Antoine, just sleeping next to him is just as nice sometimes. He’s got his arms wrapped around your body from behind as he is spooning you, his warm breath tickling your neck and the feeling of his chest against your back, heaving and sinking with every breath he takes, comforting. 

He pulls you closer, seemingly effortlessly — which isn’t that much of a surprise considering his every day consists of working out — and nuzzles your hair. When he speaks, his voice is so soft that it’s hardly audible. “Lemme cuddle you.” 

Goosebumps erupt on every inch of your skin and you smile, curling your fingers around his wrists and letting your thumb trail the veins on the back of his hand.

“I love you,” Antoine mumbles, voice muffled by an imminent yawn. You giggle.

“I love you, too,” you whisper before you turn your head to look at him. Or try to, at least, because unfortunately it’s physically impossible to turn your head enough to really see him. “Now go to sleep. It’s late.” 

Quietly, he chuckles. “Oh, am I keeping you up again?” 

“Yes. Now, pssh. Sleep.” 

“Hmm. Just a moment.” He presses a kiss to your shoulder, once, twice, while he rubs his thumb against the skin of your hip in soothing circles. “You’re my favorite person.” 

“Oh, god. You’re so cheesy.” You can’t help but laugh, but still you feel your cheeks heat up, warmth crawling its way through your body. You’ve never been a really romantic person, so you’ve never been into exchanging sweet nothings, but Antoine is French. It’s a stereotype, and he fulfills it completely. Somehow, you don’t mind. 

… Cuddling Hookie. He’s snoring softly, lying on top of you as you’re watching some reality TV show which you only understand half of since you’re still learning Spanish. Antoine is sitting on the other couch, trying on different pairs of football boots which have been sent to him by sponsors. It’s kind of funny to you how footballers, who earn so much money already, get their boots for free.

You shake your head as you run your fingertips through Hookie’s soft fur. He lets out a deep, appreciative breath. It makes you smile.

“Why are you always cuddling Hookie?” he asks all of a sudden. “I’m your boyfriend.” 

“Oh, really? Wow, I thought Hookie was.” 

“Haha,” Antoine deadpans. 

“I mean, you’re not much bigger than him anyway.” 

At that, Antoine looks over at you, fake hurt glistening in his blue eyes. “Ouch. But like I always say, size doesn’t matter. Technique does. And we all know I have great technique.” 

You laugh. “And they say Ronaldo’s arrogant.” 

Antoine shrugs. “I never said he was. Hey, do you want to go for a run?” 

With a raise of your eyebrows, you nod slowly. “Yeah, right.”

… “Give me a kiss first.” This is the sentence you hear coming out of Antoine’s mouth the most. You know that he does this to annoy you but to be honest, it’s not nearly bugging you as much as he thinks it does. 

“I only asked you to pass me my bowl of cereal,” you retort with a roll of your eyes. 

Antoine grins. “And I only asked you to kiss me first. That so bad?”

“Kissing you? Hell, yes. It’s awful.”

“Why are you always so mean?” he fake-pouts as he leans over to place your breakfast in front of you. He does, however, pucker his lips for you to kiss him. When you don’t make any move to do so, he opens one of his eyes, shooting you a disapproving look. Chuckling, you lean close to press a quick kiss to his lips. 

“There we go,” Antoine says, smirking. 

“When will you leave for training?” 

“What? Trying to get rid of me already?” he laughs. 

You shake your head. “Never.” 

“In twenty minutes.” 

“Okay. Can you stop at the grocery store on your way back? 

Slowly, Antoine’s lips stretch into a mischievous smile. “Sure. But give me a kiss first.” 

… Taking care of Antoine when he’s drunk. It’s four in the morning when you’re leaving the club. There are hardly any cars driving along the streets of Madrid, letting you know once again that yes, really, it’s time to go to sleep.

“You are sooo beautiful,” Antoine slurs next to you, his arm slung around your shoulders lazily and tripping up on his own feet every now and then. Taking care of a drunk Antoine is a back-breaking job — literally, since his arm around you grows heavier with every step he takes. Or stumbles.

“And you’re sooo wasted,” you give back, mocking him. Antoine either doesn’t seem to realize or he just doesn’t care, because he’s chuckling quietly, pulling your body closer into his. He doesn’t drink a lot of alcohol — isn’t even allowed to, being a pro footballer who has to stay in shape, live healthy, et cetera — so when he does, it usually doesn’t end well. He has fun while he’s drunk but once his body has dissipated the alcohol and the hangover kicks in full force … well, it’s less fun then.

“So?” he says, kissing your cheek twice and leaning his forehead against the side of your head. “You’re still beautiful.”

You laugh. “Okay, babe. Thank you.”

“I’m happy I’ve got you.” Antoine’s other hand snakes around your body, too, pulling you into a hug. “Do you— um.” He sighs, then tightens his embrace a little more. “Marry me?”

“Of course.” You smile as you run your fingers through his hair. “Yeah. Someday.“


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Somethings are fragile and the human heart and it’s emotions are one of them. Sometimes it’s a word, a look, news or body language that can break a heart. But for Kiki nothing broke her heart more than the hashtag that followed the posts of or with her that her best friend posted on Instagram.


I mean, it wasn’t really his fault. He was never the best with reading a girls mind but he always seemed to kind of have a better perception of Kiki’s mind than any other females. How had he not figured it out?

Hector wasn’t dumb, per say, he was actually reasonably intelligent. He had the schooling system at La Masia to thank for that. Well, and the fact that he wouldn’t have been allowed to stay at the academy if he didn’t get good grades.

Hector and Kiki had been the best of friends since they were 4, way before either of them grasped the concept on cooties. No matter how many people thought it was weird for them to be friends it didn’t faze either of them. Even in high school when the popular girls saw his Instagram posts tagging her in them and asking if she had ever ‘tapped that’, which at the time she found disgusting, she simply just laughed and said they were best friends. Much to their delight of course as they continued their quest to be the girl that tied Hector Bellerin down. Many had tried and all had failed.

There was only 4 things Hector had time for in his life: football was always number one, his family came in at a close second then it was Kiki and then it was food. No girl other than Kiki factored into his life, he didn’t have time for the stress of girls and their attitudes. Kiki’s was enough.

Many texts had been exchanged between the two where Kiki had gotten ‘aggy’, as Hector referred to it, and Hector simply just told her to drop it and she would send a meme. He could never take her attitude seriously, she was like a moody puppy.

They only lived two streets apart but it was incredible how different their living spaces were. Hector lived in the typical flashy bachelor pad overlooking the city whereas Kiki lived in a small terraced house shared with three other people. Surprisingly Hector preferred to spend time at Kiki’s, feeling too lonely and like his apartment was far too empty to spend time in. Kiki’s was always full of noise and laughter and the conflicting music tastes of the four housemates and Hector loved it. Whenever he was there it didn’t matter what they were doing, whether they were watching a movie, Hector playing COD with her housemates, Hector cooking whilst Kiki sat on the counter refusing to help. At Kiki’s he wasn’t the star right-back of Arsenal, he was just simple Hector Bellerin who was good at COD and could cook better than anyone in the terraced house.

A rainy Saturday night spent with the soft hum of The Weeknd on in the background was a regular occurence at Kiki’s. Hector was lying back on her bed, scrolling through social media and reading articles on the latest transfer news whereas Kiki was sat on her windowsill reading her latest love: the Harry Potter series.

“Keeks?” The male spoke, making the nursing student look up from her enthrallment in the book and gesture him to continue. “C’mere.” He whined. Hector loved spending time with his best friend, finding comfort in the way she played with his hair and the warmth she shared as she snuggled into his side. The female obliged, stepping down from her windowsill and shutting the thick book and plopping herself down on the bed. Instantly she felt two strong arms wrapped around her and pulled her back into a warm body.

“You’re so needy Hec.” She giggled but she adored the contact. She found contentment as Hector sighed in bliss. Before she could find herself wrapped up in hopes and dreams of a possible relationship with Hector she was snapped back into reality.

“You love it amigo.” That stupid word that single-handedly managed to break her heart every single time the idiot spoke it. She slowly raised herself, trying to act inconspicuous as she left the embrace. She swung her legs off the bed and raised herself.

“You should go Hec. It’s late.” She spoke, tying her hair into a sloppy ponytail. Hector rose, his eyebrows raised and confusion painted blatantly on his face.

“It’s Saturday, I always stay over.”

“I forgot I have class in the morning.” Lie. “I need to study.” Lie. “You should go.” Hector reached his hand out to grab her arm, hoping to make sense of the situation but she dodged his hopeful grasp. “Go Hector.” Unfortunately for Kiki, her best friend was not buying her bullshit and grabbed her and pulled her onto his lap.

“You have to tell me what I’ve done or I can’t fix it Keeks.” He sighed, playing with her hands. He rested his head in the crook of her neck and inhaled her scent. “C’mon Keeks, you tell me everything.” He persisted.

Kiki sighed. “Hec, please. I’ve just got class tomorrow and can’t risk missing it.” She lied again.

“Well that’s funny because your schedule is on the wall and you don’t have class tomorrow and if you did you would’ve written it in. So stop bullshitting and tell me the truth.” Kiki stuttered in reply. “Keeks just tell me.”

“I can’t.”

“Can’t or won’t?” Hector sighed and placed his lips on her cheek, making her pull away. “For gods sake, just tell me.”He raised his voice.

“You won’t understand.”

“Try me.”

“I, I” Kiki stuttered as she tried to admit her true feelings. Could she even do this? Admit her feelings to the one always had by her side? “I like you.” She spluttered out.

Hector raised an eyebrow. “I like you too. Is that it?”

“No Hector.” She shook her head. “I like you. I like you, like you.” She watched intently as Hector raised his eyebrows.

“I thought that was obvious?”

“Excuse me?” She stuttered, the hell did he me?

“Why do you think I act how I do with you?” Hector chuckled. “Keeks, I act that way because I like you. I thought that was completely obvious.” Kiki gazed at him with a confused expression painted on her angelic face, sparking another chuckle from Hector. “Let me prove it.”

He slowly placed his lips against hers, tender as ever. Kiki didn’t feel fireworks, she felt something so indescribably perfect. She felt every part of her body tingle as Hector ran his hands down her waist, tentatively pulling her closer. He was cautious of overstepping his boundaries, he was not going to screw this up.

They had to pull away, smiles adorning their features as Hector pulled both of them back onto the bed.

“Go to sleep babe.”

“Damn, I kiss you and go front amigo to babe? I should’ve done that sooner.”

Girl of your dreams - Antoine Griezmann Imagine

Hey guys xx Guess what an Anoine Griezmann Imagine again, told you there’s gonna be a few x I hope you like it! (It’s his point of view for the first time) 

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Girl of your dreams - Antoine Griezmann Imagine

You parked the car before your house and got your training bag out as you left the car and walked to the door.

You opened the front door and sat your training bag aside got out of your shoes and Jacket and walked closer to the kitchen where you could hear some noises.

You leaned in the door frame as you watched your girlfriend standing in front of the kitchen counter. In only one of your old jerseys, the jersey was barely even covering her thighs. immediately a smile spread on your lips. You loved when she wore your clothes, they were looking much better on her anyway.

She was cooking something and dancing around a bit, carefree.

You had a long day, tomorrow was an important game in primera division so you had to have quiet some extra training. So it was tiring you out but seeing her being like that in your clothes made you forgot about your day.

You two had been together for a while, she moved in with you a while ago. You two lived your life together and honestly it couldn’t been more perfect. you couldn’t imagine a life without her anymore. she was always there to support you, going to games of yours whether there were in Madrid or in France. Even through she was busy with her last year if university she never failed to be there for you.
Since you were a well known football player, you were away for quiet some times, everyone always talked about you whether you liked it or not.
But when you were with her it felt like the whole world was stopping and the two of you were the only one.

You just stood there and watched her for quiet some time. Until you walked to her and wrapped your arms around her. She jumped slightly but calmed down as soon as she recognized it was you.

“hey babe” you mumbled in her neck.

“hey. when did you came home? i didn’t hear you at all”

“like 15 minutes ago or something” you said as you let her go and let her continue cooking.

“well i’m making pasta” she said while continuing.

You just smiled and watched her face as she looked kinda concentrated. God, you were so in love with her.

“how was training? you seem tired” she said and looked over to you as you were standing there your back pressed to the counter, beside her.

“i am. it was good, i’m just really exhausted”

“my mum is coming to the match tomorrow too” she said and smiled.

“oh she is? that’s gonna make me nervous even more”

“oh babe. she loves you” she said and rolled her eyes and you chuckled slightly.

“besides you have nothing to worry about. you’re gonna win i know it”

“i’m glad you’re gonna be there to support me”

“i always am” she said and put the pasta on two plates handing you one over.

“thanks for cooking babe” you said as you two were sitting down at the table.

“you’re welcome. figured it would be a long training session”

You two ate the pasta and put the dishes away before going to your bedroom.

You were looking forward to this moment all day long.

“Antoine?” she asked as you two were laying in bed facing each other, she was playing with your hands, something she would always do.


“are you really okay? you seem off”

“i’m fine babe. just tired” you said and looked into her beautiful eyes. her eyes showed the slightest sign of worry.

“then go to sleep”

“no i want to spent my time with you”

she chuckled as she put her hand on your cheek holding your face in her small hand.

“i’m gonna be right here when you wake up”

“okay then i might go to sleep now”

a smile played on her lips as she was leaning in and pressing a few kisses to your lips and nose.

“i love you. sleep tight babe” she was rolling around and you wrapped your arms around her pulling her closer to you so her back was against your chest.

“i love you so much” you said and pressed a kiss to her head before closing your eyes and drifting of to sleep right after.

Meeting her in your dreams again, since she was the girl of your dreams.

Fake Love

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Every love story is different, some stereotypical, some so sweet they could give you diabetes and others just plain weird and awkward. But theirs was one of circumstance and Drake. Yes, you heard me. Drake. 

Arsenal were away to Manchester United and had returned back to their hotel with a joyous point. All the boys were buzzing, joking around and, of course, taking selfies. They sectioned themselves into groups. The ‘oldies’, aka Koscielny, Giroud, Cech and Mertesacker, were going downstairs for a quiet drink and a meal. The ‘young un’s’ gathered into their hotel rooms. It would surprise no one that the noisiest hotel room contained the Ox, Bellerin, Iwobi and Holding. The boys were far too excited to care about the noise they were making. Many times they had been issued warnings from Wenger about being loud, hell even Cech would lecture them about it; he would order them to be aware of their neighbouring guests and to keep their noise to a minimum. 

Normally the annoyed guests would contact the reception if they thought the noise was getting too much, consequently the reception would phone their room and courteously ask them to keep the noise down due to complaints. However, this was definitely not the case on this particular day.

The boys were sprawled across the chairs and beds their room possessed, mostly on their phones or laptop. Every now and then when a ‘banging song’, in the words of the Ox, came on they would woop and then resort back to their phones. As usual they had no consideration for their surroundings and were as loud as they pleased. 

A knock on the door interrupted the Drake that was blaring out and the boys each looked at each other, as if deciding who would get up to answer it. Ox groaned and got up, pulling the door open to reveal a girl standing there in an oversized t-shirt with her hair wet.

“Can I help you?” Ox asked sweetly, obviously turning on the charm. 

“Yeah.” The girl answered bluntly, her thick Manchester accent coming out. “You could turn the bloody loud music. I couldn’t give less of a shit if this song is a ‘banger’, so keep it down.”

“It’s not even that loud? We’re celebrating, why should we keep it down?”

“Because I’m trying to do my dissertation. Not all of us can be super talented at football and earn hundreds of thousands a week. I actually have to work hard to get a job, asshole.” She turned on her ‘bitch mode’. Before Alex could reply with an equally sassy response, Rob came to the door. 

“I’m so sorry about the noise, we completely forgot to keep it down.” Rob said calmly, pushing Alex back into the room. “Is there anything I can do to make it up to you?” He said kindly and a smile came onto the girls face.

“Thank you. Sorry for going bitchy, I’m just tired and stressed, I didn’t mean to take it out on you or your friends.” 

“I completely understand. It may be irrelevant but my sister is at Uni and she’s getting stressed too so I see where you’re coming from. And Alex can get pretty wound up but I’m promise he’s not an asshole.” Rob laughed and the girl giggled along. “I’m Rob, by the way.”

“Nice to meet you Rob. I’m Jemima.” They smiled at one another. 

“So, um, why are you in this hotel?” 

“I’m up here visiting family on my break from Uni but as you can tell, I’m not really on a break.” She smiled and ran her hand through her wet hair. “I know why you’re here, you had a game today right?”

“Yeah, against United. It was a draw, are you a United fan? She shook her head. 

“Ew no. City fan since I was born, blue moon and all that shit.” She smiled and Rob laughed at her words. 

“What Uni do you go to?”

“I go to the London Metropolitan Uni. Anyway, I better get back to my room, thank you for making them keep the noise down.” She smiled again and Rob was quickly becoming addicted to seeing her smile. 

“You’re very welcome. Could I get your number?” He asked nervously and Jemima’s face lit up. She nodded and he took his phone out of his pocket. She inserted her number into his phone and they both grinned at one another. “Well I’ll let you get back to your room. Feel free to come yell at us again if we’re getting too rowdy.” 

“Oh don’t worry I will.” She walked back to her room. 

Thank god for Drake.


•Smash Into You IV• Erik Durm

. Prt I

. Prt II

. Prt III

A/n: so this is pretty explicit/smutty sooo…fair warning

Y/n giggled as she ran off; it wasn’t that she wasn’t up for things getting taking a sexier turn…teasing Erik was just fun.

Sure it was a bit mean and almost cruel when you thought about it but it made her laugh. That was probably why Erik was such a good sport about it slot of the time.

Y/n just barely got through his bedroom door when he snatched her up into his arms. A squeal of a mixture of surprise and excitement fell from her lips. She hadn’t expected him to snatch her up like that, but she wanted him to catch her. She wanted this to happen as much as he did.

Erik lead her to the bed where he  put her down. She stared up at him with a confused  smile when he grabbed a hold of her hands and holding them over her head,

“Pinned.”He teased.

Y/n couldn’t help but smile at the reference to the play fight they had days ago. It was almost as if things had come full circle. Before she could verbally respond, however, Erik’s lips were covering hers. And just like that the mood changed.

The previous playfulness completely gave way to something more electrifying. A sexual tension that had underlined most of the evening was finally in the forefront. The kiss was so full of love, passion felt like she was overheating with it. It was like wildfire consuming her in the most wonderful way.

Y/n wrapped her legs around his waist, pulling even closer if that was possible. Erik released his hold on her hands. He slowly ran his own down her body, leaving a trail of goosebumps in his wake. He gripped at her dress, bunching in his hand while simultaneously pulling it upwards until it was well over her stomach.

He briefly broke the kiss so he could pull the long dress off completely. Once it was off he couldn’t help but stare. Her body was a beautiful masterpiece. Every part of her–every curve, every dip, every flat surface–was beautiful. She looked like she was so thoughtfully and lovingly made–he would never understand how she could doubt it.

He was never going to try either, he was going to make her see her true self. Like he said before he would spend the rest of his life doing so.

He ran a hand over the the material of the lingerie she chose to wear–the red lace lingerie set he loved so much. He loved it not only because red was his favorite color but it looked so good against her skin.

“What?"Y/n spoke up when he continued to just stare and not do much of anything else. His intense gaze both ignited a fire in her and made her uneasy.

“You’re so perfect.”Erik whispered back. She blushed, smiling softly just before he kissed her again. This time, he didn’t just kiss her lips–he placed kisses her cheeks, then her chin, then her neck. He kissed all the way down to her chest, where he planted lingering kisses on the exposed of her breast that her bra couldn’t cover.

Y/n sighed blissfully, the feeling of his soft lips on her skin made her feel so sexy and loved. She threaded her hands appreciatively through his hair, massaging his scalp with her fingers.Erik kissed down to her left nipple; without taking off her bra, he gave it a lick. The action was slow, firm  and deliberate.

Y/n gasped at the sensation, just as he took it into his mouth. She gripped his hair as he expertly went to work. Erik  sucked, licked and bit at her nipple through the lace fabric. He devoted all his attention to it in a way that caused tremors of pleasure to spread throughout Y/n’s body. He always knew just the way to treat her to make her feel good.

Once her nipple was as hard as he wanted it, he moved onto her other one. Y/n panted and whimpered as he gave it the same attention he had just given her other one.

When he got it just as hard, Erik ran his tongue along both breast then slowly back up her neck all while reaching behind her and unhooked the bra. Pulling it off and tossing it aside. He didnt give Y/n enough time to feel any type of insecurity because he was leaving little bites all over her neck and chest.

“Erik,” his name falling from her lips in  a mixture of a gasp and a whimper. He hadnt even done anything to her yet and she felt like she was going to lose her mind right there.


“Shhh."he cut her off as he reached for her legs that were still wrapped firmly around his waist ,slowly unwrapping and spreading them before going back to kissing and biting down her body. Only stopping when he reached her red lace thong. "I love you,"he looked up at her, eyes blazing with every bit of the love he claimed. "I love you too."she breathed out,anticipating what soul come next.

Erik hooked his fingers at either side of the underwear and slowly pulled them down before tossing them aside. When  she was completely naked Erik stopped short, marveling at the beautiful sight. Y/n was so sexy yet there was always this innocent aura about her. It was something that always turned him on about her.

He spread her legs a little wider and gently spread her lower lips apart. He teasingly rubbed a finger up and down, she was so wet already. If he only cared about himself he would’ve just fucked the hell out her right now but he didn’t and wouldn’t. This day had been all about her and it was going to end on the same note. He was going to make her feel every bit of the love he felt.

Y/n shivered the pleasure of the brief friction his light touch had was slowly driving her insane. He was teasing her and she couldn’t take it.

"E-Erik."she whimpered arching back in hopes of  not only prolonging his touch  but intensifying it as well. "Shh."he whispered, holding her down with one hand while he continued to tease her with the other.

"Baby please."Y/n pleaded, trying in vain to get him to stop being a tease.

"Please—?” He prompted her to continue his eyes sparkled with mischief. “Stop teasing me."she all but begged, her pride was out the window. She didn’t care she just wanted him. To touch her…really touch her.

"Okay.” He said simply and pushed two fingers deep inside her without warning. Her eyes widened as her mouth formed an ‘o’ but no sound came out. His pace was slow but firm, steadily pumping his fingers in and out of her.

It didn’t take long before she was rocking her hips to the pace he set. The feeling of his fingers moving inside her was euphoric. Y/n squealed  in shock of the intense pleasure as Erik used his thumb to simultaneously rub her clit.

“d-don’t stop”she whimpered. He had no plans in stopping, not until she came undone.

Without warning he buried his head in between her legs. He clamped his mouth on her clit, sucking on it while continuing to pump his fingers in and out of her.

Y/n cried out as her hands immediately went to the back of Erik’s head, alternating between tugging at his hair and pushing his head deeper. She writhed almost violently as he quickened his pace, slamming his fingers in her while aggressively licking and sucking her clit. It felt so good–almost too good.

Y/n tried in vain to push his head away but he was stronger and latched firmly. She had no choice but to take it.

“oh my G–G” She couldnt even get the words out.

Tugging at his hair roughly, an intense form pleasure began to creep through out her body. It started at the pit of her stomach and continued to spread until it washed over her. Claiming her in an orgasm that had her body trembling violently and screaming loud enough for the whole complex to hear.

Even after she came Erik didn’t  let up, instead he held Y/n down with both hands and kept going. He licked and sucked up every bit of what  she had to offer before latching onto her already overly sensitive clit once more.

It didnt take long before Y/n screamed as another wave of an orgasm crashed through her. She shook and writhed beneath his hold, her orgasm flooding out of her even harder than the first time. It felt so good it almost hurt if that made sense…all she knew was she couldnt handle it a third time. tears were in her eyes from the overwhelming pleasure spasm through her.

She felt like he had  an unfair upper hand. He was completely in control, something she didn’t necessarily mind but she was vulnerable–she was naked figuratively and literally–and he wasn’t. He had undressed her but was still fully dressed himself.

“you’re not even undressed.”Y/n protested weakly.

“You’re right,“he nodded before breaking into a smirk,"lets change that.”

Before Y/n could respond He was pulling off his shirt than undoing his jeans pulling them off along with underwear. A small gasp escaped Y/n’s lips; it didnt matter how many times she  seen him naked, she couldnt help but be surprised –and slightly nervous.

She watched silently as he grabbed a condom from his nightstand  and put it on after he ripped the wrapper. He held her close, the smugness from a few minutes ago long gone. Erik knew how she got and always made it his purpose to make her feel comfortable.

Y/n smiled as he  placed tender kisses all over her face in an effort to put her mind at ease, “I love you, beautiful.”He reminded her for the millionth time though he never got tired of staying it and she hearing it.

“I love you too,”She replied,her tone and face reflecting the love and trust she had and felt for him. The smile that was on her face immediately changed as Erik slowly pushed himself into her. He just as easily found his pace, steadily moving as he made her feel all he had to offer.

"I love you,"he said yet again; he literally couldnt get enough of telling her that. The love he felt for the woman  he was pushing in and out of–that he was literally smashing into like their song said. the woman who he apart of and was apart of him…it was uncontrollable. Erik wanted her to always hear it, feel it, and believe it. Like he said before he would gladly spend his whole life telling her how beautiful she was and how in love he was.if he lost everything tomorrow and was left with  merely his sanity and Y/n…he would still be the happiest man on earth.

"I love you too.” She moaned out,“harder, please harder baby.”

Erik grabbed one of her legs and wrapped it around his waist while pumping harder inside of her. she moaned louder, scratching at his back in response. Her reactions were making him lose control, what was supposed to be a sweet love making was quickly turning into something lot more primal.

Y/n dug her fingers into his back, arching hers as his strokes became more rough and erratic.

Fuck, Y/n,"he groaned,unable to pace himself any longer especially with her involuntarily clenching around him with every movement he made. She leaned forward and bit his shoulder as the familiar orgasmic wave rippled through through her gradually until it completely washed over and consumed her. Her scream seemed to be even louder than before as she gripped onto him for dear life. It didn’t take much longer for Erik to join her in this the same euphoric bliss.  He kissed her lips passionately as he emptied his pleasure into the condom.

When the aftershocks of their climaxes subsided Erik rolled over so she was on top of him, never pulling out of her as he held her close.

"Thank you."she whispered,"it was all perfect from start to finish.”

“I thought I told you not to thank me for things you deserve?"he scolded her teasingly causing her to roll her eyes,” But I’m glad you loved it.“he kissed the top of her head.

"I love you.”

“I love you too beautiful.”

So yeah.

That was the last part and the reason I didn’t update in a while. I was so damn unhappy with it, it literally made me not want to write. I know that sounds melodramatic as hell but it’s true. It was so frustrating. I rewrote it so many times and was thinking of just leaving it out all together but unfortunately I couldn’t. so I tried my best to get it right and it still isn’t good IMO.  It literally makes me cringe. hopefully I’m just being hard on myself as usually and its not as bad as I think.

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Yes, the boy gets angry ;)

Alright, thanks for requesting x I hope you like it x 

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Interview - Antoine Griezmann Imagine

Since you’ve been new into this whole media scene, you didn’t really knew what to do or how to act or anything.

At first it made you really uncomfortable. You were Antoine Griezmanns Girlfriend and since you didn’t really care about social media or public influences that much you two didn’t confirm your relationship for a long time.

But after some time Antoine wanted to take you with him at public events like award shows and stuff like that so you two confirmed your relationship.

You didn’t mind, you made yourself an instagram account a long time ago and when you two confirmed it it blew off.

You didn’t expected that but people were actually interested as far as you were Antoines Girlfriend.

However giving interviews was definitely nothing Antoine and you talked about or you even thought about. So when you were walking out the door from your work on the way home and a reporter was waiting for you and walking behind you already talking real fast you didn’t know what to do.

“miss miss miss. i got some questions for you. it’s nice to meet you” he mumbled and started talking but you only followed slowly up.

It wasn’t that long of a walk till you reached your car butso you couldn’t just ignore him.

“nice to meet you too” you said and gave him a fake smile to seem friendly.

“well how are you?”

“i’m pretty good how are you?” you asked still walking to your car with him walking beside you.

“i’m good too thank you. so have you been at the game yesterday?”

“yes i was” you nodded in memory of the atlético primera division game that was yesterday.

“were you happy with antoines performance?” he asked while he noted some stuff down on his little paper.

“ahh could be better” you joked. Antoine hadn’t had some goals in a while. you didn’t mind through of course. Antoine was one of the best football players in the world and he still gave his all on the pitch and would help his team anyway.

“alright i need to go” you said as you reached your car and he said a quick thank you and goodbye before he left.

You just sighed and got in your car to drive of.

After you made a quick stop at the store you made your way back home and went to the kitchen to put the stuff in the fridge.

You didn’t expected antoine to be home so you didn’t say anything but when he walked in the kitchen slowly. Reading something on his phone he almost freaked you out cause you didn’t heard him.

“oh my gosh babe you scared me” you said as your hand was resting on your chest from shock.

“how can you tell some reporter some bullshit like that?” he looked up from his phone and looked into your eyes, clearly not caring what you said before.

His face was red from anger.

“what?” you asked confused to what he was asking you about. sure you didn’t forget that you were talking to a reporter but that has been like half an hour to an hour ago he wouldn’t publish it that soon would he?

“you told a reporter some bullshit and i’m asking you why?”

“what bullshit?” you asked still confused as you clearly didn’t knew what he was talking about.  

Antoine through only laughed out and shook his head.

“so you’re telling some reporter that you’re embarrassed to watch me play and that i should do better and you can’t remember? well wow” he said bitterly not looking at you anymore. he looked mad, angry and frustrated and all that you wanted to do was hug him and calm him down but then again you were the reason he was mad.

“i said what?” you asked furrowing your eyebrows more together.

“are you serious right now?”

“yes antoine i am i did not say anything like that.”

“oh you did not?” he said sarcastically.

“no of course not” you said your voice getting a bit more loud, you started to get angry at him being angry at you.  "you know me you know i wouldn’t say something about you like that-“

“well do i? i don’t know maybe that’s the way you feel?“

You looked at him with your eyes widened. You wanted to say something but didn’t really know so you just turned around and left your groceries back on the kitchen counter. you left antoine standing there, mad at you. and walked into your guys shared bedroom, you just turned the tv on and watched some trash tv not that anything better was coming on anyway.

You heard the front door closing and sighed to yourself at least you didn’t had to deal with him right now.

The frustration and anger you had made you more tired than anything and after some time you couldn’t help yourself anymore and fell asleep.


You were woken up by Antoines Voice and him shacking you. You sighed and slowly opened your eyes.

„Babe?“ he asked again.


„Can we talk about yesterday?“ he asked and sat down in bed beside you, you just nodded still feeling half asleep.

„I should have listened to you and not just assume things, I’m sorry“

„It’s fine. It’s just I’m new into this whole scene I don’t know what to do what to say or anything. But I didn’t not say anything mean about you. I would never. It hurt that you were thinking of me like that“

„I know I’m really sorry. I’m just so frustrated how the media is talking about me. And I’m so frustrated with myself. And I’m just afraid that the way I’m thinking about myself is the way you start to think about myself“

„Antoine you’re an Idiot. I love you. I’m proud of you and I’m here to support you“

He looked over to you and smiled which made you smile too.

„Thank you babe. I love you so much“ he said and took your face in his hands pressing his lips onto yours. You smiled into the kiss as you kissed him back.

Afterwards, you told him what really happened yesterday. But he just nodded and said he trusted you.

You both cuddled up in bed and that was basically how you spent your whole day.

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Cristiano had three important things that featured in his everyday life.

  1.  Football (obviously)
  2. Cristiano Junior (that little boy was the light of his life)
  3. His girlfriend Roquelle (ever since the Lebanese/Portuguese had walked into his life he had been utterly besotted)

Football was a stand alone thing. He went to training, worked hard, kept improving and then used his home gym. It never tended to mess with his personal life too much.

Whereas his son and Roquelle mixed every single day.

Roquelle had moved in with her boyfriend of just over a year a month ago. And so far things were good.

He woke up to her in the morning, they ate together, he watched her get ready (and vice versa because hot damn, Cris had an amazing body) and the fell asleep next to each other.

Cris Jr was almost as enchanted by Roquelle as Cris was.

He loved having a ‘mother’ figure around that wasn’t his Nana. He connected with Roquelle because she was younger than his Nana. Junior was able to play with Roquelle and run around with her while his Nana had a break.

(Trust me, to Cris’ Mother is was an absolute blessing which made her love Roquelle even more)

Junior had even nicknamed his new best friend, ‘Rocky’.

With Cris having training most days and matches or promotional things on the days where training didn’t occupy him, Junior found himself spending more and more time with Roquelle. Not that he minded; Roquelle was always up for a game with him, to help him with homework or just to take him out. Stuff that Cris was always too tired or busy to do.

After his latest line of clothing was released and Real Madrid kept up the ambition of a title and a Champions League Cristiano found it harder and harder to be home every night. He found himself staying around his teammates houses or hotels.

(Once he even fell asleep at the training ground on a pool lounger.)

(The caretaker got the shock of his life when he was cleaning it.)

No longer was he able to pick up Junior from school, that job was now assigned to Roquelle.

Slowly he found the time he spent at home with Junior and Roquelle decreasing.

He had no idea why Roquelle was sticking with him. He was barely ever home and when he was he was too tired to participate in even the simplest activities, like dinner. He was so aware that plenty of people were interested in Roquelle, he only had to look on Instagram to see the various footballers and celebrities liking her pictures.

It was the texts she received from him whenever he was home, stating that he missed her and loved her and he would come home soon.

It was the way he sent flowers to her work every week which made her co-workers ‘awww’ and drool.

But mostly it was the way he was with Junior. At first Junior hadn’t adapted to his Dad being away so much and was constantly crying and throwing tantrums, refusing to talk to anyone apart from his Dad. Nothing broke Cris’ heart more than seeing his little boy upset. He had solved this problem quickly. He bought Junior a bottle of his cologne so he could spray it whenever he missed his Daddy, he gave him his favourite shirt so he could pretend it was Daddy and he tried his best to call him every night and told him stories.

It was a late night in Catalonia and Real Madrid had just won against Espanyol 3-0. Cris was in high spirits, the team had just been out for a meal and had now all retired to their separate rooms to contact loved ones. (Or in Toni’s case get back to the latest TV show he had become borderline obsessed with: How To Get Away With Murder.)

Cris was scrolling down his Instagram timeline and saw a post from Roquelle’s account.

It was a picture of herself and Junior in the pool. Junior was in Roquelle’s arms and the Lebanese/Portuguese stunner was leaning her head against Junior’s and was beaming.

An ache entered Cris’ stomach. He was jealous? Of his son?

His son was growing closer to Roquelle than he was and that scared him. What if Roquelle was only with him to spend time with Junior?

He desired nothing more than to be with them, cooking dinner with them, waking up to the sound of laughter and the smell of pancakes drizzled with honey and covered in berries.

But he wasn’t there.

He was in Catalonia, alone in a hotel room, having not spent time with the two loves of his life in over a month.

He quickly ran out of his room and down the corridor to Zidane’s room. He knocked rapidly until his coach answered, looking rather pissed off.

“Can I help you Cristiano?”

“I need to get a plane back to Madrid. Now.”

“Has something happened Cris?”

“No.” Cris answered, running a hand through his hair. “I miss my son and my girlfriend. I haven’t seen them properly in weeks.”

“I know Cris. We’ve all noticed. Marcelo came to talk to me about it. So I have a deal for you.”

“I’m listening.”

“You fly back tomorrow morning and you can miss a few days of training. But you can’t attend other commitments. This time off is for your person, not your business.” Zidane explained. Cris nodded eagerly. “I’m glad you agree. Now go sleep and be ready to leave in the morning.

Cris walked into his house, dumping his bags in the living room and walking straight into the garden as he knew that was where Junior and Roquelle were.

He stepped onto the lush green grass and caught sight of his son and girlfriend were playing football. Roquelle was in goal and his son was taking a penalty against her. Junior heard footsteps and turned and saw his Daddy smiling.

“PAPA!” He screamed, abandoning the penalty and running straight to his Dad. Cris scooped him up and buried his face into his neck.

“Hey buddy.” Cris smiled. Junior pulled his head back.

“What’re you doing home Daddy? Rocky said you weren’t coming home for two weeks.”

“I missed you and Rocky baby.” He smiled, his son hugging him tighter.

Roquelle chose this moment to walk up to her boyfriend.

“Roq…” He breathed, pulling her close to him with the arm that wasn’t holding Junior. His girlfriend placed small kisses along his jawline before standing on her tiptoes to kiss him on the lips. Cristiano responded instantly, kissing her back.

“Daddy! Rocky! Stop!” Junior squealed, making the couple pull apart laughing.

Later that night Cris and Roquelle were lying in bed together.

“You know I got jealous when I was away.” Cris saying, playing with her fingers.

“You weren’t stalking my Instagram were you? Because I swear Hernandez liked that photo by accident and-“

“I got jealous of Junior.”


“He gets to see you every day and I don’t. I got jealous.”

“Oh honey, you know I love you and I love Junior. But next time, we’ll come on a trip with you. Sound good?”

“Mhmm.” Cris hummed, pressing his lips to the base of her neck. She wriggled and placed her hand on his chest to stop him.

We have plenty of time for that but go to sleep Cris, it’s been a long day.” Cris groaned at her words and rolled over to sleep.

“Night you jealous idiot.” Roquelle laughed.

That was all Cris needed to fall into the best sleep he’d had in months.


“Quit whining.” Sara growled playfully from the foot of your bed before slapping an ice pack against your chest.  “You’ll be good to go in a week. Tops.

“I seem to remember you doing a fair share of whining back in high school after that bee stung you at soccer practice.” You shot back with a smirk as you settled against your headboard. “You threw a fit.”

“In my defense, I had to pull the stinger out. You though…” She paused, demanding your full attention before saying, “That arrow barely grazed your knee…”

Quickly grabbing your leg, you pretended to be in severe pain before grumbling out, “I used to be a free spirit… I used to be an adventurer like you, until I took an arrow to the knee!”

“You’re not hamming it up to get out of training, right?”

Smacking a hand against your chest and feigning innocence, you asked, “Who? Me? Never!”

“That’s my girl.” Came Sara’s light response as she patted your shoulder and made to grab some painkillers off the nightstand.

(X) (~♫♪~)

*Imagine being Sara’s Best Friend and Protégé*

(1) @capscanary: Imagine being Sara’s best friend since you were kids (take it from there and add anything to the banner you want cause I have no specific ideas for this one)

(2) @silverwingedfox: I kinda have a humourish idea for an imagine, no one in particular it targeted for but maybe the reader gets like shot in the leg with an arrow and is all “I used to be an adventurer like you, then I took an arrow to the knee”

(3) @capscanary: Sara request: being Sara’s protégé

Long distance - Antoine Griezmann

Hey guys, Antoine Griezmmann again haha x I hope you like it x There’s probably gonna be a second part of it x 

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I landed safely. I’m on my way home“ you typed and pressed sent sighing. You closed your eyes for a moment before opening them again and looking out of the window. You were currently sitting in the train driving to your home town.

You were always excited when you were coming home, you’ve always were the one to travel a lot. See new places, meet new people and enjoy your life. You’ve always been excited to return back home and return to your family, show them all the pictures you took etc.

Not anymore through not since you met him, Antoine. You two had met each other a bit over a year ago. You had fallen for him and he had fallen for you and then you two started dating and everything seemed perfect, the only problem? You lived in Germany and he lived in Madrid.

So you spent your money on plane tickets, like you did before but only to one destination Madrid. You wanted to spent as much time with him as possible but you couldn’t leave Germany behind just yet. You needed to finish your year at university first before you could move in with him and finally start a shared life with him.

I already miss you“ your phone buzzed and sighed as you saw Antoines message. Tears were welling up in your eyes, you missed him too. And you wanted to see him again and hug him again. You just had been with him for a whole month, spending time together, watching all of his games, cooking together, cuddling together just everything, it was absolutely perfect and you enjoyed every second of it, leaving him this time had been harder than the few times before.

You’ve never spent that much time with him, most of the times you had just went to see him for a week or two. Or he came to see you for a whole weekend or so, being buys with his football career, Antoine doesn’t have that much time. That made you appreciate the time you had with him even more.

This morning was the hardest goodbye you’ve had. Of course you would see him again but that wasn’t for another month or maybe even too, and that was breaking your heart. But it was breaking his even more, he didn’t wanted you to go, you didn’t either but for him it was even harder.

„please don’t leave me“ he was begging you as you two were still laying in bed, this morning.

„I can’t“ you said, tears welling up in your eyes. „as much as i want too i can’t“.

You cried as you hugged him at the airport as you kissed him goodbye and went to catch your flight.

You were always the emotional one so it didn’t surprise you when you started crying but seeing him being that heartbroken made your heart beat faster and your instinct to hug him forever even bigger.

„Hey honey. I missed you“ your mum said as you came out of the train, hugging you tightly.

„hey mum, missed you too“ you said and hugged her back.

„you okay?“ she asked and you just nodded avoiding her eyes, you didn’t wanted to look in her eyes and start crying, you didn’t wanted to fall apart in front of her.

She probably knew but decided to let you be and instead ask about your flight.

„How was your flight?“

„It was alright went by quicker than I thought“ you mumbled as you two were walking to her car.

„and how was the weather? I only saw the pictures of you two on his instagram or the ones he had sent me. You wouldn’t sent us any“ she said and you rolled your eyes, she loved Antoine. And Antoine really liked her, they got along pretty well.

„the weather was good, nice and warm“ you said and looked out of the window to see the grey clouds covering germanys sky, once again, you hadn’t missed this at all.

„well, the weather here has been great too“ she said sarcastically and you shook your head. Welcome to Germany again.

„alright. Grandma and grandpa are gonna here later so you better get in a better mood.“ she said and you know she only meant the best, you just didn’t wanted to be in a better mood, you wanted Antoine to be here with you or you to go 2 weeks back.

You arrived at your house and went to say hello to your dad and your sisters before going in your room. You put your suitcase aside and went to lay in your bed. You were facing the ceiling and sighed before you dialed Antoines number, it didn’t take him long to answer at all.

„hey babe“ he said and you smiled slightly.

„hey“ you whispered back.

„are you home?“ he asked.

„home means nothing without you Antoine“ you admitted and sighed again, you should really stop being that sad.

„but yeah I’m home, my mum picked me up. My Dad and sisters are here too, everyone was happy to see me again. Oh and Grandma and grandpa are coming over later“

„sounds nice, say hi to them from me“

„I will“ you said.

„when will you come here again?“ he asked. He hadn’t asked you that question at all these past few weeks, he probably knew its gonna be a while, he probably didn’t wanted to know the answer as much as you didn’t wanted to know.

„I don’t know.. Exams are coming up in a month i can’t miss classes before“ you mumbled.

„So we won’t see each other before christmas break?“ he said and sighed.

It was early November, and even through halloween was over and everyone was already in christmas mood, christmas felt like an eternity away.

„I don’t think I’ll be able to leave, Antoine. Are you?“

„I have to“ he said and your lips formed into a small smile.

„God I love you so much it’s insane" he said and you could hear him sighing.

„And i love you“ you said and smiled, enough with the sadness now.

„And I had the best month“

„I did too babe. I can’t wait for you to move here. Wake up beside you each morning, fall asleep beside you and everything else“

„yeah I can not wait either“

„alright. say hi to your grandparents and everyone else. I need to earn money for us two now. I’ll call you tonight“ he said.

You rolled your eyes and chuckled slightly. „alright. I will. Have fun at training. I love you“

„Love you too“ he said before ending the call.

You could not wait to start a life with him and take forever on with him.