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End of Year Giveaway!

Hi friends! To help get everyone out of the funk that was 2016 I’m doing a giveaway! 


1- NWSL or USWNT jersey with your choice of customization or item of your choice from US Soccer or NWSL shop of equal or lesser value 

1- A One year membership to the US Soccer supporters group 

1- A One year membership to the American Outlaws group 


1: Three winners will be chosen, first winner has choice of prizes, second winner gets second choice, third winner gets remaining prize. 

 2: Must be following me, @krieger-and-harris, at least until the end of the giveaway. Feel free to unfollow after. 

 3: Likes and Reblogs count as many times as you’d like so 1-reblog=1 entry 

Giveaway will close on December 23rd and hopefully make for some happy holidays and good luck for next year! Feel free to hit up the ask for any questions you may have and good luck!

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snsd as moms

taeyeon: chill mom who’s in her sweats 99.99% of the time; to pta, to soccer practice, to grocery shopping.
tiffany: suburban white mom extraordinaire; drives suv, wears polo shirts in different shades of pink, thinks of fun, organic snacks for her children.
sunny: super hands-on mom. also has a ton of energy. she’ll cook, clean, help with the homework in less than five minutes. 
hyoyeon: dance mom.  is at the little kids’ ballet studio on mondays, wednesdays and fridays rubbing in the other moms’ face how good her kid is at ballet. 
sooyoung: she’s not a typical mom. she’s a cool mom.
yoona: the mom that her kids’ friends all have a crush on. always makes fun little snacks and stuff. 
seohyun: the working mom that’s late for ptas but still makes an effort. the mom that knows their kids’ schedule inside out, signs them up for a hundred and one programmes to develop their potential. 
jessica: the fashionable mom that has to be the one that hosts all the little kids’ parties year round. halloween? at her place. easter? she’s already hidden the eggs. 

au where instead of being in space everyone’s high school teachers

(TRANS) DAY6 - Official Profiles


  • Name: Park Jaehyung
  • Birthdate: 1992.09.15
  • Blood Type: B
  • Height: 182cm
  • Weight: 65kg
  • Interest/hobbies: Badminton
  • Name: Sungjin
  • Birthdate: 1993.01.16
  • Blood Type: a
  • Height: 177cm
  • Weight: 70kg
  • Hobbies: Sports, games.
  • Specialty: Dance….?
  • Name: Kang Younghyun
  • Birthdate: 1993.12.19
  • Blood Type: B
  • Height: 180.2cm
  • Education: Studying Business Administration at Dongkuk University.
  • Interests/hobbies: Basketball, reading webtoon, finding and going to nice restaurants,movies, traveling alone.
  • Specialty: Sleep well anywhere, eat well
  • Name: Im Junhyeok
  • Birthdate: 1993.07.17
  • Interests/hobbies: Soccer, shopping, gundam models
  • Name: Kim Wonpil
  • Birthdate: 1994.04.28
  • Blood Type: A
  • Height: 176cm
  • Weight: 60kg
  • Hobbies: Plastic models (t/n: like gundam models)
  • Specialty: midi
  • Name: Yoon Dowoon
  • Birthdate: 1995.08.25
  • Blood Type: O
  • Height: 177cm
  • Weight: 60kg
  • Hobbies: Searching for one
  • Specialty: Seraching for one

trans: 852natari | take out with full credits.

“KNOCK” Album 50 Questions & Answers (Jihun)
  1. Name: Kim Jihun (金智動/김지훈)
  2. Birthday: February 20, 1995 (Pisces)
  3. Blood Type: A
  4. Height / Weight / Foot Size: 186cm / 73kg / 270mm
  5. Hobbies & Specialties: Watching dance videos, shopping, playing soccer & dancing and singing
  6. Motto: Your efforts won’t betray you
  7. My Good Points & Bad Points: I’m tall and my small eyes are charming, but since I’m tall there are parts during the dance that are difficult
  8. When I was Touched by the Members: When they correct my parts that were pointed out during practice
  9. When I was Happiest (Aside From Becoming a Member): When I looked in a mirror by chance and saw the five of us and when we received our debut song
  10. Envious of Something About Another Member? Youjinie-hyung’s cool voice
  11. The First Thing I do When I Wake Up: Check the time
  12. Favorite Drink: Coffee
  13. Favorite Food: Samgyeopsal
  14. Food I Don’t Like: None
  15. A Trip I Want to Go On: New York
  16. Favorite Sport: Soccer
  17. Animal I Want to Try Raising: Puppy
  18. Happy Moment: When the next day is a vacation day
  19. A Thing I Really Want to do With Fans: Sports and chatting
  20. A Song I Want the Fans to Hear: Zion.T-sunbaenim’s “Two Melodies”
  21. How I Ended Up Dreaming of Becoming a Singer: I really like singing
  22. Sleep Habits: Talking in my sleep
  23. Nickname During School: Maskman
  24. Favorite Karaoke Song: “An Old Song” by Kim Dongryul
  25. My Lowest and Highest Score at Karaoke: 0pts and 100pts
  26. Bucketlist: Watching a soccer game overseas in person, participating in an overseas dance workshop
  27. Rank the KNK Members: They’re all an equal position
  28. A Place You Want to Go to With the KNK Members: Busan, Haeundae
  29. A Thing I Need With Me When I’m Out: Wallet, cell phone, lip balm
  30. Eating VS Sleeping: Eating
  31. A Moment I Want to Revisit: Age 17
  32. Something I Want to Do if the Earth was Ending: Find the safest place possible
  33. Ways to Relieve Stress: Being with my friends
  34. My Number 1 Treasure: Family
  35. The Song I Sang in My Audition: “Two Melodies”
  36. A Movie I was Impressed By: Take Off
  37. Something I Want to Do in My Free Time: I want to go to a good cafe with a quiet atmosphere
  38. If We Reach #1 on a Music Show: I want to call my family
  39. When I Look in the Mirror, I Think This: Diet
  40. Habits: I touch my nose frequently
  41. The First Thing I Want to Do When We Debut: Fansign
  42. A Roommate I Want: Heejun
  43. A Thing I’m Better at Than the Other Members: Dance
  44. Tips On Managing My Body: Exercise
  45. If I Had a Superpower: Teleportation and the ability to control time
  46. The Mentor of My Life: My parents
  47. What I’m Confident In: While I have charming points in my tall height and small eyes, I have a comfortable vocal color when you hear me sing
  48. KNK in 10 Years: I think we’ll be the nation’s group
  49. A Word to the Fans: Thank you very much for liking KNK and thinking highly of us. Let’s be together for a long long time like we are now.
  50. “KNK” to Me is: The most important in my life, a precious word. 

Translated by KNK International