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Name: Corrine
Age: 20
Country: Canada

So uh, hi! I’m Corrine, I’m kind of a person of various interests and likes, I guess.

I’m an avid traveller and adventurer with a handful of countries scattered here and there that I’ve visited, and I definitely have more places to go. But I’m also a broke university student hoping to get into architecture school, so… Anyways, I absolutely LOVE learning about other cultures and people and religions. But if you’re wondering, no, I’m not religious, but that doesn’t stop me from learning about them, and I’ve got nothing against any of them either. As for my interests, I’m into like, so many things: photography, exploring, spontaneous adventuring, science of all kinds (seriously, I’ll read stuff on any of them, but I’m particularly fond of anything having to do with the universe and astronomy, etc), piano, drawing, anime, football/soccer, reading, video games (saving up for a new console), secretly kawaii culture (I’m a sucker for cute things but I don’t tell my friends), plants, and just learning in general. I love learning, about anything really. I’m a hella curious person.

Music interests (because for lots of people, that’s the make or break): anything but country honestly. Seriously though, I listen to classical, jazz, opera, house of all kinds, trap, R&B, Latino, rap, whatever. Currently in a huge chill house phase again though.

Looking for a pen pal who wants to communicate through classic snail mail, because I really want to make nice/cute letters, and would like to share doodles and drawings, post cards, and maybe later even snacks, items, trinkets…yeah!

Preferences: 18-24

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what did her old and new team mates do to hope?

2007 info

PTSD info


some videos where hope discusses her past and what happened in 2007 are here

hope also discusses some of the current events and her feelings in the later episodes of keeping score here

the recent events have seen some of Hope’s former teammates and 99ers including abby wambach, michelle akers, julie foudy, and aly wagner (basically the same women who created the drama and horrible treatment in the first place back in 2007) who have decided to come out of the woodwork to publicly and collectively vilify and throw hope under the bus again. julie foudy especially has always taken issue with hope on a personal level and has used almost any opportunity over the years to publicly put hope down. current teammates in megan rapinoe and alex morgan specifically have shown public disapproval and commented in ways that cast hope aside in an unsettling way. with abby and pinoe especially, the throwing under the bus is hypocritical, hurtful, and extremely unnecessary. it took hope many years to be okay and trusting again around her teammates and she has been railroaded since the olympics ended. that trust, and I’m sure some bonds, have been broken. and once again, hope is left by herself and publicly crucufied without her teammates support in one of the most tumultuous times in us soccer history, save for 2007. and given her ptsd and lasting affects from her previous treatment as a young player on the us team, the current treatment makes it that much more heartbreaking. you’ll have to either look back through posts here or google info for the recent events info bc I have it scattered over my blog since the olympics ended and therefore cannot link one tag for it. it’s incredibly important for people to educate themselves on the entirety of what has happened to hope and not just judge her off of misinformation or no information at all. what happened and continues to happen to hope is very real and very wrong.