soccer saves

one piece characters as things my friends have said

sabo: kids will whip to anything these days

usopp: *watches a goalie make an incredible save during a soccer game* CAN YOU SAVE MY GRADES LIKE THAT

ace: genuine question is cereal technically categorized as soup

luffy: *watching a sandwich being made* this is better than the miracle of childbirth

zoro: yo i just woke up from the FATTEST nap this world has ever seen

shanks: look, if you want to succeed as much as you want to pee, you can do anything in life

buggy: my favorite band is the Beatles, pronounced “beat lees”

franky: i know im american but there is no doubt in my mind that america is the 9th circle of hell

doflamingo: anyone who thinks katy perry has a better fashion sense than me is about to be a sorry son of a bitch

brook: no one can hit a dab harder than the elderly

sanji: i don’t trust anyone who looks like their brows are painted on. like me, for instance

law: im only dead on the outside. on the inside i just wonder why no one has a fucking problem with the fact that squidward walks around with no pants all the time

things that i have learned after trying out the regalia type-d

  • the one who does the soccer mom arm save was noctis all along. we were fools for thinking it was ignis. absolute fools.
  • bushes and trees have the consistency of rocks do not crash into them or you will get stuck and have to exit and reenter the vehicle like an ANIMAL
  • the adrenaline junkies in this squad are noctis and ignis, apparently
  • prompto “ARE CARS SUPPOSED TO Do THIS?!” argentum is just here for the ride, and will always have a good time, but ultimately has the fear of mortality that prevents him from True Adrenaline Junkery
  • gladio “displeased grunting and constantly pulling prompto back into his seat” amicitia is here for the ride but would prefer not to be
  • meanwhile, noctis “lets hit that rock at full speed” lucis caelum lives for the thrill of close encounters with death 
  • and ignis “i am quietly enjoying myself as if this is a casual hobby and not an extreme sport where the car nearly flips over and prompto almost dies because he, like everyone in this car, is not wearing a seat belt” scientia is just cooling it and having a great time

anonymous asked:

I'm just starting to get into into basketball and i was wondering you could link me to some bball related blogs? thanx

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Attention All Soccer Blogs!

@pobearsuburbs is an account that we are probably al familiar with. They bring us a lot of really great soccer and Krashlyn content but their videos are in danger of being taken down due to an unwarranted report. Please, go follow them on twitter and follow them here on Tumblr! Retweet their message about this issue and support their videos and posts so that we don’t lose the pictures and videos that we all love so much! 


“Last day of my not-for-profit channel. Last week I got 3 strikes from @Youtube reported by a former employee of @OrlandoCitySC @aHittel.”