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Okay. I’m going to address about 100 anonymous asks I’ve received all at once here. I’m having a difficult time trying to go through all the asks to find ones that aren’t about the same thing.
I posted about how proud I am with Alex and how she’s been playing recently. I’m not taking this back, but I am going to explain it some more for those who seem to not understand it.
Alex Morgan is an amazing player. She has an extremely unique way of playing, and she’s become a player that so many defenses want to take down. And I’m about to really break down the importance of why these goals, even against teams that aren’t necessarily the best, are extremely important and worthy of praise. *also sorry that I focused on NT play more, I felt like most people would be able to relate to that more*
In 2011 Alex was number one overall draft pick in the WPS draft. She went on to win the championship with WNY. This was also the year that she joined the Senior NT. This was a WC year, and she scored two goals. She was also the first player to have a goal and assist in a WC final.
In 2012, an Olympic year, Alex became a starter for the NT. Alex scored the equalizer and game winning goal during the opening game of the Olympics. This was the year Alex made history. (If you don’t know what I’m about to say then go watch USAvCAN 2012 Olympic semi finale) Alex scored the game winning goal in the 123rd minute; breaking the tie, sending the US to the gold medal match, and setting a US/FIFA record for latest goal. She went on to lead the US in goals, multi-goal games, assists, points, and became one of the only WNT players to have over 20 goals/20 assists in the same calendar year. She also was US soccer’s 2012 Female Athlete of the Year. Seriously just go look up this year for Alex because I compacted it into strictly the most important stuff because I could spend days talking about 2012 and what an amazing year it was for her.
These years were a dark period in Alex’s life. She was injured three different times. Ankle, ankle again, and knee. She was able to do some amazing things in between her injury times though. With her new club Portland Thorns, in 2013 she was the team’s point leader and scoring leader of the year. She also played a part in getting the championship and resulted her being named to the NWSL second XI. Youngest player in 2013 to ever be named to the All-Time Women’s NT Best XI at 24. She was rewarded top scoring honors for the 2013 Algarve Cup. During the 2015 she scored the only goal against England, which was her returning game to the NT. She scored a goal against Columbia during the WC, after coming back from her knee injury. Though she didn’t score again during the WC anymore she played a vital part in winning PKs and pulling the defense apart.
This is the year she got her 100th cap and got a goal and assist. During CONCACAF she made another record (tournament and USWNT) with fastest goal at 12 seconds. She later went on to win the golden boot and MVP awards for her performance at the SBC. She had 17 goals in 21 games. She scored 2016’s best goal of the year. She was voted best player during CONCACAF. She was playing like a beast this entire year and if you go back through articles upon articles and different highlights, you’ll be able to see that.
Even though the year just started she’s done so much with her loan team the Olympique Lyonnais. She has scored a brace, hat trick, and 4 goals in the past 5 games I believe. She’s playing at a higher level then I’ve honestly seen her play in a long time. She’s back in her prime. She’s finally healthy. (Knock on wood *knock knock*) She’s confident again. That’s what matters most.
As a forward, especially, their mindset and confidence is a huge part of the game. She spent 3 years of her career injured. She played some, but those are prime years for most players and she had to miss out on them because of those injuries. This game isn’t just being physically fit and ready to go, so much of it is a mental game. (Honestly if you don’t play, and if you have never played in a high stress situation, I’m not sure you would ever fully understand) Her “baby horse” mentality is back. And it’s stronger than ever. If you look at everything she did before her injuries it’s monumental. And obviously there was an extreme amount of pressure on her to get back to where she was in 2012 and every time she couldn’t because of injuries it slowly wore down her confidence in her game and her strong mindset.
The reason I’m so proud of her is because she fought that. She pushed past three long years of injuries, lack of confidence/results, and honestly most players would have extreme doubt at that point. She had to push past critics that said she would never play the same way again. That she lost her spark. Well guess what, she didn’t. Baby horse is back and better than ever. Baby Horse is all grown up and ready to destroy all her haters and critics. . Sorry for how long it is. Needed to rant to hateful and bitter anons.

Everyone is over here talking about Mal and how she’s turned the entire WOSO community upside down and inside out, while I’m sitting in my corner super pumped to see these two go head to head in Saturday’s game.

Sick - Cristiano Ronaldo

Hey guys x This was based on a requests I accidentally deleted but I saved in my notes so I could write it anyway x I hope you like it x

Hello. When you’ll have some time could you please write Cristiano Ronaldo imagine? Where y/n is a doctor and Cristiano is not feeling good so he needs to be examined but he doesn’t want to because he is ashamed of y/n. I hope this won’t release very strange to you. I admire your writing skills so I hope you can write this request too. Thanks in advance.

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„Mrs. your husband is here“ my assistant pecked her head in the door while I looked up from my laptop.

I furrowed my eyebrows together Cristiano never visited me at work, sometimes he picked me up so we could have lunch together but that was about it. It was not like he didn’t support me, he did, more than anything. But he was just always so busy with his own career that we were glad when we could spend our evenings or weekends together.

„Alright let him in“ I told her and she smiled and nodded before leaving me alone.

It was seconds after when the door opened again and Cris walked in, he sat down at one of the two chairs in front of my desk. He looked pale and exhausted. I left early as usual this morning and as usual Cris didn’t wake up with me, it was too early for him and he needed his sleep.

„Hey Babe. Whats wrong?“ I asked and got off my chair and walked around my desk. I sat on his lap and wrapped my arms around his neck.

„I don’t know. I woke up this morning and my throat hurts and I have this headache and“ he said and started to pout.

„My poor baby“ I said and cupped his face, with my small hands.

„So you want me to check on you?“ I asked and furrowed my eyebrows together.

He never liked me taking care of him, whether when he was sick, which really wasn’t that often, or he had an injury. He always explained it was his turn to take care of me and not in the other way.

„If you have time then I would really appreciate that“ he said and a smile grew on my lips.

„Alright then go sit on there and I’m gonna examine you“ I said and nodded over to him.

I walked back around my desk to get my things and he got up to sit down again. He looked like a lost puppy, he never went to the doctors mostly because he was never sick. So that was new to him. It was probably also hard for him to ask me for help and me checking up on him. But it would’ve been stupid of him if he wouldn’t have.

„Do I have to take my shirt of?“ he asked and I laughed shaking my head.

„No you don’t. How is it you always want to be naked?“ I laughed.

„You didn’t seem to mind last night“ he smirked and I looked down at him and rolled my eyes.

“Cris” I said and hit his chest which made him chuckle even more.

I examined him as much as he let me since he was the most impatient guy i knew. he couldn’t keep still whether it was before a game or right now.

“so what do i have mrs. doctor?” he asked as he sat down on the chair in front of my desk.

“Cris you’re not dying you have nothing more than a cold” i said and laughed.

“we have all the medicine at home. you’ll find them in the medicine cabinet in the bathroom” I said.

“so you just let me go home and take medicine and that’s it?” he asked and started to pout.

“well what do you want me to babe?” i asked and sat on his lap again.

“you don’t want me to take care of you so”

“well maybe today is an exception?” he asked and an amused smile formed on my lips.

“hmm than let me chancel my appointments for today and go home with you okay?” I asked him.

“that sounds perfect to me” he smirked.

Little did I know he just wanted to spend time with me because he missed me instead of wanting me to take care of him.