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APH Cameroon for Underrepresentation Week!

Little is officially written about this guy, but he sounds like a real sweetheart:

-stopped to play soccer/football with some kids on Christmas
-even though he was dressed nicely
-very passionate about soccer/football
-to the point where he tried to teach it to a mouse lemur
-also showed up to America’s Halloween party dressed up
-despite saying that doing so would be too much of an effort
-has a pet lion

So, let’s show Cameroon some love! Feel free to send in any headcanons you have on him.


Outline: Calum just really loves to fuck you, and so do you.

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Calum’s undying passion for soccer came down to you, the one who wore his jersey proudly, the one who stood in the stands at his practises or games and cheered and most of all the one he put whatever amount of energy he had left into fucking. Didn’t matter if her lost or won. Sometimes, though, you liked when he would use up all his anger after losing a match to pound hard into your tight little pussy that he loved so much. The way his jersey clung to you small frame as sweat covered your face and your neck each time  he slammed into you, his tip brushing that heavenly trigger than sent you into your orgasm, causing your walls to tighten around his big, hard cock. Nonetheless your boyfriend fucked you so good, and you wouldn’t trade it for the world

This will be my second time doing this but I meet some really cool and interesting people from my home state North Carolina to Tennessee to Florida to Canada and to Germany. I hope that this time I can meet some more epic and cool people. I’m Jalen Long I’m 17 years old I’m single and I am a junior in high school I live in North Carolina, I play soccer and I’ve been doing it for about 8 years now and I love playing it and I’m gonna try to play college soccer. I have another passion for photography, I am pretty good at it I do some nature and night photography. My favorite food is sushi and fried chicken and gravy and my favorite drink would probably be green ice tea. My favorite tv shows is Friends, Black Mirror, and Bobs Burgers. My favorite movie is the Harry Potter Series, Hunger Game series, and All Marvel Movies. I am open to meet anyone regardless of there age, religion, race, or sexuality. Thank you and I hope to meet some new people 😊.


At least once a week I get asked some version of this question: 

Hey Lady Kay, I’m in high school and I really really really really want to be a doctor. What do I do right now to give myself the best chance of getting into med school

Over the years writing on this blog I think I’ve answered this question a handful of times, but I thought it would be best if I just sat down and wrote a long official post for you all. 

So here I give you my top 10 tips for what you should be doing in high school to start on the journey to medicine. 

1) Explore broadly 

Right now you’re all set on being a doctor. That’s great! But it’s incredibly important that you don’t become so focused on one path for your life that you forget to experience several things! You never know what you’re going to find interesting. Maybe you develop a passion for soccer or dance. Maybe you learn that you love teaching. Sure, spend some of your time reading about medicine or volunteering, but don’t become so focused you quit everything else. 

2) Learn how to learn 

There’s nothing more important you can do right now than figuring out your study style. Are you a visual learner who has to read information or are you a verbal learner who needs to listen to lectures more than once to remember things? Whatever your study style, make sure you work on figuring it out now so you can be ready to hit the ground running in college. 

3) Challenge yourself 

You’re not sure if you should go ahead and take AP Biology, or take that physics class even though math wasn’t your strongest subject – DO IT! High school is a really great place to try and push yourself. The best way to become stronger is to work a little harder than you’re comfortable with – the same thing holds in academics, the only way to become a stronger student is to maybe take a class that you’re not sure you’ll get an A in. 

4) Focus on experiences that increase your empathy and world experience 

You want to be a doctor, the first thing you have to learn is how to look at the people around you as fellow human beings. So far you’ve seen a very small corner of the world. You’re never too young to learn a little more. So whether it’s saying yes to the school trip to Europe or saying yes to just going around the corner to volunteer at a homeless shelter, get out of your comfort zone and see some of that big world out there 

5) Have fun

Sure, right now you think high school is really hard. And, it probably is the hardest thing you’ve done so far. But don’t get so focused on the academics that you forget to do things you enjoy! Go see that move with your friends or join the club you think you don’t have time for. Write a novel, learn photography, play piano – whatever you’ve always wanted to do, DO IT! If you learn how to make time for fun things in your life now, you’ll have better balance for the rest of your life. 

6) Read, everything. 

Actually read the books they assign you in English class. Some of them will be awful, but a lot of them will be really good. More importantly, read whatever interests you. Read the books about your favorite hobby. Read whatever’s in the new and recommended section at the library. Read the books they’ve banned at your school library. Read everything. Read the books on your bookshelf, then borrow from friends and the library. Read the books on your parent’s bookshelf. Read it all. Voraceously. 

7) Learn about playing as a team

If you’re looking at medicine as the goal, it’s incredibly important to know how to be a good team member. All of medicine runs in teams now. So play basketball or sing in the choir so you can learn how to lead (and how to follow!). 

8) Get organized 

Do it now, it will save your life. It’ll be harder to form the habit later. 

9)  It’s never too early to volunteer 

You’ve got the time! If you want to learn about medicine, start learning about service. You don’t have to be working at the local hospital for it to be relevant. Start tutoring kids at a local elementary school or walking dogs for the animal shelter down the street. 

10) Be 16 (or 17 or 15). 

Take chances. Kiss the boy or girl you’ve wanted to. Sing. Laugh. Make friends. Lose friends. Fall down. Stand up. Cut your hair. Write good poems. Write bad poems. Turn the music up. Dance. Make mistakes.