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Watch Human Statue Cristiano Ronaldo Juggle a Soccer Ball in his Underwear

Roommate! Calum that just can’t stop juggling the soccer ball as you write, or try to write a paper for your English class that’s due tomorrow afternoon.  And sure you’ve mentioned that it’d be great if he’d stopped juggling the “fucking” ball, but in between texting some people and looking over note cards for his own class, he’d have started juggling it again without really thinking about it.  “Calum.  Please.” And rather than being sympathetic, he’s completely taken back by the intense grip you have on the pencil and the harsh glare in your eyes, that quite honestly makes him lick his lips in admiration of how hot you looked at that moment.  But he does put the ball down, and you go back to work for what seemed like a millisecond before the ball ends up colliding into your chair.  “I swear, I meant to tap it onto my bed!” He pleads raising his hands as you step up from the chair, taking the ball in your hands and looking straight at him.  “If you would just juggle the ball properly we wouldn’t even have an issue.” And with that announcement, his eyebrows go up, and a smirk lines along his features, “Excuse me?”  His heart begins pumping blood ever so faster as you’re smirking in return, replying tauntingly, “Would you like me to show you how it’s done?”


Scientists in India and Germany have unveiled a material that generates tiny amounts of electricity from mechanical stresses like a person’s touch or step. The idea is to create a biodegradable energy source that can pump electricity into a storage supercapacitor to power electronics, replace batteries and safely break down without polluting the environment. 

Their material, described in the journal Applied Materials & Interfaces, is a biodegradable plastic polymer called polyvinylidene difluoride sandwiched between conducting carbon electrodes. Interestingly, they mixed DNA with the plastic because the genetic material is biodegradable while having properties that help harvest electricity. In fact, DNA is known for its ability to accumulate electric charge when mechanical stress is applied to the molecule, a property called piezoelectricity.

In lab tests, a researcher pressing on a small piece of the prototype material generated enough electricity to light 55 blue LEDs. Putting the material on a shoe and then juggling a soccer ball, they recorded small bursts of electricity with every hit.

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Well it’s been exactly a year since I had ACL reconstruction surgery so0o0o0 I made a video. Hope you enjoy :]


SoOoOoOoOoO it has been exactly 7 months since my ACL reconstruction sUrGeRy and I decided to made another freestyle video. ChEcK iT 0uT eh?

~~ Talexfanfiction Writing Contest: Entry #3 ~~

Title: She Wears Short Skirts (I Wear T-Shirts)

Author: @onebigroughdraft

Rating: K

Summary: Tobin is a soccer shorts, t-shirt, sandals kind of girl. Alex is not.

A/N: Takes place in the Lucky (I’m in love with my best friend) universe, though it can definitely be read as a one-shot. But if you feel so inclined to check the Lucky universe out, this is part of an on-going Talex series on my ao3 account.

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if there was one word to describe today, it would be hot. if seth had known how hot it was going to get, he wouldn’t have gone outside to work on this move he’d been trying to perfect. yet here he was, juggling the soccer ball sweating his ass off. as he realized his shirt was drenched in sweat, he discarded it and threw it over towards his bag before going back to practicing. with one swift kick, the ball flew up in the air and when it came back down, he kicked it once more and–– “shit” seth muttered to himself as he watched the ball go in the complete opposite direction and roll right by someone. “hey!” he called, waving his arms in the air. “can you bring me my ball?” he shouted again.