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Imagine Leo telling you that you both can’t be together...

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You walked into the lair of the Turtles, juggling your soccer ball back and forth between your hands. You stopped for a second and looked up to see that the place was practically empty. It was barely 1 o’clock in afternoon so you knew the boys had to be around somewhere. You placed your ball on your hip and walked into the place more to try and get a feel for things. The video game Mikey was most likely playing was on paused so you knew he would be back soon, but then again, Mikey always forgets to turn off his video games.


“[Y/N]” a voice says from the side, “What brings you here?”

You turn around and noticed in Leo’s corner was, well, Leo. You smiled to the turtle as you made your way over to him and sat down. Of course you weren’t surprised to see that he was busy with sharpening his swords. He looked up into your eyes for a brief moment before looking back down to his weapon of choice.

You answered, “It’s a Saturday and we just finished morning soccer practice. I would’ve gone home but what’s the point of lying around and playing video games all day when you can-”

“Lie around in the sewers playing video games all day with a turtle?” Leo finished your statement.

You rolled your eyes, “I was going to say, hang out with my family away from family”

“I’m touched” Leo said with a soft chuckle under his voice.

“So where is everyone?” You craned your neck and glanced around.

“They’re training with Mast Splinter” Leo explained, “They all forgot we had training and it turns out, I was the only one who actually completed it”

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Well it’s been exactly a year since I had ACL reconstruction surgery so0o0o0 I made a video. Hope you enjoy :]

Jonathan Toews Imagine - “Go Kick Some Bruin Ass”

@sw-michelle​ request:  Can I request an imagine where a girl plays for the Blackhawks and gets hurt in a game and all the guys see her as their sister and get mad/upset, but Toews is her bf and goes worried/protective bf? Please and thank you!!!!

sorry to any bruins fans just to me they are a really rough team, i dont mean any offence. 

this was also a very fun imagine to write i hope you enjoy. 

keep sending in your requests:))

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yes i made history. yes i was the first girl in the national hockey league. no the guys didnt go any easier on me and i didnt mind it. in the year 2018 i was drafted by the chicago black hawks, maybe not first over all but sill a girl in the nhl. i was fairly new to the team but the guys and i all became friends fast.

“y/n you should skip the game tonight” jonathan said. johnny was one of the guys who i had an instant connection with, one that made us more than friends. “no way in hell i am missing this game” i said unlacing my skates that were tied from morning practice.

“y/n its the bruins someone is going to get hurt, im not saying its gonna be you but if you do get hurt this whole team is going down with you” brent said from across the room. i gave them all a look, “im part of this team so if i get hurt, i get hurt but im not skipping this game end of conversation.”

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Kiss the Cook

Pairing: Jason Todd x Reader 

Word Count: 795 

Prompt: based on this head-canon 

Warnings: just some fluff :)

Dating Jason Todd was always surprising. You thought you knew him like the back of your hand, but it turned out that he had many “secret talents” that he didn’t mention…ever. For example, it wasn’t until you were awoken one morning by music that you realized he could sing. Or that he knew how to juggle a soccer ball, hold his breath underwater for 2 minutes, and dance the Argentine Tango. Needless to say, Jason was a bag full of surprises.

One of these (many) talents popped up at a Barbecue cookout for the 4th of July at Wayne Manor. You were conversing with Tim and Dick about your job, their jobs, and life in general. In the middle of the conversation, you began smelling something incredible. Your mouth began watering; whatever it was must be really delicious, especially since you had only eaten a few of the hors d'oeuvres (appetizers) made by Alfred.

“Sorry guys, but do you smell that? It smells good, like really good,” you began sniffing the air like a puppy. Tim and Dick looked at each other in confusion.

“Uh, I did put on some cologne about half an hour ago. Is that what you’re talking about, Y/N?” Dick asked.

“No, no, it’s not like a fragrance. It’s food,” you waved your hand no. You gave Tim your glass of wine, “Here hold this.”

You left the two and began looking for the source of the food, but then you laid your eyes on Jason standing at Bruce’s grill. He had an apron on and seemed to be actually cooking.

You walked over to him and the smell became stronger. So it was the steak.

“Jay? Are you cooking?” You asked as you approached him. He looked up from the grill in surprise, his emerald eyes searching for whoever called his name.

You stood next to him, looking up, and arms crossed over your chest. When he looked down at you, he smirked.

“Yep. Barbecue is my specialty, babe,” he winked.

“Oh really? How come I never knew this?” You asked playfully. He shrugged and continued flipping over steaks and hamburger patties.

“Never came up,” he replied.

“You mean like the fact that you can sing, juggle a soccer ball, hold your breath for over 2 minutes and dance the Argentine Tango?” You brought up his other secret talents.

“Yup,” he said.

“Alright, Mr. Mysterious, well if you’re gonna cook, you should probably wear a hairnet,” you said.

“What? Alfred doesn’t wear a hairnet, Y/N,” he looked at you incredulously.

“No offense to Alfred, but he doesn’t have much hair to begin with,” you said. Jason gave you a look that said “don’t you dare”, but it was too late, you already shouted for Alfred to get a hairnet for him and ran off so Jason wouldn’t pick you up and put you over his shoulder. Unfortunately for Jason, he couldn’t leave the grill to run after you, otherwise he would burn the steaks.

You came back with the hairnet and placed it slowly on Jason’s head while humming a dramatic song for effect. He deadpanned at nothing while you placed the hairnet on his head, but he secretly enjoyed your amusement.

“DUN DUN DUN DUN NANANANANANANANA DUN…!” You began singing the main Star Wars theme as your victory song. You began parading around the backyard practically yelling the Star Wars theme, Dick soon joining in, then Damian, then Tim.

After finishing, you skipped back to Jason and showcased him.

“Presenting! Jason Todd wearing: a hairnet,” you announced. There was silence for 5 seconds, then Damian guffawed. Alfred and Bruce snickered, and Dick and Tim were holding back their laughter. The batgirls were too busy talking to notice.

“HAHAHA TODD, YOU LOOK LIKE A DORK,” Damian yelled. Jason angrily whipped around and raised his spatula to throw, but you held his arm back while silently giggling. He did kind of look like a dork.

“At least you don’t get hair in your food, Damian,” you pointed out. He stopped laughing and glared at you and Jason.

“Fine whatever,” he rolled his eyes and continued sipping his soda.

Jason lowered his spatula slowly, staring agitatedly at Damian.

“Hey, hey, heel, boy, just ignore him,” you calmed him down. It was then that you noticed the “Kiss The Cook” slogan embroidered on the chest-portion of the apron. Jason, was still staring in Damian’s general direction angrily, so you grabbed his face and kissed him passionately to get his attention.

Jason immediately caught on and put the spatula down to wrap his arms around your waist.

When you pulled away, he smirked at you and raised an eyebrow.

“Why’d you do that?” He asked lowly.

“The apron told me to.”

A/n Hi guys! This was my first attempt at a Jason Todd oneshot, and I hope you guys liked it! not taking requests right now but i will very soon! Thanks for reading :))))



SoOoOoOoOoO it has been exactly 7 months since my ACL reconstruction sUrGeRy and I decided to made another freestyle video. ChEcK iT 0uT eh?

Zach Werenski - The Jersey Switch

anon request: Love your writing! So I was wondering if you could write a Zach Werenski one where the reader plays hockey for Ohio state and Zach goes to the game in something related to OSU but he’s seen by his teammates or something and they won’t let him live it down? Sorry if it’s too specific!

i absolutely love zach werenski and i hope this was what you were looking for. i really did enjoy writing this and i love when you guys give me scenarios with your imagine request becaus eit gives me and idea of what you want. 

next up should be an auston matthews imagine!!

requests are open:))

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it was game day. not for zach but for me. zach werenski was a professional nhl player and i played for my collage team. “babe” zach said taking seat next to me. i hummed in response taking a sip of my protein shake, trying to mentally prepare myself for the game in a few hours.

“your such a great girlfriend and you always support me and i just feel like i’m not good enough” zach mumbled running his hands roughly through his hair and leaned his elbows on his knees. that really caught my attention, we were always so busy with zachs schedule i don’t make a big deal about it when he can’t make it to my games.

i rubbed his back and he slowly looked behind him at me, his sad green eyes met my y/e/c eyes. “it’s okay zach” i smiled softly at him. “but now that you mention it, i do have a game today” i gave him a grin but his face fell once more.

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soccer player jungkook

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  • okay so believe it or not this request has been sitting in my inbox forever and i need to do something before my feelings eat me alive so lemme go on about this au which you know is a fave of mine
  • the request never specified which sport so guess what i’m gonna pick
  • wow surprise, it’s soccer!!
  • you’re looking for some fun fun ways to get in shape right?? like all your friends go to the gym or whatever but that really isn’t your style okay so you’re like, maybe a young adult sports league would be wild,,, sign me up
  • a lot of the stuff isn’t very appealing like softball?? where’s the fun in that?? do you even do that much exercising??
  • i played softball so i can say that okay
  • and like that league is always dominated with old beer dads and you’re like no thanks,,,
  • most people younger, and like more your age, you realize, end up in the coed soccer league!!
  • which is wild, you can get down with that
  • even if you’ve never played soccer, you wonder how hard it can be
  • after all the flyers say this is supposed to be a casual league right?? so what’s the harm
  • you’ll get to meet new people right and exercise at least twice a week, probably more, so it’s worth a shot!!
  • none of your friends are willing to join the soccer league though,,, they rather stay boring and be at the gym
  • you decide to sign up regardless though because hey, what could it hurt to try??
  • you send in your application and money and whatever
  • you’re like time to brush up on my soccer skills
  • so you do what any normal person would do and you watch every single world cup, both mens and womens, so you can get a hang for the sport itself right? and also figure out some rad techniques to use when you’re actually on the field
  • after that you’re like man i should try to go out to the park and practice my baller skills
  • so you go to the local park and you’re like okay let’s start with the basics…
  • and you go for juggling and if you play soccer you know that’s not basic
  • if you don’t play soccer, juggling is wild and you use your feet and knees and legs and chest and whatever to keep the ball in the air and from touching the ground for as long as you can!!
  • you’re like wow i bet this will be easy!!
  • okay the problem is that this isn’t very easy
  • and you end up kicking the ball super hard and it soars across the park and you’re like! oh yikes!
  • and you hear someone curse and groan and you’re like Oh YiKeS
  • you race over to where you think you kicked the ball and there’s two dudes standing there and the one is in hysterics and the other one is rubbing the back of his head
  • the laughing one is really tiny and his hair is black and he’s pale and he’s dressed in a sweater that’s way too big for him
  • the other one is god?
  • no wait jk it’s jeongguk
  • you don’t know that yet though
  • he’s standing there, glaring at you, and he looks actually really offended??
  • cute though like he has war of hormone era hair because i’m writing this and i do what i want
  • you start to apologize profusely and you’re like unsure of what to do??
  • like should you hold him or should you get the ball or like idk what do people do in this situation??
  • “omg im so sorRY!! i was practicing for this league im joining right and-!!”
  • “wow, you a goalie or something?? kind of a good punt you got there.” and he’s smiling now and he doesn’t look very offended anymore and it’s really a nice look on him
  • “uh n-no, actually-”
  • the other guy speaks and he’s like “come on kook, we gotta get to hoseok’s place before he beats us up for coming to his preseason ritual occult sacrifice”
  • “party. the word you’re looking for is party, yoongi”
  • “same thing”
  • jeongguk nods at you though and he gives you this little wink, then tosses your ball back and you’re so flustered that you almost drop it tbh
  • “catch you later?” and he gives this cute wave then he’s off!!
  • and you’re like oMG how embarrassing!!
  • you don’t really think much about him though! because he he’s a random boy you almost gave a concussion, nothing intense like that
  • but then
  • then kids
  • you show up to the first night of practice for your team
  • you’re kinda nervous because you don’t know anyone and like wow sketchy because you’re alone
  • you’re carrying your water bottle and soccer ball
  • there’s too many people there’s probably twenty people and you’re probably one of the youngest here??
  • and you’re like yikes panic modE ACTIVATED
  • nobody even pays you any mind and you’re like maybe i can slip away without anyone realizing i was even on the team to begin with
  • but then
  • “hey, you know nobody can hold the ball but the goalie right?”
  • you spin and low and behold, it’s the boy you nearly wrecked with the soccer ball a few weeks ago!!
  • your face heats up because boy is in a tight shirt and some shorts and his hair is pushed back on his forehead by a hairband and you’re!!!
  • he laughs and gives you this cute bunny smile and you’re like wow i’m so glad i decided to sport for once
  • he sticks his hand out and you awkwardly drop your stuff to shake it and he’s all !!!
  • “i’m jeongguk! but you can call me kookie! that’s what everyone here calls me. i’m the captain, nice to meet you again”
  • and you’re like wth the captain you look like you’re seven or something but then you look at those,,, toned muscles again,,, and you’re like yah that makes perfect sense
  • he asks you your name and you tell him and you guys are about to talk more but then six more guys come running over and jeongguk is like !!!
  • you recognize the small tiny one from before
  • jeongguk is like “these are my best friends!!”
  • he points to the one with linebacker shoulders and the pretty face “that’s jin, he plays defense but he prefers sitting on the sidelines and playing nurse when needed!”
  • he points to a tanned boy with narrow eyes and a boxy smile “this is taetae. he plays middie, with jimin…”
  • he points to a blind boy with chubby cheeks and an angelic smile and he waves at you!!
  • there’s one boy with a really big smile and he’s jumping excitedly and before jeongguk can talk he’s all “i’m hoseok!! i play midfield too!’ i’m not very good but it’s fun!!”
  • and the little angry one is like “hoseok stfu you’re amazing okay.”
  • jeongguk rolls his eyes “that’s yoongi. he plays defense too.”
  • then he points to another tanned boy with sharp features and big dimples and he’s like “that’s namjoon! he’s on defense too, funny huh??”
  • and you’re like wth where is the offense,,,
  • and jeongguk shrugs kinda “i’m the goalie”
  • because i feel like everyone would assume he’s offense, like the star scorer right?? but nah jeongguk is a really humble kid and he’s really someone i think who does a lot of work behind the scenes to make everything fun together smoothly
  • also flexible and agile and nimble because dancer can you see it because i can
  • they all ask you what you play and you’re like uh whatever they need me to play i guess,,,
  • you’re assuming it’ll be offense or something but nah,,,
  • because guess what jeongguk already has the hots for you and he’s like wow do we need someone else on defense i think we do,,,
  • anyway practice starts and as the night goes along you’re like is jeongguk even real??
  • because he’s running drills like a professional and he’s also super sweet and kind to everyone and he always pushes everyone to work their hardest!! and he’s always willing to offer helpful critique when he sees fit
  • but he’s also super willing to let others critique him
  • tbh he starts practice with indian runs though
  • so basically everyone is in a line and you’re running, and the person in the back runs to the front, and then that person yells next or whatever, and the new person in the back rubs to the front, and you just keep going
  • you’re like running for what seems like years and you and yoongi keep whining about your very near death and tbh you’re pretty sure seokjin is about to cry
  • but jeongguk is going strong and the sweat is dropping down the face but it’s such a natural look for him? like he belongs out here on the field??  
  • you wanna rub it in your friends faces that you’ve met the most beautiful wonderful perfect human ever but you won’t
  • oh btw jeongguk pushes everyone hard but he’s always asking if anyone needs a water break and tbh seokjin does after every drill
  • but like even the older members of the team really respect and love him and it’s so endearing you can tell that the team really functions like a family
  • you actually love going to practice every week because at first he’s like once a week until we get into the swing of things!!
  • you really get close to jeongguk’s friends especially, especially especially yoongi and jin, they baby you tbh,,,
  • the three of you always get scolded for slacking but tbh jeongguk is too afraid of seokjin to yell at him much and he has such a soft spot for yoongi,,, and you,,, so you guys get away with goofing off a lot
  • one of the traditions every practice, is at the end of the night to finish off practice with a shoot off
  • so it’s like y’all stand in a line and wait your turn, then stand at the penalty line and shoot on jeongguk
  • he promises anyone that can win against him some candy bars of their choice!!
  • nobody ever wins
  • the only one that ever gets close is yoongi because jeongguk is too busy cooing over him to pay much attention
  • ahaha no hoseok and taehyung plus some random people have some pretty good shots and jeongguk actually has to put up effort to block their shots??
  • you’re not the first one to get out but you definitely don’t make it to the final rounds
  • you usually end up sitting at the goal post with namjoon and jin, because the others are still in it to win it
  • one of these nights, namjoon is like,,, “i’m glad you’re on this team. jeongguk, yah he’s captain, but he never really personally interacts with anyone but us. he likes you.”
  • which isn’t a lie
  • like you guys have a drill and jeongguk is like “whenever someone is on you, make sure you use your body to block them out. use your body to protect the ball.”
  • and he’s like wow time to demonstrate this,,,,
  • hoseok shoves you forward and jeongguk gets so red and he just stares at you dumbly before he just kinda “you good sure it?”
  • and you’re like haha sure how bad can it be
  • well kids lemme tell you
  • it’s bad
  • like i remember playing and my ass was all up on someone as i was trying to shove them away with my rear?? i was good at it though because i’m extra aggressive tbh yikes like imagine yoongi and namjoon goofing off though
  • anyway jeongguk keeps the ball at his feet and he gives you this smirk like come and get it
  • you’re like um !!
  • because like he’s basically
  • and you’re !!!
  • because muscles oh yIKES
  • you kinda go up to him and try to kick the ball out from between his legs but that doesn’t work
  • you don’t wanna get up on him though yikes
  • so you kinda try again and he rolls his eyes!!
  • he turns to face you but jimin kicks a ball at his feet and jeongguk trips and both of you go toppling down
  • can you tell i live for this cliche
  • everyone, even the older people, ooh and ahh and hoseok and jimin are holding each other and squealing
  • jeongguk stares at you with wide eyes and god the first time since you’ve met him, he looks nervous??
  • he quickly pushes away from you and you’re like omG OMG OMG
  • ready to die
  • jeongguk calls a water break and everyone starts giggling like kids
  • he helps you up and he refuses to make eye contact and he just kinda looks down as you dust yourself off
  • he won’t look at you for the rest of practice
  • yikes !!
  • okay but imagining picking out jerseys !!
  • it’s wild because everyone has their lucky numbers (jeongguk’s is thirteen)
  • and everyone is squabbling over what they want and jeongguk grabs one and tosses it at you
  • your brows furrow in confusion and you kinda
  • you unfold it though and it’s, believe it or not, number one
  • he kinda brushes by you and leans close for just enough time to whisper “because you’re my number one”
  • and you are!!
  • you do end up playing defense, and you play sweeper, which is the defender closest to the goalie when you’re playing a diamond defense
  • so basically you’re the last line of defense before jeongguk and at first you’re like shouldn’t we put someone,,, good here??
  • and jeongguk gets all offended like are you questioning my judgment as coach do you want to run laps or something
  • but you guys have a really good dynamic!!
  • like he knows when to let you do your own thing but he also feels comfortable in asking you to either go and attack or let him get it
  • you two always chat when the ball is down at the other end of the field!!
  • probably flirt more than anything and the other defenders just gag especially namjoon and yoongi
  • okay but
  • your team is amazing?? like probably the best in the young adult league?? you guys are on the way to win the championship
  • which is wild for jeongguk because he’s a super competitive person so he’s like yes time to gO
  • worst part of the season because jeongguk thinks in order to win it’s time to push yourself past your limits?? is like practice even practice anymore?? nah you just run for years on end
  • in games leading up to the tournament he gets a lot more controlling with plays and he’s a little high strung during games??
  • okay but it’s your last game before playoffs
  • and you’re playing your rival team so everyone is already on edge!!
  • even you because jeongguk is so stressed he looks like he’s about to pull out his hair and you just wanna kiss his face and make it better
  • but nah, you just chew your lip and stare and jimin and tae tease you for your crush
  • okay but this team
  • this team plays dirty
  • like tripping and pulling jerseys and shoving and it’s always a mess when you play them
  • refs usually call things but today NOTHING is being called and jin is already nursing three minor wounds from the sidelines
  • okay heads up jeongguk’s rival is on this team and it’s this haughty butt cheek person who always tries to score on him and thinks they’re the shit but really aren’t and isn’t actually as good a player as everyone builds them up to be anywAY
  • you’re always saving the ball before it even gets to jeongguk and people are getting annoyed with that
  • really annoyed
  • second half has just started and you’re going to block the ball when jeongguk’s rival comes up and rams you to the ground
  • you can’t stop yourself from hitting the ground, hard
  • everything goes black and you feel like you’re nonexistent for a few seconds and you can’t tell if your eyes are opened or closed?? nothing makes sense and you can’t make anything out at all
  • somewhere in the background you can hear cursing and yelling but you’re just laying there, senseless
  • jeongguk loses it okay, downright loses it
  • his rival can trash him, and trash his team, and be a prideful can of anchovies, but they are not allowed to ever lay a hand on you
  • he runs up to the kid and he grabs the guy by the collar and he’s like “man what the hell are you thinking?!”
  • and the kid just smirks and shrugs and jeongguk loses it and socks the kid in the nose
  • hell breaks lose
  • everyone is screaming and chasing each other around and jumping on each other’s back
  • jeongguk hurries over to you and picks you up in his arms and he carries you over to jin who immediately starts to go through concussion protocol
  • you three sit there and watch as hoseok tackles someone to the floor and as tae starts a screaming contest with someone else
  • jeongguk is so so so worried he’s asking jin if you’re gonna make it and jin is like,,,, honey they’re awake,,,
  • you laugh but then wince because yes your head does hurt, very badly
  • jeongguk hands you his water bottle and forces you to drink because it’s supposed to help
  • he then lets you rest your head in his lap as the brawl continues
  • you guys get kicked out of the tournament
  • that’s okay though
  • you guys have your own scrimmage to celebrate the end of the season
  • your head is better by then
  • the scrimmage is wild and jeongguk cheats by picking you up and carrying you off to the sidelines whenever you dribble and try to score on him
  • the night ends with the shoot off,,,
  • you and yoongi are the only two left believe it or not and yoongi misses on purpose,,,
  • competitive jeongguk won’t lose no matter who it is though,,,
  • you poise yourself to shoot and jeongguk smirks and you’re like wow lover boy!!!
  • you aim and fire but before he can block it, jimin and hoseok pull him off to the side so you do make the goal!!
  • and everyone is screaming and cheering because wow jeongguk has been defeated!!
  • he kinda stares at you in shock before running over and pulling you into his arms
  • “instead of candy how about i take you on a date huh?”
  • you laugh and nod “hershey kisses sound nice too though…”
  • his eyebrows shoot up and he kinda !! before leaning down and kissing your lips very softly
  • the end i love my son
Babysitter Tae

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Summary: Being a babysitter is hard. Especially when you’re constantly distracted by Kim Taehyung taking care of children. 

Word count: 4122

Childcare wasn’t exactly your thing. Sure, you thought kids were adorable, and of course you’d love to be a mother some day, but you were never particularly inclined to approach them in general and being responsible for one, at your age and with your little experience scared you a lot. That’s why you couldn’t help but feel uncomfortable about babysitting for your mother’s boss. You needed money for college, that’s why you had accepted the job, but your lack of experience made you feel like a fish out of water.

Waiting outside of his school was an interesting experience, hordes of tired parents and babysitters gathering in front of the doors to get a glimpse of the children and their ticket home. Helping him with his homework was okay, it was actually the part you most looked forward to because you felt more in your element. Playing was fun, of course, yet you couldn’t help but feel slightly out of tune, having almost forgotten how to be interesting and original.  Altogether, it had been going better than expected, and to your surprise, you had actually grown fond of the boy quite quickly in the few weeks you had been working for his family.

“So, how was school today? Do you have a lot of homework?” You asked as you helped him with his backpack.

“It was okay… we almost won the match, but the other team was a lot better than us.” He said disappointedly.

“Oh… well the more you practice and play the better you’ll get so… don’t take it too hard on yourself…” You told him, trying your best to be supportive.

“Yeah I guess. We’re going to the park today. Can I have my juice now?”

The other babysitter had told you about “park-days” and apparently, it was the best. All you had to do was take him to the park and occasionally steal glimpses of him, making sure he was okay. Since he was such a well-behaved child, you didn’t have to worry about much and you could do whatever you wanted as he played.

Even if you had been babysitting him for quite a few weeks now, this would be your first time taking him to the park, all those autumn rainy days confining the both of you to play indoors most of the time.

“I’m going with the boys, we’ll be playing ball over there, ok?”

You nodded, and then simply sat on a bench. You weren’t really expecting it to be so sunny, and you cursed yourself for forgetting your phone at home.

It was the beginning of October and in spite of it being a sunny day, it was still pretty cold outside. Twenty minutes in, you were sitting on your hands, trying to burry your face in your scarf as much as possible. You could feel your lips, cheeks and tip of your nose turning red because of the cold. You looked at your watch. Two hours to go. Awesome.

Due to your lack of entertainment, you tried to distract yourself by looking around. Many adorable children playing in the park and a lot of bored babysitters sitting in benches, just like yourself. One of them however, caught your eyes. It wasn’t a girl like the rest, but a boy, a tall, lean and charismatic boy. He looked about your age, give or take a year or two, his hair was brown, like his eyes, he wore a baggy sweater and a puppy smile.

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Mikoshiba Kyoudai Choujou Kessen!

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Sei: Mikoshiba Brothers Ultimate Battle!
Kou: I don’t mind delivering a package to Onii-chan, but Samezuka sure is large! I have to walk quite a bit from the school gate to the pool…
Sei: Gou-kun! If it isn’t Gou-kun!
Kou: Captain Mikoshiba? What are you doing here?
Sei: I came to the neighbourhood, so I thought I’d come take a look at the kouhais’ practice… Ahem, Gou-kun, meeting you here was also fate! …Shall we go watch a movie or something?
Kou: I have something to do for Onii-chan…
Momo: Gou-saaaaan!
Kou: Captain Mikoshiba’s little brother… uh…?
Momo: I’m MO-MO-TA-RO-U! Mikoshiba Momotarou! My hobby is stag beetle hunting, my favourite TV show is––
Sei: Momotaroouuu!
Momo: Ah, Nii-chan!
Sei: At last your time has come! This very day, let’s settle once and for all who can win Gou-kun’s heart!
Momo: Eeeh!?
Sei: What is it, Momotarou? Don’t you have the confidence to win against me?
Momo: That’s not true! I accept your challenge!
Sei: That’s the enthusiasm, little brother of mine! Let’s get right to it, the contest is who can reach the pool faster!
Momo: I definitely won’t lose against Nii-chan!
Kou: They left…

Sei: Momotarou, just running isn’t interesting. Let’s compete with something else!
Momo: Something else?
Sei: That’s right!

Sei: Soccer ball juggling showdown!
Momo: 200, 201, 202…
Sei: Hahaha, the contest is just getting started!

Sei: This time, a basketball one-on-one contest!
Momo: Ahh, it bounced back! One more time!
Sei: That’s the spirit, Momotarou!

Sei: Hellish… thousand… fungo hitting showdown!
Momo: Come right at me!
Sei: Let’s go! The last… thousandth!
Sei: Well done, Momotarou!
Momo: I did it, Nii-chan!

Sei: The next contest is who can make better fried rice!
Momo: Delicious, Nii-chan, it’s delicious!
Sei: It’s the hidden seasoning passed down in the Mikoshiba family! Keep eating, little brother of mine!
Momo: Delicious!

Sei: To help our digestion, a tennis rally showdown!
Momo: Nii-chan’s serve… it’s awesome!
Momo: I can’t let myself lose, either!

Sei: Followed by, a chorus showdown!
Momo: La la la laaaa!
Sei: Let out a renewed voice, Momotarou!
Momo: Got it, Nii-chaaan!
Kou: Excuse me! Ah, Onii-chan!
Rin: Ah, Gou? Thank you for coming all this way.
Kou: It was no big deal, since I wanted to meet Nii-chan, too. And I wanted to see the muscles…
Rin: Hm? Did you say something?
Kou: Oh, it’s nothing. Ah, right, I met Mikoshiba-senpai and his little brother just now.
Rin: That Momo… Just when I thought he ran off all of a sudden… What’s he doing in the middle of practice?
Kou: They ran off, saying “the contest is who can reach the pool faster!”… They haven’t arrived yet?
Sei: Goooaaaaaal!
Momo: I lost!
Sei: Ahahah, you did well following me, Momotarou! Having been able to see my little brother’s growth, Nii-san is happy! Lastly, it’s a contest with back!
Momo: If it’s back, I won’t lose!
Sei: It’s a contest, Momotarou!
Momo: Okay, Nii-chan!

Kou: Is that what male siblings are like?
Rin: What are those two doing?


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