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Drama pt.2


I was currently staying at a Hotel trust me I wanted to cut off all connections to Neymar but (1) my parents live in Maryland (2) I can’t just pick up and leave with Ava that’s still his child no matter what , so this was my only place I was a little surprised when the phone calls stopped but happy at the same time , when I checked in to the hotel I could tell some of the workers wanted to ask me questions about Neymar and why I was staying here but didn’t wanna question considering I was literally hyperventilating because I was crying so bad but i was gonna call Nadine until I heard that Neymar called them and explained everything
I was not about to be the girl that went running to everybody when she was feeling down that’s just not me.

Leaving the hotel I decided that I was gonna drop Ava off instead of the other way around , knocking on his door I heard a bunch of loud chanting so I knew who was here without even guessing Ava was on my iPhone while on my hip she was wearing a light pink tutu and a white long sleeve shirt with her curly brown hair in two ponytails , Gil opened the door for me

“do you know where Neymar is?” I asked stepping into the house

“he’s in the living room”
I walked into the living room and there he was that cheating bastard

“Daddy!” He looked over and smiled as soon as he saw her and came to pick her up from me and I handed him her bag

“ how are you ?” I literally sat there and looked at him crazy then turned to the guys

“ Girls upstairs?”

“Yeah ”

“Julia too ? ” I asked turning to Thiago

“yes” he said walking back to sit on the couch .

I made my way up the stairs and into Guest room “Y/n ! ” Davi said running up to me
“ hey baby ” I said hugging him and placing little kisses on his cheek and he giggled “ I missed you so much ” he said kissing my cheek

“ I missed you too but you can always call me ”

“ I want you to come live with me and daddy again ” he said playing with my necklace

“ I know but I’ll be back soon Ava is here ” I said letting him down to run to her , next up all the lady’s , I walked into the balcony where all of us hang when we all get together there they were “ hey everybody ” I said walking in “ heyy ” “ oh my gosh we missed you ” Kylie said getting up and hugging me / I don’t really like her followed by the other lady’s grabbed Isabella from the chair and sat him on my lap as we sat down “ we heard what happened ” Antonella said rubbing my shoulder “ yeah ” I said looking up trying to keep the tears from falling but it didnt work “ I’m sorry ” I said laughing weakly wiping my eyes “ I wanna go for lunch this week maybe after the game ? ” I said handing Thiago back to tony “ yes that would be great” Raquel said “ great see you there I’ll text all of you ! ” I said walking out and walking back down the stairs and into the living room and immediately Neymar was all in my face and the guys were watching

“ who the fuck is Avery ? ” .

Part 3?