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“Andrea Pirlo will return to Turin as Juventus brand ambassador after he hangs up his boots at New York City FC, it’s reported. Sunday’s edition of Tuttosport has the Bianconeri comeback as its front page story. It’s not yet clear when this will be, but the moment Pirlo decides to end his playing career in Major League Soccer, he’ll be heading to Turin. Juventus believe that Pirlo best represents the brand both in Italy and abroad, bringing prestige to the club’s reputation.”

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The world was seemingly ten times duller when sat in detention. Regardless of the streaks of light from the brightening sky, the absence of every cloud, the stifling fingertips of warm air, the welcome lack of rain, everything felt grey when closed inside room 119 with no moral chance of escape.

The posters lining the walls were too bright, too happy, mocking you and your captivity with their encouragement to “do maths, it’s fun!”.

The purple detention slip, crumbled into a ball by your frustrated hand, a tad too patronising, denying you every attempt to make the hour, the hour you’d been given for an ill advised skipping of your alarm clock, go any quicker.

The writing on the board too overexaggerated, telling you that Mr Parker would be late, but not to go anywhere, or ‘risk the consequences’. Consequences being more time in school than necessary, and so you stayed where you were.

And everything was dull.

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Why is the hetalia tag trending? What did I miss??

okay for starters, there is currently a football/soccer tournament in europe called the EUROCUP, dealing with all the european countries participating in multiple matches of football/soccer & in the end heading down to quarter finals, semi finals, & then finally the finals in order to find out which country wins the title of the cup!

basically when broadcasting these games, people take the first three letters of the two countries playing against each other on the assigned match (example: SPAIN VS ITALY = SPAITA / ENGLAND VS ICELAND = ENGICE) it’s to make the tag short & simple

the day GERITA was trending was not because of hetalia, but literally because it was a football/soccer match between GERMANY VS ITALY. still it’s super hilarious how so many people have no idea about GERITA as in GERMANY X ITALY. it’s a beautiful thing

some kindergarten ash for u guys!! i’m trying my best to update and i hope u enjoy this little brain explosion!!

ashton would be the kindergarten music teacher who comes in every tuesday afternoon with his box of cups and maracas and musical sticks for your class to pick from when it comes to their weekly music class that teaches them to bang on the instruments and sing cheery songs and make silly noises for fun. the school you were working at had recently had a turnover of management and the new principle was all about embracing positivity and creativity starting from as early as the youngest classes. (her husband’s colleages’ son had owned a music shop across town and had thought it a wonderful idea to call him in to help out.) With a passion for music and experience with little kids, he had fit right in as part of the staff, working with several classes a day with the hope of sharing his gift with the students, making them smile with funny one-liners or just a silly drumming face as the little ones would squeal about ‘Mr Irwin’ getting all sweaty. 

you have to say, you didn’t mind. being their teacher meant sitting in for that sacred hour every week where you’d take a break from teaching them the colours of the rainbow and counting to 10 and back again, to watch ashton lift his large box out of his car, waving to the class as he walked past the large window as their faces peered out, eager to see what he would bring this time. seeing him smile because all of the kids laughing and having fun was a huge turn on for you, and it certainly wasn’t helped by those curls of his bouncing in the sunlight radiating into the classroom, or his thick thighs perched against your desk whenever class was dismissed at the end of the day.

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