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“The Shooting Star Of The Windy City”

I didn’t really wanna put an incredibly similar (okay, the same) design up twice in a row, but I stumbled across this photo while looking up resources for another project and it was just too good to pass up! One more again to all my Chicagoans, with love. Hope you all like. Bless!

Who’s seen Rio’s medal holding figurines/trophies?

They are absolute genius pieces of design, and the general public is trashing them.

-They incorporate three olympic sports: volleyball, soccer, and rowing
-They have Brazil’s flag colors
-They spell out Rio
-They are built to hold the medals
-They are shaped to fit the Sugarloaf Mountains (see above)
-They are meant to represent the welcoming spirit of Brazil and the Olympic Spirit

And people are calling them trinkets, paperweights, shitty ornaments, and tatty souvenirs. Dozens of people have been saying that they can’t imagine people taking them home, but these are specifically designed to last because olympic medal winners kept throwing their bouquets away.
The amount of disrespect and disregard for the work put into these is absolutely disgusting.

To whoever made these trophies: thank you, they are amazing.