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 dear ney, thank you, so many emotions, many smiles, many tears, many hugs, many dribbling skills, you’re the “many” guy, thank you for that, i still can’t believe you’re really leaving but it’s okay, i’ll still support you ‘cause while you were here, you gave your best, you helped us to achieve a lot of stuff, and it’s grateful to see that you became one of the greatest in here wearing the blaugrana jersey. i’d love to wake up and realize it’s just a nightmare and you’re gonna train tomorrow with a smile on that face. PSG is lucky to have you. i hope to God that you shine out there as much you did in here. love you. 

“The Shooting Star Of The Windy City”

I didn’t really wanna put an incredibly similar (okay, the same) design up twice in a row, but I stumbled across this photo while looking up resources for another project and it was just too good to pass up! One more again to all my Chicagoans, with love. Hope you all like. Bless!


playing footyby @alexandralyman

Emma watched Killian kick a soccer ball towards a sandy-haired man who was sitting on the grass with a jaunty call of, “On your feet for the captain!” that sent a pleasant tingle right down her spine.

“Well, since I’m already up, might as well stick around for a bit.”

Just before the practice started in earnest Killian looked over at the bleachers and when their eyes met his lips pulled up in a grin and he actually winked.

Cheeky, one-handed hot English captain of the soccer team. Or football.


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“Pride Of A Lioness”

I stayed up… literally… all night… working on this. I had to get something out, to celebrate this momentous occasion, and I just did not have the hours in the day. Proud of the Netherlands’ accomplishment, proud of the state of women’s soccer right now. Proud, and excited about a lot of things at the moment, and may we bask in all of the orange glory! Gefeliciteerd Leeuwinnen!

“Kerrage Under Fire”

Not really much to say, other than she’s amazing, and I have no valid excuse for not having made a thing with her up until this point. A billion thanks to the wonderful and gifted @diriedits for inspiring me to do this, and for invaluable input throughout the creative process… and inspiring a super pun-tastic title.