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I caught that boy “visiting” my appartement tonight, looking for valuable objects. Now he is handcuffed on my sofa. For me he is just a young fucker who society won’t miss at all. But my wife says he could be her son, too young to suffer, she feels pity. My 17 years old daughter doesn’t want me to hurt him neither, for sure she dreams to have sex with that sexy fucker…

Help me ! You, what do you feel ? Pity for the kid ? Aroused and horny ? Or like me you just want to see red blood flowing on his white saggy soccer shorts ?

In the early 90s, Trump found himself the owner of a personal debt of $900 million. That’s not the companies he owns. At the time, his companies were in $3.5 billion of corporate debt. No, he himself owed almost a billion dollars personally after somehow convincing the world he was worth more than NASA’s 30-year Voyager missions to Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Uranus.

You could offer to buy everyone in the United States a drink and not owe as much money as he did. He could have personally cancelled out the Seychelles’ economy by moving there.

While sane men with jobs can’t borrow a few grand, a man who’s filed more 11’s than a fantasy soccer manager was allowed to spend the lifetime income of over five hundred of them before anyone noticed he didn’t actually have it. The corporate debts equal the entire education budget of two states, meaning society would actually have seen the exact same fiscal return if they’d invested the money in educating millions of children. And people still lend him money today. Enjoy that thought as you chew dry macaroni to pay off your student loans.

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