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So I work in a small soccer store located next to a recreational marijuana store and this just happened:

I’m helping a family decide on cleats for their 6 year old when a man walks in. Now this was not an ordinary man. No in fact I would categorize him as very out of the ordinary. Now we’ll just call this man Rasta Steve on account of everything he was wearing being a Rastafarian pattern and for the fact that he had the longest, darkest dreadlocks I had ever seen… Which was an interesting choice when contrasted to his pale almost sheet white skin. Now Rasta Steve is clearly high when he stumbles in and I know this not only because he reeked of weed, but by the fact that he is carrying the BIGGEST BONG I HAVE EVER SEEN! Not only was this a dead give away to his current state of mind, but this motherfucker still had weed burning in the bowl. Now that the scene is set, what happened next was something I’ll never forget. So he stumbles in, bong still emitting ganj smoke, while the family and I just stare in awe at what we’re seeing. Without looking around he walks up to the counter and I shit you not says,

“Ayyy brotha man, great day out right? Can you give me an ounce of Alaskan Thunderfuck?”

At this point it suddenly dawns on me that, holy shit he’s so high he thinks he’s in the pot shop.
Before I can answer though he notices the shocked family that is staring at him and says,

“Woahh you can let kids in here now? I’m all about the good healing herb, but that’s a little irresponsible isn’t it man?”

He then looks at the 6 year old boy who seems like he doesn’t know what to make of this man and says,

“Stay in school lil bro. Homework now, weed can wait.”

After this exchange we can suddenly see something dawn on Rasta Steve’s face. The realization that, no this is not an establishment to buy marijuana, but in fact a family soccer store. He then yells,

“Oh goddammit? Again? Are you serious Steve?!”

Then with a sudden burst of speed that no one expected he did a quick U-turn, spilled some bong water on the carpet and rushed out the door. And as quickly as he’d stumbled into my life, he was gone. Now I’m not sure if that was just a random guy who was stoned out of his mind or if it was an angel, but one thing’s for sure I’ll never forget Rasta Steve.


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Sweet and Sour

Imagine tiny Leo being placed in soccer by his family. But he never gets into it and kinda of just stands around when the game is in session. Leo always kicks the grass when the soccer ball goes past him. One day his dad asks him if he wants to continue playing and Leo doesn’t say anything. Leo’s dad tells him he’s fine if Leo doesn’t want to play soccer, so with that Leo tells him that he doesn’t like soccer and wants to quit. His dad smiles, nods, and hugs Leo. Leo didn’t want to disappoint his father because his dad used to play soccer so he felt like he had to follow his dad past.

Leo had always been more interested in figure skating ever since he experienced skating on ice for the first time when his tía took him to an skating rink.

My Valentine - Neymar

I know I know Valentines day was two days ago but I just finished this today so better late than never right? I hope you like it x 

Originally posted by neymjr

I pressed my lips together as I watched the clock passing the last few seconds of this hell of a game.

I sighed as the referee finally whistled the last whistle and I could finally leave this stadium.

It was valentine’s day and i’m in the city of love but honestly it couldn’t be worse.

I was here to support Neymar, since Barca was playing against Paris Saint Germain. Neymar had invited me to spent a day or as much free time as he had with him.

And i had looked forward to for that day for so long. I was almost sure they would make it against Paris but i guess i was wrong.

I left my seat and went through the corridors to make my way down and find Neymar.

As I finally found him he was already standing there with his head down.

As I stood beside him he looked up and a frustrated frown played on his lips. But he slightly smiled as he saw me.

I intertwined our fingers together after saying hi and he started to walk to the exist as I followed him quickly.

We made our way to the exist and out of here as quick as possible.

Neymar was quiet almost the whole time. I didn’t wanted to see him like that, that made me even sadder than the 4:0 already did.

We got in one of the cars and the driver drove us to the hotel we would be staying in for the night.

I wanted to talk to Neymar but I didn’t really knew what to say to make him feel better or make it hurt any less.

We got to our room and as soon as I closed the door Neymar collapsed on the hotel bed.

I sighed as I got out of my shoes and sat down on the bed.

I looked over to Neymar his face was hidden in the mattress.

I moved closer to him and stroked his hair as I went through his thick hair with my hand.

It hurt me to see him so broken and not being able to do something about it.

“Ney?” I asked.

He lifted his head up and met my eyes.

“i’m sorry about your loss” I said softly.

“i just feel bad for disappoint our fans” he shrugged. He laid back his back pressed in the mattress.

I laid down beside him and he pulled me even closer to him with his arm wrapped around me.

“you did not disappoint them Ney. They’re sad but they’re more mad at Paris than anything else” I said and looked up at him. He continued to stare at the ceiling.

“i’m too” he groaned and I giggled.

“i’m sorry for ruining valentine’s day. i really thought we could spent more time and celebrate now” Neymar said and groaned again.

„Oh shut up. you didn’t ruin this day. I’m in Paris with you. That is more than I can ask for“ i said and smiled slightly.

„Do you even know how much I love you? Because I love you so much“ he said and pecked my lips a few times.

„I love you too loverboy“

she gave everything for this, she left the disappointment of the olympics as soon as possible and went straight back to the spirit to carry on battling for the championship, missing out at the last hurdle is fucking heartbreaking.