soccer designs

The “upgrade” then “fuck go back” memes are the most accurate thing ever about the monster high reboot. The detail that I love about monster high is so gone. Like I could handle the lighter more soccer mom friendly designs if they have us less budget dolls and just better quality like they used to. Go back to freak du chic. The sister line ghoul fair was really simple dresses but Howleen has cute shoes with balloons on them and her dress is a solid pattern with a little mesh strap detail. And she’s fully articulated for a monster high doll. I’m not saying not have the $5 budget dolls just don’t make everything the $5 budget doll.

“The Shooting Star Of The Windy City”

I didn’t really wanna put an incredibly similar (okay, the same) design up twice in a row, but I stumbled across this photo while looking up resources for another project and it was just too good to pass up! One more again to all my Chicagoans, with love. Hope you all like. Bless!