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Evening the Score

Elena Rose Bennett is a world class athlete, Harry Styles is an International pop star. Both of them lead extraordinary lives, but when they happen to meet by chance, they do the most ordinary thing there is. 


Harry was sitting in a meeting with Jeff and some record executives.  The final details for his tour were being hammered out and try as he might to stay focused, all he could think about was getting home to Elena.  He’d left her naked in her bed and somehow that just seemed fantastically wrong.  

He had kept her from packing after they’d returned home from the game, though she hardly protested.  So she promised she’d be packed by the time he got back from his meeting.

Harry felt his phone buzz once but ignored it.  Jeff was in the middle of talking about the cities Harry was visiting and he always liked hearing the schedule.

However, when his phone buzzed again, he couldn’t resist looking down.

How’s this for pajamas?  Is London cold or hot this time of year?  I want to make sure I’m dressed appropriately.

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When he is the cold king ka and you are the shy nerd (You x EXO Sehun)

Can you do a scenario where Sehun is the cold kingka in your school and your boyfriend while you are the shy nerd? Can you make it fluffy please? Thank you!

Okay, so I wrote this request as soon as it came in, wasn’t paying attention, and it was like THE MOST ANGSTIEST THING EVER LIKE I DON’T EVEN KNOW THOUGH HAHA^^” Sorry for the hold up on this one! I’ll put that one aside for another time kekeke~ So now……ULTRA FLUFFFFF HEHEHEHEHEHEHE^^ *cackles* I’ll try my best hehe^^ Don’t feel bad if you don’t know what a king ka is! It’s the concept of being the hottest/coolest guy, and the queen ka is the prettiest/coolest girl!


“Yah! Move your backpack! I want to sit here!”

“Did you do the math homework last night? I totally didn’t study at all!”

“Ugh, my dad saw my exam scores last night! My life is over…”

You clutch your bag closer to you, weaving in between bunches of classmates standing on the bus. Even though there were still a few stops before you got to your school, it was already crowded and hot. You grab onto a sticky plastic ring hanging from the ceiling as the bus lurches forward, digging out your favorite book, just like you did every morning.

No one ever paid attention to you, really. Despite the fact that you were one of the smartest people in the class (ranked number three since the last round of exams, in fact), you were just…the quiet one. You went to school, and then went home. You didn’t play any sports, didn’t attend any clubs, and no one really asked you to go anywhere.  School was your life…well, that and one other thing.

The bus stops a few more times, each station bringing more and more students on. By the time you make the last stop, it’s packed, and someone’s elbow is jabbing into your side uncomfortable, but there’s nothing you can do.

“Look! It’s him.”

Hurried whispers and chattering fill the bus, and you look up from your book to see what everyone is talking about. Ah.

It’s Oh Sehun, resident flower boy and captain of the soccer team.

Everyone knew that Sehun was the most unfriendly person in the entire school. He barely talked to anyone aside from the guys on the soccer team, and he rejected at least twenty girls every Valentine’s Day. He didn’t even bother to read their cards or accept their gifts—he just threw them away. Word around the school was that he was engaged to a top idol star. You knew in your heart that wasn’t the truth. Why?

The reason you knew was because the cold, unfriendly, ice prince that ruled the school was your boyfriend.

You had met Sehun in a English tutoring class. You had only accepted the position because it would look good on your college applications, and everyone knew you were the best at English. He had opened up after spending hours in the library studying, throwing shrimp crackers across the table at each other, and talking about what you wanted to do with your lives.

No one knew that the ice prince, Oh Sehun, couldn’t live without you.

Even Sehun knew you were a completely different person outside of school. You were a cute girl who liked to laugh a lot, eat cake with your fingers, and wear make-up. You didn’t dare do any of that in school. You wore glasses instead of your contacts, and wore your hair up. The less chance someone recognized you outside of school, the better.

You didn’t dare tell anybody. What would they do to Sehun if they found out he was dating you? Would he get kicked off the soccer team? Would he lose all his friends? Would the teacher dislike him? You couldn’t bear to think of the consequences your relationship might have on him, so you saw him only outside of school. Within the classroom, the two of you were strangers.

Your heart thumps as Sehun steadies himself, making his was over to you in the crowded bus. You don’t look up at him, but you can tell by the smell of him—mint shampoo, cologne you got him for his birthday two months ago, and his usual kimbap breakfast—that he’s there. After a few moments everyone continues on, the volume swelling and falling as the bus makes sharp turns.

"Good morning.” He whispers, standing beside you. “Your hair looks nice today.” You blush. “Thanks.” Even though you try to focus on your book, it’s difficult. You and Sehun hadn’t been dating that long, and it was difficult to focus with him so close to you! “I downloaded a new album last night.” He says absently. “Want to listen with me?”

He pulls out his earbud and presses it into your ear, his finger lingering a moment to brush your cheek. Your skin grows warm as he hands you his phone. “You pick.” He sniffs causally, staring at the window. You smile a little, scrolling through the songs. First choice? The song you listened to all summer during tutoring.

Sehun smiles a bit when he hears it, and you crack a satisfied smile. Even though Sehun acted cold, he was warm and human on the inside. He liked songs that reminded him of you, and sucking all the chocolate off of cookie sticks before he ate them. You used to anticipate going to school because it seemed like the center of your life. Now you just couldn’t wait to see Sehun.

“First stop! Exit carefully to the right!”

The bus jerks to a stop in front of the junior high school down the street from yours, and dozens of students swirl around you. You let out an involuntary squeak as someone bumps you and you lose your balance, falling into an already-occupied seat. “I’m so sorry.” You apologize to the boy, your face red. “I didn’t mean to.”

The doors close once again, but this time, Sehun grabs you. “Well, we can’t have that happening, now can we?”

He pulls you in front of him, shifting so that you are protected from the people still moving around him. “Sehun-ah…”

“Shhhh.” He grins casually. “Hold on for a bit. We’re almost to school.”

You blush hotly, his hand holding firmly to your waist as the bus sways back and forth unsteadily. Even though the vehicle takes some wild turns, Sehun holds on to you tightly, making sure that you don’t fall. When the bus finally pulls up outside of the school’s front gate, it’s bittersweet. you’re too embarrassed to keep standing like this…but you don’t want it to end.

“I’ll see you…later?” You wave to Sehun as the boys from the soccer team begin to crowd around him, separating the two of you. You avoided them in general, and during the day time, no one would guess that the two of you were together. “Yeah.”

You back away, noticing another group of girls flocking around him, as usual. You walk a little slower, watching out of the corner of your eye. “Oppa!” The sickly-sweet sound of someone’s voice catches your attention. Oh, great. Another confession about to happen.

“Oppa~” You recognized the girl as a first-year. “Will you…uh…be my study partner?”

Well. That was new.

“Sorry.” He gives her a blank glance. “I’ve already got one.”

“Ugh!” She whines. “Who is it? Is it a girlfriend?”


Your breath catches in your throat as you walk, stopping dead in your tracks. What did he just say?

“Yes, it is.” He catches your eye, sending you a small smile. “I’ve got a girlfriend, too.”


Scenario end! I’m on a quest to get some of the older scenarios from buried in my drafts! I was a little iffy on this ending as well, but I hope it’s fluffy enough hahaha^^ The first one I wrote was so ANGSTY I was like UGH I NEED TO PAY MORE ATTENTION TO WHAT I’M DOING OTL T.T Anyways! I hope you enjoyed it!

After doing so many “BS News” articles, I began getting praise from people telling me that Cracked was the “most credible” news source on the internet. This terrified me. Not just because social interaction exhausts my soul, but because I’m probably the least qualified person to get ALL your news from. Until Cracked, I was a dishwasher by trade. I have no background in journalism, and once punched my friend while sleepwalking. I went to film school, for crying out loud.

Not to compare myself to The Daily Show at all – but my horror was not unlike Jon Stewart’s when all the kids “got their news” from him. But despite his disapproval – we still held him up on that pedestal.

So why was Jon Stewart such a voice of reason in modern America? As he himself once described it on C-Span, the media bubble is a lot like 6-year-olds playing soccer: too busy crowding the ball to see the bigger picture. Meanwhile, political comedians had the luxury that newspapers once did – in that they could fully-digest the news and pinpoint the most important narrative. They aren’t smarter than CNN or NBC or Fox, but rather lack the exhaustion of covering every goddamn thing that happens all the time.

And that luxury-turned-superiority made them a more respected source, suddenly elevating these silly comedy shows to president-worthy pedigree.

5 Reasons Fake News Killed Facts In 2016

You Lift Me Up // Liam Dunbar Imagine Part 1/2

Request: Hi! Can you write an oneshot/mini series (idk) where the reader is in a wheelchair and liam falls in love with her and helps her a lot like for example lifting her up on the stairs in his house idk just cute fluff :3

Pairing: Liam x Reader

Warnings: N/A

There will be a lot of more fluff in part 2!! 


Monday afternoons on the field are crowded at Beacon Hills High. It’s the day of the week every sports coach in existence decides it’s a perfect day for a practice because clearly the tournament the players had over the weekend wasn’t enough to tire them out. With the lacrosse team and the boys and girls soccer team, it’s safe to say the school really needs to invest in a new field.

“Alright girls,” (Y/N) shouts so the whole girl’s soccer team can hear her, “I know it’s really crowded and hot today but we’re gonna have a great practice! Ok?” She smiles genuinely at her team and gets mostly smiles back. (Y/N) is co-caption of the team. However, even though (Y/N) is younger than Jackie, the other caption who’s a senior, she gets more respect. Not only is it because (Y/N) is incredible at the sport but because Jackie is just mean and unreasonable and no one wants to deal with that. But she’s also good so she got the title.

“Let’s do some warm up drills then we’ll practice some foot work.” (Y/N) says and the girls starting to get up to get in their drill lines.

“We’re not gonna split the team and play a game?” Jackie ask in a rude tone while giving (Y/N) a nasty look. Jackie’s had it out for (Y/N) since last school year. As soon as (Y/N) joined the team her freshman year, Jackie saw how good she is. With that talent she immediately knew (Y/N) would be a threat to her shot at captain. And she was right. Here they are with two captains instead of one.

(Y/N)’s unphased by Jackie’s usual attitude, “We can do that tomorrow. It’s too crowded. We won’t have enough room. Besides, the heat is almost unbearable today and we don’t want anyone passing out.” Jackie rolls her eyes and nods because she knows (Y/N) is right. The team breaks into their lines and (Y/N) and Jackie lead the drills.
Liam, Scott, Stiles, Kira, and the rest of lacrosse team, are lined taking turns trying to shoot a goal with a goalie in position. It’s how they start of every practice. Liam stops talking to his three friends behind him because it’s his turn to shoot. He makes the goal and jogs to the back of the line. Liam looks around the crowded field to as he stands waiting for Scott to join him in the back of the line. His eyes meet with a girl on the soccer team who seems to be leading drills. Her hair is up in a messy bun and she’s wearing casual clothes, Nike leggings and a tank top, but Liam still notices how pretty she is. She’s shouting encouraging things to her team mates and even with an annoyingly crowed field and scorching sun, she still has a smile on her face. He can see how skilled she is at soccer by watching her.

“Liam!” Scott yells snapping Liam out of his trance.

“What?” He ask.

“What were you staring at? That’s the third time I called your name.” Scott laughs.

“Nothing.” Liam lies. Scott doesn’t even have to hear his heart beat to know he’s lying through his teeth. Scott looks over in the direction Liam was looking.

“Is it one of the girls on the soccer team?”

“I wasn’t staring at anyone, Scott.”

“Alright. Whatever you say.” Scott sings.

“What are you guys talking about?” Kira ask as she comes to the back of the line.

“Liam likes one of the girls on the soccer team.” Scott smirks.

“I do not! I don’t even know her name!” Liam defends.

“So you were staring at someone!” Scott smiles proudly at himself for cracking Liam.


“That’s so cute!” Kira smiles. “Which one?”

“Not telling.” Liam says.

“Ugh, you’re no fun.” Kira pouts.

Practice is halfway over and Liam can’t stop staring at this girl. He’s trying to do it secretly because his friends are already onto him, but it’s not really working. He watches the girl as she walks over to her water bottle to get a drink but frowns when she realizes it’s empty. He can’t help but think how cute her little pout is. It looks like she tells the team she’s going to fill it up but then other girls ask her to fill theirs up to. She accepts with a smile on her face and grabs three other water bottles and starts to walk inside.

“Do you need me to fill up your water bottle?” Liam ask Stiles.

“Nope,” Stiles says popping the “p”, “Just filled it.” Stiles is about to get a sip of his water but Liam rips it out of his hand, opens the lip, and pours the whole thing out.

“I’ll fill it up for you.” Liam smiles and before Stiles can react, Liam is walking towards the school. He takes a deep breath before he turns onto the hallway of the nearest water fountain. He sees the girl filling up the first water bottle with the other three on top of the water fountain. Liam walks over to the bigger fountain that’s next to smaller fountain she’s using. She looks up, noticing someone is next to her, and smiles politely at him before turning her attention back to the water bottle so it doesn’t over flow. Liam can’t believe how beautiful she is closer up. She has beautiful eyes, beautiful lips, a beautiful smile, just insanely beautiful features.

“Hi.” Liam smiles.

She looks back up and smiles again. “Hey.”

“You’re really good out there. I was watching you,” Liam cringes at his word choice, “Not like watching you. That sounds creepy. I’m not a stalker or anything.” Liam laughs nervously.

(Y/N) blushes at the compliment and smiles at how cute Liam is. “I understand,” she laughs, “thanks. You’re really good too. I came to the lacrosse game last week and saw you play. Um I didn’t come just to see you play. That’d be weird. I just came and happened to see you play because you’re on the team…” (Y/N) trails off awkwardly and but Liam just finds it adorable. (Y/N) thinks about how her and her friends were in the stands and she just to happened to be swooning over how attractive Liam looks when he’s on the field.

“I’m Liam.” He smiles.

“(Y/N).” She smiles back.

“Uh do you need help filling those up?” He points to the other water bottles.

“Oh yeah that’d be great. The shorter the team is out there with just Jackie there to captain the better.” (Y/N) laughs.

“You’re a captain?” Liam ask impressed as he starts to fill a water bottle.

“Yeah well co-captain.” She nods.

“Good for you.” He says with a smile. (Y/N) finishes filling the last water bottle.

“Thanks for helping me. It was nice meeting you.” She says truthfully.

“Yeah you too. Hopefully we see more of each other.”

“Yeah I’d like that. Ok well bye.” She smiles one last time then turns around to make her way back outside. Liam smiles to himself as he fills up Stiles’s water bottle.


“Ok so we’ll do one on ones then we’re done for today.” Jackie yells to the team. One on ones are a way for the girls to practice the footwork they just learned. They start at half field and make their way down the field to shoot a goal while another girl plays defense and tries to steal the ball.

Practice is almost over and it’s time for Jackie and (Y/N) to do a one on one. One on ones are (Y/N)’s speciality simply because she has amazing footwork and she’s quick on her feet. Jackie has never beaten (Y/N) but she’s determined to this time. (Y/N) starts dribbling the ball down the field and Jackie does her job trying to steal. She’s not having so much luck and (Y/N) is almost at the net where she’ll have a clean shot. Jackie loses all sort of sportsmanship and respect and does an illegal move by quickly tripping (Y/N) then shoves her. She steals the ball and shoots and when she turns around to rub it in (Y/N)’s face, she sees (Y/N) on the floor holding her leg with her face scrunched up in pain.

Liam and Scott heard a bone break with their enhanced hearing. They turn around a see the girls soccer team crowded around someone on the floor. The two look at each other then run to the crowd, hoping there’s a way they can help. When they get there the crowd has gotten bigger and they push their way through. Liam’s breath catches in his throat when he sees that it’s (Y/N) on the floor.

“Ok everyone stand back! Give her some room please!” He shouts at the crowd and they listen. “Did you guys already call a paramedic?” He ask the girls. They all nod and say yes. Liam bends down to (Y/N) on the floor.

“Here take my hand in squeeze. I know you’re in pain. Let it out.” (Y/N) doesn’t need to be told twice. She grabs Liam’s hand and squeezes immediately. Even with Liam’s strength, damn this girl is strong. “You need to breathe too. You don’t want to pass out.”

(Y/N) nods. “I feel like you’re talking me through giving birth.” She laughs but then groans in pain. Even in pain, (Y/N) made a joke and Liam admires that. Liam wishes Scott could take away her pain but it would be too risky if her pain magically went away, as soon as Scott grabs her hand, in front of all these people.

Liam is right by her side talking her through it all the way up until her parents and the ambulance comes.
Liam sat awake in bed last night wondering (Y/N)’s condition. He wanted to text or call her to see how she’s doing but he doesn’t have her number. He asked Mason if he did by any chance but all Mason did was say he didn’t and the tease him about (Y/N). He’s walking down the hallway when he sees (Y/N) turn the corner but she’s in a wheelchair…

Liam immediately frowns feeling bad for her. He walks over to (Y/N) who’s getting help from a friend at her locker.

“Hey, (Y/N).” He smiles.

“Oh hey, Liam. How are you?” She ask in her usual happy mood.

“I’m good,” he nods. Before he can stop himself he says what he’s thinking, “You look really pretty today. Well not just today. You’re always pretty. You look good. Um ok anyway, how’s your leg? I mean I know it’s broken. You’re in a wheelchair and you’re wearing a cast but what’s your condition?” (Y/N) can’t help the smile that’s been growing on her face since Liam started talking. Not to mention the blush. Not only did he compliment her but he actually seems concerned for her well being.

“Yeah it’s broken but it could be worse. I need to be in a wheelchair for about a week so I don’t put any weight on it then when it heals more I can go to crutches. Luckily it’s the end of the season so I won’t be missing too much.” She shrugs. Liam finds it amazing how optimistic she is. He’s not so optimistic all the time so they’d balance each other out.

“That’s good. Well if you need anything, I’d love to help. Maybe we could swap numbers?” He ask nervously as he scratches the back of his neck.

“Yeah,” she smiles, “that’d be good.” The pair gives each other their phones and put their numbers in.

“I also wanted to say thanks. For how you helped me on the field. I probably would have started crying if you weren’t keeping me calm,” (Y/N) let’s out a laugh and Liam loves it, “How’d you even learn to do that? Talk someone through it like that?”

“It’s no problem. And I don’t know. I guess I’ve seen it done a couple times. You know, on the lacrosse field.” Liam says. The truth is that he’s seen the pack members do it to one other when someone gets hurt and it’s how Scott calms him down when Liam is having trouble controlling his shifting.

“Sorry to interrupt you guys,” (Y/N)’s friend says, “But I have to meet someone. Do you think you’ll be ok (Y/N)? Liam well help you with your stuff if you need it.” Before (Y/N) can respond, her friend is long gone. (Y/N) knows her friend is doing this on purpose. (Y/N) may have told her friend last night that she now has a little crush on Liam.

“You don’t need to help if you’re gonna be late for class. It’s ok.”

“No it’s fine! I’d love to help. Here let me grab your stuff.”

Liam picks up (Y/N)’s backpack and textbook and helps wheel her to the elevator. She scans the card they give to people who need the elevator and it opens. This time (Y/N) wheels herself in and Liam stands next to her as the elevator door closes. There’s a silence that’s not completely awkward but still not comfortable. Liam turns his head a little to observe (Y/N), which she can’t see because of the height she is when she’s sitting down. He watches her as she runs her fingers through her hair then rest her hands on her lap. She starts playing with her fingers then speaks.

“Um I never got the chance to say thank you. For the compliment earlier…” she fights the light blush that wants to make an appearance. She bites her lip nervously and Liam almost forgets he needs to respond because he’s too busy wishing he was biting her lip.

He smiles warmly, “You’re welcome. You don’t have to thank me. You probably get that all the time. I mean look at you.” (Y/N) laughs lightly and this blush isn’t so easy to hide and Liam thinks she’s cuter than cute.

She shrugs, “Not really. I don’t know. I keep to myself at first when I don’t know someone.” This is true. (Y/N)’s an extremely fun and outgoing person but not when you first meet her. She’s one of those people who starts to grow as you get to know her. “I guess I’m comfortable around you because I wasn’t shy when we first met.”

Liam smiles to himself. “I’m glad. That’s good to hear.”

The elevator door opens and Liam almost groans aloud when he sees the pack talking in front of Lydia’s locker. He told the pack about his little crush last night, not willingly, and he just knows they’ll tease him when they see the two together.

“Hey, Liam.” Malia says with a smirk on her face as soon as she sees the pair. The pack turns to Liam and (Y/N) and smile.

“Hey guys. This is-”

“(Y/N),” Scott finishes, “we know. You told us about her last night, remember?” Scott loves teasing Liam and embarrassing him. He’s grown to be a big brother to Liam and with love comes messing around with the kid.

“You’re right,” Lydia says, “she is pretty.” (Y/N) blushes and tries to hide her smile.

Stiles joins in, “Oh my gosh yeah he said you were pretty more than twice. The kid wouldn’t shut up.” The blush on her face is totally evident now.

“Alright,” Kira laughs “that’s enough embarrassment for one day. We hope you feel better soon, (Y/N).”

(Y/N) smiles, “Thanks guys,” the warning bell rings signaling they only have a few minutes left to get to class, “It was nice meeting you guys!” Everyone goes their separate direction and Liam goes with (Y/N) because their classes are in the same direction. (Y/N) stops her wheelchair at a class.

“Ugh I hate this class,” (Y/N) groans, “chemistry really sucks. I just don’t get certain things in it.” Suddenly Liam thinks of the perfect opportunity to get closer to her.

“If you want, I can help you out. My old school made me take it already so I could have enough credits to transfer here.”

“Oh my gosh, that would be great! I could use some help. I have a test next week if you want to help me study for it?”

Liam smiles, “Yeah sure. Would my house work?” He ask nervously.

“Yeah that works. Thanks Liam. Now go so you’re not late for class.” She smiles.

He shrugs, “Some things are worth being late for.” Liam smirks when he sees a blush on (Y/N)’s face and hears her heart skip a beat.

“I’ll see you later, Dunbar.” She smiles at him one last time before wheeling herself into her class.

Liam walks to his class with a smile on his face. If he couldn’t go without thinking about (Y/N) before, he definitely can’t now.


Thanks for reading! I hope you liked it. I also know almost nothing about lacrosse or soccer so please excuse me if I wrote anything stupid haha.


Happy Teen Wolf day!! x

imagine flinging your arms around a sweaty bestfriend soccer calum and jumping into his embrace because you’re just so proud of him scoring the winning goal and him burying his face into your shoulder and chuckling into your hair saying, “i almost didn’t score tonight because I got distracted by a certain someone looking all precious in my oversized jersey” and you just blushing and swatting his arms away before both of y'all get swept up madness and excitement of the crowd sigh