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British soccer clubs face nearly 350 child sexual abuse allegations

  • According to the Washington Post, investigations into British soccer clubs have turned up roughly 350 claims of sexual abuse so far.
  • The claims involving multiple coaches across organizations, sparking the British Football Association to launch its own probe into the epidemic.
  • The investigation came after former professional British soccer player Andy Woodward spoke publicly about his experience with sexual abuse at the hands of Crewe Alexandra Football Club coach Barry Bennell.
  • “My life has been ruined until the age of 43,” Woodward said “But how many others are there? I’m talking about hundreds of children who Barry Bennell cherry-picked for various football teams and who now, as adults, might still be living with that awful fear.” Read more

Quando o país que respira futebol vive o pior dia de sua história.Quando uma foto congela o sentimento de toda uma nação estampado na postura de uma criança. Consternação.Quando uma tragédia atua como um divisor de águas: de um lado a separação, do outro a união. Ambas ligadas por um amor em comum. O esporte. O futebol. Aquela coisinha que faz você roer as unhas de nervoso, que faz você comemorar títulos, que faz chorar as derrotas e que hoje, fez você chorar novamente, infelizmente não pelo placar, mas pela fragilidade da vida.— Laira Tomaz

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the signs as moms

aries: sassy as hell (the cool mom)

taurus: overprotective but only out of love

gemini: likes to rub her child’s accomplishments in the face of others

cancer: believes their kid is an angel no matter what

leo: mom of the year and girl scout troop leader

virgo: constantly asks if you’re gay/pregnant/smoking pot up there

libra: supports child in everything they do but tries too hard to be “hip”

scorpio: takes child’s soccer game way too seriously

sagittarius: thought your diary was a very sad book and read every page

capricorn: has a solution for everything/freakishly organized

aquarius: shows up drunk at your chorus recital, as expected

pisces: makes you your favorite food when you’re sick

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