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Seventeen as Dads

Request: i looove your kpop groups as dads posts. could you do seventeen?


  • born preprogrammed with fathering experience
  • multitasks like a champ
  • stern father voice followed by a wink
  • somehow talks his partner into buying a minivan
  • proud af behind the wheel of his minivan
  • assigned seating for the entire seventeen brood in his minivan
  • never misses a dance recital, spelling bee, or soccer game

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  • purveyor of the child leash
  • when baby naps, daddy naps
  • “what does no mean?”
  • and literally will not stop nagging until his kid gives up and responds “no means no”
  • doesn’t know whether to be proud or taken aback by his offspring’s sass levels
  • somehow always sporting his daughter’s nail polish
  • brags that his child’s first word was daddy even though it wasn’t

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  • sweet lil prayers before bed
  • and before dinner
  • and before playdates with hansol’s kids
  • strums popular songs on his guitar, but changes the words to be poop-centric
  • because he lives for his child’s giggles
  • never gets mad at anything, only disappointed 
  • first and foremost, teaches the kids to be hella moral

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  • excited by everything parenting
  • will not put the baby down for the first week
  • “jun, honey, i can feed the baby” “NO I GOT IT”
  • eventually having to give up the baby because he needs food and sleep
  • blowing tummy raspberries
  • his kid will get tired of peekaboo long before he ever does
  • still waiting for superman is back to reach out to him

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  • box fort architect
  • thought it was a good idea to brew real tea for the tea party
  • real hot tea all over his lap when his daughter spills it mid-pour
  • and hosh is like, “this is fine, everything is okay, my crotch isn’t on fire right now”
  • dancing on daddy’s toes
  • too soft for discipline

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  • tol dad with tol child
  • incites fear via facial expressions
  • seriously doesn’t have to say a word and his kids are shitting bricks
  • purveyor of thirty minutes of reading before bed
  • pretends to not notice the flashlight under the covers when he finds out his child actually loves to read
  • homework help sessions
  • sundays in the vegetable garden with dad

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  • smol dad with smol child
  • gently tugs on his son’s legs while he’s sleeping in hopes it will encourage bone growth
  • proud of his piano prodigy
  • and drums. and guitar
  • kid just inherited all of his skills, okay?
  • motivational speeches before piano recitals 
  • followed by an awkward shoulder pat and hair ruffle

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  • leader of the tiny dokyeom army
  • seriously, kids are tiny carbon copies of him
  • should’ve seen the first time he tried to change a diaper
  • emphasis on the word try
  • and he does try his hardest to be a level headed/kind father and succeeds most of the time
  • until it’s time for discipline and it physically pains him
  • so he opts for abrasive hugs as punishment instead

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  • always has snacks
  • french braid master
  • “oh, your mommy did such a good job on your hair!” “…actually my dad…”
  • eats more of the baby food than the actual baby does
  • matching family outfits
  • literally everyone in the family has on the same color
  • somehow impervious to poopy diaper smell

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  • shy lil nose boops
  • a lot of initial surveillance from afar
  • impromptu b-boy lessons with the neighborhood kids
  • savage clapbacks when the kids make excuses
  • followed  by gentle head pats of reassurance that he’s not actually mad
  • buys a puppy so it can “grow up with the child”
  • really it’s just a lot of tiny creatures pooping all the time

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  • more of seungkwan’s face in the family home videos than the actual children
  • bed time stories are a theatrical event
  • a lot of happy tears
  • hella dramatic when it’s his turn for diaper duty
  • i’m talking face mask, apron, and rubber gloves
  • freestyles nursery rhymes (vocal riffs included)
  • pretends like he doesn’t know where his kid inherited tHAT LOUD ASS VOICE

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  • advocate for allowing his children to dress themselves
  • always ending up looking like a family of hobos
  • snickering when his kid drops the f-bomb for the first time
  • “i mean..what i meant to say was…that’s not a good word, buddy”
  • kids unearthing his science videos
  • begrudgingly helps them create their own science videos
  • rap battles over the last dinner roll

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  • baby trying to figure out how to raise a baby
  • just kinda winging it
  • lives for cuddles with baby
  • so he has like three different types of front carriers
  • makes his child’s legs dance whenever they’re in it
  • “look at his skill!” “chan, darling, you’re moving his legs”
  • always has the damn kid strapped to him

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Fudou Akio happy

The last one was a bit sad, but now Fudou has discovered the wonderfulness of soccer, thanks to his friends from Inazuma japan. The little Fudou inside of him isn’t lonely and sad anymore. He has his friends and all of us of course!!

Last time his father just left the house and Fudou’s mother gave him the football reminding him to be stronger than his father… sorry!!

anonymous asked:

odd question, but do you see the way wilford talks as an accent or a speech impediment? personally i think it would be more interesting if it was a speech impediment but i've seen people say both and i just wanted your thoughts!

i don’t know if this is actually canon or not, but during the cringemas livestream, mark (using his warfstache impression) says that wilford dislocated his jaw when he was hit in the face with a soccer ball as a child. 

that could just be mark improvising, so i’m not sure! (here’s a link to the video, nonetheless!)

i can, given the choice between the accent and impediment, see it as more of a speech impediment. 💜

Gymnast! Lance & Soccer star! Keith au 
Part 1 (bc I’m super sleep deprived and will flesh this out more later when I can actually think)

- Lance is a gymnast. He’s super flexible, wiry muscle. He’s p. good at it, but doesn’t really intend to pursue it as a career. It’s more so something recreational to keep fit at this point.
- Keith is a golden child soccer star. Centre forward, fast with a deadly strike. (Literally has taken people out with balls before.) He can be hot-headed and impulsive and sometimes gets tunnel vision and ends up hogging the ball, despite this he’s a favourite on the team.
- Lance has a twin sister who plays soccer and she drags him along to one of her friends games bc you can never have enough of a cheer squad. (Lance is like “ew soccer” despite the fact that he has some rudimentary skills at it from helping his sis practice)
- Post game Lance is like “daaamn soccer” bc he has very much enjoyed watching cute boys run around and get sweaty. Especially that hot centre forward with the cute pony tail… who the fuck is he bc Lance wants his number.
- Lance’s sister is like “jfc you’re. so dumb.” bc Lance literally complains about Keith his ‘rival’ in some classes they have together all. the. fucking. time.
- Lance proceeds to have a Crisis™ when he realises he has been checking out his rival. How did he not recognise Keith just bc he had his hair up hiding that stupid mullet.
- Cue Lance being more confrontational with Keith than usual in their shared classes bc he suddenly realises how attractive Keith is, and he doesn’t like that he finds him attractive.