soccer bar

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You know what we should kill next; sports bars

Or, how about this, gay sports bars.

Women’s soccer on half the tv screens and giant cardboard cutouts of Glenn Burke and Brittany Griner. Drag nights where each participant is dressed for a different sport.

Let’s take sports bars from the hets.

doesn’t krem seem like the most boring and levelheaded dude in the world, doesn’t he seem like the kind of guy who rolls his socks into little packages and organizes them by color, doesn’t he seem like he has one favorite beer and one favorite food and hasn’t changed the kind of soap he uses in ten years because he buys it from the same lady every time they swing by that one village on their way up to the free marches.

A Random Chat #1

A random conversation I had with my friend, Julianne.

Julianne: Hey Hails, you got any hand lotion? My hands are as dry as my dad’s sense of humour.

Hailey: *giggles and digs in bag* *pulls out three different kinds of hand lotion* What kind?

Julianne: .-. uh, this one? *grabs orange scented lotion* You have snacks in there?

Hailey: Yeah, whatcha need? I got Gushers and Fibre One bars.

Julianne: Soccer mom much?

Hailey: What?

Julianne: Dude, if you become a mom, you are legit gonna be the best soccer mom. Or if ya don’t have kids or something, like the best Aunt!

Hailey: The soccer mom thing I get, har har, I’m prepared. But why am I the best Aunty?

Julianne: Dude, legit you would joke around, spoil the kids, take them places, tell them funny stories and like be the best listener!

Hailey: You out something in your water bottle? Bud, you saying some weird shit.

Julianne: BE MY AUNTY!

Hailey: What? No! You’re like 3 years older than me anyways.

Julianne: Okay fine, if I have kids then you’ll be their Aunty?

Hailey: We’ll see. Still gotta see how soccer mom goes.

Got7 in reality

Junior’s image: smooth suave ‘I’ve been to France, London, Germany and I’ve read Hamlet at least twice’ suit and tie, the one to pick up girls in a book store instead of a bar

Reality: soccer mom with flawless hair who can go from cinnamon roll to 'do you u want to die child?’ In 0.3 seconds

JB image: sexy bad boy idgaf, the type of guy to meet a girls dad and say 'nice to meet you sir your daughter also calls me daddy’ gives zero fucks

Reality: clueless dad who doesn’t know what to do with his childs, doesn’t understand the concept of going without a derp face and spends 99.9% of his time trying to figure out which member to slap first

Mark image: chic mysterious, strong and silent, words cannot describe my beauty. 'I could be a billionaire, a unicorn, a spy, you’ll never know’ *deep smolder*

Reality: shy little giraffe child who’s squishy and smol and everyone just wants to protect him. Has an obsession with squishing butts and getting kisses from the members

Jackson image: Wild, sexy, type of guy to take you to the club and leave with his friends, or show up in the middle of the night and take you on a random motor cycle ride

Reality: more like WILD AND INSANE the greatest hyenas laugh on the planet a walking meme 'wangmandu’ 'markiepooh’ 'I’m not a rapper’ literally this boy…. In the words or Jackson wang 'oh my stress!“

Youngjae image: power voice, sweet boyfriend image, the only one in the group that you could take home to your mother and she would instantly approve

Reality: the strong urg to protect this cinnamon roll, a literal flower child who’s smile is made from the sun HIS ENGLISH IS THE CUTEST THING TO EVER GRACE THIS PLANET TRUST ME

bambam image : cute child that every fangirl can mom and give warm milk, the ’ I wanna grow
Up and I’m gonna prove I can be sexy’

Reality: decoy maknae( seriously how was he not the youngest??) puberty hittin this child left and right like HAS HE NEVER HEARD OF STAYIN IN UR OWN LANE anyway… Yugy’s bestest friend and known for asking about Australian wildlife

Yugeom: giant maknae, pulls of the cute but sexy dynamic, all the charms, ’ yugeom’s my name and dancing is my game’

Reality: the boy’s all but stripped on live tv, born with literally no chill, fluffy as fuck and knows it. Wants anything and everything to do with Bam bam, I’m serious bams is this boy’s life line and forget giant maknae this boy is evil to his hyungs with a capital E