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“Family” Part One, Norman Reedus x Reader

Words: 1,749

Norman Reedus x Daughter Reader

Request from Anon: Hi can you write an imagine where the reader is normans daughter & he shows up at her house one day after being absent all her life, & shes all pissed off but he convinces her to visit him for a while & people go wild following her around and stuff

Warnings: Swearing

a/n: Yay my first request! Hope you like it and it’s what you were hoping for! The request was too much to put into one so I’ll post part two soon!

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I was walking home from school with my friend, Anna. We had gotten out of soccer practice late, which meant her mom couldn’t pick us up before her night shift at the hospital.

“That was one hell of a practice, I am beat. I’m probably going to pass out once I get home.” I say, looking around and seeing the amount of traffic in New York.

“You promised me you would start watching The Walking Dead tonight!” She whined.

“Maybe tomorrow.” I lied. Anna has been obsessed with that TV show since the minute it aired on television, and now that it was on Netflix, she was begging me to start it. I told her I would just to shut her up, with no real intentions of ever actually watching it. All I know about it is that there’s some attractive man named Rick who’s the main character and they kill zombies.

Zombies were so not my thing.

“Promise me, Y/N.”

“I will, now leave me alone about that stupid show.” I roll my eyes, walking up to my apartment building. “I’ll see you on Monday, alright?”

“See you! Can’t wait to hear what you think about it!”

She walked away, leaving me to walk up to your apartment by myself. I grab my keys from my bag and walk inside, immediately dumping my soccer bag and backpack on the door. I take off my shoes at the door as well, since my mom has a “no shoes in the house rule”, which is stupid. Our place isn’t even clean- it’s never clean. Our apartment is a mess. My mom works two jobs which means she’s never at the house, and I’m always either at school or soccer. We don’t have time for much else, and on that off chance, we’d rather spend it relaxing.

I see my mom’s room light off, meaning she is still at work. I sigh, knowing how hard she works for us to make it here. She’s raising me, a teenage girl, all by herself since my dad bailed on us when I was a baby. Well, I call it bailing. She still defends him to this day, saying that he is “just a busy man.” A busy man who never happens to drop by and meet me, or even introduce himself. I don’t even know his name. My mother refuses to talk about it, but I know she’s still in love with him. He must have been a hell of a guy to leave my mother in a trance like that.

I walk to my room, grabbing a towel before rinsing off in the shower. The only thing I hate about sports is that it makes you stink and sweat.

As I’m washing my hair, I hear the front door open. My mother is talking to someone, but I don’t think much of it. She’s probably on the phone with someone. I finish up and dry off, wrapping a towel around my body.

I open the bathroom door, noticing she is standing there with a man. He looks at me odd, almost a look of sadness. I wrap my towel around me tighter, blushing, and I run quickly to my room. I got dressed in pajamas, but didn’t dare leave my room. God no, not after I just walked out in a towel in front of who I presume to be her hookup of the night.

I turn on my TV and sink underneath the covers, embarrassed and tired. I hear my mom and the mystery man talking in the living room. It sounded like they were trying to whisper to each other, but it came out more as a quiet shout. I was about to turn the TV to a louder volume before I heard a knock on my door.

“Come in.”

My mom appears in the doorway, giving me a slight smile.

“Do you mind coming out here for a minute?” She asked. “I have someone I want you to meet.” I look at her confused, why would she want me to meet one of her one night stands? Maybe it’s more serious than I thought.

I get up out of bed, following her into the living area where the man is sitting on the couch. He’s dressed like a biker, wearing black jeans and a leather jacket along with a black hat. His hair is dark and long. Something about him looks familiar, like I’ve seen him before, but I can’t quite figure it out.

“Um, hi.” He looks nervous. I don’t know what for- I’m wearing pajamas with pugs on them for god’s sake. I’m not a scary girl.

“Hi.” I say back calmly, still trying to figure out what I’m doing meeting this man.

“Y/N, this is Norman. He’s, um… He’s your father.” My mom takes a seat next to him.

“Cool, can I go back to my room now?” I say blankly. ‘Don’t act like you care. Don’t act like you care.’ I think to myself. I’m not quite sure why this is my first thought and action to learning this man, Norman, was my father. A form of self-preservation, I suppose.

“Y/N…” She looks shocked. Norman, or as I guess I should now refer to him as Dad, looks like the most vulnerable man on earth in that moment.

“I mean, it’s cool and all that you’re showing up my life now, but you’re a bit too late. Should’ve showed up when I was five, then maybe I’d have welcomed you with open arms.” I say, shrugging. “I’ve gone seventeen years without you, and so has my mom. We’ve done fine without you. We don’t really need you now. But, again, thanks for the visit. Cool to finally see what you look like.”

Neither of them say anything as I shut myself back into my room. Tears fall down my face the moment I’m alone, leaving me to cry into my pillow to cancel out the sounds.

“God, you just stood there saying nothing, Norman! What the hell!” I hear my mom yell.

“What did she mean when she said ‘cool to finally see what you look like?’ ” Norman asked in a questioning tone. This caught my attention. My mom stayed silent. “Why did she act like she had never even heard of me?”

“I didn’t tell her. It was for her own good, Norman.”

“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me! I’ve been telling you for YEARS that I wanted to meet her, that I wanted to take her do cool things, and you always said she was busy or didn’t want to. You never mentioned the fact that she didn’t know I fucking existed! It takes me showing up randomly!”

My stomach feels like it’s going to fall out of me. I feel like I’m going to throw up- no, pass out, even. I’ve gone this entire time thinking that he wanted nothing to do with me. I have spent so much time hating this man, who I thought hated me, for what? To find out that everything that I thought about him wasn’t true?

I open the door slowly, really feeling like I might pass out. He’s pacing around the floor, and my mom is still on the couch.

“I changed my mind about wanting to talk.” I say quietly.

“We have so much to discuss.” My mom begins.

“Actually, mom, do you mind if him and I talk? Privately?” I look over at him, and he nods.

“Oh.” She frowns, but doesn’t say anything more.

“Let’s go get coffee or somethin’, kiddo.” Norman asks.

“It’s six in the evening and I’m in my pajamas.” I frown. “But, I can change if you really want to.”


I change quickly, and take a deep breath as I look at myself in the mirror. This was not how I imagined my night going in the slightest.

“Okay, I’m ready.” He opened the door for me as I walked out.

“So, Y/N, I know this is weird for you.” Norman says. “But honestly, I didn’t know you didn’t know about me. That was a real fucking wake up call for me today.”

“It’s fine.” I lied.

“Not really.” He sighed. The warm breeze of summer air hits me in the face, instantly relaxing me.

“If you’re willing to try, I am, too. Just don’t expect for me to start calling you dad.”

“What? Why not?”

“Because I call my boyfriend that.” I tried to make a joke, but his face fell flat. “Sorry, I make really bad jokes when I’m nervous.” I quickly explained myself.

“That’s definitely something you got from me.” He laughs.


“Norman!” A girl screams from the street.

The coffee was good, we chatted about ourselves. Well, mostly he asking me questions about myself. I didn’t get to ask him much, he seemed so interested in my life. I could see people staring at him, and even saw someone snap a photo of him. I thought that was weird but my dad didn’t seem to notice or care, so I didn’t bring it up.

“Norman!” The girl yells again, running towards us.

Suddenly, a group of people were surrounding us. I squeezed through the crowd, trying to get away. When I looked back, my dad was in the center of the people, everyone reaching out for him. He noticed me staring at him with wide eyes, and he excused himself as he pushed past the crowd.

“Grab a taxi!” He mouthed. I signaled down a taxi, one almost immediately pulling over. I opened the car door, getting inside as my dad followed.

“What the hell was that?” I looked at him frantically.

“Yeah, about that…”

“What are you, famous or something?” I ask, laughing but being entirely serious.

“You could say that.” He shrugged.

“Who are you?”

“You ever seen The Walking Dead, kid?”


goodytissues  asked:

22. Ginny/Mike <3

Prompt: I see the way you look at me when you think I don’t notice.“

Mike finds himself having feelings for his best friend’s sister

October 1977 · Tarboro, North Carolina

Ginny clunks into the basement of Mike’s family’s North Carolina home and drops her bag of soccer gear beside the door. She’s not surprised to find her older brother and his friends clustered around the coffee table, a joint making the rounds between them, but she frowns anyway. “Hey you started without me.”

“That’s because you weren’t invited,” Will replies with a shrug.

“Whatever.” Ginny frowns as she walks over and perches on the arm of the old couch beside Will’s best friend Mike, the current holder of the joint, and reaches for it. He holds it out of her reach and Blip takes it. “You guys suck.”

“You didn’t put in on this,” Blip replies then dissolves into stoned giggles.

Ginny smirks, shakes her head, instead picking up a bag of chips off the coffee table and opening it. Mike takes the bag, giving her a silly smile, and eats a handful before he gives it back. When the joint makes its way back to him, he takes a hit then holds it to Ginny’s lips who gives him a confused look. “How do I do it?”

“You can’t invite yourself to the session and not know how to smoke, Gin,” Will chides with a shake of his head.

Ginny rolls her eyes, looks back at Mike who smiles as he holds the joint to her lips. “Just inhale a little. But do it fast and hold it.”

Ginny tries but releases a cloud of acrid smoke with a sputtering cough. Mike shakes his head, instructs, “Watch.”

Ginny imitates his seemingly effortless hit but ends up coughing again. Blip laughs. “Put her out and pass it.”

Mike grins, shakes his head. “Leave her alone. We all had to learn.”

He offers the joint again but Ginny shakes her head. “I think I’ll wait a little.”

“C’mere,” he beckons her over and takes a hit then blows the smoke in her mouth. “Now hold it a little.”

Ginny manages better but frowns as she blows the smoke out. “I don’t feel any different.”

“It doesn’t happen that fast,” Mike replies as he passes the joint to Will who frowns at him.

“Did you just kiss my sister?”

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Stay-at-Home Dad- Derek Hale

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* omg I honestly can’t think of anything cuter than Derek being a stay at home dad. The ULTIMATE family man lol. This is inspired by a text post my idol, @obsessed-withthe-hales, made. xoxox*

After packing up your bag, you quickly left Beacon Hill Junior High. It had been an exhausting day, one of the bad ones you got on occasion when the class clown distracted all of the other kids. But now you would head home to your family and pray that your house wasn’t in complete chaos.

After throwing the keys in the Acadia, you dialed home for a check-in. You were surprised when the ringing stopped so quickly. “Woah, Derek. I expected you to have to wrestle away from the kids to get the phone.

He chuckled from the other end. “Actually, everything is all good here, Y/N.”

“So I’m hoping that means our house is still standing?”

“Baby, you know that I’ve got everything under control.” And It was true. When you and Derek first had Jade, he told you that with the money his family had left behind and investments, your little family would be well off. Even Though it sounded like an incredible option, you knew you could never take it. Not only would you need to stay on your feet to keep from getting bored at home, but you loved your work. Even on the bad days, you didn’t regret working with those 7th graders. You were sad to be so far away from your baby after your maternity leave, but you knew she would be in good hands with her dad.

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All dressed or dill pickle? [x]

Sunday Night

The kids are bathed, clothed in clean pajamas, hair newly braided and they’re all asleep. Uniforms are hung up for the week, dance bag and soccer bags are packed up and ready to go, lunches packed and in the fridge, and backpacks by the front door.

Netflix and chill for me, please.

Feelings (Liam Dunbar Imagine)

A/N: I am very sorry that I haven’t posted in a while but here is a Liam imagine that I hope you all love :) requests are open as well


Liam sat in the bleachers to watch your team practice, like he did almost everyday.  Not in a creepy way; it was almost comforting to look into the stands and see him.  You knew he wasn’t going for you though, he only saw you as a friend and Scott’s little sister of course.  He would always look out for you and he said that was his reasoning for going to your soccer practices.


You knew he was only there to see Hayden and honestly it did hurt that he didn’t care for you the way you do for him, but you had to be supportive of your friend’s little crush no matter how much it hurt.  

“You know, Liam,” you started as you walked up to him after practice.  “Just because you watch her practice doesn’t mean you two are automatically dating,” you smirked.

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Forget His Name - C.H.

“Why in the world would we need that much cereal?” Calum stood beside the cart, boxes filling his arms as he leaned over to dump them into the basket.  “I mean, seriously, there’s ten boxes of corn flakes.  I don’t even like corn flakes!”

Calum scrunched up his face, giving me a questioning look.  “Who doesn’t like corn flakes?  They’re the breakfast of champions.”

“That’s Wheaties, you dumbass.”

“Whatever,” Calum stated, waving his hand at me.  “They’re on sale ten for ten bucks, so I grabbed ten.”

Letting out a puff of air, I pushed the cart forward.  “I hope you enjoy eating cereal for three meals a day.  Even then, it will still take you months to get through all of it,” I said with a hint of annoyance.

“Nah, I’ll just invite the boys over.  It will be gone in a few hours tops.”

“Oh, can you please?  You know how much I love picking up after you four goons.”  Pushing off with my foot, I rolled away from Cal, the cart carrying me down the aisle.

Jogging to catch up with me, Cal watched as I put a few loaves of bread into the upper part of the cart. “Who are you kidding?  You love us, and you and Michael can sit and make googly eyes with each other.”

“Oh. My. God!  For the love of pete!  Michael and I do not like each other like that!” I snapped at Cal.

“Damn, someone’s on her period.”

“One, that’s offensive.  Two, I’m just sick of you bringing up shit about me and Mikey.  We kissed one time.  It was weird and awkward and we both agreed never to speak of it again.  So seriously, let it go.”

Holding out his hands in front of him defensively, Calum took a few steps back.  “Ok, sorry.  Fuck, I’ll stop.  But seriously, what crawled up your ass.  I haven’t seen you this uptight since you broke up with Jack.”

“For the tenth time, his name was Jace.”

“Jack, Jace, same difference.  He was still an asshole.”  Calum started unloading the groceries onto the moving belt, while I dug through my purse for my debit card.

Looking at my roommate, I let out a sigh.  “I’m sorry I’m acting like such a bitch.  I just have a lot on my mind and I’m overwhelmed.”  Swiping my card, I paid for the groceries, thanking the clerk as I took my receipt.  Cal pushed the card through the automatic doors, and out into the parking lot.

Glancing at me, he unlocked the trunk and started filling it with bags.  “You know you can always talk to me right?  You’re my best friend.  You don’t have to hide from me.  I probably know you better than anyone on this planet.  And I hate seeing you let your anxiety get the best of you.”

“Thanks,” I said, my voice cracking as I tried to hold back tears that threatened to escape.  “It’s just the stress of finals and I’m worrying over summer classes.”

“You promise that’s all it is?  You’re not lying to me just to make me feel better?”

“Yes, that’s all it is, I promise.”

Cal gave me a quick hug before climbing into the driver’s seat and starting the car.  I slid into the passenger seat and rested my head on the window, staying quiet the rest of the way home.


Later that afternoon, I laid on my bed, the occasional shout from one of the boys drifting up the staircase.  I had faked a migraine not long after Calum and I had gotten home from the grocery store, too ashamed to even look him in the eye.  I had lied to my best friend, and then, to top it off, promised him I was telling the truth.

“Stupid, stupid, stupid,” I muttered as I used my fist to try and fluff my pillow.  Closing my eyes, I flopped back, staring at the ceiling.  The thing was, I wanted to tell Calum the truth, but the parking lot of the local Save-N-Serve wasn’t the place to blurt out that I was in love with him.

At first, I had thought maybe it was just a phase.  I had just broken up with Jace, and Calum was always there to say the right thing, and hold me close when the tears wouldn’t stop.  But that was six months ago, and my feelings had only intensified.  I had even tried going on a few dates with other men, hoping that they’d distract me from my feelings, but I ended up spending the entire time comparing each one of them to Calum. 

The worst though was last week.  I stood in the kitchen, drinking my coffee, when Calum walked in, the girl he had brought home from whatever party he had attended the night before trailing behind him.

“Mornin’ Buttercup.  Thank God you made coffee,” Calum said, pulling two more mugs from the cabinet.  “I don’t think you’ve met Kaci.”

“It’s Cassie.” The petite blonde said from her perch on the counter.

I fumbled with my coffee cup, nearly dropping it on the ground, my chest tightening with jealousy.  “Umm, yeah, hi.  Actually, you were in my Modern History class this past semester.  You sat two seats over from me,” I said, inching my way out of the kitchen.  “Hey Cal, I just remembered I need to mail something at the post office, so I’m going to go.”

“Right now?” he questioned, as I fumbled to get my Converse on my feet before grabbing my keys and opening the door.

“Yeah, I, um, need to send it Express and there’s a cut off so yep, gotta go!  Bye!”  I stumbled out the door, closing it quickly behind me.  It wasn’t until I was half way to my car that I realized I was still wearing my Care Bear pajamas.

Blinking, I cringed at the memory, remembering the look on Calum’s face as I closed the door.  Flipping over, I buried my face in my pillow.  “FUCK!” I shouted, the thick down muffling the sound.  I was interrupted from my melee by a quiet knock on my bedroom door.

“Come in,” I said, struggling to sit up and make my hair look presentable at the same time.  My bedroom door opened a few inches and Michael’s head poked through.

“We’re ordering a pizza.  You want any?” he asked, coming into the room and shutting the door behind him.  I patted the space beside me, inviting him to sit down.  I leaned my head on his shoulder, a quiet hey falling from my lips.  Aside from Calum, I was always closest to Michael.  We had a mutual bond over comic books and video games, and we had clicked as friends from the very first time Cal had introduced us.

“How’s your head?”

I let out a groan, tilting my head to look at him.  “If I tell you a secret, will you promise not to say something stupid?”

“Well, I won’t make any guarantees, but I’ll try.”

“I’ll take it.”  I scooted up the bed, my back pressed against the headboard.  I let out a long breath, shook out my hands, and looked Michael in the eye.  “I kinda, sorta like Calum.  Actually, no.  I DO like Calum.  I really, really like him.  And it’s positively killing me trying to keep it a secret.  It’s making me all anxious and shit, and I bit his head off at the grocery store this morning.  But he’s my best friend and there is no way he even sees me as any more than a friend.”  I ramble on until Michael silences me with a single finger across my lips.

Smiling, Michael moves his hand, resting it on his knee.  “I’m enjoying the world vomit, but you’re not telling me anything I don’t already know babe.”

“Wait.  What?” I spat out, panic starting to set in.

“Relax.  Calum doesn’t suspect anything.  I can only conclude he’s a fucking idiot, or he’s too scared to tell you how he really feels.”  My eyes widen, as Michael continues to speak.  “We’ve had a bet going on for two months to see when you two would get over it and just fuck.”

My mouth hung open as I stared at Michael.  “I don’t know whether to hit you or kiss you right now.  You seriously think Calum feels the same way?”

“One, please don’t kiss me.  We already know how fucking weird that is and two, I don’t think Calum likes you.  I know Calum likes you.  He told Ashton like six months ago.”  Michael smirked proudly, like he’s the fucking goose that just laid the golden egg.  “Now let’s go eat pizza,” he said, grabbing my hand and pulling me off the bed.


It had been two days since Michael had told me about Calum.  Two days of avoiding my roommate, while I tried to decide what I was going to do with the information Michael had given me.  I was pretty sure I had figured out a plan when I heard the front door open, Calum’s soccer bag hitting the floor with a thud.  I peeked my head around the corner of the hallway, giving him my best smile, while trying not to stare at his shirtless chest.

“Hey stranger.  Where have you been hiding?”  Calum asked, giving me a quick kiss on the cheek as he passed me to go up the stairs.

“No hiding, working.  It’s been really crazy lately and I took on a few extra shifts to help out.  I was just going to grab a quick shower, and then I thought we could grab dinner?”

Calum turned to me from the steps, noticing for the first time I was still dressed in my pajamas, the tiny boy shorts much smaller than anything I normally wore around the house.  His eyes traveled up over my thin tank top before settling on my lips.  “Oh, well I was going to shower, but you can go first,” he croaked out, his Adam’s apple bobbing in his throat as he turned to go back up the stairs.  I bit my lower lip before opening my mouth to speak.

“Or we could just shower together.  There’s enough room for both of us,” I stuttered out, Calum tripping over his own feet on the staircase.

“What did you just say?” Calum spoke quietly, without turning to look at me.

“I said we could…Actually, you know what?  It was stupid.  Just forget about it.”  I shook my head, turning to go into a different room, and wallow in my own embarrassment.

“Don’t you dare walk away from me,” Calum said, coming down the stairs, gently grabbing my wrist, and turning me around.  My eyes were brimming with tears, and I kept swallowing, willing them not to fall.  Calum reached down, pushing my chin up so I was forced to look him in the eye.  A lone tear slipped down my cheek and I quickly swiped it away.  “Hey, why are you crying?  Please don’t cry baby girl.”  Calum cupped my face in his hands, his thumbs catching the tears still falling from my eyes.

I turned my face into his palm, taking a deep breath before speaking.  “I’m sorry, Cal.  I shouldn’t have said that.  I just thought…I don’t know what I thought, but.”  My words were silenced by Cal’s soft lips pressing against mine.

“Can you stop talking for two seconds, and let me speak?” Cal whispered against my lips, his forehead resting against mine.  “Do you know how long I’ve wanted to kiss you?  Every time you’d leave with that asshole, Jim, I’d spend the night getting drunk and crying to Ash like a big baby.  Hell, I’d bring girls home to spend the night, and think about you the whole time.  No matter what I do, who I’m with, I just can’t stop thinking about you.”  A huge smile formed on my face as Calum spoke.  I wrapped my arms around his neck, slipping my fingers into his short hair, and pulled him down so he was mere inches from my mouth.

“It’s Jace, by the way,” I said before pressing my lips to his.  Calum let out a low growl, breaking the kiss and looking me straight in the eye.

“I’m going to make it so by the end of the night, you don’t remember what his fucking name is either.”  I let out a small squeak of surprise as Calum reached behind my thighs, lifting me up and pressing me against the nearest wall.  I circled my legs around his waist, locking my ankles behind his back.  His mouth found mine again, his tongue gliding along the seam of my lips.  I parted them on a soft moan, Calum’s tongue slipping into my mouth, and swirling around my own.  Capturing Cal’s bottom lip between my teeth, I tugged gently feeling Cal’s chest vibrate from the groan working its way up his throat.  Cal ducked his head, dragging his tongue across my jaw, before reaching the spot just below my ear, and sucking harshly.  Gasping for air, I tightened my grip on Cal’s shoulder as I felt his lips curl into a small smile against my neck.  “That feel good, baby?”

“So good,” I hummed in response, Cal’s hands tugging on the bottom of my tank top, before swiftly pulling it up and over my head. 

“Fuck, you are absolutely beautiful,” he muttered, before sliding his hand over my breast, rolling the tightened bud between his fingers.  His mouth found mine again, and I slid my hands down his chest and across his abs before reaching the elastic of his athletic shorts.  Slipping my fingers under the waistband of his shorts, I wrapped them around Calum’s hardened length, a sharp hiss falling from his lips at the contact.

“I want to taste you,” I whispered, biting down on his earlobe and tugging it towards me.  Calum bucked up into me, his breathing becoming more labored as I pumped his thick cock with my hand.  Lowering my legs from around his waist, I pushed the shorts down his legs, his dick slapping against his stomach as it was freed from its confines.  Dropping to my knees, I looked up at Calum before licking my lips, leaning forward to place a soft kiss at the base of his shaft, using my tongue to massage his balls before sucking each one into my mouth.  I felt Calum’s thighs clench with each pull, his hand slamming into the wall to keep himself upright.  Smirking, I drug my tongue across the thick vein on the underside of his cock before swirling my tongue around the tip pulling it into my mouth.  Pressing my tongue flat against the underside of his dick, I slid my mouth down, my lips stretching around his wide girth.  I bobbed my head, sucking hard as I moved back up his dick, my tongue circling around the tip and teasing his small slit.  Growling, Cal gripped my hair, pulling it back from my face, as he watched his shaft slide in and out of my mouth.  I gripped the base of his cock in my hand, using it to pump what wouldn’t fit.  Calum groaned, the muscles in his legs straining as he held himself back from fucking up into my mouth.  Reaching up with my other hand, I massaged his balls, Calum’s moans getting louder as I quickened my pace on his shaft.  I could feel Calum’s balls tightening, his legs trembling, as I sucked harder, knowing his orgasm was fast approaching.

“God dammit,” Calum forced out between his teeth, before pulling me off him with a pop.  I pouted as he gripped my arms, tugging me back unto my feet.  “As enjoyable as that was, I’m not planning on coming until I’m buried in that tight little pussy of yours,” he growled, kicking his shorts the rest of the way off.  Bending over, Cal grabbed my waist, throwing me over his shoulder before starting up the stairs.

“What the fuck?  Put me down Cal!” I giggled, slapping my hands across his firm back muscles.

Letting out a dark chuckle, Cal turned into his bedroom, dropping me unto the bed and crawling over me.  Any giggle left on my lips died quickly as he dropped his hips down, grinding his pelvis into mine.  Sitting back, Cal grabbed the elastic of my shorts, making quick work of pulling them down my legs, before tossing them over his shoulder into a dark corner of the room.  I was bare before him, my folds glistening with wetness, my chest heaving with each breath I took. 

“You are breathtaking, you know that right?” Cal said, as he left open mouth kisses across my breasts, and down my stomach.  Sliding his hands up my thighs, he gripped my hips, pulling me so I was flush against him.  I whimpered as Calum slide a long finger through my wetness, resting it on top of the small bundle of nerves.  “So wet for me too,” Calum murmured, rubbing small figures against my clit, as he sucked my nipple between his teeth. 

I drew a harsh breath in through my teeth, as Calum pushed a finger inside of me, pumping in and out as his palm pressed against my most sensitive spot.  Adding another finger, Cal increased his pace, his fingers slamming in and out of me.  I bucked my hips, greedy for more, my hands gripping the sheets, knuckles white. I let out a low whine when Calum pulled his fingers from me, pressing them instead to my lips.  “Suck,” he said, his pupils blown out with lust, his commanding voice causing a gush of wetness to pool beneath me on the fitted shit.  I pulled his fingers into my mouth, licking and sucking my juices from them, as Calum pumped his hard cock in his hand.

Pulling his fingers from my mouth, Calum reached across the bed, rustling in his nightstand, before pulling out a shiny square packet.  I watched Calum unroll the condom down his erect length, before kneeling back between my legs and pulling me forward.  Grasping his dick in his hand, he rubbed it over my wetness, a throaty moan falling from my lips, as I raised my hips off the bed, trying to get some relief.  I felt Calum hesitate, the head of his cock pressed against my opening.  “You’re sure about this?” he questioned, his ab muscles tight as he restrained himself from sliding into me.

Sitting up on my elbows, I looked at him.  His hair was wild, his brown eyes almost black, cheeks and chest flushed with desire.  “I’ve never wanted anyone more in my life, than I do right now, at this moment.  Are you sure?” 

Instead of answering me, Cal gripped my hips hard, slowly pressing into me.  Gritting his teeth, he pushed in, giving me time to adjust to his wide girth.  When he was buried to the hilt, he let out a loud groan, looking at me as he said, “I’ve never been so sure of something in my fucking life.”

I laid back on the pillows, feeling deliciously stretched.  “M-move Cal, please,” I panted.  My eyes rolled back in my head, as he pulled out until only the tip remained before slamming into me again.  “Fuck, that feels good,” I mumbled, gripping the sheets, as Calum repeated his earlier action.

“Damn, you are so tight.  So good.”  Cal continued to move in and out of my slick canal, before pulling back slightly to watch where our two bodies were connected.  Lifting my leg, he pulled it up and rested my ankle on his shoulder, changing the angle and causing him to hit the spot inside that left me seeing stars.  Knuckles white, I tore at the sheets, my back arching off the bed.

“Harder, Cal.  S-so close,” I moaned out, Cal increasing his pace, and pounding into me.  The base of his cock was rubbing the bundle of nerves at the apex of my thighs, and I felt my toes curl, my legs tighten as my pussy gripped his dick. 

“Fuck! Come for me baby girl,” Cal spit out, though clenched teeth, his jaw tightening from the strain of his impending orgasm.  His words sent me over the edge, my pussy clamping down around his cock, body shaking with the intensity of the orgasm, as Calum’s name fell from my lips.  My body felt like jelly as I watched Calum, sweat dripping from his brow, fingers tightening on my hips, a low moan leaving his mouth as he twitched inside me, before releasing into the condom.

“Christ,” he says, collapsing on top of me, both of our breathing harsh and heavy.  I turned my head, finding his lips and placing a chaste kiss upon them. 

“That was…well that was fucking amazing,” I breathed out, as Calum pulled out of me, tossing the condom in the trash can before rolling onto his side and pulling me into his chest. 

“Fucking amazing is right.” Calum kissed my temple, before pushing me back just enough that he could look me in the eye.  “I love you.  I love you so, so much.”

“I love you, too.  I think I have for a long time, I was just too much of a bullhead to realize it.  And I was scared.  So scared of losing you.” My voice squeaked, as all my worries and anxieties that had been keeping me awake for months floated away. 

Laughing, Cal captured my lips in one more kiss.  “Me too, baby.  Me too.”  Calum pulled himself up, wincing a little as he straightened out his back.  “So, you still interested in taking that shower?” he questioned, a smirk flitting across his features as he gazed down at me.

“Is the Pope Catholic?” I laughed, crawling off the bed.  “Just let me text Mikey real quick.  I’m pretty sure he owes Luke and Ashton $20 bucks.“

Soccer Balls - Calum



In no ways you were a soccer star. You played for fun back at home, and grew up in a soccer family, so you were familiar with the game. So when Calum claimed that he almost played professionally, you had to challenge him to a game.

You were in your childhood backyard, where there was two goals set up across the yard. You used to live in Ohio, in the middle of nowhere. So here you both were, spending Calum vacation from tour in sunny Ohio.

“Okay I got the balls” You say bringing over a mesh bag of soccer balls.

“Honey, I think i have the balls in this relationship,” Calum says pointing to his junk.

“Har Har,” You fake laugh, “I meant the soccer balls,” You say. You both fall into a fit of giggles. Neither of you could withstand a joke.

You begin to play. You had to admit Calum is much better than you. That didn’t stop you though from playing your hardest.

When you came in, You were covered in bruises from trying to illegally tackle Calum, while Calum came out mostly unscathed. You were both sweating, foreheads soaked.

“You…got…me…beat….this…time” You say huffing in between breaths. “But….I…will…get…you!” you yell between huffs.

Calum lets out  a low chuckle, “I’m sure you will Sweetheart” He says wrapping an arm around your shoulders and pulling you into his side. He kisses your forehead. “I’m sure you will” He whispers against your skin.

You’re All I Need: Part 10

Previous Parts

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Prompt: Dean is a single dad, and his daughter, Charlie, wants to join the soccer team; he meets Y/N who’s daughter, Hael, and Charlie, become the best of friends; Dean finally grows a pair

Tags: AU: Domesticity, Domestic!Dean, Dad!Dean,

Words: 1892

Note: Please give me some feedback!!

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MEETING OLI - an Oli White imagine

Walking down to the usually quiet soccer pitch, you smiled at the thought of getting to practice for most of the Saturday afternoon ahead. As you had expected, there was an empty court and upon seeing it, you ran down to it. The green soccer ground was made up of a few courts, with each lined by a small fence and white-silver benches. Currently, there were two sporting clubs using the other courts, leaving one free for visitors of any kind.

You sat down on a bench on the far side of the pitch, before pulling your hair into a tight ponytail. As you were doing so, you noticed a group of boys enter the same court. You gave them a smile to show that you didn’t mind sharing. Pulling your soccer boots from your bag, you undid the laces before putting them on.

Grabbing your ball, you stood up and began to juggle it, warming up slowly. You loved soccer and as you managed to keep the ball up for ten or so juggles, your excitement to practice did not waver.

“Go ask her, Oli!” a voice said fairly loudly.

You glanced over at the group of boys and laughed slightly before focussing back on the ball.

“Oli, come on, we need another player!”

“Oliiii,” another voice drew out.

“Just do it, Oli!”

It sounded as if the boys were pestering one of the group only. You laughed again, uncontrollably a bit louder, as the group all glanced at you having done so.

“She’s laughing at us now. Good job, Oli.”

That made you laugh again, as you quickly shot your ball towards your goal. Picking it up, you turned around to walk back a few meters to have another go. As you did, you saw a tall and dark haired boy come towards you.

“Hey,” you called, stifling a chuckle, “Oli, is it?”

He ducked his head slightly and rubbed his the back of his neck, clearly a bit embarrassed, “Yeah… Hey!”

You both kept walking, until you came face to face and he straightened up again.

Continuing, Oli said, “My friends and I were wondering, if you are by yourself and want to that is, if you’d like to come have a kick with us?”

You smiled, you had gathered that much already. Looking past his shoulder, you saw the group of six boys wave and smile with a shrug.

“Yeah, we kinda don’t have enough people for even teams.”

“I’d be honoured to,” you laughed, giving a small bow.

That seemed to ease him up as he grinned, “Great!”

You grabbed your bag from the bench before running with your ball, yelling to Oli, “Race you back!”

You ran before calling out to the guys ahead of you to defend your attempt at goal. They laughed at your antics and did just so. You ducked and weaved through them. Being a fair bit smaller than most of the boys, it was easier on you to get the ball through. Taking a shot, you cheered at the fact that you had gotten past them all. Only then did you see that Oli was somehow in the goal, blocking your ball from entering.

“Woah, Oli,” a voice from behind you said, accent sharp, “Why don’t you ever goal like that when we play?”

“Cause it was a fluke!” another joked.

“Ha ha very funny guys,” Oli retorted.

You laughed as you caught the ball Oli threw back towards you. Cheerfully, you turned around and introduced yourself to the group of boys, saying you would love to help them out and play with them. They each followed in suit, making their names known as Joe, Josh, Caspar, Jack, Conor and Mikey. They set up teams, you were sided with Oli, Joe and Josh. A small and casual game was played, only stopping when you all needed a break for some water.

You were all sprawled across the side of the field amongst various bags. Most of the guys say on the benches whilst you sat cross legged on the ground beside Jack, who lay on his back. You all chatted, getting to know each other a bit better as you all rehydrated. It was a comfortable and amiable environment that you found yourself thoroughly enjoying.

“Hey guys,” Jack said.

You turned to face him, only to see that he was snapchatting himself talking about what he was doing.

“Are you guys celebrities or something? Why is Jack snapchatting his life?” you asked, curious.

That made them all laugh and shake their heads no.

“No!” Oli laughed, “We all run YouTube channels with some sort of following.”

“Oh,” you laughed, “That makes sense, I guess.”

“You’ll get used to it, don’t worry,” Caspar said.

“Speaking of which, I want to film a little soccer video, guys,” Josh smiled.

Oli nodded before looking at you, “Do you mind?”

It was nice of him to check that you were okay with it, you thought.

“That’s fine! Keep me nameless and I’m sold!”

They all agreed before Josh set up a tripod with his camera. You all agreed to play the same teams as before, taking spanning team shots before getting back into the game.

“Here, we have the opposition,” Joe announced in a strangely good impersonation, “Caspar Lee, Jack Maynard, Conor Maynard and Michael Pearce.”

They all waved as if they were on a real field waving to a crazy crowd and smiled into the camera. It was hilarious but very cool.

As your side lined up, Caspar went through the same motions Joe had just done, impression and accent not quite as clear.

“Josh Pieters, Joe Sugg, Oli White and a nameless substitute helping us out today!”

You smiled to the camera as best you could and gave a small, shy wave.

Caspar quickly added to the camera microphone, “Oli asked her to help us out, we had to push him because he fancies her!”

Part of the MEETING series

You get hit in the boob (Cake)


You and your boyfriend were having a small argument about which movie to watch.

Lately, you guys have been arguing about small things. Like, what to eat, where to go, how much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood, who gets to watch tv first. It was getting crazy.

You wore a grey sweatshirt with black leggings and brow uggs. Your hair was brushed and slightly wavy.

He was wearing a white shirt with jeans and in his socks. His blackish hair was brushed and how it usually is.

“We are watching monsters inc.” he yelled.

“Keep dreaming, we are watching it story 3” you screamed back.

He pushed you on the couch and quickly put the cd in the player.

Quickly, you got up and pushed him away from it and look the cd out.

You threw the cd somewhere in the house. You grabbed your cd and put it in.

Calum grabbed you and got on top of you. He tried to pin you, but you got away and tried to press play, but he grabbed your legs as pulled you away from the tv.

From the couch, you grabbed a pillow and smack him in the face.

After a couple of smacks, he finally grabbed it and got you in the face. You knocked over on the floor. He put the pillow on the couch and got on top of you again.

You let out a small cry. He got off of you and gave you a look. You crossed your arms around your chest.

“What happened?” His voice became worried.

“You got me in the boob” a tear came out of your eye.

He picked you up from the floor and put you on the couch. “I’m sorry babe, I didn’t mean it.”

“I know.”

“Let’s watch toy story.” He pressed play.


You were at your soccer game. Your friend y/f/n was on the team. The team was called the donuts. (Idk I made it up.) the jersey was maroon.

Your hair was up in a high pony tail. Same as for your friend.

It was the middle of the game. The score was 4-1, you guys were winning.

Your boyfriend and was sitting on the side line since there weren’t bleachers. They sat on a blanket. He had your light blue soccer bag and was eating the candy that you kept in it.

He had on a blue sweater on with black jeans. It was early in the morning so the whole band were snuggling with an extra blanket.

You played forward with y/f/n. The other team had the ball. The defense kicked the ball and the ball hit y/f/n in the breast.

She fell down and began to cry in pain.

Everyone knelt down. You began to laugh while you tried to aid her.

“Stop laughing y/n it hurts like hell” she spoke between sobs.

“I know I know, but it’s kinda funny”

“What ever”

You helped her get up and walk her to your boyfriend. She sat right next to Luke.

One of the referees gave her a nice pack.

She put it on the bruise and began to watch you play.

The score was now 6-1, you scored two more goals. The other team had the ball.

You were next to the side line where your friends were. The defense kicked the ball, it came to you really fast and hit you on your boob.

You fell on the ground and curled into a ball.

You can hear y/f/n laughing in a crowd. She came up to you and picked you up.

She put you next to Luke, he gave you a kiss on the cheek.

You stopped crying. The ref. gave you a nice pack and you put it on your bruise.

“See how I felt” y/f/n laughed again.

“I swear, I’m going to drop that bitch.”

Things I have done that SMH has also definitely done
  • microwaved a hot dog for 20 minutes on accident, catching the microwave on fire and almost the rest of the building
  • said “no, I can definitely make this trick shot, watch” when playing basketball before missing completely, breaking a window, and sighing “this isn’t my sport, okay?”
  • ate a leaf I found on my porch because I was hungry
  • ate a piece of paper with a meme printed on it that was on the floor because someone paid me a dollar. I called it the meme dollar for weeks. I eventually bought coffee with it
  • threw out my elbow when putting cream cheese on a bagel. I had to fix it myself
  • “it’s weird being a Sharks and Pens fan after the Superbowl” [pause] “oh my god I said Superbowl”
  • punched a tree to see if I could break my hand. I could. I did.
  • “No, I swear, I can eat this entire lemon, peel and all” “please don’t” “watch me”
  • told the guy that worked at a tattoo place that I have 5 boyfriends and we have a group message
  • sat on a swing set, cried when the swing broke. I was 17.
  • an excerpt from a story about a party I threw once: “everyone is screaming, the baby is still crying in the fireplace, and all of my slim jims have been eaten”
  • [takes one sip of a Jagerbomb] tastes like cough syrup [downs the rest] I dig it
  • got my sprinkles privileges taken away because I kept putting too much on my ice cream
  • smacked a small moth out of the air, promptly shouted “SPIKED YA” triumphantly. My friend cried
  • “I want a smash cake for my birthday” “you’re an adult” “so?”
  • stole one of those decorative bottles from Olive Garden
  • put my hand in boiling water and my only reaction was to say “wet” very quietly
  • sat at my computer without moving or 28 hours thinking only 4 had passed. I slept for 2 hours. Stayed up for another 30
  • hid cheesecake under my bed to eat later (and referred to it only as my ‘under the bed cheesecake’)
  • got kicked out of 5 below after having been there for less than 10 minutes
  • climbed a tree with no shirt on and yelled at people walking by
  • got hit by a car, sighed, turned to the person walking behind me, said “just another Tuesday” and kept walking. It wasn’t Tuesday
  • pulled many random metal objects out of my bag and slowly started handing them to my friend. I found them all on the ground outside
  • [pulls a half-eaten granola bar out of my soccer bag] “dude, how long has this been in here” “2 years at least” “what the fuck”
  • shouted “I can’t wait for eternal damnation!” to a pride protester
  • played never have I ever and lost first because everyone playing said very specific things that I had done
  • watched Mythbusters for 18 straight hours with a friend. Neither of us said anything the entire time.
  • wrote and made cardboard and paper props for a Spongebob play with a few other people. We performed it for an audience of 5. I played Gary.
  • I wasn’t allowed to have bagels for like 5 years. I still don’t understand this
  • I dropped a penny, and when someone pointed this out to me, I just waved a hand dismissively and said “he can stay”
  • tried to make sugar cookies, followed the recipe exactly, ended up with flat square cookies that oddly looked like bread slices. They tasted okay though
  • walk for an hour just to get a Wendy’s junior cheeseburger. Then walk an hour back. I do this often
  • danced in an alley across the street from a frat house, wondering when the day they will take me in would come. It has not yet happened
  • taped a picture of Ted Cruz to my wall. He watches everything
  • “this ice cream tastes like Bailey’s” “oh my god you’re an alcoholic” “I know what I am about, okay?”
  • brought 2 snakes to a frozen yogurt shop. No one noticed.
  • broke my neck in a game. Continued playing
  • “I can’t get my wisdom teeth out what if I say something gay” “you say gay shit every day” “yeah but that’s sober gay stuff”
  • instead of going to my own classes, I went to a friend’s the entire day. His teachers did not care. Eventually we left his classes too
  • stared a security guard in the eye and set off all the hand dryers in the bathroom at once before leaving
  • climbed to the top of a street sign to prove that I could. Almost broke the sign
  • went on a 20 minute long rant about the word “alum”
  • made a noise that was basically a very high pitched way to say “squish”. My friend no longer trusts me. The sound makes her cry
  • got invited to join a strange religion on the sixth floor of a hotel by a man sat in a chair facing the elevator. They had sign up sheets and name tags. I took a name tag
Orange Ep. 7: Anime VS Manga Comparison

When I was writing my earlier post about this week’s episode of Orange, I wanted to write about 2 particular scenes in the episode: when Naho asked Kakeru what he wanted as a birthday present and when Kakeru looked out the window thinking about his mom. However, doing this would have made the post twice as long. So, I decided to write another post about the differences in these two scenes from the anime and manga. These scenes may not seem so significant to some people, but as a person who read the manga I can recognize how they add more to Kakeru’s character. 

***SPOILER WARNING: contains spoilers for anime and manga!!!

When Naho tries to find out what Kakeru wants for his birthday, she notices that Kakeru doesn’t use a sports bag and asks him about it. Now in the manga, Kakeru tells Naho…


In the anime, after Kakeru tells Naho that he used to have one, there’s a short flashback scene with Kakeru and his mom. 

This flashback only shows scenes of Kakeru’s cluttered room after looking for his soccer bag and cleats, only to have his mom tell him that she threw them out. She tells him, “You won’t be needing them.” After the flashback, Kakeru just tells Naho…

In both the manga and anime, the viewers/readers are reminded of Kakeru’s promise that he made with his mom to not join a club in high school. However, showing the flashback scene and having Kakeru only tell Naho that his bag got thrown out in the episode showed the intensity of the guilt that he felt and how he tries to hide that guilt from everyone, including Naho.

In another scene, Kakeru is looking out the window from their classroom. In both the anime and manga, Kakeru looks off into the distance and says, “whoosh.” He then tells Naho that he wishes that he could jump from the window and be Superman.

For this scene, the anime staff decided to put in another flashback scene, this time of Kakeru hanging out with Naho and the others during the opening ceremony (episode 1). We see that during their hangout, Kakeru gets a text from his mom.

Then, we see Kakeru’s reply.

Then the flashback ends. 

What’s interesting about this addition to the scene is that the manga does not show what Kakeru’s last text to his mom specifically said until chapter 19, the fourth to last chapter. This episode covered chapters 9 &10, which is about the halfway point in the manga. 

Kakeru’s message is translated a bit differently in the manga and anime, but they show the annoyance that Kakeru felt towards his mother at that moment. I think this addition added more emotion to when Kakeru said this.

Because we saw his message to his mom, we realize what he meant when he said “it was a pain.” Kakeru didn’t just feel guilty because he broke his promise to his mom. He felt guilty because his seemingly harmless words that he sent to his mother were what drove her to kill herself. 

Oh my god that got depressing really fast! I promise that my next update for Orange will be A LOT happier. This isn’t the end to suffering for Kakeru (sorry bby! T^T) but there are happy times ahead for him…at least in the next episode. LOL! Sorry if I’m tormenting anime only watchers! But I promise not to spoil what’s going to happen in the upcoming episodes! 

Thanks for reading!

Wrong Locker Pt. 2 | Calum Hood



After a ridiculous night of planning with Luke and Michael, Calum walked into school the next morning feeling confident. At the same time he felt uneasy.

“Hey Calum!”

“Morning Calum!”

“What’s up Calum?”

People greeted him as he walked down the hallways of school. Calum didn’t consider himself popular, he saw himself of someone who knew a lot of people and a lot of people knew him.

Calum would politely smile at them and greet them back. The boy searched the hallway for a certain girl that he talked to yesterday.

“Hey Y/N!” Calum shouted when he spotted you, the uneasiness in his stomach going away. He pushed his way through the crowd of students and walked towards the you.

“Hi Calum,” you greeted the boy with your classic grin. “You here to drop something off in Mandy’s locker?”

You wiggled your eyebrows at the boy making him laugh. “No I’m just here to talk to you.”

He leaned against the locker next to yours and watched you take things out of your backpack and into your locker.

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All Over Stupid Boots

An Asagao Academy fanfiction

Ships: Satch/Hana, one-sided PBG/Hana

{Some spoilers for Satch’s route ahead!}

Synopsis: After Caddy reveals he stole the Golden Boots, Mai drags him off by the ear to where the Normal Boots club is playing Stupendous Stomping Sisters. Then, when Mai makes Caddy confess his crime to all the guys, PBG gets very, very angry…

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Pairing: Brett x Reader

Originally posted by tv-vddict

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The Water Boy

Supernatural Writing Challenge

↳prompt: bottle of water

deans-colette vs ca-peach

Pairings: Destiel 
Word Count: 1516
Tags: AU- College, Soccer player!Dean, Water-boy!Castiel, fluff

Castiel had never planned to be the water boy for the soccer team, but he needed the money from work study to help with tuition. So, here he was, standing on the sidelines of the soccer field, trying to understand what was happening. The main goal was obvious, get the ball into the other net, but all of the other rules were just confusing. 

He wasn’t into sports, never was. They didn’t interest him like art or english did, and he wouldn’t have made the team anyway. The boys on this team were good, they were scouted from high schools across the country to come play here, especially the forward. Dean Winchester. 

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Para Sempre Part Four

“Yes that’s my last name.” You said and you turned around and started to walk away again.

“Y/N wait! Why do you keep walking away from me?” Neymar said walking closer to you.

You stood there and just stared at him.

“Why did you leave? Why did you leave with out telling me?” Neymar asked reaching for your hands.

“I-I never left. I still lived in Brazil What my parents told you was all a lie.” You felt tears forming in your eyes.

“Then?” He asked

You told him everything. Well kinda you just made up that you ran away, but you didn’t tell him that you had his son.

He was silent for a moment. Then suddenly he just leaned in and kissed you. That long awaited kiss. It felt warm, kinda like home.

“Im I’m sorry.” Neymar said pulling away.

“Neymar.” You smiled.

“Look Y/N let me take you somewhere nice.” Neymar said.

“Okay.” You smiled.

“So your visiting?” You asked him.

“Yeah kinda. I came because Santos called me telling me about a kid. I think his name is Thiago? They told he’s really good, so I want to see for myself.” Neymar laughed.

Thiago. You forgot to tell him you were leaving.

“I I have to go.” You said quickly as you turned around and rushed home.

“Mom. Where were you I was worried.” Thiago asked.

“Went for a walk honey I’m sorry. I totally forgot to tell you.”

“It’s fine mom.” Thiago said.

“Hey mom I have my first training with Santos today.” Thiago told you as you walked in the kitchen.

“Yeah I know. Are you ready?” You asked him.

“Yes mom. I’m just nervous.” He told you.

“Thiago don’t be. You go and show them what you got. Your a great player.” You said and gave Thiago a hug.

“Can we go now mom.” Thiago said a couple minutes later.

“Yes we can honey.” You grabbed your car keys and your purse and followed Thiago to the car.

You got to Santos and parked your car.

“You’ll do great honey.” You said to Thiago and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

“Thanks mom.” Thiago said as he got out of the car.

“I’ll catch up with you.” You said to Thiago as he got his soccer bag from the trunk.

As you walked to Thiago you already saw him talking to the coach and Neymar….

“So your Thiagos mom.” The coach laughed. “Nice to meet you.” He said with a smile as he shook your hand.

“Nice to meet you too.” You smiled.

You were nervous. Neymar was only standing a couple feet away from you. He looked at you so confused. And then you saw that he would just stare and smile at Thiago.

Thiago started to train with the Santos team. That left you alone with Neymar. You could see that Thiago was sending you looks like ‘what is going on?’

“You never gave me a chance to ask for your number so I could take you out.” Neymar laughed.

“I know I just had to get home. I’m sorry.” You smiled.

“Thiago is your son?” Neymar asked you as you sat down on a bench and he joined you.

“Yes.” You smiled.

“Your married? And I kisses you! I’m so sorry!” He said.

“Neymar. I’m not married. I don’t have a boyfriend. I’m single.” You told him.

“So then what happened to Thiagos dad?” Neymar asked.

Hope you guys liked it. 😊