What’s hilarious when it rains in San Diego like this, is sometimes it creates the need for Flash Flood Warnings because there is not a drainage system worth a damn in this city so you get 2 inches, and the streets are flooding. Which by itself is not hilarious at all.  Then you know that most of the cell phones in the city have the SD Emergency App installed. it almost never does anything, so people don’t think about it. You leave it on in case your section of the city randomly catches fire. It’s SoCali. It happens.

So you’re out at a restaurant or a bar or the grocery store or just anywhere in public, and it starts making it’s way across the building. Everyone’s phones going off in this exact same screeching emergency tone like some sort of sonic tidal wave. It’s the alert app and it’s special i’m-gonna-be-a-tornado-siren-when-I-grow-up sound bite informing us we’re under a Flash Flood warning.

And it’s hilarious. Zordon’s calling the Power Rangers. Batman is in the Watchtower signalling the Justice League. IT’S AN EMERGENCY. Alternatively, it’s a little Skynet-ish.

And it’s just kind of hilarious to see it consume a building over 3~10 minutes. 

It’s extra hilarious for the last 2~3 people who get the alert after a long pause, after it seemed like it was over. Okay, so the Justice League does need you to suit up after all Plastic Man. We all regret this decision

Except sometimes you’ve got people in town who have no idea what’s going on. They’re visiting from an area that had a tsunami not that long ago so “flash flood” has a very different connotation for them, and they just saw this alert propagate through the entire bar in full city wide alarm style like they just stepped into some disaster film.  So you’ve got translators trying to explain to these very nervous Japanese folk that it’s nothing to panic over.

anonymous asked:

Are you a SoCali or a NorCali girl? Are you looking for someone who you can settle into her arms and building a relationship with or just someone to hang with? Are you willing to relocate, within reason or does your employment keep you in one place? I read that description of how to describe you, if that is you, then living with a smile is so you. Excuse my many questions.

I’m in So Cal.
I want to settle down. I’m done with the party scene, and the drama. I’m looking for my home town girl who wants to travel and go on adventures with me. I want to meet the girl I can build a lifetime of memories with. Smiles included 😘

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I’m dreaming of a place faraway. Where the sun only sets when you’ve played all day. he sweetest lullaby to be heard when the wave breaks; and the moon, stars, and ebony sky take flight to create a beautiful nightlight 🌅🌙🌠
Not gonna lie, almost posted this without a caption because I took this naturally beautiful photo and couldn’t come up with an equally beautiful, original caption for the longest time 😳 #nofilter #socal #socali #backhomeagaininindiana