socal lifestyle

Graphic Tank Top Friday

Channeling that SoCal lifestyle today. I have to wear a button down over this tank because it’s totally open in the back. My job is cool about my wardrobe but not THAT cool.

I have spent this week recovering from my trip to Europe. It was a total blast but also very tiring as we hopped around on planes and trains a lot. I could have used another day after coming back home just to recover from it!

Sidebar: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child was AMAZING While obviously for fans, the staging and production was so insanely cool that I think it could be enjoyed by people who aren’t total Harry Potter nerds. I am a nerd, however. I cried quite a bit in the second half. SO GOOD. 

And because I’m the master of planning too many fun/expensive theater shows too close together, GUESS WHAT. I am seeing Hamilton next week! I am legit just going up for 24 hours because I think my boss is already ready to kill me for having to take another day off but I am so so excited!

I’ll be in New York on Wednesday morning which is also exciting for me (because I’m weird): I get to run my tempo through Central Park! Honestly, if you can get over how crowded it is, the loop around the park is so fun to run because it’s so organized. Dedicated lanes and everything. Plus it’s pretty!

Last week, I got to run my tempo in another beautiful place:

The scenery always makes the time go by more quickly.

Life right now, is good.