jungkook as a father

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okay i know jungkooks basically still a child himseLF bUT I WANTED TO WRITE THIS ANYWAY SO

  • asking you what to do all the time because he certainly doesn’t know anything
  • staring at your child and asking you “what is it jagiya?”
  • telling Jin to help him because he takes care of 6 children 24/7
  • taehyung coming over all the time to play with your child
  • then jungkook would get really jealous because taehyung’s better with children than he is
  • but then your child would walk over to him, avoiding taehyung’s hug, which made him 10x happier
  • trying to cook for them but he cant even make a sandwich properly
  • jungkook’s basically still a child too
  • so you had 2 children to look after
  • then jungkook would call you mum
  • and even your CHILD would look at him weirdly
  • when you weren’t working, you had to cook for both of them too
  • “jungkookie, why can’t you cook?”
  • “jagiya, i don’t need to cook to be the golden maknae,”
  • “well in my opinion, i think cooking is better than dancing, or singing,”
  • then he would try and cook for you in the morning, but all you smelt was burnt toast
  • “sorry jagiya??”
  • him being really worried he was a bad father but you would always be there to reassure him that he was the best father anyone could have
  • then one day, you and your child would surprise him with a cake that said “you’re the best daddy ever!” on it
  • and then jungkook would be so happy he would cry and hug both of you so tight
  • the you would tell the boys what happened and they would laugh at him for crying
  • jungkook would try and deny the fact that he cried but in the inside, he was so proud to have the best family ever 

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I didn't feel like we got enough of inej and kaz in crooked kingdom so can u please do a romantic scene with them?

They have a language all their own.

It’s not a physical thing. That part of their relationship moves at its own pace, pushed forward and restrained by their desires. Inej watches Jesper and Wylam communicate with a few touches to the wrist, a kiss on the cheek, and feels no jealousy.

They have a language all their own.

It’s looks, sometimes. More than scheming face, or maybe less. She can’t describe any discernible expression on his face or hers, just that the flicker of an eye at the right moment means this one dies, means you’re a fool Kaz Brekker, means only when it comes to you.

Nina rolls her eyes at the both of them in public, and asks her if she doesn’t want more in private. It’s winter, and Ketterdam turns the snow black at the edges before it all melts away into a grey slurry. Nina spends too much time staring out the windows.

“Probably once,” Inej admits, coming to stand next to her friend. “But that was another time, and another Inej. I don’t consider this less.”

Nina’s fingers curl on the windowsill, and she murmurs to the icy breeze. “I suppose I can understand that.” And then she turns and is all smiles and waffle demands again. Inej takes her hand anyway, because Kaz isn’t the only one she shares a language with.

She thinks about it later, perched on the roof of the Slat. The wind whips at her scarf, fingers of cold seeking every opening in her coat. She pulls it tighter around her, staring out at the city she has started to consider hers. A wretched place, but Inej knows something of wretched people. She doesn’t love it, exactly, but she will protect it.

The familiar creak of his gait alerts her to his presence long before he speaks, three points of contact on the roof instead of two. She closes her eyes and just listens for a moment, the faint hiss of his breath fighting the wind to reach her.

“If you freeze to death, finding the budget to replace you is going to be hell.”

Are you all right?

Inej snorts, glancing over her shoulder at Kaz. He leans heavily on his cane, not entirely trusting his footing between the tiles and the cold.

“You’d figure something out,” she says, although she’s not so sure that he would anymore. There’s a terror and exhilaration in that thought, and for a moment she sees it reflected in the dark pool of his gaze. The truth is that Kaz would lay this city to waste for her.

The truth is that she can’t be sure what she would do in kind. Her moral compass isn’t that of the Inej who would have considered this less. The Inej who considers this everything leaps lightly from her perch and makes her way to him.

Glad to see you. There’s a hesitation in the way she reaches to brush his cheek, but none in the urge. He pauses for a moment, before pressing his lips to the palm of her hand.

Inej thinks of her friends and her parents, of flowers and waffles and ice. She leaves him in the city they are making theirs to take the sea as well. She is a hungry thing, a too-much girl. The Wraith and not, all at the same time. Her names multiply with every slaver ship she devours, and somewhere in Ketterdam he is collecting every one of them.

She leaves him in that city, but she returns to him there as well. They have a language all their own, and her ship on the horizon is I love you a thousand times over.

A shadow stands at the docks, bare hands clenched around a crow’s head cane. Kaz Brekker waits for her return with a thousand I love yous and more.

Random Headcanon #3

Everyone expects Kaz to be bad at flirting, because for fucks sake, he sucks at talking to his crush. Like every 17 year old boy ever. But in reality he can be incredibly seductive and can flirt just as well as, if not better than, Nina. He knows exactly how to use subtle gestures perfectly and could seduce half of Ketterdam if he wasn’t so notorious. 


「法律上、緊急事務管理(民法698条)が成立し、重大な過失がなければ賠償責任はないように思えるが。 」

「あーあ、これは防災ヘリの高度に3200メートルの条件をつけることにした静岡市と同じことになるね・・・ 」





Prompt List for The Outsiders

A/N: Ok so if you wanna request something fro the prompt list just request a number and a character but if you want it from the specific character prompt list please write ‘specific’ before the characters name and prompt number. example down below.

ex: specific darry prompt #4  

Thank you guys if you have question feel free to ask us!!! And we do all characters including Cherry and the Shepard gang and the Soc guys they just dont have specific lists but you can request them.

-Emma and Narod

Any Character:

1.You get in a really bad fight and in the moment he hits you.

2.He says I love you for the first time

3.You’re a soc

4.He wants to cuddle

5.You are scared of him after he gets mad at you/someone else

6.“You like the idea of me, I’m not good for you. Ill hurt you, and you will leave just like every other broad I’ve been with.”

7.“…should I even ask?”

8.“It’s not what it looks like…”

9.You’re Watching shooting stars sitting on top of a car for your first date

10.“I…can’t have kids…”

11.“Look you can leave if you want to. I don’t blame you.”

12.You’re getting picked on by some tough guys and he/she comes to your rescue

13.“I thought I could trust you, looks like I was wrong.”

14.“Marry me?”

15.“That was then, this is now.”

Darry Curtis:

1.You meet when he comes by to fix your roof

2.“Sometimes you’re just one big baby ya know that?”

3.“Don’t ever run away again.”

4. You meet each other at a café you work at

5.You tell him your pregnant with his baby

Two-Bit Matthews:

1.“Can’t you just be serious for five seconds Keith!?”

2. He uses a pick up line on you the first time you meet

3.You are the oldest Curtis sister (Darry’s twin) and you left Tulsa the moment you turned eighteen and never looked back. Now at twenty you come back and Two has the hots for you.

4. You’re the hottest greaser in the neighborhood and he likes you. You first meet in a street fight where you beat up all the guys and Two Bit sees you and starts to develop feelings for you.

5.“I wish you would buy me something for once to give to me without stealing stuff Two.”  

Dallas Winston:

1.You are the richest soc on the west side, you got it all, the hair, the friends, and your mom is even the producer of a dance show that you are in. Dally watches the show one day and of course the pretty soc girl catches his eye. (This was inspired by Hairspray the movie/musical and I might also turn this into a multiple part imagine)

2.Dallas has a bad day and is very needy and clingy when he comes over to your place

3.“I’ve tried to forget you, but I can’t. I’ve done stupid shit everyday trying to forget you but you are always there. I can’t forget you and its slowly killing me.”

4.You and Dally get locked in a tiny room together at school and there is no way out. You have to work together even though he is a greaser and you are a soc.

5.“I can’t believe this! You were lying to me this whole damn time?!”

Sodapop Curtis:

1.“Jesus Christ you are a beautiful man.”

2.You go down to the DX to get your car fixed and end up meeting a cute, flirty, cheeky guy by the name of Sodapop Curtis.

3. “Listen I might not be the smartest person on Earth, but I sure as hell know for a fact that I love you and whether or not the sun comes up tomorrow I’m still gonna love ya baby.”

4.Sodapop falls, landing on his head, trying to help you but ends up being diagnosed with amnesia

5.“Baby listen, I don’t know how to tell you this but, I’ve like you for a really long time now and I haven’t had the chance to tell ya, but I really like you. Will you be my girl?”

Steve Randle:

1.You are a ballerina and a soc that Steve falls in love with

2.“You know, you got real nice eyes.”

3.“I’ve got a serious question for you Y/n. Did you take the last piece of the chocolate cake?”

4. You are a rich soc that played in a movie Steve say and you two meet. He falls in love with you.

5.“Hey baby…where are my clothes?”

Ponyboy Curtis:

1.He loses his patience with you

2.He reads a book to you when you can’t fall asleep

3.“Can you stop readin for two seconds and just love me please? I’m feelin real ignored.”

4.He reads a poem he wrote about you in front of class

5. “I need tampons Pony…”

Johnny Cade:

1.“I don’t need your savin.”

2. He stands up to his parents when they hit you

3. “Everybody makes you out to be real scared but from our meetin today I can safely say that you’re so greasy your words glide outta real nicely. I might be crushin on ya Cade.”

4. “I love you doll but you gotta promise me something. You have to stop hurtin yourself like that. You are beautiful and you are perfect.”

5. “Can’t you just leave me alone for two seconds!?”

“Tell her to get out, a voice inside him demanded. Beg her to stay.”

Dear miss Bardugo! Crooked Kingdom was all I wanted in the past year, I was literally obsessed with it! I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this duology; both books are so fantastic, I simply have no words to describe. Thank you for all these amazing characters, and especially for Kaz and Inej. I don’t think that I will be over these books any time soon.


The roughs for a short animation for my new favorite book(s), Six of Crows and Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo!  I’ve been working on this for a while now and I’m hoping to polish and color it eventually.  There’s still a little work to be done on the roughs–making sure everyone has faces, etc.–but I feel like I’ve got the movements basically down and I was too excited not to share it!

Actually, this was the first time in a while I’d had an idea that really burned me up and got me obsessed, which is a feeling I’ve missed.  Though it was also briefly delayed by a period of mourning after I finished reading the second book.  No spoilers.  (No funerals.)

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First day of school
  • Teacher: Tell us something interesting about yourself
  • My brain: tell em you cry over fictional characters, call them your babies, your children, that you can read like 8462 books in a week, and don't forget you also talk to your books
  • Me: uh, yeah, I like to read often