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Hello! I love your blog! I'm creating Instagram accounts for all the crows and I'm wondering what your fancast is.


Kaz: Eddie Redmayne

I know he’s not the traditional dark-haired, dark-eyed brooding Kaz, but he’s an incredible actor and he also looks like has the ability to be ruthless even though he is smol

Inej: Rasika Navare

Ever since @inejjghafas post, I’ve decided that she is the perfect Inej hands down.

Jesper: Brandon T. Jackson

He has the looks, and the humor!

Wylan:Max Barczak

Look at this smol ray of sunshine how is he not Wylan

Nina: Barbie Ferreira

A crazy beautiful plus-sized model with just as much attitude as Nina! I am straight but this woman makes me so gay you have no idea I would do anything she says.

Matthias: Christopher Mason

Our huge, muscular wolf-loving cinnamon roll in the flesh!

Kuwei: Ki Hong Lee

He did/ is doing an amazing job in The Maze Runner and I have no doubt he’ll do a great job in soc!

Zootopia Fanfiction Take A Stand: Star of Ceartais Ch.4- RUN!

(AN/ Hey folks it’s Garouge/ Crewefox here with another Chapter of Star of Ceartais, and first off thank you because within four chapters this fic has already got over 200 reviews so thank you to everyone who liked, followed, faved, reblogged and reviewed this fic so far. A massive shout out to the development team @raykamino @senny74 @nick-and-judy-daily , whose amazing comic is featured in this chapter, and @alexboehm55144 who helped with this chapter, you guys rule. You really are all awesome and thanks for the messages of support regarding my family emergency last week. So without further ado, let’s get cracking with this chapter.)

Here’s the link…

Chapter 4- Run!

The ground stopped shaking after forty seconds, but in that brief moment of time buildings had collapsed, families had been torn apart and countless lives had been lost amongst the great metropolis of Zootopia. Once the tremors stopped Robyn finally began to stir laying on the pavement of the Sapphire Quarter, she hissed an “Ah.” As her muddled mind trying to piece together what on earth had happened, but the first thing she noticed was the stinging pain on her abdomen and the warm yet wet feeling that was coursing down from her head, her navy blue eyes looked down at her toned stomach and she was disturbed to see blood trickling from a cut that had ripped through her dress “Oh my god.” She breathed as she saw the blood beginning to pool on the sidewalk, she put a paw to her forehead and could feel a small head wound dribbling with crimson likely caused by being pushed out of harm’s way by Hannah.

“ROBYN!” Hannah’s voice shrieked in a voice laced with both pain and panic, the sound of screams and car alarms didn’t block this terrified teen’s voice.

“Hannah!” Robyn barked, her vision focusing on the white furred hybrid who was on her knees with her paws clutched to her eyes but what made Robyn’s stomach lurch was the sight of blood coming from the girl’s eyes “H-Hannah are you ok?” Robyn asked, her head still a little hazy.

“I can’t see!” Hannah wailed, hyperventilating through hysteria.

What!? No…No! She can’t be blind, she’ll be fine, I just got to get her to the hospital Robyn’s mind reasoned as she crawled over to her girlfriend, Hannah reached out and grabbed onto Robyn for reassurance. “Hey, hey it’s going to be ok.” Robyn soothed despite feeling a titanic amount of worry as she looked upon the streams of bloods staining the white fur of Hannah’s cheeks.

But this worry was replaced by a greater one within a matter of seconds, the sight of mammals running as fast as they could alerted Robyn’s eyes to what they were running from, they were running from the beach but the tide was way out, way more than normal and on the horizon a hundred foot wall of water was thundering towards land “Shit!” Robyn swore as she saw this calamity.

“What’s happening?” Hannah asked with a terrified yell.

“Ok Hannah, we have to go Now!” Robyn forced, instinctively scooping up Hannah bride style and began charging down the street away from the tsunami.

“Why are we running!?” Hannah shrilled, the pain in her eyes was making her more hysterical.

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The group picture I promised I'ld do in return for 100 souls, back in February, is done! And because I got so sick of it, I drew another (the top image is the new one), so double group picture! It’s not that I don’t like it anymore, it’s more along the lines of, I can see so many mistakes and things I would do differently now.

It was really fun drawing them all together, and maybe I’ll draw more group pictures in the future, I guess this has shown that I am capable of doing it at least. Although it may be apparent which characters I play favourites with, I love them all, but Nina and Inej are my girls I love them, they deserve to eat all the waffles they want.

other ya characters: this guy…he’s so dark and mysterious, the way he just hurts everyone around him…including me. i’ve cried so much since i’ve met him, but no no he’s just misunderstood, you don’t understand him! and sure i’ve only known him for 2 days and he has a million secrets, but i’d forfeit my life for his

inej ghafa: kaz is a literal piece of crap. he treats everyone badly, and though he’s never treated me horribly, i still won’t give in unless he shows me he can be more than all of this. until then i’ll be out saving the world because my goals are obviously more important than a relationship

inspiration for this was because i have a friend who’s 6′5″ and i am a solid 5′2″ and trying to talk to him is hilarious

also some scheming kids

(i realize wylan looked like kuwei in that scene but wylan and inej are my favorite to draw so oh well)

also THANK YOU FOR 1000 FOLLOWERS!! you grisha fans are so sweet i really appreciate every single message ♡ stay tuned for more soc but this time with kuwei ;)

,, so i spent maybe 3 weeks on this Wesper animatic of their first kiss and i’ve looked at it SO MUCH i kinda (ahem REALLY) hate it now but it’ll be your first time seeing it so,, enjoy? maybe? idk if the SoC fanbase ever got animatics but?? first one probably?

enjoy, my dudes! tell me what you thought about it in the tags or something <333