nina buried her face in her coat’s woolen collar and said, “i wish you could see what i do. i can hear everybody on this ship, the blood rushing through their veins. i can hear the change in kaz’s breathing when he looks at you.”

“it catches every time, like he’s never seen you before.”

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wylan van eck for @sixofcrowsnet

“Wylan summoned every bit of bravado he’d learned from Nina, the will he’d learned from Matthias, the focus he’d studied in Kaz, the courage he’d learned from Inej, and the wild, reckless hope he’d learned from Jesper, the belief that no matter the odds, somehow they would win. […] In the end, he was not Nina or Matthias or Kaz or Inej or Jesper. He was just Wylan Van Eck.”

  • Jesper: Matthias, your social skills aren't exactly "streets ahead." Know what I mean?
  • Matthias: I don't.
  • Nina: You're not alone in this case. Jesper, stop trying to coin the phrase "streets ahead."
  • Jesper: Trying?
  • Jesper: Coined and minted!
  • Jesper: Been there, coined that!
  • Jesper: "Streets ahead" is verbal wildfire.
  • Nina: Does it just mean "cool," or is it supposed to be like, "miles ahead"?
  • Jesper: If you have to ask, you're streets behind.

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Do you still take headcannon requests? If you do, may I request something kanej? I have withdrawal symptoms.

i gotchu nonnie

i wrote a mini fic because i miss my babies

“I will go with you.”


“I wasn’t asking.”

Kaz turned to his Wraith, counting seconds in his head. Inej’s head was down to the center of his chest, and yet she managed to stare him down, managed to make him feel small. 

“I need you here,” Kaz tried, closing his eyes. “I need you safe.”

“I understand,” Inej said, crossing the room to stand in front of him. The world seemed to tip sideways for a brief moment at feeling her this close, at feeling her breath against his chin. He was used to this, he reminded himself. He was safe, he reminded himself. Alive, alive, alive.

Inej looked up then, wide brown eyes, soft as moonlight, gentle as dried autumn leaves tracing every inch of his space. “I understand,” she repeated. “I understand your fear. It is the same for me - you have to understand it, too. I will not leave you to face the Dime Lions on your own.”


“It’s not how we work,” she said, and her word was final.

Inej stared at him a final time, her dark eyes set and firm. Even fully clothed, gloves on, knives strapped, the moment seemed intimate between them. Maybe it was the way Inej’s eyes briefly looked down to trace the shape of his lips, the line of his jaw. Maybe it was Kaz that, by doing the same, made the air change around them. Made the memories of previous nights come back to them in full force.

Inej made to walk past him. He grabbed her arm, gently. He needed to convince her. He needed-

He needed her safe.

Inej watched him, watched him as Kaz pulled her to him, eyebrows furrowed in sheer focus - the face he wore on a battle, the face he wore with her, when he was fighting against his biggest fears.

Against the wall - he had her against the wall, soft lips caressing the place just beneath her ear, where her neck met her jaw. Inej let out a breath, eyes falling shut, arms gripping his. This gentleness in him, mixed with those hints of desperation-

Inej melted against him, and there was a brief flash in the back of her mind which she ignored when Kaz’s warmth invaded her. When his arms wrapped around her. Safe. Protected. Loved.

They were always tiptoeing on the edge of panic and fear and trauma. But they always managed to stay upright - with each other.

Inej knew what he was doing.

But she let him have it, for just a second. She let his breath fan over her skin, his hands on her waist, his body close to hers making her see stars.

“Not fair,” she murmured.

“Stay,” he pleaded.

“No, Kaz,” she said.

“This is not a regular mission, you know it. You know what they have done. I can’t-”

“You can.” She looked up at him, let herself rest her hands on his chest, seeking momentarily for any bad reaction from him. None. “You can. If I can let myself trust that you will not be hurt, then trust me.”

“I do trust you. I-”

“I know,” she whispered, touching her forehead to his chin. “I know. We will come back from this, like we always do.”

And because he didn’t look convinced, Inej leaned herself on her tiptoes, hands on his cheeks, testing him. Kaz’s eyes glazed over, but he was still there with her, still breathing, still wrapped up in her. She said, “I do not intend to break any of the promises I make you.”

He was silent, watching her lips.

“Would you stay if I asked you to?”


“Liar,” she smiled.

“I want you alive, Wraith,” he said to her, every word a breath against her lips. “I want you in my arms tonight, do you understand?”

“You will have me,” she breathed.

“Make it a promise.”

“I promise,” she told him. Her thumbs caressed the corners of his mouth. “Promise me I will get to hold you tonight. To speak against your ear. To feel you sound asleep, happy and peaceful, next to me.”

“You will always have me, Wraith.”

“Those are the words of dying men. I don’t want them,” she said. “Say it.”

“I promise,” he said. “I promise.”

And he sealed that promise. Gentle, so gentle, was his kiss - that Inej could only kiss him back, and pray to all her saints that their promises would hold truth in the end.


moodboards ♥ corporalki | highest grisha order

the corporalki are the order of the living and the dead, those with the power to manipulate the human body. there are two types of the order; heartrenders and healers. they are considered some of the most powerful grisha.

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question question question now that you’ve read soc (!!!) what did you think about Inej and Nina

so sorry for the late answer but !! Nina and Inej are probably two of the most amazing female characters i’ve read about and i love them both So much! Nina is my favorite because of her sense of humor and wit, but Inej is incredible for being so strong while also being kind and vulnerable,,, they deserve nothing but the best

“Tell Jesper he’s missed. Around the Slat.”

From Kaz, that was as good as a bouquet of flowers and a heartfelt hug – and it would mean the world to Jesper.


@sixofcrowsnet heist: kaz brekker + angsty edit

“jordie was lying next to him, staring at the sky.
                          “don’t leave me,” kaz wanted to say,
but he was too tired. 
so he laid his head on jordie’s chest.”

When he was a little boy, lying in his father’s fields, he’d discovered he could leach the colour out of a jurda blossum petal by petal. One boring afternoon, he’d bleached a swear word into the western pasture in capital letters.