@ Asch


“What are you going on about? This better be imp-” Asch paused his sentence, staring at him with confusion; even more confusion with the kiss. He stood there for the most part without saying anything, before blushing madly and then shouting angry.

“What the hell is wrong with you!? Why would you even listen to those damn anons!” Asch pulled his sword out from anger, pointing it  Ginji’s neck. “Stay away from mestay away from me now!”

Ginji flinched at the introduction of the blade; but he supposed he expected something like that to happen. At the least. Nervous from the display of anger even he normally didn’t see, he stepped back away from the red head. “I’m sorry Asch-sama… But they were going to hurt you, and Noelle… If I didn’t…” He was well aware Asch likely cared naught for his excuses.

“Um…I’ll leave you alone, then…”